Top 55 Best Project Management Software in 2021 | Features

Project management is the implementation of systems, tools, procedures, services, and information to deliver on ideals set for the project. It is to encounter the precise requirements of the project while keeping projected to the predefined budget and planned timeframe.

project management software

Business owners, even the skilled ones, business executives, and senior working specialists, who are often essential to grip these tasks, discover project management very intimidating and daunting. And that’s when project management software comes into the picture.

Best Project Management Software 2021

We have picked 5 best and top-rated Project Management Software for your assistance. Check out their main features and visit sites to get your quote.


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Top Features

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  • Screening Tasks

  • Job listing

  • Project templates

  • Smartphone supported

  • Local web-interface

  • Track daily agendas

  • Best for Software projects

  • Open-source single interface

  • Bug fixing

  • Multiple projects

  • Instant messeging

  • Third-party file sharing option

  • Large projects

  • Straight messaging

  • Share reports

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Project Management Software List – Our Top Picks

Check out the top list of the 10 best project management software in 2021. Read about their pros, cons, and the best prices here before you pick the best suitable software. We also have here other software brands for you to check.

1. Asana

Best for handling bigger projects

Asana is software that assists project executives to screen and track projects thoroughly. Project Templates can be utilized to generate workflow, job lists can be generated for everybody on the team, teams can remark on the task sheet and file sharing can be done. Generating to-do lists, breaking bigger jobs into sub-jobs, and translating a job into a scheme are all made simple. Due dates can be added for team associates and notices are sent for the targets. 



  • It is free software
  • Dashboard customization
  • Focus on productivity
  • Break bigger tasks into small sub-tasks
  • You can invite people to collaborate on the same workspace


  • Not an easy software for the beginners
  • Absence of time tracker
  • Work can be assigned to only one person


  • Premium $10.99
  • Business $24.99

2. eGroupWare

Value for Money

eGroupWare is a free open-source groupware programming proposed for organizations from little to venture. Its essential capacities permit clients to oversee contacts, arrangements, projects, and daily agendas. It is utilized either through its local web interface, making the access stage autonomous, or by utilizing diverse upheld groupware customers, like Kontact, Novell Evolution, or Microsoft Outlook. It can likewise be utilized by cell phone or PDA by means of SyncML.



  • Accessible from Smartphones with WiFi
  • Content, contact, task management
  • Integrated active directory option
  • Integrated emails


  • Bad UI
  • Mobile device accessibility is below average


  • eCloud NGO $2.27/mo
  • eFlat School $1188.14/yr
  • eCloud 23.76/mo

3. Codendi

Best for Software projects

Codendi is an open-source comprehensive project management stage from only one interface, it combines, all the desired tools for software development sides: administration and versioning of code, bugs, necessities, files, reportage, tests, etc. It is extensively utilized for handling software project procedures.



  • It has a free trial
  • Best for software projects
  • Excellent layout


  • Not for beginners, too complicated to use.


  • Codendi Core is available at $14.06,
  • Codendi Core with 1 Module $17.57,
  • Core with 2 modules $19.92,
  • Codendi Core + 3 modules is available at $21.09,
  • Core + 4 modules $22.26,
  • Full Codendi business suit costs $23.42.

4. Podio app

Best for handling multiple projects at a time

The Podio app is a valuable tool for experts who work at the same time on multiple projects. Tasks can be generated and personalized based on the workflow.

podio app


  • in-built instantaneous messaging which permits the user to share ideas, get responses and monitor progress.
  • Due to the incorporation of third-party facilities like Google Drive and Dropbox, content distribution is relaxed and fast.
  • Secured clients’ information


  • No integration with Google Calendar
  • Hard to tag people on any task


  • BASIC $7.20
  • PLUS $11.20
  • PREMIUM $19.20

5. Basecamp

Best for Large and Central Projects

Basecamp is observed as the top tool for large and central projects. The straight messaging helpful features are beneficial for fast deliberations, associations, responses, and notices. This tool is likewise beneficial for teams to be in track with the customers, track their responses, and share reports. This likewise does most of the purposes accomplished by the above-mentioned tools.



