26 Best Online Payroll Software for Small Businesses in 2021

With the high development in every field and commencement of digital time, manual administration of payroll appears to be quite useless and redundant. There is an extensive range of online payroll services accessible in the marketplace to help Small Businesses in 2021 in this precise undertaking. These are intensely efficient and highly dedicated. They don’t have pointless features and are also exclusively reasonable.     

payroll software

Payroll software has driven charm for human resources. It creates correct pay slips, decreases the burden of amenability, and generates automat. Sometimes Introduction of recent payroll software generates confusion on which one to select.

An efficient business may need more software than just payroll software. Here are other useful tools for you: property management softwareOCR softwareERP softwaredata recovery softwareaccounting software3D modeling software

Payroll Software List – Our Top Picks

To benefit you with your payroll problems, check out the features, pros and cons, and prices of our top 10 payroll software. If you want other software brands, we have a list of them as well.  

1. SurePayroll

Accurate, timely,  and easy to use

It is payroll software accessible online on the internet. It unites well with other widespread desktop accounting and bookkeeping tools. It can also efficiently file the tax forms. It is also available to speak on your behalf if any tax filing problems ever appear.  

SurePayroll is a modern platform that examines all of the most important boxes. It can grip all of your most important payroll tasks, estimate and case payroll deductions, and pay the employee via direct deposit or written checks.    

 One exclusive feature of SurePayroll is the suite of tools. Not only can you able to manage payroll options with your application, but they have an employee app for observing the deposit of paychecks and checking on accessible sick or holiday days.   

While it examines all of the excellent services, eventually, SurePayroll is not as fully featured as Gusto and Intuit. What its absences in feature it does make up for in the comfort of use and speediness, claiming that a small business owner can maintain payroll in few times.   


  • Quick processing of payroll 
  • Includes quarterly filing and paying of taxes
  • Offers employee self-service


  • Continuously increasing price. 
  • Does not offer a convenient way of switching employee’s status.


  • Starts at $29.99/month

2. QuickBooks

Easy and smart user interfaces

Quickbooks online payroll is a payroll and bookkeeping software that is simple to use, effective, and has many choices. It is available for a 30-day free trial online.

Quickbooks online payroll is an outstanding option for the small business finances owner who is looking for payroll administration.  

QuickBooks payroll also provides Employee self-service portals, Online Payroll management to manage the payslip and wages-related work.


  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Can be accessed from any device like mobile phone, tablet, and computer  
  • Can be used with other systems and 3rd party applications
  • Find and fix mistakes quickly


  • System is unstable 
  • Lack of business-specific features like barcode scanning and eCommerce 
  • Does not offer direct professional support
  • Limitations file size and number of users
  • Risk of data loss as file back up does not always work 


  • Starts at $45/month

3. XpressPayroll

Ideal for micro-businesses with one to five employees

It is a modest and beneficial small business attentive payroll setup offered online. It accomplishes dissimilar kinds of patriot payroll jobs easily.     

 It can maintain payroll taxes, create reports, and also make direct payment bonds is an additional feature. 


  • Customized payroll approach
  • Full-Service Payroll Analysis
  • All-inclusive fee with no hidden charges 
  • No locked-in period
  • Responsive 24/7 customer service


  • Quite pricey 


  • Starts at $60/month

4. Paychex’s Online Payroll

All in one tool for HR managers

It is an extensive procedure of online business payroll facilities that include both simple and complex features for payroll management.    

With this facility, you can contract with the employees’ pay and all kinds of tax management more effectively. Paychex’s Online Payroll has more than 10 years of involvement in this field.

Paychex Flex is a small-biz responsive payroll administration software that gathers payroll and tax services, 401 (k) retirement plan, insurance, Human resources management, employee profits, person per month wages, accounting and investment, and PEO in a single, discreetly pricing package. 

At a similar time, the cloud-based system applicant tracking and expense administration, making employing and expense procedures more effective, and lets employees configure it to their prospects. 

What you will likewise get as a Paychex Flex employer is essential and deliberate HR knowledge, all assembled in a searchable assortment of webinars, a form, videos, blue documents, and more. A similar system can be used for payment & transaction processing and provides one of the greatest diverse profit enrollment schemes. 


