25 Best Firewall Software Free Download in 2021 [Updated List]

When it comes to network security, the firewall is the preliminary line of defense, having which is extremely essential. This defensive protection allows the user to control the network traffic, both outgoing and incoming to a system. Data is received in form of blocks which is actually the internet traffic. Some of these blocks are genuine, certified, and trustworthy. However, few blocks are there which consist of unwanted or harmful traffic, and hence, allowing them will put your system in danger. This is where the firewall comes in. It is defined as a network device that secures incoming and outgoing internet traffic by acting as a semi-permeable barrier to the data blocks.

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Since the last two decades, firewall has been used as hardware. But now, with the technology advancements, firewall software is present in abundance in the market. You won’t have to go through the hassles of installing an extra device. Rather, you can use the program to protect your system from unwanted and harmful data blocks. Even though firewalls are very common, there are many users who aren’t aware of the software security program. On this account, we have decided to focus on the topic of firewall software platforms and introduce you to this new and flexible technology.

What are the best firewall software applications in 2021?


With Norton, you won’t have to bear any cost as this is a free application which comes with the AntiVirus and Internet Security package. Norton is one of the most reputed companies in the networking and security industry, and hence this free software is extremely trustworthy. It will not only prevent attacks from ransomware and other viruses but also block various types of traffic which can harm your IP address, or worse, expose it to any user with malicious intent. Since it is a smart firewall, it will help you to protect the desktops and the mobile devices, which is why Norton has gained so much popularity in the market.


ZoneAlarm makes sure that the users can use the applications and network according to their convenience and hence this password feature. With this firewall, you will be able to switch between private and public network easily, which is why ZoneAlarm has got such a high reputation in the market. It’s a cloud firewall, offering you a storage vault space of 5GB backup.


Netdefender is one of the best application firewalls according to the user reviews, and that’s why we have included this software in our list. You can even set IP restriction with firewall offered by Netdefender, defining the websites you want to visit and the ones you don’t. Netdefender is one of the many security applications that can be used in mobile devices also. With a clean user interface, the software is easy to use and no prior technological expertise is required for controlling its operations.


Glasswire is one of the potential firewall solutions in the market which will provide you with the much needed protection against the online threats and malicious practices. You won’t have to pay any price to avail the service of the software, which is why it is preferred by most personal users. Glasswire provides a graphical representation on the websites that your IP is connected or has been in contact in the past.

AVS firewall

AVS firewall is free which is why you won’t have to worry about bearing any cost for securing your IP address against invasions and online vulnerabilities. It can be used to protect any type of network, both personal and professional, which is why it’s highly flexible. AVS has the ability to suspend any unauthorized and untrusted activity, displaying a proper message for the same.

WatchGuard Network Security

If you are looking for a comprehensive next-generation firewall protection, WachGuard is the perfect option you have. It not only make your IP anonymous but also prevents unwanted intrusions from entering your OS via internet backdoors. This is why it is become one of the best enterprise firewalls in the market.

Cisco ASA

Cisco ASA is by far one of the most effective firewall options that you can have. It offers data packet filtering, thereby allowing only that much data to enter your system which is safe and secured with no trace of malware codes. The premium version of the software also offers deep packet inspection of both incoming and outgoing network traffic.


FortiGate is a next-generation firewall software that you can use to block the unwanted traffic incoming into your system. The parental controls will further help you to set restrictions regarding the type of network packets you want to enter your system.


Out of all the traditional firewall solutions, pfSense has become a blessing for both small-sized businesses and individuals. It has top level encryption algorithm which will help you to protect a range of devices connected to the same network. It as auto-learn feature which helps the software to understand the potential threat sources easily.

Cisco Firepower 1000 Series

If you want to use an application with next-generation firewall capabilities, no other software will be as effective as the Cisco Firepower 1000 Series. Integration with cloud network is possible with this vulnerability management software which will further help you to protect your business and its operations.

Sophos XG

Sophos XG Firewall is one of the best cloud generation firewalls in today’s market. It is perfect for both individuals and enterprises. When the default settings are turned on, it will be able to prevent the potential malware and antivirus from entering the system. Furthermore, you can customize the settings according to the traffic inspection requirements.

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

This core firewall system is based on the cloud network which has the ability to scan the traffic type and block the one with any kind of malicious intent. Traffic analysis and access control are the two main features of this firewall system which will help you to mitigate the vulnerability concerns.

Untangle NG

For multiple user devices, the best software firewalls will be that of Untangle NG. It will help you customize the incoming and outgoing traffic rules as per the business requirement so that you can protect the system IP from being hacked or infected.

Juniper SRX

Juniper SRX is one of the best firewall systems that has become popular amongst the small to medium scale businesses. It offers high-scale packet filtering along with traffic inspection, both incoming and outgoing to secure your IP address.


RackFoundry is the perfect software that one can use for protecting the IP as well as setting limits for the data type one wishes to view. This particular software can also be used to protect the hard drives.


Stonesoft has become one of the most amazing firewalls in the market. It filters the data packets coming in and going out under the header of your IP address. Setting limits and customizing the packet filters are possible with this software which is why it has become so popular both at enterprise and individual levels.


Internet access is one of the main mediums through which hackers can get access to your system. This is why Cyberoam can be used to detect the data packets and prevent any kind of unwanted traffic entering your system.


Just like the name sounds, you can trust this software with your IP address, all thanks to the amazing level of security it offers. This is why perhaps Trustwave has become quite popular in the industry.


Solarwinds is ideal for both individual and enterprise IP protection. It not only blocks the unwanted data packets but also helps in making your IP seem anonymous so that the hackers and malware cannot enter your system to infect it.


Comodo offers full-scale protection to multiple devices connected to the same network. This is why several small to medium scale businesses use this particular software to safeguard their data and operations from the prying eyes of the hackers.

Avast Endpoint

Avast Endpoint comes with both firewall and encryption packs which is why it offers the ultimate form of protection to the devices where the software is included. Even though Avast is a bit costly, it’s protection level is quite amazing. It blocks the unwanted data packets, scans the applications and files which are downloaded and send warning messages also.


Another popular firewall software that you can try using is the McAfree. This will help you to protect all your files and the entire OS system from several types of malwares like rat virus, or any other computer-generated virus. Apart from data packet scanning, it also scans the files to be downloaded.


Azure is an enterprise-level software which will help you in protecting your business from hackers who find backdoors using the internet. Your IP address will become anonymous, thereby helping you to protect your system from any kind of virus.


Evorim is a popular software which will help you to protect multiple devices connected to the similar network, either the base LAN or the wireless network. From data packet scanning to traffic inspection, you will be able to enjoy several features of this software.


The last software we will discuss here is the Tinywall which will help you to manage your internet operations easily by making your IP hard to trace back to your OS.

Firewall software F.A.Qs

How firewall software works in a system?

The main benefit of firewall installed in your system is online privacy and protection against threats and attackers. Firewall blocks any data pocket or traffic that can harm your system and expose your IP to the entire world. It also scans any application or a device being connected for the presence of any threat before resuming the operation.

Can different systems work with a same firewall?

Yes, several firewalls are there which can be connected with hundreds of devices, provided the devices are using the same network to access the internet. Their IP addresses will obviously differ. But, if they are connecting to the same server, a single firewall application will be able to protect them.

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