26 Best Backup Software Solution [Premium & Free] in 2021

Every common person out there is known to the situation there the electronic devices they use come with plenty of issues. The biggest constraint that a person may feel is related to the storage of the device. It is a fact that the storage memory that is available in personal computers or even a mobile devices is limited. It means that none of your files is going to last in your setup forever but there is an issue here. We don’t know that when at which stage of life we may require the data back which we have deleted.

backup software

Due to this, most people don’t clear their data for a longer period of time. Hence, the performance of their setup is very much affected. That is why deletion of files is necessary which calls in for a requirement of the backup software.

These are the software that can help out a person to keep the most important documents and data of their like office work or family photos safe and secure. Also, they don’t take up any space in your system. Now many questions must be going on in your mind right now. So, let us resolve all of those questions one by one.

Best Backup Software List – 2021

Here’s a list of the top 5 best backup software in 2021. Try these tools for your daily work or personal use for a swift working process.


Our Rating

Top Features

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  • Authentic

  • Reporting & monitoring

  • Designed for Non-commercial users

  • Good storage

  • Microsoft RCT

  • Swift restore

  • Stream backup

  • AI support

  • Network backup

  • Schedule restore

  • VSS 

  • Easy restore

  • File manager

  • Device status report

  • Backup health report

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Backup Software List – Our Top Picks

There are many types of backup software available in the market which is offering backup services to the business for free. But this may confuse the audience as they feel the specifications of every software are almost the same. That is why here is a list of the 26 best and free backup software that will really help you out in your process of selecting software suitable for you.

1. Acronis Cyber Backup

Acronis is the market leader in cloud backup.

If you are looking for easy and secure backup software then it is the best option. It is a backup and extra protection software that will be helping you in saving your PC from threats and attacks also. Some of its best features are mentioned below in detail. 


  • All the backups of your setup data are ensured with full authenticity.
  • The reporting and monitoring tasks with this platform are made very flexible.
  • The Supporting system of this software is diversified and is always ready to help non-commercial users as well as enterprise users.
  • Downtime faced by businesses is decreased minimizing the losses faced.


  • Sometimes it is slower than other similar software
  • Does not work smoothly in diverse computers


  • Starts at $69.00

2. Genie9

Genie9 is an award-winning provider of backup and cloud software.

No matter you are a business entity or a single person the software has some special backup options for you. Some of its exclusive options are mentioned below in detail.


  • Along with backup this software also gives an option of streaming your backup without restoring them.
  • This software detects all the photos with the help of the artificial intelligence option.
  • The software is providing a network backup which is considered one of the best in the industry.


There’s no feature for disk imaging


  • Genie Backup Manager Pro $69.95/license

3. O&O DiskImage Professional

With the click of a button, create a backup of your entire computer.

Those who are looking for a solution that can help in the backup of the entire system can opt for this software. it makes a clone of your whole hard disk with a few clicks. Some of the features that are offered by this tool are mentioned below.


  • The restoration of data offered by this tool is smooth and very easy,
  • Instead of the filter driver that is used by most of the backup software, this software uses Volume Shadow Service a.k.a. VSS.
  • It also has the scheduled time so that it will back up automatically without any interruption.
  • If you are looking for mounting your image then you should use this software.


  • Data doesn’t restore automatically, users have to do that manually.
  • Slow UI


  • Buy for $49.95

4. Idrive

You will not find a more comprehensive online backup service than IDrive

This software is known as the best backup solution for your device. Those who are running a small business and then this tool help in backup, editing and viewing your data without any issue to online locations. Features of this remote device are:-


  • The device status report is published by the software from time to time.
  • The management of your files is made easy with the reporting which informs you which file is not used and which one is used.
  • The backup health is also monitored regularly with the help of this backup tool.


  • Syncing takes time
  • Chat support is irregular


  • Personal $52.12 (First Year)
  • Team $74.62 (First Year)
  • Business $74.62 (First Year)

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5. Google Cloud

Utilize Google Cloud’s scalable infrastructure to modernize your apps and services.

If you are storing the file in any folder of your system(like pics in google photos) or a hardware device connected to your system then this Google tool will find them and makes it’s backup automatic. Some of its features include.


  • The file, you make a backup of can be viewed through any browser and hardware device.
  • Have proper integration of opening, managing, and editing these files.
  • The syncing of any file is made easy with this software.
  • Proper firewall protection is given to every file that is backed up.


  • Everything is stored locally by the consumer desktop utility.
  • Concerns about privacy
  • There are no password-protected shared files.


  • $300 in free credits

6. Carbonite

Backup to the rescue

For ultimate data backup services, a person can think of opting for the Carbonite option which is having the following features.


  • The storage provided by this software for backup is unlimited.
  • The installation of this software is very easy and takes less time.
  • If some of your devices are web-connected then you can recover your files through them easily.
  • Data protection against malware and ransomware is also provided.


  • There is no support for third-party cloud services.
  • For business plans, cloud storage is not included.
  • There is no support for mobile devices.
  • Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS are the only supported operating systems.


