402-935-7733: Is This Number Legit or Fraud?

If you have checked your credit card statement and your bank account transaction history shows 402-935-7733, you do not recognize a number, then do not panic yet; it is not necessarily phone number spoofing. Many PayPal users have been experiencing this. Of course, they are wondering if this much-disputed phone number is legit or a fraud. There is a clear explanation regarding the 402-935-7733 number. Before we proceed, make sure that you check out Brighter Guide for other guides.


The number 402-935-7733 is basically of PayPal customer service. 402-935-7733 is the number that normally appears on your credit card transactions or bank statement or when you made transactions using Paypal.

402-935-7733 may also appear on the said documents if you have set an auto-charge or auto-debit to your Paypal account, but you don’t have enough funds in PayPal. What PayPal does is to debit this on your enrolled credit card. Hence, 402-935-7733 will appear on your credit card statement.

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402-935-7733: Initial PayPal Registration

If you think back to when you first registered for a PayPal account, you may remember that you linked a debit or credit card. That is actually a backup for when you don’t have enough funds in PayPal. Thus, whenever you make a transaction using PayPal and don’t have enough money in your account, payment will come from your card.

Hopefully, this clarifies what the 402-935-7733 number on your credit card statement is. However, it would be a different story if you know that you have not made any purchase using PayPal, yet the number appears on your credit card statement. In this case, you will have to take the necessary actions.

Is the 402-935-7733 Charge on Your Card Legit?

To begin with, you must determine first whether the 402-935-7733 charge on your card is legit or not. Recognizing a scam is important. Along with that, remembering your transactions is just as important.

Many PayPal users who see the 402-935-7733 number on their account statements immediately panic and file complaints. Still, when investigations show that the transactions are legit, there are repercussions since banks and even PayPal take action against false or dishonest claims. Before taking any action, here are a few questions you must ask yourself:

Check your online transactions for past month

online shopping

Did you have online transactions? These questions may help you confirm whether the 402-935-7733 charge is valid.

  • Did you shop online this month?
  • Do you have any subscriptions enrolled in your PayPal account regularly, like monthly, quarterly, or yearly?
  • Had anyone borrowed your credit card?
  • Did you give your credit card number, including the security code at the back, to anyone?
  • Is the merchant name that appears in your transaction history familiar?
  • Did you make any donations online using your PayPal account or credit card?

If your memory serves you right, then you should be able to confirm whether the 402-935-7733 charge on your credit card statement is legit or not. Even if you are not a registered PayPal user, some merchants receive your credit card payment through PayPal.

This means if you purchased online from a merchant that has this payment method, then the 402-935-7733 number may still appear on your credit card statement.

This is what a PayPal community member has to say, ” I thought this was a fraudulent charge but after checking my PayPal account I found it was an authorized transaction to Coupaw.com.   I had ordered items for my dogs and did receive them. Just wanted it out there that the 402-935-7733 number does not automatically mean it’s a fraudulent charge.  Check your accounts first. ”

It is best to heed this advice. Before assuming that something is fraudulent, ask yourself first if you did purchase through PayPal.

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Check credit card balance before purchase

credit card

It is always best to check and be aware of your PayPal balance. If your balance is sufficient, then your credit card should not be charged. Hence, the 402-935-7733 number should not appear on your statement.

However, if you know that your balance is not enough for a purchase or an auto-debit enrolled in your account, expect this number to be on your card. Check if the amount is correct depending on what you know is the available balance of your PayPal. Of course, if you know that your PayPal has enough credit on the date the 402-935-7733 number appears on your statement, then you have a reason to worry.

Charges on non-PayPal account holders

Yes, it is possible to get a charge and see the 402-935-7733 number on your credit card statement even if you are not a registered PayPal user. As said earlier, some merchants use PayPal to receive payments. If that is the case, then when you pay with your credit card, the number 402-935-7733 would appear on your statement because technically, PayPal is the biller.

As PayPal Community member recounts, ” The VFW Post 8307 in Layton Utah had a charge of $164.00 charged to its VISA Bank Card.  We did not even have a PayPal account.  I now opened a PayPal account just to file a dispute”

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From a merchant’s point of view

online payment

Before you file a dispute immediately, check if you did buy something from a merchant with the amount reflected in your statement. The PayPal merchant notes that when “you jump the gun, you cost the merchant time and a $20 chargeback fee through the PayPal account. Many merchants that use PayPal to process their cards are mom and pop family businesses that you are causing hardship for because you can’t recall making the purchase or didn’t take the time to check the charge.”