  • User friendly
  • Fabulous customer support
  • Unlimited users
  • Discussion Forum


  • Not too many features
  • No customization of the interface


  • price starts at $99/month

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6. Trello

Best for supervision projects

Trello is an instinctual, cloud-based, cross-platform resolution that enables workers to establish their projects. It also modifies and accomplishes workflows. The software is able to delegate responsibilities to team members, add to-do lists, upload documents, and remark on task cards.



  • Is it easy to use
  • Oversees the project and keep the important elements on-board
  • It has an app
  • The personal package is free


  • It is not a conventional project management software
  • Not suitable for large ventures


  • Business Class $10/user/mo

7. Nifty

Best for centralizing projects

Nifty is a project management software that helps the entire team to be at one place. It offers both Kanban and List views for the members. Basically, the software combines all the features into one. Here are the pros and cons of Nifty Project Management Software,



  • All the features of conventional project management software are available
  • Has built-in calendar
  • Document and file sharing option


  • Expensive compared to similar apps
  • Some features are complicated to handle


  • Starter $49
  • Pro $99
  • Business $149
  • Enterprise $499

8. TeamWork

A great tool to monitor and evaluate projects.

TeamWork Project is another project management software to try in 2021. Features include a to-do list, file and doc sharing, task management, time tracking, messaging, and a lot more. The app does not come for free. The small business projects cost $69 per month whereas the large business projects cost $269 per month.


  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Great customization options
  • Billing and invoicing included
  • Free account available


  • No PDF or image markup tools


  • Deliver $10/user/mo
  • Grow $18/user/mo

9. Breeze

Amazingly Intuitive system with quick, caring, and knowledgeable support.

Breeze creates managing schemes simply by letting you get everything in one place. An easy and effective board where you can supply all your status of tasks. Imagine every stage of your work process. Understand what tasks are impending and complete work in less time.  


  • Easy to use.
  • Customer support are knowledgeable responds quickly.
  • Customizable.


  • Mainly geared for churches.
  • People who registered for events doesn’t get notified.


  • Freelancers $49/month
  • Small business $99/month
  • Large team 239/month
  • Enterprise $469/month

10. Wrike

Great software for project management.

Wrike brands the work of all kinds of teams, both co-located and dispersed, rapid and streamlined. Cooperating within a single responsive and flexible system assists to retain everybody up-to-date with the work development. It is a premise solution for unlimited project management, maintain your time to get more effects done. 


  • Easy to use
  • Special account types for marketing/creative teams and professional services
  • Can manage both projects and ongoing work
  • New intelligent features flag projects at risk of slipping


  • Difficult to choose the right plan without customer assistance


  • Professional $9.80/user/mo
  • Business $24.80/user/mo

11. Trac

Trac is an open-source, online undertaking of the executives and bug-tracking tool. Trac grants hyperlinking information between a PC bug informational collection, revision control, and wiki content. It similarly fills in as a web interface to a variant control structure.

12. Project HQ

Project HQ is agreeable open-source executives programming, like Basecamp and activeCollab. Task HQ depends on open-source propels like Pylons, Python, and SQLAlchemy and is totally database self-ruling. Undertaking HQ uses a coordinated work cycle to assist you in managing your errands.

13. Collabtive

Collabtive is an online ideal project management programming that is being distributed as Open-Source programming. The endeavor was started in November 2007. It tries to give an Open Source alternative as opposed to select devices like ActiveCollab or Basecamp.

14. Redmine

Redmine is a pliable project management methodology. It is a cross-stage and cross-data set. It includes schedule and Gantt tables to help visualize the delineation of the plan and its objectives.

