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Amazon Quiz is one of the most fun-filled lucky draws in India. On this page, you will find the amazon quiz May 10, 2021 answers. The largest shopping app started this App-based quiz for its Indian users. Users can log in to their app, answer few questions and win fabulous prizes on daily basis. 


Here, we will help you win the Amazon app-only quiz contest. You will get your answers on Brighter Guide. Submit them on Amazon App and win great prizes. 


What is Amazon Quiz

Amazon has started a fun quiz for the app users in India. You have to select the correct option from the given choices for each of the 5 questions. Upon giving the correct answers you can win grand prizes daily. There are some other types of quizzes available on Amazon. Read also, Grammarly Review on this site.

How to Play Amazon Quiz

  • To play the quiz, you have to download the Amazon App. Log in to your Amazon mobile app. Find the FunZone from the search button and click on it. 
  • The Quiz page will be opened and you can select any of the contests available for the day to play. You can choose which type of quiz you want to take from that list. There are 5 questions. Each has 4 options. Choose the correct option and submit. 
  • If you can answer all the questions correctly, you can be the winner of grand prizes. 
  • You can win various products including skin-care products, lifestyle products, and much more through this Amazon daily quiz. 

(10 May 2021) Today’s Amazon Quiz Questions & Answers – Win ₹15,000 Amazon Pay balance

Q.Which Indian state has released a commemorative postage stamp on 100 years of first visit of Mahatma Gandhi to the state in 1921?

A. Odisha

Q. Novelist Sharankumar Limbale was awarded which of these prizes in 2021 for his novel ‘Sanatan’?

A. Saraswati Samman

Q. Late Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, who received the 2019 Gandhi Peace Prize, was the Sultan of which country?

A. Oman

Q. This famous bar , belongs to which of these groups?

A. Mars

Q. What is the name of the Taylor Swift song that has this object in the title?

A. Teardrops on my Guitar

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Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – May 9, 2021

Q. Which Indian state, that shares a 510km border with Myanmar and a 318km border with Bangladesh, is currently facing a refugee crisis?
A: Mizoram

Q. Which of these celebrities was conferred with the prestigious Maharashtra Bhushan Award in 2021?
A: Asha Bhosle

Q. Since 2012, 21st March is celebrated as the International Day of what?
A: Forests

Q. Name the famous character who was this animal, created by writer A. A. Milne
A: Winnie the Pooh

Q. In the World Cup for this sport, who has scored the maximum number of goals?
A: Miroslav Klose

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – May 8, 2021

Q. Which of these organisations is setting up space technology incubation centres in the NITs?

Q. Punith G. R. from Mandya, Karnataka has recently entered the record books for creating a massive rangoli shaped as which automobile?
A: Mahindra Thar

Q. Who, an avid golfer since his retirement from international cricket, has been inducted into the board of Professional Golf Tour of India?
A: Kapil Dev

Q. In which country was the Sake flavoured variant of this chocolate launched?
A: Japan

Q. In an ironic twist, a person of what profession created this sweet sugary item?
A: Dentist

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – May 7, 2021

Q. In 2021, who among these was awarded the Padma Vibhushan for “exceptional and distinguished service” in the field of public affairs?
A: Shinzo Abe

Q. Whose latest book ‘India’s Power Elite’ is a study of the nature of power and elitism in postcolonial India?
A: Sanjaya Baru

Q. Which country is the world’s happiest country according to the World Happiness Report 2021?
A: Finland

Q .Angela Lansbury voiced the character who was this object in what Disney movie?
A: Beauty and the Beast

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – May 6, 2021

Q. As of 2021, Kangana Ranaut is the actress with the second-most National Awards, after whom?
A: Shabana Azmi

Q.Permanent Indus Commission is a bilateral commission to discuss water sharing between India and which other country?
A: Pakistan

Q.What title was used by UNCTAD for the recent update of their Trade and Development Report 2020?
A: Out of the frying pan … Into the fire?

Q. The tail of this animal helps with what during running?
A: Balance

Q. The second book printed in what language, translated from French, is about this game?
A: English

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – May 5, 2021

Q. Who was given the Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2020?
A: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Q. The Danish Red Cross has launched a ‘first-of-a-kind’ catastrophe bond for what kind of disasters?
A: Volcanic eruptions

Q. Which country recently launched one of the world’s biggest underwater neutrino telescopes called the Baikal-GVD?
A: Russia

Q. This object is associated with what zodiac sun sign?
A: Sagittarius

Q. How many freshwater ‘Great Lakes’ does the continent, where this country is situated have?
A: Five

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – May 4, 2021

Q. Which two rivers will be connected under the first project of the National River Linking Project?
A: Ken and Betwa

Q. Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea, which won the Best Feature Film award at the 67th National Film Awards, is made in which language?
A: Malayalam

