20+ Best ERP Software in 2021 » Overview, Price, Examples

If you are wondering which ERP Software is best to use to aid in your business operations, then Brighter Guide has you covered with this list of Best ERP Software. You no longer have to worry about how to efficiently analyze, interpret, or compartmentalize your various tasks. Check out our list.

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Best ERP Software 2021 – Our Top Picks

To help you decide which ERP software to use, we have here the features, pros and cons, and prices of our top 10 ERP software plus other brands that you may want to explore.

1. Oracle NetSuite

Great ERP System for accounting and finance.

Oracle Netsuite is arguably the highest standard when it comes to ERP systems. This cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning software has an unblemished reputation of being the first and the last word in a discussion about ERPs. Categorically segregated data input streams from different departments like sales, customer service, design, manufacture, packing, etc. get condensed into comprehensive and easy-to-interpret interactive statistics models that help to convey a clear image about the progress of the company and rapidly evolving situations at the grassroots. In addition, Oracle Netsuite allows for detailed inventory and accounting modules which bring more transparency and structure to the performance of the company as a whole. Customer Relationship Management(CRM) modules are used to get additional feedback regarding the manufactured products and services. This, in turn, helps to correct inherent flaws in the proper implementation of given instructions at the highest hierarchy of the firm. The software can be implemented on IOS, Windows, Mac, Android, and online platforms, which stands testament to the versatility of the system.


  • It is a software platform designed to enhance the efficiency of critical business functionalities and to improve their versatile capabilities so that they have a competitive edge in facing dynamic market conditions.
  • Be it accounting and bookkeeping management, generating highly detailed invoices, or providing predictive growth models, Netsuite ERP provides solutions to every problem that a modern business might face.


  • Powerful but complex.
  • No easy way to update searches/reports for change in headcount/responsibility.


  • Starting from $499/mo


Powerful and Reliable ERP for Large Enterprises

This ERP software is designed to be used by medium and large industries and companies for their day-to-day functioning routines. Its implementation can be cloud-based or onsite, based on the requirements of the client. This software is capable of working on operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, etc. Its free trial is available for 14 days. To get the paid version, however, you have to get a one-time expense quote for your particular region.


  • Its workload capacity is practically limitless, with ERP, CRM, SCM, SRM, and PLM modules integrated into one inclusive framework.
  • The analytics and reporting modules work faster and more efficiently. Besides it provides ERP solutions for any and all smart devices like smartphones, laptops, and desktops.


  • Implementation time and cost is high
  • Takes time to learn and use.


  • Custom pricing


A platform for Robust & Dynamic system

This ERP system is suitable for large-scale businesses. It is an on-premise software, which means that it is installed at the worksite itself by a skilled installation team who will also have to train your analysts on how to use the software in different applications and for different purposes. This training will have to be extended to working groups at both analysis and input levels, as the graphical user interface might not be easy to operate, for your workers at the grassroots levels. The software runs on Windows, Android, Mac, IoS, and Linux. It is device-based and interprets data put into the system from different departments, before collating and presenting the results of the analysis, in simple and comprehensible graphic statistics. This allows the entire hierarchy to remain constantly updated about the working conditions and efficiency levels at different strata.


  • It includes supportive modules that centralize the process of client purchases, with a simple and comprehensible user interface.
  • Provides exhaustive records of inventory assessment and procurement receipts for your warehouses.
  • Can handle multiple currencies, which makes it ideal for a multi-national application role.


  • Hard to use.
  • User Interface is complex.


  • Custom Pricing

4. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Fast and easy way to set up your customer analytics and loyalty management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an ERP package of different programs and software systems that interact with each other intelligently to map out the second-to-second dynamism of a company’s workflow. In addition, it also uses versatile multi-purpose algorithms, alongside powerful AI decision-making procedures, to trace out the ideal workflow that would enhance the current one by several times of efficiency. This feature allows these ERP setups to predict future growth patterns of the company, something that is rarely seen in commonly available ERP systems. The software can be used in on-premise or SaaS configurations. It is compatible with Windows OS on mobile handsets and laptops. In conjunction, it also runs on Mac, OS, and Android systems. The subscription fee is 20$ per user on a monthly basis, with higher and more premium packages incurring higher cost structures.