  • Gross-to-net payroll breakdown
  • Excellent retirement plans
  • Support team that is knowledgeable and capable


  • Reports cannot be customized.
  • Timesheet approval takes a long time.


  • Starts at $39/month

5. ADP Inc.

An optimized payment system

This company provides information and data processing management to medium size and complex professional marketplaces. 

Its small business ADP payroll service recognized as EasyPay gives dissimilar kinds of facilities, which include straight payment deposits, payroll cover creation, and also reporting, filing, and placing payroll taxes.  

ADP Inc. Now is a protuberant suite of ADP payroll, time & labor facilities targeting completely mid-sized businesses (50-990 employees). 

The system situates in place precise ADP payroll processing with all periods and timetables accounted for, as well as exclusive functions like new hire reporting, access to devoted proficiency, and a streamlined application process. 

Another excellent service of this system is 100% tax obedience, which not only mentions filling in and submitting tax codes, but also handling paycheck assumptions for federal, state, and resident taxes.

In fact, with ADP Inc. Now, you will get a single scheme to reply to regulatory obedience and have all data collected in one place for hassle-free reporting. Better yet, ADP Inc. now is a quote-priced scheme where customers get to contribute to the creating of their packages and have those provided in a unique amount they can afford?


  • User-friendly with numerous online training and video tutorials
  • Centralized web based application with mobile accessibility
  • The import file error listing makes it relatively simple to import new hires from other programs.


  • Reporting needs to be revamped.
  • Customer service is sometimes unreliable


  • Starts at $59/month 

6. PayCycle, Inc.

Helps you build a profitable payroll service for small business clients

This organization offers an online payroll calculator for payroll activity that is currently used by thousands of small businesses in numerous industries.

It includes employee pre-tax contributions, hourly employees routine, and also employer health investment account distributions. It also has electronic filing features for dissimilar kinds of taxation forms. 


  • Process payroll online in minutes
  • Pay employees and payroll taxes in minutes
  • W-2s, instant checks, and direct deposit are all options
  • No desktop software is required
  • Low monthly cost


  • Inability to import data from accounting apps such as QuickBooks


  • Starts at $30/month

7. Vibe HCM

A complete package that performs all the functions of a manager of human resources

The vibe is also the best payroll calculator enfolded within a vigorous HCM suite and a widespread strategic employee self-service solution that builds and keeps compensation plans in a user-friendly manner.

It arises loaded with HR management with service  HCE, employment performance, payroll Reports and profits, onboarding, communications, talent administration, and more. You will also raise its progressive analytics suites of tools, and metrics identical to employee Onboarding surveys and management effectiveness scoring.        

Plus, Vibe HCM has advanced features, is an integrated source that lets employers build the bundle they need, and select only those functionalities that could be beneficial to them.


  • Provides a self-service portal for employees to access information when they need it.
  • Robust reporting tools.
  • Has an intuitive interface.


  • Requires training to use.
  • No integration/connection to other HR systems.


  • Contact Vibe HCM for pricing.

8. Gusto

Very thorough solution with competitive pricing. Robust & Reliable

As a comparatively new arrival to the payroll applications, Gusto is out to wobble up the marketplace by providing a widespread list of abilities that brand it a one-stop shop for small businesses.

Also providing a powerful platform for complete payroll resolution, Gusto can likewise support you find and sign up for a whole assistance package for you and your employee.        

They likewise offer HR tools that can shorten onboarding new payroll team associates and their professional facilities a component that can link you with certified HR specialists for more composite HR tasks.

Finally, they feature a significant number of integrations, suggestively more than their competitors.


  • Accurate filings and tax payments.
  • Very user friendly system and easy to use.
  • Great time tracking that automatically syncs with payroll.


  • No geo-tracking for time tracking.
  • No mobile version.


  • Core $6/mo per person plus $39/mo base price
  • Complete $12/mo per person plus $39/mo base price
  • Concierge $12/mo per person plus $149/mo base price
  • Contractor $6/mo per person

9. Sage50 Cloud

A great fit for SMBs.