  • Basic Computer Backup $24/Month (Billed Annually)
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection $34/Month (Billed Annually)
  • Advanced Server Protection $147/Month (Billed Annually)

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7. Azure

All your resources are automatically backed up

Azure is a tool that is known for its simple recovery options and procedure. The reason behind this is that this tool does not require any kind of SQL coding working behind for managing the workloads. Some of its distinguishing features are:-


  • This tool is a decision-maker that which file needs a backup and which one doesn’t need which is a very smart option.
  • The load balancer of this tool is also activated which is for better network performance.
  • Give an option of backup of the data as you make a file or transfer it to your system.
  • Malware protection to the data is also provided by this tool.


  • Low Performance at a High Cost


  • Developer $29/month
  • Standard $100/month
  • Professional Direct $1000/month

8. OneDrive

One of the top-rated backup software

Those who want to back up the files and make it sharable should use this software. this software is available for all electronic devices and is operated with the help of your Gmail address. Some of the features that are offered by OneDrive are mentioned below.



  • File syncing is very easy with the help of OneDrive Business or Office. Also one can create documents with OneDrive which can be accessed in online office 365.
  • Helps in the management of data between OneDrive and SharePoint.
  • Access to the file is very easy through any hardware device through your Gmail.
  • Helps out in the web support for 24 hours.


  • There is less free storage space available than with some competitors.
  • Allows for the synchronization of only specific folders


  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic $2.50 user/month (annual commitment)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard $10.00 user/month (annual commitment)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium $20.00 user/month (annual commitment)
  • Microsoft 365 Apps $8.25 user/month (annual commitment)

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9. Ashampoo

Whether it’s ransomware, a system flaw, or faulty hardware, a backup will come in handy!

It is a backup tool that also provides stronger protection to the system from virus attacks and errors that commonly occurs in Windows. This tool helps in bringing back the system to life and save all your material from deletion. Some of the features that are available in this tool are:-


  • With some click, you can backup all the important files and data.
  • When the windows get corrupt then this tool will help out in restoring the system.
  • Helps in proper monitoring of the health of your disk.
  • When you are working on your system and are continuously creating the files then the backup triggers automatically.


  • There does not appear to be a way to restore (and potentially overwrite) the selected file’s original location.


  • Ashampoo Backup Pro 14 $25
  • Ashampoo Backup Pro 15 $24.99

10.  AOMEI

The best backup software to ensure the security of your data

AOMEI is a PC backup tool that a person can easily rely upon. The tasks done by this tool is syncing the material available in your external drive and restore it on your Windows system and cloud storage also. Available for both home and business models, the features of this tool are:-


  • Support Windows XP till the latest update of Window 10 which makes it a universal Windows tool.
  • The syncing of files available at your system is done automatically.
  • All the documents of yours are completely backed up without even the requirement to boot your system.
  • Even after upgrading the data, the AOMEI backup software allows you to access the previous backups uploaded.


  • No encryption options available.
  • Backups are not performed on files with long file names.


  • Starts at $49.95

11. Backblaze

Backblaze is software that is completely working on a cloud backup solution that is simple to use and provide faster backups. This software is available for both Mac and PC and provides various features mentioned below.

  • There is a feature in the software that is going to help search for files in your backup.
  • There is an option of scheduling your backup according to your ease.
  • The backup speed of this software is unlimited which makes it a nice option among the average users.  


With NAKIVO the task of backup along with a replication of data is made very simple and secure. It provides plenty of features that are discussed in detail below.

  • The application allows a person to form backup over different physical hardware and cloud devices also.
  • The platform offers instant file recovery from backup with a simple process.
  • In case there is a disaster happened in your system then there is a built-in system that can also handle such situations.
  • The file is backed up firstly in the disk and then uploaded to the remote locations for better performance.

13. Novabackup

Novabackup is known for an automatic PC backup tool that supports Windows 10 operating systems only. The computer is backed up virtually with the help of this tool. According to NovaBackup PC Review, some of the services provided by this tool are:-

  • The encryption of this software is of the top-notch level that is used by military personnel.
  • For online backup storage, 2 GB of data is provided.
  • The processing of backup is very fast.
  • When you will install the backup wizard then you will notice that the process of it is very easy.

14. Unitrends

Unitrends is a protection and backup solution that will take care of the backups that you will form through these software applications. Some of its features include:-

  • Helps in advanced detection and ransomware protection.
  • The speed of VM recovery is very speedy which saves plenty of time of the average user.
  • If you are looking for protection of your virtual data files then it is also provided by Unitrends.
  • Have ultimate community support which is important if a person is having any issue with the backup of files.
  • The data is compressed properly when the file is backed up to retain the quality of the file when you restore it.

15. Invybackup

It is an easy to use tool with some innovations blended in it for the purpose of saving data losses. There are different versions of the software which have the following features.

  • Provide the option of the event, manual, and scheduled backups.
  • The user interface is intuitive yet simple that also helps in accessing previous file versions.
  • Backup speed is optimized along with the provision of safety of backup files.
  • The tool is customizable and fulfills all the backup needs.