Q. Which international organisation recently adopted the ‘Sinatra Doctrine’ to counter China’s growing influence in Europe?
A: European Union

Q. Extending this branch to someone means that you extend to them what?
Correct Answer: Peace

Q. What is this type of cat called?
A: Bengal Cat

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – May 3, 2021

Q. The Ratle Hydroelectric Plant is currently under construction on which river in India?
A: Chenab

Q. In March 2021, which country decided to amend the country’s constitution with provisions that include climate and biodiversity protection?
A: France

Q. Achanta Sharath Kamal, Gnanasekaran Sathiyan, Sutirtha Mukherjee and Manika Batra –all qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in which sport?
A: Table Tennis

Q. What is the name of this fish, who was Nemo in Disney’s Finding Nemo?
A: Clownfish

Q. In which of these cities did the first ‘Modern’ edition of this sporting event take place in 1896?
A: Athens

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – May 2, 2021

Q. In which Indian union territory was the radio programme ”Awaam Ki Baat” recently launched?
A: Jammu & Kashmir

Q. Which of these organisations is responsible for releasing the ‘All India Consumer Price Index’?
A: National Statistical Office

Q. Which South American country recently issued banknotes of denominations as large as 1 million bolivars?
A: Venezuela

Q. This country’s flag, also called the l’Unifolié, has what in the center?
A: Maple Leaf

Q. In which Italian city does this not exist, replaced with only canals instead?
A: Venice

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – May 1, 2021

Q. A stone from Sita Eliya temple will be used in the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Where is the Sita Eliya temple located?
A: Sri Lanka

Q. Girl Gang, a track by New Zealand singer Gin Wigmore, has been announced as the official song for what?
A: 2022 ICC Women’s World Cup

Q. Bison is a variant of which supersonic jet aircraft used by the Indian Air Force?
A: MiG-21

Q.This Disney movie’s main character’s look was majorly inspired by whom?
A: Tom Cruise

Q. Alyssa Milano inspired what Disney Princess with this color hair?
A: Ariel

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 30, 2021

Q. Argyreia sharadchandrajii’ a new species of plant discovered in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur district has been named after whom?
A: Sharad Pawar

Q. Jofra Archer in the 2021 squad for which IPL franchise, is likely to miss the first 4 matches of the season?
A: Rajasthan Royals

Q. Which famous movie personality has been announced as the latest recipient of the Dadasaheb Phalke award?
A: Rajanikanth

Q.The company whose logo has been taken here, takes its name from a scientist born in which present day country?
A: Croatia

Q. Identify this animal also known as the gnu
A: Wildebeest

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 29, 2021

Q. The steam engine of the first passenger train in India, will be installed in the premises of which railway station?
A: Thane railway station

Q. Nearly 70% of the 85000 H-1B visas, issued every year by the USA are used by professionals from which country?
A: India

Q. Which of these cricketers has received the Thar SUV courtesy Anand Mahindra, in return he sent his signed Gabba Test debut jersey?
A: T Natarajan

Q.In which of these Thor movies does this character have a major role?
A: Thor: Ragnarok

Q. This is the only eagle that is solely native to which continent?
A: North America

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 28, 2021

Q. Kraigg Brathwaite, the new Test captain of West Indies was born in which Caribbean island?
A: Barbados

Q. On April 6th, the UN observes International Day of ____ for Development and Peace. Fill in the blanks
A: Sport

Q.Eshan Naqvi, plays the role of which badminton player in the movie ‘Saina’, starring Parineeti Chopra?
A: Parupalli Kashyap

Q. This breed of dog originated in which of these places and was brought to England by fishermen in about 1800?
A: Newfoundland

Q. This animal is seen on the logo of which of these organisations?

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 27, 2021

Q. On the occasion of National Maritime Day in India, observed on April 5th, an award named what is presented?
A: Varuna

Q. Recently, which of these vaccines was denied emergency use authorization in India by the government’s Subject Expert Committee?
A: Sputnik- V

Q. Which organisation headquartered in Vienna, agreed to gradually ease its oil output cuts from May onwards?

Q. The defending Olympic champion in women’s singles in this sport is from which country?
A: Spain

Q. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this superhero is NOT alive during the timeline of which of these movies?
A: Spiderman: Far from Home

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 26, 2021

Q. During Easter, confectioners in which country often make chocolate likenesses of the rabbit sized marsupial- the Bilby?
A: Australia