It is comprehensive accounting software that includes a small business payroll feature. The software can unquestionably and efficiently process your payroll solutions, the deposit of paychecks, be able to direct deposits, and file taxes at all levels.  


  • Simple and straightforward to use.
  • Allows remote access.
  • Very simple and fast to navigate interface.


  • Help desk has very long wait times.
  • Stock is not integrated automatically into P&L.


  • Pro Accounting $340.00/year
  • Premium Accounting $510.00/year
  • Quantum Accounting $842.00 /year

10. Ascender HCM

Sound and proven payroll for complex configuration and requirements.

The top and the greatest reliable payroll management software on the list is unquestionably Ascender HCM. It provides a User-friendly and ascendable solution, which is reliable for small businesses.      

It creates procedures like handling leave applications, employee hours record-keeping, and payroll purposes, and then these events are carried out in a sequence of automated workflows. It has a payroll team based in, so you can relay to it in a lot better way.   


  • Great customer support
  • Useful tool in the management of high volume recruitment. 
  • Easy and intuitive.


  • Inability to identify same candidate twice.


  • Contact Ascender HCM for Pricing

11. E-chx Inc.

It is an online payroll system that is considered extremely effective among user ratings.  

It signifies significant authority in dissimilar industries, with accounting legal, retail, payroll activity, and cafeteria. Moreover, the organization provides its customers a guarantee (for an imperfect number of hours) for their work and best user ratings.

12. Intuit Online Payroll 

This payroll system from Intuit, the manufacturers of QuickBooks is a vigorous option from one of the most important brands in the small business field.

As through Gusto, you get an all-inclusive payroll & HR resolution that can grip all of your major payroll tasks, along with a specialized facilities component also workers can use employee portals.

The great difference between the facilities obtainable by Gusto and Intuit online payroll is that Gusto’s efforts on continuing HR support across a broad scope of requirements and Intuit’s have a very precise payroll focus.

There are likewise some substantial employee benefits to selecting Intuit online payroll. For example, their skill-generating TurboTax permits them to analyze your payroll Deductions automatically, and assurance of their accuracy. Also, no other payroll resolution on the market proposals tighter incorporation with Intuit’s extensively used QuickBooks payrolls accounting software. If you’re a substantial QuickBooks payrolls client, then this might be cause sufficient to select Intuit online payroll for your payroll solution.   

13. Namely

It is a satisfying HR suite. The package combines talent administration and HR with excellent payroll software. Payroll, talent, and profits administration can be tasking for the company. 

Namely is a full-facility payroll & HR management system for current businesses that proposals software expert support to small businesses and first-time operators.

This payroll provider arises packed with out-of-the-box functionalities that let you regulate it to your modus operandi, with automatic benefit deductions, year-end reportage (ready-to-use W-2s and 1099s), payroll resolution with standard reportage, time trailing, and end-to-end ACA obedience.

To brand your work a bit calmer, namely likewise grants workers full access to their pay stumps and paycheck antiquity, and works in cooperation with other payroll & HR resolutions for an unbarred flow of info. In case, you will likewise get outstanding client assistance and a dedicated Account Manager to support your progress in smarter payroll practices.   

If you’re searching for software that protects your time with data entry and apprising critical info, namely best for you.

14. Patriot Software

Though you want an outstanding payroll system, you’ve to continue check of the prices of running patriot software. Patriot Payroll Software is reasonable and of value-adding. Also, it’s user-friendly, secure, and suitable for your small business.

Patriot software is simple to discriminate on any list of compacted payroll solutions, as it challenges the problem of how you’re rewarding the workforce completely from an accounting viewpoint.

The new method towards recompense & aids management proved out to be an effective strategy, as Patriot payroll is now the important liberator of basic payroll tools for startups and small businesses, which is hassle-free to usage, and needs no prior experience.

You will likewise get a non-accountant outgoing finance administration suite with the patriot software, and track your cash flow like a pro.

What Patriot payroll software is a top recognized for is data safety, as its servers are situated in secure data hubs, and protected by superfluous firewalls and sophisticated encryption methods. Note that the accounting and the payroll element are totally independent, and you can buy each of them distinctly.

