10 Best Free CPU Fan Control Software for Windows in 2021

Since the disk drive temperature and voltage readings are highly dependent on the fan performance, it is very essential to have the speed control software and digital temperature sensors within the system. This will help you monitor both the PC or laptop fan speed and temperatures at different intervals.

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Such software systems are termed fan-control software. They come with various features like real-time clock speed for the fans, digital fan speed readings, assessing disk performance, and others. Since these software platforms have become so popular, we will discuss the top applications you can choose for your hardware device.

Top 10 Fan Control Software for Your Laptop

Argus Monitor

One of the best software platforms to control the fans and the sensors in the PC is the Argus Monitor. It has an easy-to-use interface with robust features that will help you in keeping the drive safe. The application can run at the backgrounds easily and monitoring will be done automatically without any interruption in your work. It takes into consideration the S.M.A.R.T. features of the system to assess several attributes like the HDD temperature and the entire health of the system. Even though its main function is to check the fan speed and resolve any issue, the software will allow you to regulate the temperature using the digital sensor. You can study the GPU and CPU temperatures based on an automated graph generated by the system itself. You will also get notifications about the failure of the hard disk so that you can save your necessary files and avoid loss or corruption.

EasyTune 5

EasyTune5 is one of the best platforms which offer amazing features in terms of fan control and temperature adjustments in a CPU. PC’s health can be monitored constantly with this software, especially the clocks and the sensor temperatures. You can even improve your overall system’s performance by using this software since it provides the famous overclocking feature. It can be used only on Windows and hence, not suitable for anyone using a Linux or Mac OS. With EasyTune5, you will be able to focus on the freeware fan speed.


One of the best platforms for controlling the functionality of the entire hardware device is SpeedFan. It not only allows the users to monitor the fan’s rotational speed but also provides tools for studying the temperature, voltages, and others. It is mainly compatible with the PCs of any brand and model. With this software, you will be able to analyze the drive’s performance through the S.M.A.R.T. readings. It can adjust the speed of the fan by assessing the temperature from the digital sensor stored inside the device. It has an easy-to-use interface with which you won’t have to struggle in terms of operations and control.

NoteBook FanControl

Another amazing example of speed monitor software is the NoteBook FanControl. This application will work closely with your device’s taskbar and hence work on controlling the speed and adjusting the temperature as the requirements of the PC. Once you will install the fan, you will be able to check the current fan speed easily and the real-time monitor temperature measured by the thermal sensors. You will be able to manually control the fan’s speed with the help of a slider button in the application. It has a clean user interface which wouldn’t give you many headaches about not being able to use the application effectively.

ZOTAC FireStorm

ZOTAC FireStorm has a straightforward interface that has helped many users to effectively control the fan speeds. Every information piece is present on the interface which will provide you flexibility in controlling your hardware device’s temperature and fan speeds. You will be able to control several clock speeds like the shader clock speed and the memory clock speed. Since these readings are highly affected by the thermal energy inside the system, abnormal readings will let you know whether your fan is working properly or not. On the software interface, you will find a special monitoring section from where you will constantly receive data regarding the fan speeds, clockings, temperature, and so on.

HW Monitor

If you want to have free software for adjusting the fan speeds and controlling the hardware temperatures, no other application will be as good as HW Monitor. Along with monitoring the CPU fan in the real-time frame, the software can be used to measure the cabinet fan speeds. You can even keep a daily record of the maximum and minimum fan speed so as to understand whether your fan is working at an effective speed or not. Apart from this, HW Monitor will also help you to read the processor and motherboard temperature, the present voltage readings, GPU temperature, and other attributes.


If you are looking for free fan control software for Windows, the HWiNFO is the ideal choice. The best thing about this software is that not only you will be able to control the fan’s speed but also the power consumption, the core clocking system, RAM storage and operations, CPU package power consumptions, GPU spends, and others. Multiple Window versions are compatible with this particular fan control software platform.

Corsair Link

Another amazing software with a user-friendly interface that will help in controlling the maximum fan speed is the Corsair Link. Real-CPU speed data is shown on the dashboard along with the mainframe voltage reading, electric load, and even the DRAM frequency. This is perfect for gaming interfaces which is why most gamers love to install the Corsair ink software in their computers or laptops.

TPFan Control

TPFan Control software programs can work marvelously in controlling the fan speed on laptops and distribute the released heat evenly to prevent thermal shutdown. The application will continuously run in the background from where you will be able to control both the fan speed and the temperature easily. One can even establish an effective fan speed by altering the spinning motion of the fan present inside.

Open Hardware Monitor

One of the most amazing software platforms to control the CPU fan speed is the Open Hardware Monitor. Here, not only you can control the real-time CPU fan speed but also several other temperature sources like the OPAMPS, voltage regulators, transistors, clock circuits, and so on. With digital temperature readings, you can easily monitor the disk temperature and avoid the superheating of the CPU or the motherboard of the laptop.


Does the software choice depend on the device I have?

Yes, when you will be looking for having the best fan’s [performance enhancement software, the choice will depend on the hardware device you are using. Some applications are only compatible with laptops while some are made for PCs. There are hybrid software platforms also where the application can work on both PC and laptops.

Can I repair my fan’s programming issue with the software?

Problems like drive failure and corrupted files can affect the clocking system connect with the fan. This in turn introduces technical problems in the fan’s work. This is why you need speed control software that will help you in restoring the system’s functionality along with proper fan speed within the limits. 

Can I control the fan’s speed with the help of the software?

Several fan speed control software platforms are available in the market which you can integrate with your system to control the reading within the suggested fan speed limits.

How much does the fan control software costs?

Based on the fan speed controller software, you will have to decide the costs. If the software has a free or trial version, you can try it to understand the efficiency of the software. If you have used the software previously and now use the upgraded version, you can look for the premium packages. 

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