Q. Pandit Ravi Shankar was born on April 7th, in which city known as a pilgrimage spot?
A: Varanasi

Q. Amid COVID-19 concerns, which tournament usually the first Masters 1000 event of the ATP season was postponed?
A: Indian Wells

Q. Which is this animal, that one may encounter on the way to Mount Everest?
A: Yak

Q. This is a memorial dedicated to which great leader?
A: Martin Luther King Jnr

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 25, 2021

Q. Light it up blue’ is an international campaign related to World _____ Awareness Day, observed by the UN on 2nd April. Fill in the blanks
A: Autism

Q.The famous movie personality Prabhu Deva born on April 3rd, featured in which of these movies?
A: All of these

Q. The name of which company, prominent in the world of telecom equipment was inspired by a slogan which meant ‘China has promise’?
A: Huawei

Q. Alan Shepard is famous for playing this sport on which of these unique locations?
A: The Moon

Q. This famous mountain which features in the title of an Ernest Hemmingway book is located in which continent?
A: Africa

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 24, 2021

Q. The film Nomadland, stars which of these actresses in the lead role, who has won two Academy Awards?
A:Frances Mcdormand

Q.In a recent international friendly match, the Indian football team suffered a 0-6 defeat against which nation?

Q.Who are Leica and Trinity, who show how to wear a face mask properly in a trending video shared by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital?
A: Two dogs

Q. What star is depicted on this country’s flag?
A: Star of David

Q. What is the name given to this fruit?

A: Passion Fruit

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 23, 2021

Q. In the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier who is the US government’s choice to become the new Captain America?
A:John Walker

Q.The controversial interview of Oprah Winfrey with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also aired in India, was originally on which network?

Q.It has been 10 years since India’s iconic World Cup triumph on April 2nd, 2011. Who was India’s top run getter in the match?
A. Gautam Gambhir

Q. Which breed of cat, gets its name from an old name of this country?
A.Siamese cat

Q. Which Indian state gets its name from the celestial body shown in this visual?

A. Arunachal Pradesh

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 22, 2021

Q. Which Indian won the BBC India Sportswoman of the Year award for 2020?
A:Koneru Humpy

Q.As of March 2021, Tirath Singh Rawat is serving as the chief minister of which state?
A. Uttarakhand

Q.In March 2021, which company successfully tested a blockchain transaction in space using Danish space firm GomSpace’s satellites?
A. JP Morgan

Q. In which country will you see the most number of people riding this particular vehicle? (measured per capita)

Q. Botanically what kind of fruit is this?

A. Berry

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 21, 2021

Q. ‘The Green Queens of India- Nation’s Pride’, is a book compilation of the extraordinary works done by which group of women?
A: Forest officers

Q.NISAR is a joint Earth-observing mission between ISRO and which other space agency?

Q.In a first, astronomers have recently detected a ‘Space hurricane’ in Earth’s upper atmosphere in which region?
A. North Pole

Q. In which place will you have to go normally to experience this service?

Q. What do you call this particular yoga pose?

A. Chakrasana

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 20, 2021

Q. Proficient in guerrilla tactics, the COBRA or Commando Battalion for Resolute Action is a special operation unit of which force?

Q.The Maitri Setu, also called The Gateway of Northeast, is built over the Feni River to link which state with Bangladesh?
A. Tripura

Q.”CROSSROAD” which recently sold for $6.6 million, is the most expensive digital art of what kind?
A. Crypto Art

Q. Which one of these is not a component of this activity?
A. Palette

Q. Which of these actors played this character in a movie that also starred Nicole Kidman?

A. Val Kilmer

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 19, 2021

Q. Translated by former civil servant Imitiaz Ahmad Sahibzada, The Frontier Gandhi: My Life and Struggle is the autobiography of whom?
A: Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Q.In response to the crisis triggered by a severe drought, India sent food and medical supplies to which island nation in March 2021?
A. Madagascar

Q.The torch relay for the Tokyo Olympics started in which place, devastated by the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and meltdown of nuclear reactors?
A. Fukushima

Q. In which University can you get a degree to make this particular beverage?
A. Cornell

Q. He sacrificed a part of himself to create which weapon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

A. Stormbreaker

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 18, 2021

Q. Which national park, that launched night safaris in March 2021, is home to one of the highest density of Royal Bengal tigers in the world?
A: Bandhavgarh National Park

Q.Iranaitivu island in the Gulf of Mannar, in news as a proposed burial site for COVID-19 victims, is a part of which country?
A. Sri Lanka

Q.Who was the first player to win Man of the Match for India in an ODI in 2021?
A. Shikhar Dhawan

