JPMC RE PAYPAL INTL LTD – Everything You Need to Know

If you see JPMC RE PAYPAL INTL in your bank statements, there is no need to panic. But still, you will need to investigate a little bit. It will help if you recall any recent transactions that you made online. If a scenario comes to mind, it could be the reason why the JPMC RE

How to Use PayPal on Amazon in 2021 – Step by Step Guide

If you regularly shop for items online and hang around sites such as Amazon, you’ve probably wondered, “Does Amazon take PayPal as payment?” Technically speaking, you can use PayPal to pay for your items on Amazon, but it won’t be straightforward. You can still spend PayPal cash and use it indirectly on Amazon. But before

How to Receive Money in PayPal Account (2021 Guide)

Are you new to PayPal? If you are, then here is a brief introduction on how to receive payment on PayPal, for which, you mostly just need your email address. This is one of the most popular payment platforms out there, and also the easiest financial tool to use on the internet. PayPal has been the go-to service for payments and

Does Walmart Accept PayPal & Other Things To Consider

Does Walmart accept PayPal as a payment method? If you frequent Walmart stores and you have a PayPal account, did you know that you can be eligible for using PayPal as a payment method apart from your debit card or credit card? To clarify, mobile app users of PayPal can be eligible to use your

How to Buy Ethereum With PayPal Funds in 2021 Easily

Are you interested in using cryptocurrencies? Did you know that you can buy Ethereum cryptocurrencies from brokers such as eToro using a PayPal account? If you have tons of funds on your PayPal account and you want to use that money to get your hands on Ethereum, here is the easiest and probably the quickest way to buy

Joint PayPal Account – Everything You Need to Know

A Joint PayPal account is quite popular for those couples and business partners that want a single PayPal wallet. And if you are interested in this feature, you have come to the right place to learn about it. In this MoneyBrighter article, we will teach you how to create a joint PayPal account. And perhaps, we can

How to Link PayPal Account to Twitch – Step-by-Step Easy Guide

Starting your Twitch streaming career begins not only with your streams on your channel but also with the financial help or donations you and other non-profit organizations can get from it. PayPal is one of the money transfer platforms that are very trusted by many streamers on Twitch. There is a way to link your PayPal account

How to Link Paypal to eBay: Step-by-step Guide for a Beginner

Is eBay one of your go-to online shopping stores? As a PayPal account holder, you must be using your PayPal balance as payment options for purchasing items in the store, especially if you fear the security of using your credit cards. So why not link PayPal to eBay instead? Before we go on, make sure to check our other write-ups on Brighter Guide. Why link PayPal to

How to Chargeback on PayPal and Win in 2021 (Full Guide)

Chargebacks or filing a dispute for online payments is common on PayPal due to fraudulent transactions like unreceived or damaged items or other unauthorized transactions. If you experience any of these, then this page on chargebacks on PayPal would be useful for you. But before we discuss any further about chargebacks, don’t forget to check out more articles on Brighter Guide. What is a chargeback? Chargebacks are refunds and undergo a process outside

How to Cancel a Pending PayPal Payment in 2021 (on App/Site)

Have you mistakenly sent money to the wrong vendor or person on PayPal? Have you paid a seller in excess via PayPal? If you are wondering how to cancel pending PayPal payments, here is a short and practical guide. Before we proceed, make sure you check out our other guides on Brighter Guide. PayPal has been famous

Change PayPal Password: Secure Your Account & Funds

If you want to change your PayPal password, we got you covered on that. Changing the password for your PayPal account should be as easy as pie. So follow this short step-by-step guide, and we will tell you how exactly the proper way to change your PayPal password. Before we do, make sure you check