4 Ways to Fix WhatsApp Web Not Working Problem

WhatsApp Web isn’t a new thing as the company introduced it years ago to widen the possibility of using the platform. Nonetheless, not many use the feature even if they have a computer or laptop. Most of them don’t even know how to properly use it, let alone get errors too. In this article, you are going to read how to solve WhatsApp Web not working problem. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Ways to fix WhatsApp Web

As I have zero chances of seeing your computer, I can’t know what the real issue is. Hence, you will be getting a few possible solutions for the WhatsApp web not working.

Solution 1: Check the Activeness of the Internet Connection on Your Phone

Most probably, the issue happens due to the incomplete connection of an internet connection on your phone. So, how can you check it?

First, you can send a message to any of your friends via WhatsApp and make sure it gets sent. If there is some issue, you probably have some issues with the internet connection. Turn the WiFi on and off. Then, search for available networks. In case it is already connected, you can hit the Forget button and connect it all over again.

You may also try to turn the flight mode on and off. You may even try rebooting the phone and taking the battery out (if possible).

Solution 2: Check the Internet Connection on Your Computer

You know WhatsApp Web needs your phone and computer under the influence of the same connection. Given that you checked the connection on your phone, let’s quickly jump on to doing the same for the computer.

Turn the WiFi on and off here as well. If you don’t find anything problematic here, you should really check your router. The issue might be due to a faulty internet router that you have.

Solution 3: Clear Cookies on your Browser

Here, you have to follow a step by step method that I am going to share below. This will teach you how to clear cookies on your browser.

Step 1: I hope you have kept your Chrome browser open. If you haven’t, open it up now. Then, you need to open web.whatsapp.com on the browser.

WhatsApp web not working

Step 2: Once you have it, click on the Secure label right before the URL. You will get a few options like the image given below.

Check for Secure Logo

Step 3: Now, you should hit the Cookies. It will show you the recent web applications and websites that you use.

Check for Cookies

Step 4: On the next screen, select web.whatsapp.com inside the box altogether. And, hit the Remove button there.

Remove Cookies

There you go! Restart your Chrome browser now and you will see WhatsApp Web working.

Solution 4: Zoom in the Web Page and Capture the QR Code

Sometimes the camera quality of your smartphone might be the problem that it can’t capture the WhatsApp web QR code quite clearly. So, how can you get it over with?

The best and easier solution for this issue is to zoom in the web.whatsapp.com page when the QR Code gets displayed. On most of the browsers, you can do it by hitting CTRL and ‘+’ button simultaneously. On the other hand, hitting CTRL and the ‘-’ button together does the exact opposite thing (zooming out). Once you zoom in into the dimension you want, you can scan the QR code.


You have got four solutions for solving the WhatsApp Web not working issue. As told earlier, I don’t know what the real issue is.

In case you are sure any of the above isn’t the problem, you can move on to the next one without hesitating. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media. Thanks for reading, have a great day :).

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