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Other Backup Software Solution

16. Iperius Backup

This software is specially made for servers and PC’s which caters all the personal and enterprise data backup needs. Features of this tool are:-

  • They have collaboration with online location support like OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Backup of the data with the help of Iperius Backup is automatic.
  • The network is authenticated by this tool which filters various malware.

17. Backup Radar

If you are working with different backup providers then this software will help you handle all of them along with personal backup services. Some of its features include.

  • There is a central backup system that later on distributes the files to various software.
  • The dashboard of the backup and restore data is updated very dynamically.
  • Notification is provided to the owner when the backup is in process or incomplete due to any reason.

18. SysCloud

This software is made for G Suite and Office 365 which backup the document files only. Beneficial features of this tool include.

  • One can also backup their emails through this software.
  • Confidentiality of this data is maintained by 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Automatic backup along with scheduling options are available.

19. Pyxis Backup Software

Pyxis Backup software is the one that is going to help you out in the task of zip folder backup also. The features of this special tool are:-

  • If you have any open files then you are allowed to back them up with this software.
  • There is a special backup reminder planner which decreases the chances of file deletion and misplacing.

20. Relica

Are you looking for software that backup multiple files through your hard disks and USB thumb drive to cloud solutions? If yes, then you should choose Relica.

  • The snapshot of this tool organizes automatic backup which processes it as the file is formed.
  • Your whole hard disk is backed up when you are using this software.
  • Keeps your file in a good condition when you restore them which makes this software a reliable choice.

21. Altaro

If you want a high-performance tool for virtual backups then Altaro is your choice. Some features of this tool are mentioned below in detail.

  • The user interface of backing up data on servers is very easy to use.
  • The backups and restoring tasks are very simple and effective.
  • The storage space required by this software tool is very lower.

22. Nexetic Shield

Nexetic shield is again an automatic server backup software that uses cloud software like Office 365 and G Suite. Some fantastic features of this tool are:-

  • The served data is backed up automatically to the cloud storage with this tool Windows backup software.
  • Helps in complete protection of customer information.
  • Shield backup option is given to the average user which makes it a very competitive tool.

23. Synametric

Synametric is a cloud-based solution that also offers synchronization of data. Some of the features of this ultimate software are:-

  • No third party is allowed to access your file to ensure the security of your files.
  • This software also makes the backed-up files sharable through links that require the permission of the owner.
  • Helps publication of the files of your machine also across the continent through LAN.

24. Backup4all

The regular backup is provided with 256-bit encryption which is military-grade by Backup4all. Some of the other features of this tool are:-

  • There is a restoration option of around 30 files version which is maximum in the field.
  • Protects your Android, Mac, and Windows devices with this single tool.
  • The place of storing the file and using it can be different.

25. Retrospect

The software is making backups simple and secure for Mac users. Some features of this nice program are mentioned below.

  • The process is simple and takes only one or two steps to back up the file.
  • Protects your device also so that the Office 365 and G Suite files you have in your system are not corrupted by malware.

There are additional add-ons for backup of the file. 

26. Synology Active Backup for Business

If you are a person who has a habit of working in a scattered form then you must opt-out for this cloud backup software. it has a console that will help in compiling and proper backing up the data. Some of its intuitive features are:-

  • The online storage capacity of the system is pretty much secured with the help of this software which saves space.
  • Backups are created for an Incremental backup with the help of Microsoft RCT.
  • The restoring options are also made very flexible inside these programs which cater various options to the users.

What Is Backup Software?

The backup software is those which help out a person in backing up the files that are important for them and have a chance of any future needs. The main reason why people are looking for backup software is to keep their files safe and secure without actually taking up space in their setup.

The backup software is pretty much capable of backing up any type of file no matter it is an image, video, or document. The main features that most people look at in this backup software are that how much space it is offering to the users and most probably the recovery of the backup files.


How to access your files from back up?

If you want to access your files then to access those files you should use a plug-in. There is a plug-in available for every backup application that is going to help you out in this task of accessing. With this, you can access the compressed data which is created by the tool.

What are the files I can back up through this software?

According to backup software reviews then they are made for backing up every kind of file or document we can create on our personal computers. Still, there is some software that is limited to a few files like only images, videos, and normal documents which a person can figure out through the features of the software.  

Is the backup automatic or manual?

It is not sure that the backup taken by the software is going to be manual or automatic. There are some tools in which you have to complete the task of this backup on your own and on the other hand, some start backing up the file the very moment you create them without any boot. Also, you can find some tools in the list which cater both the services to the people out there.

What is the time taken by server backup software for completing the task?

The time which is taken by the software for performing the task of backup is mostly dependent on the size of the file which is under the process of the backup. Still, there is a backing speed of every software that can be checked out with the help official website of the software.

What happens to my files if I lose the credentials like password protection or user-id?

There are many times when a person forgets the credentials to their server backup software due to which they can not access the files but there is a solution to this also. You can easily reset the credentials and set new password protection that helps you access your files.

Final Words

Here is a complete list of the software out of which one must be available on your PC or device for the purpose of backup. Now you should look properly at the work you perform and the files that you mostly create. On the basis of that, you should choose the software and start working on creating a proper backup for your system. One can also avail of some benefits through affiliate links for buying the software. 

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