  • Allows the creation of virtual agents for your customer service needs, by offering self-service solutions to customers. This helps to enhance your CRM modules.
  • Has integrated business applications that allow you to optimize your functioning. It allows your different departments to collaborate and work together as a team. This optimizes your efficiency overall, increasing productivity.
  • Helps your sales team to generate and develop a larger number of sales-ready leads, with personalized interaction with each and every customer.


  • Some functionality is difficult to navigate.
  • Complex Interface.


  • There are different paid packages, with additional features that you can purchase. The basic sales package starts at a monthly rate of $64 per user.

5. Oracle ERP Cloud

An enterprise-class solution that will deliver for your company

It is a cloud-based ERP solution that can be used in all types of businesses, small and large. The key features of the Oracle Cloud ERP allow for resource planning and distribution of responsibility between different teams and professionals, in order to attain the highest efficiency in workflow performance. The running platforms are Linux, Windows, Web-based configurations, and Mac systems. Moreover, it has a free trial version with limited features and capabilities. To enjoy them on a full-fledged scale would mean purchasing the software at the quoted price according to your locality.


  • Provides a high-performance platform for corporate accounting and bookkeeping, with capabilities that allow it to handle many different accounts.
  • Automatic generation and tracking of client contracts in an embedded functionality, with pricing determination and execution.


  • It is very hard to navigate things in the dashboard.
  • Has compatibility issues.


  • Financial reporting compliance starts at $175/user/month.
  • Additional financial controls an added $80/user/month.
  • Access controls an added $150/user/month.

6. Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP maintains stable control of resource planning

This comprehensive manufacturing software system is modular and industry-specific, with provisions for usage in global businesses. The software integrates the latest Data Analytics tools like BigData and Cloud Computing techniques, to process the large inflow of data from the grassroots and work on it to present an accurate prediction model for the future. The input systems for data can be widely varied, including social media like chatting models, along with Sensors and IOT equipment. It helps calculate valuable data like a footfall in predicting the future performance of a shop. Epicor is one of the most popular ERP processes in the market, with features for detailed future predictions, that help to optimize your business to stellar levels, within a very short time.


  • Managing inventory, purchasing, manufacturing and human resources is integrated within the different modules of the software.
  • Provides powerful supporting tools for sales and customer management. This makes it ideal for new businesses and startups that aim to have a competitive edge in the current market.


  • Poor internet connections impede the proper usage of the platform.
  • Complicated customization.


  • Starts at $175 per user/month

7. Sage Intacct

A great and always improving accounting solution

Although Sage Intacct is one of the most popular cloud-based software solutions, with a real-time accounting module for its financial and accounting features, it also provides users with a high-performance framework for marketing networks and tracking inventory levels. The software incorporates multi-faceted automation into its accounting tools, with the latest in data analysis tools, used to work on the incoming inputs from the worksites and different departments of the company.


  • Helps to create a detailed audit trail for your company transactions, with comprehensive reports and invoices that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • Tracks Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, to measure assets and liabilities, and present a comprehensive cost balancing system


  • Customer support and advising is very limited.
  •  Building reports is difficult and confusing.


  • Contact Sage Intacct for pricing.

8. Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Solid accounting and ERP capabilities

This is another ERP product from Oracle’s arsenal, with additional features that include, risk management, trading options,  and a globally consolidated real-time accounting module. The software is highly efficient in detecting workflow trends to predict company growth, while also providing optimization options that will enhance productivity, and raise profit levels considerably. The 30-day free trial will let you sample a host of Oracle products and services while purchasing it will require you to ask for a quote in your area.


  • User friendly
  • Ability to use the software for multiple accounting actions
  • Ability to see what co-workers have completed


  • Costly.
  • Reporting is not very customizable.