Meanwhile, try not to jump the gun once this happens. A merchant in the PayPal community notes that “You need to know if you check[ed] out at a merchant and manually enter[ed] your credit card number. It will not show up in your PayPal account because PayPal is just the merchant’s processor in this case, and it is not a PayPal account transaction.”

Do understand as well that if you paid as a “PayPal Guest where payments run through PayPal merchant payment processing gateway, but since you didn’t log in to a PayPal account during checkout, there is no record of transaction at PayPal.” This note is according to another community member

Before assuming that what you see in your statement is a fraudulent transaction, perhaps it is best to recall all your previous transactions; before making any transaction, be sure that you check if the merchant’s payment method is through PayPal. This way, you can take note that your purchase may appear as number 402-935-7733 on your statement.

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402-935-7733 Chargeback

When you are not careful about filing a dispute and immediately file without checking, you might be hurting a merchant with a chargeback. A chargeback means the buyer is asking the card issuer for a refund. Of course, the merchant will carry this refund. Here are some reasons why a customer might file a chargeback:

  • The customer did not receive the item.
  • The customer received a damaged or defective item.
  • The charge is unrecognizable or scrupulous.
  • Double charging.
  • Unauthorize payment.

PayPal will inform the merchant of the chargeback, and the merchant may dispute this if he or she believes it is not valid. The merchant must provide evidence that the transaction did take place to discuss the chargeback. Otherwise, the merchant must give valid proof of a refund if already refunded or accept the chargeback’s liability.

A chargeback takes place outside of PayPal, unlike a claim. This is between the card issuer and the cardholder. It is the card issuer and not PayPal that decides on this, so you, as a buyer, must be more careful when you file a dispute. Again, make sure that your complaint is valid. Besides, PayPal also takes action against those who abuse their policy.

Buyer Abuse

Some buyers may be abusers indeed, and PayPal does not let this slide. PayPal also investigates buyers with a history of abusing their policies. Abusive buyers include those who file dishonest or excessive disputes, claims, chargebacks, or bank transfer returns.

Indeed, PayPal protects its buyers from unauthorized account access and use, from items that are not received, and things that do not appear to be described by the seller. Nevertheless, this does not mean buyers can file anytime they want, especially without proof. Other issues outside of the three mentioned above are not entertained.

PayPal encourages merchants to reach out to them if they suspect that a buyer targets them while a case is open. The merchant may give evidence to prove if it is the buyer that is at fault. In case of closed issues, the merchant can still file for an appeal and state “buyer abuse” as a reason for the appeal.

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Evidence Needed


Of course, PayPal recommends providing necessary evidence of abuse. They do not promise actions based on an isolated event. However, documented and repeated incidences of abuse for which multiple parties can attest would be a more robust defense. If the appeal is justifiable, PayPal will take action against the buyer.

Nevertheless, whatever action PayPal would take regarding the buyer is confidential and known only to the abuser. Still, PayPal value the inputs of merchants who report such buyers. PayPal makes sure to protect not only buyers but also merchants.

The evidence that merchants will provide to prove a buyer’s dishonesty will help PayPal improve the quality of our buyers and help promote trust and security among people making transactions through PayPal. To reiterate, before you complain about scrupulous marketing related to the 402-935-7733 number, be sure you are not the one at fault because merchants may take actions against you too.

When is 402-935-7733 Fraudulent?

While the 402-935-7733 is indeed a legit number coming from PayPal. There are still cases when the 402-935-7733 number appears to be used for fraud. There have been cases when PayPal users saw 402-935-7733 numbers on their statements when they did not make any purchase using PayPal on the recorded date. This means you indeed must be cautious, and you must review every bit of transaction in your record.