Q. This creature is the national animal of which country?
A. Scotland

Q. What do the initials written on this candy stand for?

A. Mars and Murrie

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 17, 2021

Q. Kadapala Rithvika Sri, a 9-year-old girl from Andhra Pradesh, became Asia’s youngest girl to climb which African peak in March 2021?
A: Mount Kilimanjaro

Q. Iron-rich ‘Bao-Dhan’ is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers in which Indian state?
A. Assam

Q. As per the Guinness Book of World Records, Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani occupies what distinction?
A. A most expensive bottle of water in the world

Q. In the logo of which company do you see this object come to life and replace the ‘I’ in its name?
A. Pixar

Q. The young males of this species are known as?

A. Colt

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 16, 2021

Q. In which country is a massive public protest, referred to as the “five twos revolution”, taking place?
A: Myanmar

Q. Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, who recently built an indigenous spectrograph, is located in which hillstation?
A. Nainital

Q. During the recent T20I series between the Indian Women’s Team and the South African Women’s Team, who won Player of the Series?
A. Shafali Verma

Q. What is the name of this difficult to prepare exotic vegetable?
A. Artichoke

Q. What do you call the person who is obsessed with collecting this item?

A. Sneakerhead

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 15, 2021

Q. Recently, a National Committee was formed to celebrate what in 2022 in the form of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav?
A: 75 years of India’s Independence

Q. The immense Chicxulub crater, that may have caused the extinction of Dinosaurs, is located underneath the Yucatan Peninsula in which nation?
A. Mexico

Q. In an ODI match at which venue in 2021, did you have 1 pair of brothers representing India and another pair representing England?
A. Pune

Q. Which necessary phone peripheral was recently removed from the box of the newest version of this particular mobile phone?
A. Both of these

Q. These animals can eat upto a kilogram of what per day?

A. Eucalyptus leaves

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 14, 2021

Q. In March 2021, who became the third batsman in international cricket to smash a bowler for six consecutive sixes?
A: Kieron Pollard

Q. Mohamed Mahmoud Al Khaja is the UAE’s first ambassador to which country?
A. Israel

Q. India’s and Asia’s first National Dolphin Research Centre is being set up in which state?
A. SindhuNetra

Q. n which story is this animal referred to as “Kichi”?
A. Mowgli

Q. What particular phrase is associated with this Google product?

A. Hey Google!

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 13, 2021

Q. In March 2021, the UN General Assembly adopted an India-sponsored resolution declaring 2023 as the International Year of what?
A: Millets

Q. Which country is building the world’s first platypus sanctuary?
A. Australia

Q. Which surveillance satellite, built by PES University students for DRDO, was deployed in space to monitor the Indian Ocean Region?
A. SindhuNetra

Q. n which story is this animal referred to as “Kichi”?
A. Mowgli

Q. What particular phrase is associated with this Google product?

A. Hey Google!

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 12, 2021

Q. According to the Hurun Global Rich List 2021, which country leads with the most number of billionaires at 1058?
A: China

Q. Hosting nearly 62,000 people, the Al Hol camp is one of the largest refugee camps in which conflict ridden country?
A. Syria

Q. Which is the first dedicated commercial mission of NewSpace India Limited?
A. Amazonia-1

Q. This is a cosplay of a DC character, named what?
A. Diana

Q. Which technology company produces this product?

A. Microsoft

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 11 2021

Q.What’s the name of the new network after the merger of Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV?
A: Sansad TV

Q. Which of these is a domestic Twenty20 cricket championship in India?
A. Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy

Q.India observes which of the following days every year on March 16?
A. National Vaccination Day

Q. As of 2021, who holds the world record for the most top-level championship titles in this particular sport?
A. Giacomo Agostini

Q. Which of these actors plays the role of this Norse god in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

A. Chris Hemsworth

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 10, 2021

Q.Michael Somare, who passed away recently, was the ‘Grand Chief’ and the ‘Father of the Nation’ of which country?
A: Papua New Guinea

Q. “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet” was the theme of which day celebrated by the UN on 3rd March 2021?
A. World Wildlife Day

Q. In collaboration with which prestigious institution will the Govt of India set up the country’s first Centre for Excellence in Gaming?
A. IIT Bombay

Q. The monument in this picture was built as an entrance to what?
A. World’s Fair

Q. Which country is the first in per-capita consumption of the meat that comes from this particular bird?
A. Israel

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 9, 2021

Q. In February 2021, who became the fastest Indian bowler to pick 400 Test wickets in terms of matches?
A: Ravichandran Ashwin

Q. A specimen of black-browed babbler was rediscovered after 180 years in which country during 2021?
A. Indonesia

Q. On February 28, 2021, which country launched their first Arctic-monitoring Satellite ‘Arktika-M’?
A. Russia

Q. Which social movement is this symbol associated with?
A. Black Lives Matter

Q. Which country has won the most number of gold medals in the 21st century in this Olympic sport?
A. China

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 8, 2021

Q. In March 2021, which Indian wrestler grabbed the 53kg gold medal in Ukraine and reached the world number one rank?
A: Vinesh Phogat

Q. As a sustainability commitment, which company made the world’s first ever consumer PC using plastic waste in the ocean in 2021?