15. PPM Central

PPM Central is the Profession’s ideal project management software program. PPM Central has transformed the way that the user interrelates with initiative software. No longer do user has to learn complex projects, initiative software. With PPM Central, the influence is in the background. The user effortlessly searches for what they need or discover using our cutting-edge conception tools. Never-before-seen conceptions offer powerful reportage and investigation that benefit manage and enhance your business. 

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Other Project Management Software

16. OpenGoo

OpenGoo is a completely online arrangement focused on improving benefit, joint exertion, correspondence, and the administration of your gatherings. OpenGoo primary core features incorporate unlimited boards, contact the executives, email, project the executives, and time management Text reports and presentations can be made and changed on the web. Documents can be transferred, coordinated, and shared, free of record designs.   

17. Genius Project

Genius Inside conveys elite interaction-driven undertaking and the portfolio the management programming custom fitted to your organization’s necessities. Intended to deal with the whole lifecycle of your tasks, Genius Project conveys industry arrangements based on amazing coordinated effort and work process abilities.

18. Intervals Project

Intervals are an online project management software program that works for time tracking and job management in a cooperative online space with influential reporting.

19. Clarizen Project

Clarizen exclusively combines the right social teamwork with influential project management to line up your team package and determine improved productivity and effectiveness. Quick to install and simple to use, Clarizen connects the influence of the cloud to assistance you get work done on time, on reasonable, and with good outcomes. 

20. Todoist

Todoist does all the simple jobs of project management solutions with pressure on endorsing active communication and concerted effort. It is a modest tool and is beneficial for project beginners.

21. HumanEdj

HumanEdj is a cloud software program for simulated team collaboration – a unique software program for handling change across numerous administrations. 

22. ZilicusPM

ZilicusPM is a full project management software program that retains you on top of the entire project, rapid and easy. It delivers complete functionality, modish dashboards, valuable reports, and an extremely intuitive interface.

ZilicusPM user has got flexible scheduling with cooperating Gantt chart, day tracking, problem, and risk development, handle meetings and cooperate on projects quite efficiently.

23. KForge

KForge is an online structure for regulating programming and data projects. It re-utilizes existing most awesome aspect breed tools, for example, version storage (subversion), a tracker (trac), and wiki (trac or MoinMoin), incorporating them with the framework’s own facilities (projects, clients, consents, and so on) KForge additionally gives a total web interface to extend organization to a completely created module framework so that new administrations and additional features can be effortlessly added. 

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24. Easy Redmine

Redmine is an open-source online project management software in the Google apps market. It has loads of negligible cooperative features and plugins such as project models, files version, new private page modules, project management, resource planning, project planning, help counter, alerts, etc.   

25. Apptivo Projects

Not long ago, the cost of the product alone made it unbelievable for various private ventures to have up. The issue is, the huge notoriety of organizations in our globe are not tremendous foundations, but small and moderately sized businesses. Resolute to fuel the development of small businesses around the world, the visionaries at Apptivo have been tough at work, illustrating on their user assets and abilities to level the playing field. 

26. ProjectPier

ProjectPier is available for free, reliable, self-encouraged PHP application for administering occupations, endeavors, and gatherings through a characteristic web interface. ProjectPier will help your relationship with passing on, group up and complete things done resembles business groupware/project the board things, yet allows the chance and flexibility of self-facilitating.

27. TeamworkPM

TeamworkPM is a simple-to-use web-based teamwork project management robust platform that assistances executives, staff, and customers work together more effectively online.    

28. UniPhi

UniPhi set of resolutions covers the end-to-end life cycle of schemes and involves all individuals working within that atmosphere.

29. EcoSys EPC

EcoSys is rapidly turning into the overall norm for the activity Project Controls programming program. Our easy-to-utilize online stage, EcoSys EPC, benefits of project worldwide arrangement and handle project portfolios, controller project costs, and project progress.    

30. Projektron BCS

Complete functions – distinct customizing – consistent technology: The online Business Management Software Projektron BCS exemplifies quality, productivity, and transparency in scheme and business.