When you receive a phone call

I received a phone call from 402-935-7733 claiming to be PayPal (no voicemail message). So, I went to PayPal’s website and got a number to call them. The PayPal rep looked up my account (I only supplied my name) and saw that everything was in order. Then, the rep said that 402-935-7733 was not a valid PayPal number because no one at PayPal had called me about my account (according to their tracking database) and that it was probably a phishing attack (spoofed Caller ID info). So, all I can say is, don’t answer the call. If it’s legit, PayPal will leave a message. Otherwise, go to the PayPal website, get a contact number and ask the rep.

PayPal Community

As you can see, some people will find a way to use a legit system to do fraudulent acts, so while 402-935-7733 is a real PayPal number, you can’t be complacent with your statements. You must still watch out for fraud.

When scammers use a mask

With today’s technology, it is easy to mask your online transactions with any name you want to use. In many cases, scammers change their name to 402-935-7733 or even directly use the PayPal name to make their actions look like legitimate transactions.


When you see 402-935-7733, it is always best to double-check your transactions. As much as possible, keep your receipts. Ensure that you have a record of all your transactions so that when your statement arrives, you can check if all the transactions are legit for assurance.

Typically, after every transaction, you will receive an email with the details of what you purchased. Keep all these in one folder, so you have something to go back to in case you see some scrupulous entry in your account.

When you did not make any purchase

When you are sure you did not make any transaction on the date entered in your account, then you probably did get scammed. This is the time to make a move and file for a dispute finally.

Contact your bank to report the transaction, and your bank will investigate this. It will take days, but it is proven to be scrupulous; your money will indeed be returned. However, be careful when you do file a dispute. Remember that the bank will conduct an investigation. Some banks are quite strict about reports on conflicts.

Sometimes, some banks will deactivate your credit card if you turn out to be mistaken with your report. Consequently, you will have to apply for a new card. If this gets worse, you might have a hard time re-applying. Thus, a word of caution, be sure you did not purchase before you file any complaint.

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What should I do with 402-935-7733 if a scammer hits me?

Just in case you confirm that a scammer did hit you and a fraudulent transaction did come through, then take the proper action immediately. Call your bank or credit card issuer to avoid further problems.

What can PayPal do with 402-935-7733 issues?

Indeed, the system is not perfect. PayPal could have pacified all the users’ worries regarding the 402-935-7733 number if more details about charged transactions were provided in account statements.

Perhaps giving the name of the item that was purchased will be a great help. Unfortunately, this is not the case. When you check your account statement, all you see is the number 402-935-7733 and the charged amount.

Ultimately, PayPal users and even non-users who just happened to purchase from a merchant with PayPal as payment methods are worried sick about their questionable statements. Hopefully, PaPal will heed the err of the community and address this issue accordingly. Transparency in transactions would be very must be appreciated by users.

How can I make a claim for a dispute in PayPal?

1. Go to the Resolution Center.
2. You will see View right next to your list of disputes. Click on the View that is beside the dispute you want to escalate.
3. At the bottom of the page, click Escalate to PayPal.
4. Do add other relevant information or reason for escalating the dispute.
5. Click Submit.


We hope that this story helped clarify what the number 402-935-7733 is. Again, 402-935-7733 is a real PayPal number, but some people could use it for fraud. If you have any related experience with the 402-935-7733 number, do tell us about it. We would love to know your story. Besides, it might even help other PayPal users too.

If you have any questions or any other concern that you think is a valuable share for this article’s topic, or if you want us to cover a certain story, please leave a message in the comment section below. We will read your comments and get back to you if we think we can help you out.

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  1. This 402-935-7733 is the one that is considered the legit merchant number and also one of their customer service number. But the scammer will try to get all the sensitive information about your financial accounts. So if you see this phone number on your bank account statement. REQUIRE/REPORT AND FILE A DISPUTE. Always make sure multiple times.

    • Yes this was used by a scammer, it’s the number that’s posted with the fraudulent PayPal transaction on my online banking.

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  9. I just called this number and was told that no transactions have been made with in the last week. My bank shows 3 separate transactions of $50.63 on one day. When I asked to speak to a representative, the call disconnected.

  10. I attempted to purchase a minibike from a website (www.hototin.com) and they used this PayPal cover to take $99.98 from my bank account. I never received shipping information, never received the item, and their phone number is invalid, their address registers to nothing, and my bank just declined the dispute.
    I’m out $115 because not only do I not get my money back but I had to pay $15 to get a new debit card which is mandatory to file a dispute.


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