The Best VPN Services for September 2020


The VPN services are now booming because of the growing need for better privacy protection online. And in this article, we will be talking about the best VPN services of 2018 that might help you decide on which one will suit best for you.

Best VPN Services

We all know that the best does not always mean expensive. And sometimes even expensive ones do not really live up to their promises. Often, people will realize that they do not really worth the cost that they charge. So might as well go for a free VPN like Psiphon.

This is what this article is going to offer you. We will provide you with the best VPN services that actually fare really well on many users. These VPNs are the best in their class and belong to the lower-priced margin despite the premium features and quality of service they deliver.

So if this sounds all good to you, I suggest that we should start now. Keep in mind that you have the time to choose properly so try not to decide all too quickly. Read each offering and see if they fit into your needs and financial capacity as well. Recommended Read: Best Free Proxy Sites.

The Research: How We List These VPNs

Before we start with the actual list, we would like to emphasize the factors that we use as guides on choosing the VPN services that are listed here. This is not just some random brand naming. This is all due to careful study and categorizing of each VPN features and overall performance. These factors are:

  • Transparency
  • Reputation
  • Performance
  • Type of Encryption
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Value for Money

In case you are worried, we are not about to bore you with those details. It’s so that you will know that this list is taken seriously and that you can count on the reliability and quality of these so-called best VPN services.

The Best VPN Services For 2018


Tunnelbear big logo

The TunnelBear is a popular VPN service based in Canada. What makes this VPN service included on this list is the fact that it promises (and also delivers) a “no logging” policy when you connect with them.

This policy applies whether you choose to use the free or paid version. They just simply despise keeping traces, records, or logs of all your online activities when you connect to them. So if you are worried about the “snooping” factor, you can certainly rely on their services.

The other significant reason why the TunnelBear rocks this position is its user-friendly interface. Even your little kid could love their app. And you do not even need prior knowledge on how to operate a VPN app or service.

The user interface is pretty straightforward with just a tap of a button. And what happens next right after you tap it is comprehensive enough to learn how it works.

Then there is the free monthly 500MB data that you can use if you are not yet sold on their offerings. You get to use TunnelBear for free as many months as you want as long as you keep at the 500MB limit. We know that that is a relatively small allowance especially if you are accessing video streaming sites like YouTube. But if you are happy with their service, why not pay the unlimited version then?


  • Boasts the Vigilant Mode that automatically blocks all unsecured traffic when the connection suffers an interruption.
  • The app can be set to operate all the time or each time you turn on your device. There is no need to restart or reconnect the app.
  • The service never logs anything about your device, your connection, or whatever activities you do when you go invisible online.
  • If you are not sure which country to use to mask your online presence, the app will automatically do it for you. Just do your thing, and the rest is Tunnelbear’s job.
  • The app can also hide your presence even when you are using a public WiFi connection. No more need to worry about the information leak.
  • This VPN service offers a speedy internet that will not leave you hanging on heavy resource websites.
  • TunnelBear optimizes the use of robust AES 256-bit encryption by default.
  • Get 500MB of consumable data for free or add another 1GB if you use Twitter to tweet about them. So that’s 1.5GB of data to try out their service.
  • They provide quality customer service courtesy of their dedicated support staff.

If you are wondering about their premium service cost, well, here it is. TunnelBear is available in two premium package. You can go for the Giant package for $9.99 on a monthly basis or go Grizzly at $5 a month but only if you pay for 12 months right away.



The NordVPN is also up here for many good reasons. Just like the TunnelBear, it promises the “no logging” policy in their network. The fact that this VPN service is based on Panama gives it more credibility about that promise.

The only big flaw that the NordVPN was the reported issue about the IPv6 leaks in the previous year. And that tarnished NordVPN’s reputation a bit. But the company was quick to fix these shortcomings and updated their terms and services.

As of present, NordVPN uses the Next Generation Encryption that is also implemented in iOS and Mac devices through IKEv2/IPsec. Along with the AES-256-GCM and 3072-bit Diffie-Hellmann keys for Perfect Forward Secrecy, this should make NordVPN the best VPN service in no time.


  • NordVPN uses military-grade encryptions to keep you stay secure all the time.
  • Sports an automatic kill switch to protect your identity if ever there is a case for connection drops. This will block your device and any application that is currently online to prevent leaks while the VPN tunnel tries to reconnect.
  • Stay secure and confident as their service promises a strictly no-log policy. None of your information, activities, or email will ever be distributed nor collected for third-party use.
  • Uses Double VPN process which makes your internet activities a lot safer. Two VPN tunnel to mask your identity means zero online visibility. So if you think one VPN is secure enough, imagine double VPN.
  • NordVPN service supports P2P connection which means you can use their service on downloads using torrent apps.
  • While most VPN services offer top-notched protection when going online, the internet speed is rather compromised. With NordVPN, you can still experience faster internet connection while keeping your online safety still intact.
  • NordVPN boasts over 4700 ultra-fast servers from 62 countries that enable all its users to enjoy streaming and other heavy browsing needs.
  • NordVPN allows for up to 6 devices connected at the same time using only one account. And the best part is that their service supports not just Windows OS but also Android, iOS, and Mac OS.
  • All package comes with 24/7 customer support.