31. Seavus Project Planner

Seavus is a software program development and consulting corporation with a recognized track-record in provided that effective enterprise-wide business plans for projects, covering European and US marketing from numerous offices around the globe. It assists over 3,000 clients worldwide, with the acquaintance and the services of over 500+ specialists     

32. Project Insight 

Project Insight is the leading online project management software program for the mid-market established by Metafuse, Inc. It carries project teams and administration teams together to cooperate on projects in real-time, whether across the world or street. Project management software program solutions and project management facilities assistance organizations work more proficiently and effectively.

33. Unifier

Unifier is the business class venture lifecycle management tool for capital development, project distribution, price control, and services and real estate administration. It delivers governance across all project stages, from scheduling and building to processes and upkeep. The Business Procedure Mechanization engine integrates serious business processes, information, and credentials across the association.

34. WebActionHero

WebActionHero is a state-of-the-art initiative risk management cloud that offers Incomparable Project Presentation. The WebActionHero section is driven by tough professional experiences and converted into a healthy and miscellaneous enterprise risk management resolution.

35. VPMi

VPMi Proficient is a robust feature web-based project portfolio management software program. It goes far out of their Basecamp and other simplistic simulated project management software solutions but will never overload your user like Microsoft Project Server.             

36. Microsoft Project

Microsoft project is a versatile web-based solution for project portfolio management (PPM) and day-to-day work carried through Office 365. Contains full desktop management proficiencies as a subscription.

37. Daptiv PPM

Daptiv revenues are an inimitable tactic to project portfolio management (PPM). It offers industry-leading PPM services. It’s flexible and easily arranged so you can declare compelling new PPM capacities – when and where your affiliation is prepared for them.

38. Trakeze

Trakeze is a reasonable, online small business management tool with extensive CRM project scheduling, Gantt monitoring, human resources management, task dependencies, requirements management, project management, track time, and collaboration features.      

39. EPM Live 

EPM Live is designed to accomplish team workloads in an accurate sense. Administrations can now accomplish their ventures, their items, and their facilities as well as all other work in one stage without the necessity for incorporation. Since all of this work is managed in a different way, EPM Live has a solution application that permits each department/team the right system they want to accomplish any type of marketing campaign.

40. KeyedIn Projects

Linking effortlessly with your administration’s present systems, KeyedIn Projects offers project, program, and portfolio executives the regulation and understand they want throughout the full project lifecycle. It confirms resources are used tactically, risks addressed, and prices managed tightly – together pouring detailed project presentation and productivity. 

41. VisionProject

VisionProject is a popular Project Management Software program that allows you to accomplish projects in a well-organized way, maintaining your project timelines and cash.

VisionProject helps the Lean and Agile methodologies(such as Scrum and XP) means to handle projects with task management tools such as Kanban Boards, Task Board, Cumulative Flow Diagrams (CFD), and Burn-Down Charts but can also, be used for Old-style Project Management. 

42. Project Portfolio Office

Project Portfolio Office is a leading online project management platform and collaboration application. Project planning the project manager to support larger teams within organizations of any size and across all productions, manage, PPO helps to capacity planning, collaborative platform, programs, portfolios and execute and report on projects.   

43. Project’Or RIA

Project’Or RIA is a traditional Project Management Software program, trying to pleat in a single tool all functionality wanted to establish your projects. The impartial is to retain it modestly, easy to use on daily activity, while a cover maximum of the marketing campaigns. 

44. ProjectVision

ProjectVision was established with the end-user in mind. It is an inclusive, matured, and recognized project management app provided that businesses, organizations collaboration, and public sector figures. Its services and information have permitted us to become a world leader in Scheme, Portfolio, and Performance Management Software programs. They value our widespread client base and deliver a wide range of facilities to confirm their customers gain the full value and assistance from using ProjectVision.  

45. Onepoint Projects

Onepoint Software is the significant tool of united project and portfolio administration resolutions for pioneering small and medium-sized businesses. Unlike outdated PPM software, Onepoint Project contributes formal, JIRA, and agile teams into a solitary project portfolio and resource use database.