Q. Who won the 2021 Golden Globe Award for best TV series?
A. The Crown

Q. What is the name of the famous speech given by this icon?
A. I have a dream

Q. The birth of whom is being portrayed in this picture?
A. Jesus Christ

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 7, 2021

Q. Which Indian state is the host of the Indian Women’s League 2021 football tournament?
A: Orissa

Q. Which film won the 2021 Golden Globe Award for Best Drama film?
A. Nomadland

Q. Who has developed and launched a secure messaging application named Secure Application for the Internet (SAI)?
A. Indian Army

Q. In which place will you find this important American building?
A. Washington D.C

Q. With which festival is this candy associated with?
A. Christmas

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 6, 2021

Q. Dulanga Coal Mine recently became operational in which state of India?
A: Odisha

Q. IAF jets participated in the 70th-anniversary celebrations of which country’s Air Force?
A. Sri Lanka

Q. Which organization has issued a Purple Notice to its 194 member countries outlining a specific modus operandi on dating applications?

Q. What is the name of this character from the Narnia book series?
A. Mr. Tumnus

Q. This player recently made his comeback to the tennis court after a year, playing in which Asian country?
A. Qatar

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 5, 2021

Q. Which observer-member of the Arctic Council has recently released a draft Arctic policy?
A: India

Q. Which country’s ambassador was Diplomat Luca Attanasio, who recently got killed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?
A. Italy

Q.All the matches in the T20 international series between India and England in 2021 would be played in which city?
A.  Ahmedabad

Q.In which fictional universe do you use this place as a magical portal?
A.Harry Potter

Q. What phenomenon causes this beautiful spectacle usually seen on the poles of the Earth?
A. Solar Wind

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 4, 2021

Q. Indian has been constructing the world’s highest railway bridge over which river?
A: Chenab

Q. Which film got the 2021 Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Award for ‘Best Film’?
A. Tanhaji

Q.Which Indian space scientist was recently honoured in a Google Doodle released in March 2021?
A.  UR Rao

Q.Which astrological sign does this animal represent?

Q. In which movie does the actor represent here to dress up as an old lady, to spend more time with his children?
A. Mrs Doubtfire

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 3, 2021

Q. Which country recently became the first country in the world to receive vaccines under the UN-backed Covax scheme?
A: Ghana

Q. Rashtra Pratham – 82 varshon ki Swarnim Gatha’ is a recently released book chronicling the history of which force?

Q.Elizabeth Ann is a clone of which endangered animal, created by scientists in the US?
A.  Black-footed ferret

Q. Which of these dishes found in the iconic Paradise restaurant contains this fruit as the central ingredient?
A. Qubani ka Meetha

Q. When this letter was sent to Harry Potter, which family used to stay at the address mentioned in this letter?
A.  Dursleys

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 2, 2021

Q. Which city intends to have the first undersea tunnel of India by the year 2023?
A: Mumbai

Q. Which country recently opened a National Ministry for Extraterrestrial Space Affairs, The Moon and Other Celestial Bodies?
A. Nicaragua

Q.Who is the first woman to serve as the United States secretary of the treasury?
A.  Janet Yellen

Q. In the nursery rhyme “The Farmer in the Dell”, what did this domestic animal take?
A. Mouse

Q. What recreational and competitive adventure sport is being performed by the man in the picture?
A.  Paragliding

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – April 1, 2021

Q. Kalanamak rice, cultivated since the Buddhist period, comes from which Indian state?
A: Uttar Pradesh

Q. What rare mineral with links to Mars has recently been found in the deep ice core of the white continent Antarctica?
A. Jarosite

Q.Which of these countries recently opened military recruitment to women?
A.  Saudi Arabia

Q. What is the white ball called in this sport?
A. Cue ball

Q. The name of this, is also the name of an aircraft in which of these airlines?
A.  Spicejet

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 31, 2021

Q. Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Journey of an Actor’ is a memoir by which actor?
A: Kabir Bedi

Q. Space Enterprise Encouragement & Development (SEED) is a new initiative by which Indian organisation?

Q.Which singer’s debut single “Drivers License” broke the Spotify record for the most streams for a song in its first week?
A.  Olivia Rodrigo

