How to Upgrade Hotel Internet Hilton: Concrete Answer to Your Inquiry

The Hilton is an international chain of hotels, and their mantra is, “We promise you will be satisfied, or we’ll make it right.” One of the unsatisfied customers took to the internet venting about poor customer service and worse of them all a poor internet service. Are you one of those who looks for the answer on how to upgrade hotel internet Hilton? You are fortunate to be in Brighterguide because we have the clarifications that to are looking for.

how to upgrade hotel internet hilton

The Hilton Aspire card is the right way to racking up the Hilton points. “Due to the recent promotion getting an extra 50% points per dollar of stay, totaling 30 points for every $1 at Hilton. “So, in my most recent business trips to Austin and Miami, I specifically chose Hiltons for those stays. At the DoubleTree by Hilton Austin Northwest Arboretum and Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon. Big mistake, and I sincerely regret it. One got so bad that I left the Hotel early, checking out three days before I was scheduled. I’ve never done that before!”

“It was not right, and I was most definitely not satisfied.” The customer continued to vent. According to them, they left to a neighboring “Element class hotel” maybe not in the class of The Hilton, but their services are efficient. That is where they expressed their displeasure about the Hilton.

“Not only were the hotels dated and old. But the quality of service and professionalism was also below expectations (which, already, aren’t very high).” 

Why the Hotel Hilton Needs an Internet Upgrade

People visit hotels to relax or get away from regular hectic schedules. Customers expect excellent, courteous service in every way.

However, it disturbing to get the opposite in the Hospitality industry, not to mention in big hotels like the Hilton. “I should not be spending the better part of my day telling the staff what’s wrong with their hotel or my room.” they wrote.

They complained about various broken things, others not working or not fixed at all. However, their chief complaint and frustration were about the hotels’ “abysmal internet.”

At least when they wrote their post to rant, they wrote off the Hotel. they described the internet as:

  1. Terrible
  2. Backwords
  3. Slow
  4. Inconsistent
  5. Frustrating

Terrible Internet Service

According to the customer, the internet at the Hilton Austin is backward, slow inconsistent, and disappointing! For the lack of better words, they said. Lack of work!

This particular customer wrote about both Hilton hotels in Austin and Miami, and they both suffered the same appalling state. The mind-boggling question is, is it just the two Hotels they visited that have issues? Why do they have similar problems? It’s quite outrageous.

In both hotels, they stated that the internet service was poor: Describing it as “backward, slow, inconsistent, and extremely frustrating.”

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Why is the Internet Backwards?

The hotels have two connection modes, “attwifi” or “honors” networks. You can only use hilton honer if you have an access code that you get from the front desk, and that is if they give it to you through your Hilton account. You can only get these excellent services if you know your Hilton account details of the head! It the information requested of you is not readily available, they are bound to have an adamant time.  Does the Hilton have ethernet cables? 

Slow Internet

The Hotel’s standard internet is between 1-5mb/s in the two hotels(Autin and Miami). Too slow for business premises with all types of customers and a good number of them!

Well, the Hotel’s “premium” internet is about 15mb/s, which slows down to ~5mb/s some point. Weak, slow internet connection is unacceptable in the 21st century. The Hilton owes its customers a fast, if not quicker, internet connection. It is even worse because both hotels are near business parks and airports, which makes it more necessary to have quality internet. Aside from the speed of the internet, we can talk about How to Create Disk Partition on Windows , How to Install GBA Emulator iOS, and VLC media player interface mac.

The Internet is Inconsistent

In a day, the internet connection “would cut out.” Clearly, as a customer, an internet interruption means, No downloading, streaming, gaming, videoconferencing, webcamming, emailing, surfing, among others. In such a situation, you have to log in again and again, and back. It is hectic. Your device might show that you are logged in, but nothing is happening. If you have multiple devices and you are working with them all, then you will be in for a rude surprise.

IT is Frustrating

As earlier observed, a slow internet will cause you to doubt yourself, and you have to keep logging in over and over. No one needs this kind of frustration. “Also, in the Miami hotel, sometimes it would show as connected on my floor (8th), but it would mysteriously be connecting to Hilton Lobby.” Of course, the connection is too weak to connect any machine. Seeing this situation, it is you to know that the link cannot deliver, and your PC may prompt you to troubleshoot and choose one network.

Final Observations

At this rate, the Hilton will gradually lose customers hence the poor business. This customer is one person who decided to voice their frustrations. How about those who faced the same and chose to walk away without looking back?

At the finish line, this customer swore never to set foot at a Hilton hotel again until all the faults are fixed. Sadly, they voice it that after deciding to leave, there was no apology, acknowledgment, or compensation for all the crazy unexpected stuff that happened. 


How many Hilton Hotels are there?

There are 5,700 properties owned worldwide owned by the Hilton group, with 413 in Europe alone as per statistics in 2013-2018.

Who is the founder of the Hilton hotel?

Conrad Hilton founded the Hilton hotel in the year 1919, and today the hotels are owned by Hilton Worldwide.

Which is the most expensive Hilton Hotel?

Waldorf Astoria Ithaafushi Maldives fits the description with 120,000 points a night, which is the highest redemption in the Hilton portfolio.

What is Hilton Gold Status?

The Hilton Honors program has several tiers. The second is known as the Gold status. Customers earn the status after 20 days of stay or 40 nights in the hotel or by making 75,000 points in a calendar year.


It is rather sad to have such an experience in a hotel you love and trust. “As I write, I feel rage from the awful experiences.” The customer vowed to give their loyalty to a different hotel. If you have any terrible experience with the Hilton, you share your experience with us below.

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