10 Best Proxy Sites That Help You Browse Anonymously

You must have faced some trouble while browsing some websites, either the URL is blocked or not available for your country. The easiest way to access a blocked webpage is to use a proxy website. Today, you are lucky to visit Brighter Guide for we will give you the 10 best free proxy sites of this year.

Proxy Sites List

Proxies are something that can lift the restrictions on accessing websites that are blocked in offices, schools, colleges or just IP restricted. Using Proxies is the easiest and the most efficient technique to browse the web anonymously. Here in this article are putting up the best and handpicked proxy websites which are entirely safe to use.

Proxies can act as a savior in critical situations too. One day when I was in college, I needed to login to Facebook to finalize a major deal with a client of mine and no doubt, the network administrator blocked Facebook. That was the day when proxies helped me to save my deal with a US-based client.

It is not unique to me, most of the colleges/schools block social networking and video streaming sites and all of us want to access them. Proxies are not only vital to access any blocked website, but it also helps to browse anonymously.

Not only this, proxy sites are very easy to use. They redirect your network traffic through their network servers which enable you to browse the blocked URLs because their servers are not blocked to access that particular website.

Note: You can also use free VPN software like Psiphon or Opera browser to access blocked sites. Opera comes with built-in free VPN which no other browser offer. I personally use the Opera browser whenever I found a website is blocked.

Features Of Proxy Websites

  • Access useful websites that are blocked by your ISP/Government/Organization.
  • Browse Web pages anonymously.
  • Hides your primary identity. However, you are still traceable by the government, cops, or network geeks.
  • Easy to use.
  • Several Proxy websites support SSL.
  • It can be used to access country-specific sites and much more.

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Efficient and Safe Proxy Sites List

Just like torrents and filesharing websites, there are a lot of fake/not-working proxy servers on the internet. Few of them even contain threats like malware. In aid of this, we are listing self-verified websites in this list which you can use without a second thought. Here we are putting down our personal list of best proxy sites, and we suggest you surf the web using these proxy servers only.

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1. HidemyAss.com

hidemyass proxy screenshot

This is my personal favorite proxy site to browse sensitive or blocked webpage. HMA doesn’t need any precise introduction because it already has earned a lot of fame in the Internet market. This is the best proxy website that offers two different services. One is Hide My Ass VPN and another is a free proxy site.

HMA has an elegant and manageable address bar which is supposed to access a blocked website is anonymous. Furthermore, this proxy site has SSL support along with other latest features.

2. FilterBypass.me


This is yet another excellent proxy site which is literally very easy to use and is completely free at the same time. Once you visit FilterBypass.me you will find a box in which you can enter the URL of the website you want to surf. Once you enter the URL of the site, the desired site will be opened in another tab.

This proxy server has loaded features like if Cookies or JavaScript should be allowed and whether the Secure Sockets Layer should be enabled. Filter bypass does not have too many ads which helped this proxy site secure the 2nd position in our list.

3. UnblockmyWeb.com

Unblock My Web

UnblockMyWeb is a clean looking multipurpose proxy site that allows you to unblock your favorite sites that are blocked by your network. This proxy is totally safe to use and overrides your IP address to make you anonymous. When you visit the homepage of UnblockMyWeb, you will land into a simple but nicely designed page with a text field to access your website.

UnblockMyWeb serves non-irritating ads to deliver you the services free of charge. Furthermore, this proxy website doesn’t bound its users by providing unlimited access every time.

4. 4everproxy.com


4everproxy is a seamless proxy site known for its fast and easy web browsing capability. This proxy site boasts different web servers with IP location mask of numerous countries. When you visit the homepage of this proxy website you will find a URL field along with multiple checkboxes, each having different add-on features that are applied while browsing a web page.

In addition to this, a random outgoing IP location is set to all of the 4everproxy connections which lets you surf blocked WebPages anonymously. The best part about 4everproxy is that it doesn’t limit their users in bandwidth or speed which makes it worthy enough to enter this list.

5. Kproxy.com


Kproxy was launched back in 2005, and since then, it is one of the leading proxy sites. This site is on our list because of its extensive features. It is an industry-leading proxy website when it comes to surfing over SSL.

Furthermore, it provides the extension for both Chrome and Firefox which is the best way to visit the blocked site without opening any proxy site just enable the Kproxy browser extension from the icon and you are all set. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have either of these two browsers because Kproxy also comes with its own browser in which you can enjoy the same benefit.

6. AnonyMouse.org


This is another good proxy on the internet. Many sites keep logs of all of your visit but with the help of this proxy, you can protect your personal information and identity. Apart from providing you anonymity and unblocking restricted WebPages by the government or your network administrator, this proxy offers you many more features.

Anonymous is fast, has antivirus protection, built-in encrypted connection and lot more. It provides the two versions of the proxy. First is free in which it will show you ads and second is paid (ad-free).

7. Proxify.com


Proxify is a single solution for all your needs with very simple UI and advanced features. It is the only paid proxy site on our list of best proxy sites. You might be curious to know that why I included this proxy site in the group of free proxy servers is because it has a lot of advanced features with minimal cost.

Proxify boasts to offer you anonymity from 1,230 locations across the globe. Through Proxify you can keep yourself from getting tracked by the website you visit. You can even use location-specific IP addresses according to your needs. So, if you can shred out some money, then Proxify.com is a single tool for all of your needs. Not only this, Proxify offers 3 days free trial to let you know how good they are.

8. JustProxy.co.uk


Justproxy.co.uk is another big name in proxy sites. It is a UK based free SSL supported proxy site which lets you browse blocked sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. JustProxy doesn’t limit the usage of its users, and it offers truly unlimited bandwidth and anonymity to its users.

JustProxy has the potential to override your current (blocked) IP address to that of owned by the proxy server. It is one of the most reliable proxy servers hosted in the 2 best data centers in the UK, located in Gloucestershire and London.

9. Dontfilter.us


Dontfilter.us is a proxy site with a clean user interface. Despite having a simple homepage, this proxy server offers a lot of features. It is a site unblocker and a seamless privacy tool that suits almost all of your privacy and unblocking needs.

When you visit the homepage of Dontfilter.us you’ll land up to a simple and clean webpage in which you can find a box to type the URL. After typing the URL, dontfilter.us opens the requested website on their proxy server and serves you the desired content.

10. NewIPnow.com


As the name suggests, NewIPnow masks your current IP address with that of the proxy server. Despite having a very basic homepage design, this proxy site has a lot to offer.

When you visit the homepage of NewIPnow you will observe an awesome feature of choosing from a list of IP addresses along with different locations. This proxy site really becomes useful when you need to browse a location-specific website. NewIPnow.com offers all of this free of charge which made it enter this list of best proxy sites.

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This was the list of 10 best proxy servers obtained from our personal experience and research. We have included the best proxy sites by their features and user interface. Have any doubts or want to share some thoughts? Shoot them up in the comments section.