For the NordVPN pricing scheme, they charge $11.95 a month. If you go for a 1-year plan, it becomes $5.75 which saves you 52% compared to the monthly scheme. Their most popular package is the 2-year plan that will costs you only $3.29 per month.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is popular because of its speed when it comes to delivering data to and fro. That means even with an ultra-secure VPN tunneling; you still get the same or close bandwidth speed as your original internet speed plan. It’s like you never even added a VPN service at all.

And with the boasted speed getting all the attention, this means that you can enjoy Netflix and other video streaming platforms at its full glory. Private Internet Access is also great for P2P protocol or torrent connections while still hidden and untraceable.


  • Supports the “no log” policy, so you stay anonymous all throughout your online activities.
  • It comes with unlimited bandwidth so you will never have to worry about limitations.
  • Allows up to 5 devices connected simultaneously using one account.
  • The PIA service also supports Adblocking and prevents trackers and malware from injecting to your internet connection.
  • Famous for having the simplest and intuitive user-interface. This makes the PIA the best for all types of users from basic to advanced users.
  • Use any public network such as WiFi and never have to worry about being snooped or getting hacked. Stay invisible even with open and public WiFi network connections.
  • Be able to unblock websites no matter where you are in the world.
  • PIA uses OpenVPN, IPSec/L2TP, PPTP, and SOCKS5 (Proxy) technologies to deliver what it total anonymity to all its subscribers.

When it comes to pricing, Private Internet Access is one of the low-cost providers but still premium for services. The basic monthly fee is $6.95 while going for the yearly package will cost $3.33. Go for the two years package and the monthly payment comes down to $2.91.


expressvpn big logo

Another VPN service that can deliver a reliable internet speed is the ExpressVPN. It can come head to head with PIA at any time of the day.

Their services can provide optimum speed while protecting your identity. You can do torrenting and still leave anonymous. And the best part is you get to enjoy the satisfying bandwidth that is almost as fast as your normal internet service plan.

The ExpressVPN also uses the AES 256 technology to protect and encrypt the data that you are using. If you want some idea about AES 256, it is the same encryption that the FBI and CIA use to do some data encryption and surveillance. So if the government trusts it, then you are probably safe too.


  • No restrictions on whatever you want to do with your internet connection.
  • Highly compatible with Netflix so you can rest assured that you can still enjoy binge-watching with your anonymity still intact.
  • Supports automatic kill switch if you ever encounter sudden loss or drop on your internet connection. This will prevent any IP and DNS leaks.
  • Supports multiple platforms that include popular operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, some routers, and even within any web browsers.
  • Uses the AES-256 technology along with the OpenVPN tool.
  • All packages come with 24/7 customer service and support.
  • Compatible with the TOR browser. This means that you can add ExpressVPN already powerful privacy technology to TOR’s own privacy method.

When it comes to pricing, the ExpressVPN is a bit up there. As you will find that their basic pricing on a monthly basis is $12.95. If you go for the annual package, the monthly cost will go down to $8.32. If you just want the 6-months package, your monthly bill will cost $9.99.


ipvanish big logo

The IPVanish is one name that is already known for its quality of service. It delivers what it promises, but sadly it charges a bit higher than most common people can only afford. And that is where this VPN service is having a falling out.

Not to take this the wrong way, but the IPVanish is still highly recommended for whatever purpose that you intend to use their service. It allows BitTorrenting and also compatible with Netflix. So if you are a multimedia buddy, the IPVanish could work out great for you.

The IPVanish has thousands of servers located around the world so you can be sure to never run out of options to jump around. This is also great for accessing websites that are bound by geographical restrictions. Since most likely that there is an available server located on where the restricted website is, you should be able to access it with no problems at all.


  • Rated by Windows Central as the top VPN provider overall.
  • Uses a strict “No Log” policy despite that it is a US-based company. And we all know that such is not 100% true as they still need your purchasing information. So your best bet is to pay via BitCoin.
  • Supports WiFi-Hotspot protection.
  • The IPVanish can easily circumvent any geographical restriction using any servers available around the globe.
  • Supports download using torrent or any P2P protocol.
  • Enjoy unlimited bandwidth so you can still enjoy full HD quality or even 4K video streaming on the go.
  • Allows up to 5 devices connected to the same using only one account.
  • Their services are also compatible with multiple platforms from Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS, and some Linux-based OSes.

IPVanish pricing scheme comes at $8.00 in the first month, but it is basically $10 on a monthly basis. Go for the yearly package, and you will pay for $5.19 per month or $62.39 for the first year. If you cannot afford the annual fee, you may just start with the 3-month period worth $21.59. That is $7.19 per month.

In Conclusion

These are the best of the best that we tried among the hundreds of VPN services available today. We would love to include more, but it will take longer to write and probably too tedious for everybody to read. So we will just settle for the top five for now.

Special mentions are CyberGhost, VyprVPN, PureVPN, SaferVPN,  and HideMyAss VPN service. They should have been included in this list if this were the top ten. Aside from these names, what other best VPN services do you think should have been included here? Tell us your suggestions as we might consider reviewing it in the near future.

If you have questions, you can leave your messages below, and we will try to answer it as soon as we can. And please share this article if this is of help to you. Thanks!

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