  • Prices starts from $38

9. SAP Business One

All you need for your small business whether accounting or inventory management

The major feature that separates Sap Business One from its contemporary Pricing models, is that it uses seamless integration of artificial intelligence in its data analytics module, to create SAP Crystal Reports that can be used for growth prediction and workflow optimization. Be it inventory tracking, or modules for accounting, Business One is a single platform that integrates and hosts a wide variety of business functions, to assist in enhancing the efficacy of your company’s daily operations. The most powerful feature is the graphic interface that allows dynamic interpretation of the company’s working statistics and leads up to comprehensive software advice on how to gain higher productivity levels with minimum effort.


  • User friendly
  • Customizable.
  • Good Customer Support.


  • Setup and implementation cost is high


  • Starts from $1666 for limited users.

10. Salesforce CRM

An Excellent Tool for Managing Customer Success and Sales Pipelines

If you are on the lookout for a Customer Relationship Management software that can accurately predict market trends, customer satisfaction levels and advise you on how to optimize your products as per client reviews, Salesforce CRM will be the perfect business intelligence module for you. Not only will it provide a unified platform for suggestions, reviews, and complaints from customers, but it will also streamline your sales presentation, by allowing you to integrate CRM responses, buzzwords and chats into your marketing tools. Although Salesforce CRM can be tried free of cost, the premium packages will cost you between 70 and 300 euros per month.


  • Easy access for all users from mobile to web.
  • Presents data effectively on the screen.
  • User-friendly.


  • Slow load time
  • Costly


  • Essentials $25/user/mo
  • Professional $75/user/mo
  • Enterprise $150/user/mo
  • Unlimited $300/user/mo

11. Acumatica

This cloud-based ERP Software provides a midsize company with real-time insights and workflow analysis results which are accessible from any device connected to the internet. The integrated intuitive software solution predicts growth levels in the recent future, with optimized workflow changes, a task that you have to implement, in order to raise cost savings and gain higher efficiency at the same time. As for pricing, you have to pay only for the number of resources consumed and not usage patterns. The software can be used in both cloud-based and on-premise solutions, of which the cloud-based alternative is much more renowned for its key functions including process automation. Improved efficiencies in manufacturing and marketing procedures are now just that easy to decide on, and implement, with Acumatica being the all-around tool for solving your business workflow problems with quick response time.

12. Odoo

It is open-source software for any midsize company that combines ERP and Mobile CRM software into one integrated solution. In addition to superior customer service, and integration of complaints and suggestions from enterprise-level customers in the software market, its key functions include overall ERP modulation to exercise strong cost control and high revenue turnovers in its supply chain modules. Besides, it can be cloud-based software, or on-premise, with a capability to run on all kinds of Operating systems, including Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, etc. This makes it highly versatile. Odoo is a must for reduced start-up costs that make it a perfect ERP tool for companies across the globe. If you are looking to improve efficiency in step with customer relationships, this is the best software option for you.

13. SysPro ERP

Both manufacturers and distributors find this software to be of multi-faceted usage in optimizing financial decision-making procedures and providing services for resource management. It also includes CRM systems that allow the clients to make direct suggestions on the product specifics or the manufacturing method. 

14. Sage 300cloud

Sage 300cloud is the Best ERP software solution for several medium-scale industries. It is utilized by different ventures to deal with their funds, activities, and stock options, and to provide superior customer service. You will actually want to deal with different areas across various locales, dialects, and monetary standards. It provides actionable insights on dealing with different substances effortlessly. It will rearrange your financials to ensure maximum cost-saving potential with high-efficiency levels of timely production runs. 

15. ERPNext

Financial, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain optimizations are their forte, which makes them powerful business intelligence software. The software recommendations or user experience modules assure that ERPNext is the jam if you are looking to optimize your productivity.