Q. The method of preparing coffee so as to produce these beautiful patterns is known as what?
A. Latte Art

Q. Where will you find these Twin Towers?
A.  Kuala Lampur

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 30, 2021

Q. Which organisation was created in 2000 to improve access to new and underused vaccines for children living in the world’s poorest countries?
A: Gavi

Q. The Samyukta Kisan Morcha recently celebrated February 23 as what in memory of a 1907 movement started by Sardar Ajit Singh?
A. Pagri Sambhal Diwas

Q. What’s the name of the plastic card with alphanumeric codes, that the US president carries with him all the time?
A.  Biscuit

Q. Name this classic video game that required you to eat all the dots throughout the game.
A. Pac Man

Q.Which of these countries is this animal native to?
A.  Australia

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 29, 2021

Q. The recently released book ‘Maverick Messiah’ is the political biography of which former Indian Chief Minister?
A: NT Rama Rao

Q. On 12th February 2021, Tetsushi Sakamoto was appointed as the Japanese Minister of what?
A. Loneliness

Q. What is INS Karanj, recently commissioned by the Indian Navy?
A.  Submarine

Q. Which AI assistant is present in this device by Amazon?
A. Alexa

Q. Which of these is a sports franchise located in this capital city?
A. All of these

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 28, 2021

Q. Pakistan intends to GI tag what product, that is produced in the Potohar Plateau, to prevent its unauthorised use by other countries?
A: Himalayan pink salt

Q. In February 2021, who became India’s first WTA champion since Sania Mirza, when she won a doubles title at the Phillip Island Trophy?
A. Ankita Raina

Q. Which company recently supplied the 100th K-9 Vajra Howitzer to the Indian Army?
A.  L&T

Q. When was this iconic perfume launched?
A. 1921

Q. How many cards are there in the deck of this fast paced card game?
A. 112

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 27, 2021

Q. India’s first digital university was recently inaugurated in which state?
A: Kerala

Q. Which Indian city is served by Maryada Purushottam Sriram Airport?
A. Ayodhya

Q. Which actor has recently been felicitated with the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Award for the Most Versatile Actor?
A.  Kay Kay Menon

Q. Name this city, which has a famous football club named after a Greek hero
A. Amsterdam

Q. In which country was this beauty related item first discovered?
A. China

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 26, 2021

Q. For 53 years, which of these State Banks functioned outside RBI’s purview?
A: State Bank of Sikkim

Q. Complete the title of Ram Sewak Sharma’s new book “The Making of Aadhaar: World’s Largest _ Platform”?
A. Identity

Q. Pahela Phagun’ is a spring festival celebrated in which neighbouring country of India?
A.  Bangladesh

Q. Name the cartoon character that lives in this fruit under a tree with his pet snail Gary
A. Spongebob

Q. The Roman God for what shares its name with this planet?
A. Thunder

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 25, 2021

Q. In February 2021, which Indian was appointed by UN chief Antonio Guterres as Under-Secretary-General?
A: Usha Rao-Monari

Q. The Mandu festival and the Khajuraho dance festival happens in which Indian state?
A. Madhya Pradesh

Q.Which country recently hosted the 2021 World Future Fuel Summit?
A.  India

Q. The celebration of which of these German festivals is primarily associated with this drink?

Q. Which of these companies founded in a place like this, supplied test and measurement instruments for Disney’s ‘Fantasia’?

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 24, 2021

Q. Dhubri-Phulbari bridge, slated to be the longest bridge in India, will connect Assam to which other state?
A: Meghalaya

Q. Giorgi Gakharia served as the Prime Minister of which country from 8 September 2019 to 18 February 2021?
A. Georgia

Q.Which car company has launched a Transformer-like robocar dubbed as TIGER X-1?
A.  Hyundai

Q. What are these fruits called after they are dried naturally in the sun without undergoing any fermentation process?

Q. Which of these following brands have this object in its logo?
A. Rolex

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 23, 2021

Q. Which of these apps recently rolled out the voice DM feature in India?
A: Twitter

Q.In India, leatherback turtles nest mainly in which State or Union Territory?
A. Andaman and Nicobar islands

Q.Which association would be launching the World Solar Bank at COP 26, United Nations Climate Change Conference?
A.   ISA

Q. This dish originates in which country, where the practice of rolling tortillas around other food dates back to Aztec times?

