Best YouTube Alternative Apps to Try for Music/Videos in 2021

Check this list of the 7 best YouTube Alternatives. All of these sites let you upload and host videos free of cost. One of the most exciting things about living in the twenty-first century is watching large societal and cultural changes happening right before your eyes. There is no better example than the rapid rise of YouTube in many countries. YouTube is a universal video-sharing website used to watch video clips online, to view, share, upload, rate, and comment on the videos. If you want to explore visit Brighter Guide and read our useful article on Youtube Vanced and others too.

YouTube Alternatives


To begin with, virtually anybody right now, if at any point expected to upload a video by the industrial standard, contemplates YouTube at the absolute first moment. This little site where billions of videos are uploaded, seen and remarked upon every day. YouTube has essentially become an ideal platform for two people and celebrities alike.

Google does not exclusively appreciate a lot of the search market yet; besides, it currently holds a top firm situation in the video industry because of its $1 billion buyouts of YouTube. YT is the world’s third most visited site, as indicated by Alexa, and that essentially gives a uniquely favorable position over its competition.

YouTube has gotten the to-go spot to watch everything without exception running from interesting feline videos to music recordings and instructional and instructive videos. In my opinion, one of the most amazing things about YouTube is its ability that has made this world smaller. And, I don’t mean that YouTube has shrunken down this world. What I mean is that YouTube has given the incredible power of traveling this world in a single click.

YouTube has opened new doors for creative channels and people as never has it been so easy for creative people to get instant fame. But the internet thrives on competition. As there can’t be a single player in the game, or if it happens, then it’s not a game, my dear.

Just like everything else, YouTube also has a healthy competition that is on to its neck. So, let’s not forget that this internet offers variety. And it’s just not about a single giant website. So, In this article, I have listed the six best alternatives to YouTube.

1. Screenshot

Vimeo is a video hosting and sharing site. It has a simple interface, and users can upload high-definition videos on a widescreen with fewer controls and complications—one of the first sites to offer HD quality videos. You have to register on the site to download the videos, browse them, and even save them for offline viewing. Users can rate and share videos with their friends.

In late 2008 Vimeo launched its long-awaited Plus service, which costs about $60 per year. In this upgrade, the site has removed advertisements. Also, channel owners can style their pages with various themes.

Vimeo is an enormous video hosting platform situated in the United States. The picture you see above is its present landing page. If you need to locate another wellspring of traffic for your site, Vimeo can be a decent spot to transfer your recordings to the web. It has a ton of clients and a proper situation on web indexes.


This platform will probably make a domain that places quality over amount. There is a colossal measure of excellent short movies and music videos presented by the network to watch there. Vimeo has additionally distributed an application for iOS and Android for you to download. Mobile users would now be able to begin their Vimeo experience or pursue a record anyplace.

Vimeo’s equal to YouTube’s subscribe function is the open door for you to follow the channels (or clients) you like. It likewise permits different clients to leave remarks. It offers a few focal points that you’ll discover valuable. Here are some of them:

Customizable Security Control

You get a vast scope of choices with regards to playback control and privacy on Vimeo. Probably the handiest component is the capacity to limit playback anyplace except all alone site or different sites based on your personal preference. It implies you can make your recordings only accessible on your website, which is probably going to get you more guests and a higher change rate.

Adaptable Video URLs

Vimeo likewise gives you the freedom to change the URL of your video, making it simpler to discover. This component will help viewers memorize your URL, so they can concentrate instead on recalling the services and items promoted in the video.

Remarkable Client Assistance

The most explicit success that Vimeo has over YouTube is that it is so natural to reach them. Customer service and forum activity are basically in front of YouTube. Without a doubt, YouTube is well ahead by millions as far as the number of individuals submitting inquiries.

Outstanding Video Quality

hq icon

YouTube is famous for vigorously compacting video, and in this way, losing quality for less information on their server. Vimeo presents your video as-is with no pressure. As such, your video will look in the same class as it did leave your rendering software. In any case, with the progression in camera innovation, the document sizes are getting ludicrously greater — there’s a genuine possibility Vimeo will begin applying compression to their videos.

Branded Video Player

Vimeo has an element that permits you to modify how the edge of your video player looks. You can coordinate the player to your home page, business portfolio, marketing campaign by tweaking its appearance. For companies, this is a way to improve the client’s experience as another play zone for imagination in shading and structure. To change the content hues and transfer your logo to a particular video, go to your video settings and snap the Embed tab.



Dailymotion is a French video-sharing website on which users can upload, watch and share videos. Offers a mix of content from users, be it a movie or a show or series, a variety of videos are available. You can browse and upload videos by searching tags, channels, or user-created groups. Users can also follow, share the videos with other users, subscribe to their favorite channels, add friends, etc.

Dailymotion is additionally a well-known video-sharing service that can offer an incredible client experience even contrasted with YouTube. Dailymotion’s home page shows inclining video, classes, and a search bar, which permits the client to scan for a video depending on labels and channels. It likewise has a spotless and basic video player. By and large, it shows how much work the pro-developers have placed into the Dailymotion UI.

Dailymotion is known to be YouTube’s more unfortunate and darker sibling. However, it doesn’t mean it isn’t excellent. It’s as yet an imposing site — truth be told, they rank at #124 on Moz’s rundown of the leading 500 sites.