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Other ERP Software

16. PeopleSoft

With powerful business intelligence in its decision-making systems, this tool has an integrated business intelligence module that picks us patterns from workflow analysis, to predict future conditions. Popular software recommendations often refer to People Soft as one of the most comprehensive fully integrated, ultra-scalable, cloud-based ERP platforms. It maintains the crucial balance between department teams while collating the response from other teams to present a detailed overview of each functioning system in the firm. This software arena is perfect for Products-based companies, 

17. Oracle eBusiness Suite

The eBusiness suite from Oracle combines modular third-party integrations with production planning, and the generation of comprehensively clear business models. Their predictions for the future growth of the company are in the form of big-picture insights and optimization of current workflow to meet industrial requirements at a cheap and cost-effective rate. It monitors every functioning system, from daily production runs, to generate elaborate actionable insights as to how you can make your systems much more organized and effective in the long run 

18. CAMs-Exact

It is a collaborative ERP platform that supplements basic functionalities with automated implementation services including accounting and resource reallocation. In addition, this highly scalable, industry-built Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution i unbelievably good at predicting growth levels of enterprise companies, and optimizing industry functionality. The integrated intuitive software solution makes it the ideal tool for companies who have had inefficient working schedules, and wish to overcome their failure and proceed towards the highest optimizations in their workflow.

19. Bitrix24

Searching for a free business management ERP? Bitrix 24 is one that takes varying data streams from specific company departments and turns them into valuable end-use setups that can be used for growth prediction or work pattern optimization. Besides being a production planning software, its CRM unit integrates user ratings into daily presentations and dashboards, making the manufacturing process more client-driven and efficient, with lower operating expenses.

20. TYASuite

This highly scalable, industry-built Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution is vastly superior to most other subscription cloud-based ERP software options in the market. this i because the integrated module for different company functions adds new data analytics to the system, while interpreting the data input from the streamlined teams working in different sectors. The graphic interface can be severely complex for new users, which stands as the only drawback of this ERP system

21. OleaERP

A subscription cloud-based ERP software system that monitors functioning at different company levels, and condenses it into a single substantial report for scrutiny by the top hierarchy, so that they can be informed of challenges faced on the worksite regularly.

22. BuildSmart

An efficient alternative ERP that is a good comprehensive manufacturing software.

23. BulkDataPro

Monitoring vast volumes of input, and providing simple analyzed comprehensive data is what makes this ERP a leader in its genre.

These are the top 23 ERP systems currently in popular usage in 2021. However, there are many more alternatives in the market that might be better suited to your needs. It is always a very good idea to check out the detailed customer reviews for each system, in order to find the one that is the best fit for your firm. What can be guaranteed, however, is the fact that these systems will bring about a massive increase in your productivity, speeding up your workflow, and introducing flexible dynamism in your everyday decision-making process. 

What is an ERP System?

ERP systems are multi-faceted, modular project management systems that are used to analyze, interpret, compartmentalize, and perform different operations in your business framework to enhance and improve the efficiency of your working performance by leaps and bounds. They are, by definition, amazingly versatile, with a customizable coded backbone that can be flexibly optimized as per your industrial requirements. 

Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP software) systems are hugely popular among businesses. ERP systems eliminate the need for data analyst teams to decipher the overall performance characteristics of the company as a whole, from the ground-level inputs by the different working teams and departments. They present the conclusive results of the incoming data in a comprehensible, and easily decipherable format, making it more convenient for the stakeholders and decision-makers at the top, to stay in touch with the everyday functioning statistics of the firm.

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What Is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a management tool that brings automation to business functionalities. Its main responsibility, however, is to take real-time inputs from working teams at different levels and strata of the company and compile the same into a comprehensive database. The database is analyzed by versatile algorithms which use the inputs to provide a moment-to-moment interactive and easily comprehensible report that allows the company stakeholders to stay fully in touch with the instant development of different scenarios at the worksite.

What Is Enterprise Resource Planning Software?

An ERP software, for all means and motives, is a collective array of business development software platforms that perform various functions to get accurate data about ground situations and working conditions at different strata of the company. It also takes care of customer relationship management, and financial accounting, with analysis modules that make computerized predictions for the best course of action ahead of the firm.

How Can ERP Improve or Help a Business?

ERP Software helps a company’s leadership to stay in constant touch with working conditions and work efficiency in different departments, on and off the job site. This allows them to respond more promptly to developing crisis situations in the company, and take immediate, vital decisions. Moreover, it can show a complete growth model of the company with predictive analysis modules to be used for finding the best course of action to optimize profitability.

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