Q. In Thor Ragnarok, this character turns back into Bruce Banner, by seeing an old video of which Avenger?
A. Black Widow

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 22, 2021

Q. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched the Mahabahu-Brahmaputra programme in which Indian state?
A: Assam

Q.The World’s oldest DNA was recently discovered in the tooth of which 1.2-million-year-old animal?
A. Krestovka mammoth

Q.Name the instant messaging service developed by the Government of India as an alternative to WhatsApp?
A.  Sandes

Q. Which of the following is not a variety of this dish?
A. Pita

Q. What kind of cells, whose name is derived from Greek, are found in this part of a human body?
A. Neurons

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 21, 2021

Q. Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India have completed 20 years in India. Which was their model which hit the Indian market in 2001?
A: Activa

Q. Which of these actors was given the Critics Choice award at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2021?
A. Sushant Singh Rajput

Q.Which tennis grand slam is played on this surface?
A.  The French Open

Q. What is this musical instrument called?
A. Banjo

Q. What is the official name of this tower located in London?
A. Elizabeth Tower

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 20, 2021

Q. Which company has the ‘Vriddhi Supplier Development Program’ that aims to empower around 50,000 MSME’s for growth?
A: Walmart

Q. The Russian Direct Investment Fund has recently announced that which vaccine is now registered in 37 countries?
A. Sputnik V

Q. In which Disney movie do we see this talking snowman?
A.  Frozen

Q. Which book written by this US President, was released in the year 2020?
A.A Promised Land

Q. What do you call the person who serves and prepares this beverage?
A. Barista

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 19, 2021

Q. Hoshangabad in Madhya Pradesh, would be renamed as what, a name to honour a famous river in India?
A: Narmadapuram

Q. The 2021 Australian Open women’s singles title was Naomi Osaka’s ___ Grand Slam singles title. Fill in the blanks
A. 4th

Q. This actor turned 40 on 25th February 2021, he won a Filmfare Award for Best Debut for the movie Ishq Vishk. Name him
A.  Shahid Kapoor

Q. Name this famous waterfall located in North America
A.Niagara Falls

Q. This is one of the most famous landmarks in which country?
A. United Kingdom

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 18, 2021

Q. With an aim to create digital infrastructure for Indian cities, the government has recently launched the NUDM. Expand NUDM
A: National Urban Digital Mission

Q. The TGR63 molecule developed by the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research is a potential drug for what?
A. Alzheimer’s Disease

Q.Which Indian company has recently raised $1.25 billion through issuance of debt instruments?
A.  Bharti Airtel

Q. Name the car from this brand that went to space
A. Roadster

Q. Apart from God, and his son Jesus, how many fingers do the rest of these characters have in the TV show?
A. 4

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 17, 2021

Q. The Jal Shakti Ministry has recently announced that 12 iconic sites including Ajanta Caves & Sanchi Stupa would be transformed into what?
A: Swachh Tourist Destinations

Q. With KV Vijayendra Prasad of Baahubali fame as the writer, which of these is director Alaukik Desai’s latest project?
A. Sita: The Incarnation

Q.Which company is recalling close to 82,000 electric vehicles globally after 15 reports of fire, involving the vehicles?
A.  Hyundai

Q. What is the currency of this country?
A. Krone

Q. This animal, the state animal of Himachal Pradesh, is also the national animal of which of these countries?
A. Afghanistan

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 16, 2021

Q. The newly named Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad is located in a sports enclave named after whom?
A: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Q. Which of these countries has assumed the BRICS chairmanship for the year 2021?
A. India

Q.As per an announcement, the first undersea tunnel in India is being built as part of the __ Coastal Road Project. Fill in the blanks
A.  Mumbai

Q. These beautiful visuals can be seen in which the country has Male as its capital?
A. Maldives

Q. What is this type of fish called?
A. Clownfish

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 15, 2021

Q. The 2021 Australian Open Men’s Singles final featured players from which countries?
A: Russia and Serbia

Q. February 29th, 1896 is the birthday of which former Indian Prime Minister who was in office for a bit more than 2 years?
A. Morarji Desai

Q. The upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Pathan’ featuring Shahrukh Khan, has an extended cameo from which of these actors?
A.  Salman Khan

Q. Which action sport is being performed by the man in this photo?
A. Skateboarding

Q. The process of adding design to this drink after it has been poured is called what?
A. Etching

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 14, 2021

Q. Who took a total of 11 wickets in the second pink ball Test ever to be played in India?
A: Axar Patel

Q. The Westminister Magistrates’ Court in which city cleared the extradition of Nirav Modi to India?
A. London

Q. Founders Day is celebrated by scouts all over the world on 22nd February on whose birthday?
A.  Lord Baden- Powell

Q. Who usually played the rhythm technique on this instrument in the Beatles?
A. John Lennon

Q. This kind of statue of a woman is often found in courthouses in order to represent what?
A. Justice

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 13, 2021

Q. Which country is India helping to build the Shahtoot Dam?
A: Afghanistan

Q. Which Australian cricketer recently won his third Allan Border Medal?
A. Steve Smith

Q. To which animal is the current year (2021) dedicated, according to the Chinese calendar?
A. Ox

Q. What is this Japanese dish traditionally wrapped in?
A. Seaweed

Q. Which of the following car brands does NOT belong to this company?
A. Dodge

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 12, 2021

Q. Robert Irwin has been awarded the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year award 2020 for his drone image of what?
A: Bushfire in northern Australia