There are a few attributes of YouTube’s shadier sibling that you’d find fascinating. Here are some of them:

Better Adaptability

dailymotion icon

YouTube, with its copyright strikes, is very startling lately. Transferring your videos to Dailymotion is less hazardous since the makers are progressively tolerant, and the copyright strategies are yet to be as severe as YouTube’s. In case you don’t know, you reserve the privileges to each component in your video. Dailymotion has a littler danger of copyright claims.

Higher Resilience for Content

While both YouTube and Dailymotion have their principles on what can and can’t transfer, Dailymotion has to some degree a superior resistance for it by giving options to uploaders to set an age entryway.

Better Video Quality With Less Amount

YouTube is great at making an overwhelming misfortune in video quality. Dailymotion demonstrates to give viewers an adaptation of every video, which is nearer to the source. Dailymotion is a long way from contending with many videos uploaded to YouTube every day.


Zippcast Webpage

Zipcast is a friendly and helpful site that is very similar to that of YouTube. It has classic layout designs, and you can register yourself and upload the videos. You can rate the videos using stars, comments, and use real usernames. The site now offers Live Video Streaming via two of the most famous video streaming websites like


Livestream is a great site to watch videos with great features. Dim the Lights is a cool feature that allows you to view only the image or video while the rest of the screen dimmed, making it easier for you to watch your content with minimal distraction.

Are you looking for more alternatives to different apps? Try Skype alternative, Teamviewer alternative, and Dropbox alternative on Brighter Guide.


Metacafe Webpage

Metacafe is based in California. This site has a huge following in American and English-speaking countries. Here the videos are carefully reviewed by a panel of 80,000 community members.

I understand that numerous individuals aren’t generally acquainted with Metacafe. That is the reason we’ve gathered together a few realities about Metacafe, which summarize why we trust it is incredibly worth considering:

Videos are well-organized in different categories with recommendations of popular videos. Also, people can comment and rate videos. It pays a good amount to those who post videos; once 20,000 people have viewed your video, Metacafe will pay you $5 for every 1,000 views. This platform is extremely easy to use and worth your time.

metacafe icon

Metacafe is another excellent alternative to YouTube. It has an extraordinary system to guarantee all transferred videos are of high quality, and there are no copies on their site. They also organize videos in various classifications, including sports, entertainment, computer games, films, news, and TV, and get many one-of-a-kind watchers every month.


Vevo is a very popular and fantastic site and should be on your radar. The app and website are entirely focused on live performances and music videos. It is free to download, and also you may have to see some ads before the video. The app is quite sorted, and when you search the video, it will bring results similar to your taste.

To watch videos, it is not necessary to create an account. It is a leading site and entertainment platform with globally massive viewers. Meanwhile, if you want to download any video from YouTube, then feel free to read this guide and find out how to download YouTube videos.

7. Screenshot

Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Inc. Introduced in June 2011 as a spin-off of the general-interest streaming platform It is the biggest video game streaming service globally.

You can view Twitch’s streaming content in high definition and landscape view. You can even create your own show and advertise it to others and can also rate a show. It delivers the best original web series to audiences.

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Why Look for the Alternatives?

From the viewpoint of a maker, YouTube is no doubt to be a tremendous service. It is a fantasy stage for each content creator, and that is most likely the motivation behind why you have to search for different choices as it set itself up as a monopoly.

Recently, there have been many updates on creators’ accounts becoming demonetized or limited since they found to break ToS of YouTube. Numerous creators grievance that their channel gets blocked and videos brought down with no certifiable breach.

With this plausibility, it would be acceptable if the content creators make their videos accessible on more stages. As the total reliance on YouTube is not generally excellent, one error can likewise leave you broken.

However, from the client’s perspective, YouTube is an incredible stage, yet commonly content confined because of copyright issues. In any case, other comparable sites may have that video.

In this way, it is acceptable to search for the ideal videos on different platforms. Likewise, there are reports that Google is gathering usage data and users against any person’s security.

Platforms focus on a specific arrangement of the audience and oblige individuals searching for a particular niche. Some platforms exist in a similar line.

Furthermore, there are some quite sure platforms. And that can be all around exploited if a content maker perceives that she/he happens to make content in that specific genre.

I would propose to go for an option from a general mindset. Search for a similarly invested network with better highlights, reinforcement, more access to individuals.


What is the best alternative to YouTube?

Vimeo will probably make a domain that places quality over amount. There is a colossal measure of excellent short movies and music videos presented by the network to watch there. It has additionally distributed an application for iOS and Android for you to download. Mobile users would now be able to begin their Vimeo experience or pursue a record anyplace. This is the best alternative for Youtube.

What is a good alternative to YouTube?

Metacafe is another excellent alternative to YouTube. It has an extraordinary system to guarantee all transferred videos are of high quality, and there are no copies on their site. They additionally organize videos in various classifications, including sports, entertainment, computer games, films, news, and TV, and get a massive number of one-of-a-kind watchers every month.


Most likely deals with the misgivings just as necessities. For instance, if I realize that I am a freak for tutorial videos, is there any valid reason I won’t go to other sites instead of slamming my head into YouTube.

It is the same as having every one of your socks in a single cabinet and not tossed everywhere. While the facts confirm that YouTube does a considerable store of content, what great is a service when you bombarded with an unending rundown of rules and guidelines?

This certainly tarnishes the general understanding of content creators and watchers the same. If you’re looking urgently for the best video streaming sites as an alternative for YouTube, our proposals are given above, so let us know which one you will switch over to in a matter of seconds. Ask us about music streaming service, music streaming app, Music apps, app purchase, extra features, premium version, music files, editing control, picture mode, or anything from the article.

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