15. Justworks

Justworks specifies composite payroll applications exposure and offers a one-of-a-kind resolution for small businesses handling one-off and part-time employees. Apart from being a compacted HR management suite, Justworks brands it possible to inoculate your own rules, and generate brand new PTO strategies to track and achieve accumulations your own way. 

This means that you can smear it to accomplish time off desires, generate and fill out modest pay cards for part-time workers, make separate payments to partners and workers at no extra cost, and have all this data automatically shared for your reporting desires. Meanwhile, Justworks will offer workers access to their payment statistics and request them to register in the best benefits scheme for their desires.

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Other Viable Payroll Softwares

16. Workday Payroll

Manual procedures in the payroll scheme can be monotonous and annoying, right? With digital evolutions, you want to simplify and update the manual process payroll procedures. 

Workday is a powerful platform for  Payroll systematizes HR and payroll actions. Through its excellent structures, it supports the transition of the payroll administration procedure.

Workday is an additional resolution crafted for a modernized and worldwide payroll experience, and a new alternative to traditional HR and legacy ERP technology.

It comes with one of the best useful client bases, counting as numerous as 280 permanent customers, among which numerous Fortune 500 firms.

The scheme is flexible, very perceptive, and reestablishes control in the hands of HR managers involved to guide HCM, time trailing, and payroll administration from a single console.

At the instant, business payroll facilities are accessible in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and France, but interested customers from other nations can usage Workday Global Payroll Cloud to make certified integrations and make usage of its several modern payrolls purposes

17. Ceridian Dayforce

This is the whole set for your payroll & HR software, workforce administration, and talent administration. What more could you request other than a system that maintaining all your payroll & HR requirements? 

The Ceridian Dayforce system has an easy, flexible, and single ascendable platform. The software processes are on cloud memory providing you 24/7 access.

Though the functionality of the system spreads to several departments, the effort in this software is on the payroll. The exclusive headlights of the software are, 401(k) tracking, payroll, benefits, HR, Direct payment, Report creation, Self-service access, and tax obedience among others.

Ceridian is an extremely Easy, Quick, mobile-friendly system, creating it simple to work with or without user interface skills.

18. OnPay

OnPay payroll having 30+ years of experience with the modern SaaS technology to secure small business holders both time and cash. Unlike traditional payroll software, OnPay payroll software permits them to calculate, analysis and confirm their payroll in few times.

OnPay Payroll software comprises payroll tax liability and filings, direct payment, and elective pay-as-you- owe worker’s reward.    

19.  Xero

Unlike Gusto, Xero doesn’t specify solely in payroll and performance management, but rather offers a solid accounting & online bookkeeping set that supports oversee your cash flow starting-to-end and flexible payroll.

Providing real-time prominence into the state of your accounts and the development of your transactions, Xero brands it probable to run your small business like a pro, even when you don’t have any bookkeeping skills.

What to imagine from Xero? This influential system is filled with innovative functionalities, among which progressive invoicing & estimates, banking, credit card, and PayPal settlement, faster inventory management,  payroll calculator, and be able to manage taxes, purchase orders and expenditure control, and more than 500 valuable incorporations with third-party applications. 

The scheme’s Payroll unit is well systematized and simple to recognize and concentrates on time tracking and appreciative leave with controlled access for the employee.    

This implies that XeroMe Android- and the iOS-friendly app for employees to see their payslips submit their timesheets, and appeal for leave, and make it probable for the administrator to report on their action by just checking their portfolio.

20.  Zenefits

The Zenefits payroll system brings the whole thing of HR into one totally simple, single application. Their platform plans to be inclusive without being excessively complex. It puts profits, square payroll, and HR access in the compartments, attendance, and at the fingertips of the employee. 

For a long time, Zenefits payroll has been the head of the online payroll software industry, as the primary platform designed to handle Human Resources through the prism of payroll systems and benefits management, and a pocket-friendly scheme that provides to SMBs rather than their big counterparts.    

The platform’s Payroll module improves on the computation of profit, deductions, attendance tracking, profits, and tax Compliance against minimal involvement, and links to a list of payroll resolutions (Zenefits Pay Connect) to secure you from the distress of transferring data. 

