How to Properly Update Google Chrome (Fix Update Problem)

The internet’s browser of choice, among other options, is Chrome, as it is used by 62.57% of desktop/laptop internet users. You should always use the latest version of the browser because it will always have the fastest and best security, even without a plugin or browser extension. Though you can automatically update it, you can also do the update process manually! Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. … Read more

[Fix] Can’t Type @ and Other Symbols with Keyboard

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4 Ways to Fix WhatsApp Web Not Working Problem

WhatsApp Web isn’t a new thing as the company introduced it years ago to widen the possibility of using the platform. Nonetheless, not many users use it even if they have a computer or laptop. Most users don’t even know how to properly use it, usually getting error messages. Because of connectivity issues/connection issues, network issues, … Read more

How to Fix Windows 10 Search not Working Issue

So, your Windows 10 search doesn’t work, does it? Whenever you type something into the search bar, no results get displayed. The Windows Start Menu search is straightforward, with no tiles and Cortana’s impeding you from examining your PC for the files you need. Unfortunately, things got somewhat chaotic in Windows 10. However, recent updates … Read more

How To Fix “This App Has Been Blocked For Your Protection Error” In Windows 10

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3 Ways to Fix This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine Error

You are not using a purchased copy of Windows OS, are you? Most of us use a patched version of Windows that renders this copy of Windows is not a genuine message within a few months. When it happens with said version, you can’t set any custom desktop wallpaper given that the desktop background turns black. You may also experience issues in taking screenshots of your … Read more

How to Fix WhatsApp Camera Not Working Problem

WhatsApp is very popular. Millions of people use it every day regularly. I also use WhatsApp frequently, and most of the time, it works fine. However, last night, when I was chatting with my friend on WhatsApp, I faced issues; I couldn’t click any picture or video from WhatsApp. I could not capture photos or videos using my smartphone’s camera (Both the primary and front Camera) from WhatsApp. But, … Read more

YouTube: This Video is Not Available in Your Country Fix (6 Solutions)

Did you ever experience clicking on a YouTube link, and instead of watching that video, you get the “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” notification? How about “The video is not available in your country“? This article is to fix your YouTube not available in your country issue. Download the YouTube Vanced app for free to … Read more