46. LiquidPlanner

Current teams want a fast, efficient way to handle their workload. Their exclusive method offers a simple substitute to Microsoft Project and can be utilized by just about anybody – traditionally-trained project teams, agile teams, or even teams that use ad-hoc procedures. LiquidPlanner clients report an average of 16 hours protected per month due to automation features.   

47. AtTask

Prioritize work across numerous projects–Make sure the correct work gets done at the correct time. Cooperate in the context of work–Stop trailing work in email and chat, and disregard expensive and regular status conferences.

48. Psoda

Psoda is a modern, active company with a single-minded effort on provided that the toolset of choice for program and project specialists globally. The establishment is privately-owned, united in New Zealand, with a worldwide vision

49. OrangeScrum

OrangeScrum is a Tremendous Project Association Tool that provides you full prominence and resistor over your projects.

50. Timeless Project Tracking

Timeless Project Tracking permits the project manager to focus on resolving issues and in fact managing projects rather than worsening time chasing estimations. It provides executives up-to-date info to make more knowledgeable decisions, which is specifically significant in dynamic and agile tools project situations. 

51. Celoxis    

Celoxis provides an inclusive web-based project management app program along with great united tools to handle your resource management, association, timesheets, expenditures, and custom workflow.     

52. Smartsheet, a chief Software as a Service (SaaS) establishment, provides an enterprise-ready cloud application for project management and association. The award-winning work management solution tool is reliable by more than 20,000 subscribing establishments in over 100 nations.

53. QuickBase

QuickBase is a simple project management software program that is effortlessly personalized to appropriate your organization’s precise procedures and support your creative teams with task management.             

54. eStudio

eStudio, presenting a captivating provider of powerful project management of alliance software for small businesses, non-profits, government companies, and business owners. Every day thousands of individual users log in and are contingent on eStudio to share files, task lists events, encounter deadlines, assign tasks, integrate feedback, have online meetings, and get on a similar page with customers and counselors. 

55. Mavenlink

Mavenlink is the leading application in the Google App Market. Go yonder project management and began handling your service businesses. Team collaboration, enter tasks, track time, work within a reasonable cost, and provide invoices.

What is Project Management Software?

Project Management Software is a tool that helps teams to work together on several projects. Business owners and/or employers use several project management tools to assign tasks to their vast team members, no matter how big their team is.

Even project executives will assistance by having the correct project management software to accomplish their tasks with comfort. Especially in today’s age where outmoded methods like worksheets and word processing software are not virtuous enough.

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What is the mean of project Management tools?

Online project management is new commencement designed to increase production and effectiveness of business procedures, further disregard waste, and spice up benefit, irrespective of the type of project or its size. Once it includes the efficiency and also the achievement of a business, they mainly rely on planned thoughts and planned ideas, but also on choosing the acceptable project management tools. 

Why is it Significant to Utilize a Project Management tool for professionals?

Project management software simplifies simple project management, resource planning, task supply, strategic planning and control, bookkeeping, and team members’ communiqué, which leads to better outcomes. It’s a superior cooperative guide that benefits the master of the procedure of project management, with new project making and setting, responsibilities and resource management, one-to-one care, and getting reports on a project’s development.

What things Topmost Project management Software Can do?

Online project management is an idea that has a robust assortment of assistances linked with it. If businesses get proper help in management as well as managing numerous kinds of problems related to dissimilar forms of the project then better prospects of earning advantages and assembling achievement get developed.

Final Thoughts  

Appropriate utilization of project management app is attempting to permit you to advance your spending plan lesser just as achieve the organization by having less workforce. You may execute the routine activities far more collaboratively as well as a place of issues such as mishandling and miscommunication.

Presentation and utility will absolutely escalate at numerous levels of the company. You may be mode in advance of your challenges and develop the innovator in your service businesses field.

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