Zenefits Payroll is likewise free to users and provides an exclusive Time Off app for executives looking at managing attendance on cell phones. 

21. Paycor

Paycor is identified for offering modern, instinctive recruiting,  payroll & HR resolutions.   

Paycor’s products customized support and easy-to-understand, versatile innovation smoothes every part of people the executives, giving their customers the genuine feelings of serenity to zero in on what they know best, their company, and their central goal.  

22.  Sage Payroll  

Sage payroll furnishes little and medium-sized businesses with a scope of simple to-utilize, secure, and effective business the executive’s programming and administrations—from bookkeeping and finance to enterprise resource planning, client relationship with the board, payroll calculations, and payments.

Sage Human resource management is another adaptable option for payroll management solution consistency that can address the issues of assorted groups, supplanting various outdated, customary techniques with current practices.

The most grounded side of this framework is the square payroll aptitude got by the PayCheck protection program, another expansion to the stage that allows supervisors to redo the tool in line with their careful payment arrangements.   

To place you in control of your work information, Sage payroll will likewise decrease consistency and administrative dangers, support profitability by associating you to other Sage arrangements and track all types of time-offs and nonappearances on a cell phone.

With Sage Human Resource management technology, you will experience the harmony of the psyche that your assessment documenting is without blunder, and you will meet all state and federal taxes revealing necessities.  

23. Rippling

Rippling products is across the board, the current platform worked to scale with their clients, from 1 to 1,000 representatives. All they require to oversee — and please — their kin: square Payroll, Profits, payroll & HR Software program, and HR Integrations. 

24. TriNet

TriNet offers HR solutions to small to mid-sized businesses. Tailored by manufacturing, their bundled HR products shelter the core facilities of payroll software solutions, profits, risk & obedience, an HR team, payroll teams, and a cloud stage.    

25. Payroll4Free

Payroll4Free is the top free online payroll service you can find that is genuinely free—insofar as you’re willing to do a touch of manual work. You will not have the option to record payroll taxes liability or employee wage by means of the direct store, except if you’re willing to fork out a low payment, however. On the off chance that you have a business with less than 25 people, this would be a step up from a pen-and-paper technique for doing process payroll.     

26. Work

Work is one of the more current popular payroll software accessible, and it’s now becoming famous with its first-class client support, which is the reason it’s our best client support alternative.  

The geolocation time-clock following is adequately simple to set up and guarantees workers check-in and out from any place you’ve set as proper. Additionally, the employee can submit expenses through the payroll apps, so they can get repaid with the following monthly payroll runs.      

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1. What to Aspect for in Payroll Software?

Payroll is one of the most significant aspects that guidelines in running an effective business. Existing in a digital revolution phase, one should move from needless and incompetent manual computation of payroll to automatic payroll software. For an on-hire work business, payroll is the most significant aspect. The greatest purpose why software should be appointed is that all your employee is casual staffs who work at numerous places under several dissimilar heights of pay structures, levels, and prerequisite types.

2. How Payroll Software Can Enhance Organizational Productivity?

For any organization be it a big or small arrangement, worker management is one of the main objectives and this contains payroll processing. Now for effective and exact payroll processing, there is essential for active payroll solutions for time tracking, presence, and other nitty-gritty that cooperatively benefits to process payroll.

3. What are the profits of Using Payroll Software?

Payroll management software is a world-shattering tool that has been brought into appl by international companies as well as national large corporate communities having thousands of workers employed under the same ridge. After some time, the small businesses have accepted the same idea. The main advantage of utilizing such a software program is it confirms an effort-free gross protection system as a portion of automatic human resource management actions.

Final points 

Payroll processes are as yet a fundamental piece of any company and shouldn’t be set aside for later. For you, your bookkeeper, your laborers, alongside monetary employee records, place time and energy into creating legitimate systems and putting resources into reliable software.   

Obviously, payroll processing software helps small businesses differently. In addition to the fact that it saves an enormous piece of HR’s time makes the workforce central of the association more careful of their behavior and execution. Furthermore, the business additionally begins seeing a consistent work process enhancing the business overall.

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