Q. Al-Amal is the first ever uncrewed space exploration mission to Mars by which country?

Q. In January 2021, who became the second Indian captain and Asian skipper to win a Test series in Australia?
A.Ajinkya Rahane

Q.How many phases are there of this satellite?
A. 8

Q. Which horoscope sign is associated with this sea creature?

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 11, 2021

Q. Discovered in Madagascar, Brookesia nana, measuring approx 21.6 mm is probably the world’s smallest adult reptile. But what is it exactly??
A: A chameleon

Q. How do we better know the biggest game in American Football, the Final of the National Football League?
A.Super Bowl

Q. The India Meteorological Department is all set to establish the country’s first thunderstorm research testbed in which Indian state?

Q.Which country produces the most amount of these beans in the world?
A. Brazil

Q. A group of this animal belonging to the Felidae family is known as what?
A. Pride

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 10, 2021

Q. Q. Which film recently became the first Tamil film to win the coveted Tiger Award at Rotterdam Film Festival 2021?
A: Koozhangal

Q. Which of these is a “micro-blogging platform” developed in India by Aprameya Radhakrishna, promoted as an alternative to twitter?

Q. Which cricketer recently became the first player in history to score a double century in his 100th Test match?
A. Joe Root

Q.What is the name of this magical weapon used by a character from Marvel Comics?
A. Mjolnir

Q. Which email service is owned by this American Corporation?
A. Hotmail

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 9, 2021

Q. In February 2021, a portion of which glacier broke off and caused the flooding of the Dhauliganga river?
A: Nanda Devi glacier

Q. The Square Kilometre Array is an intergovernmental project to build the world’s largest what?
A.Radio telescope

Q. Yudh Abhyas’ that recently took place in Rajasthan, is a joint military exercise between India and which country?

Q.What was the middle name of this famous singer?
A. Joseph

Q. Which of the following is not there in the four corners of this board game?
A. Railroad

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 8, 2021

Q. Rishiganga Hydroelectric Project, in news recently, is located in which Indian state?
A: Uttarakhand

Q. Which country recently unveiled a plan to build the world’s largest offshore wind power plant by 2030?
A.South Korea

Q. Ayesha Aziz from Kashmir recently became India’s youngest woman to become what, at the age of 25?
A. Pilot

Q.With which of these scientists, would you associate the invention of this device?
A. Emile Berliner

Q. Name this iconic landmark situated in Australia
A. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 7, 2021

Q. The World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) is the annual flagship event of which organisation in India?

Q. Recently India celebrated the birth centenary of which legendary vocalist hailed as a modern day Tansen?
A.Pandit Bhimsen Joshi

Q. What is the name of the world’s first all-civilian astronaut mission annouced by SpaceX?
A. Inspiration4

Q.What is the full name of this fashion doll introduced in 1959 by the American toy company Mattel, Inc?
A. Barbara Millicent Roberts

Q. How many players per team are there in this competitive sport played in water?
A. 7

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 6, 2021

Q. What word has been named by Oxford Languages as its Hindi word of the year 2020?
A: Aatmanirbharta

Q. The tradition of what is known to have begun in Raghurajpur, a heritage cloth crafts village in Odisha?

Q. Which high-profile Google project, aiming to deliver wireless internet via flying balloons in the stratosphere, recently got shut down?
A. Project Loon

Q. This phone belongs to the biggest technology company of which country?
A. South Korea

Q. This phone belongs to the biggest technology company of which country?
A. South Korea

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 5, 2021

Q. At the 2021 Republic Day parade, which state’s tableau showcased it’s folk music produced by Dhankul, Tori & Turahi?
A: Chhattisgarh

Q. Which company manufactures the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft?

Q. National Innovation Foundation is an autonomous body under which department of Government of India?
A. Department of Science and Technology

Q. Which of these US presidents banned this item from the Oval Office?
A. George W. Bush

Q. Who is claimed to be the inventor of this object, and also produced a 15 minute horror movie of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein in 1910?
A. Thomas Edison

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 4, 2021

Q. The bird ‘Monal’, the animal ‘Kasturi Mrig’, and the flower ‘BrahmaKamal’ – all featured on the 2021 Republic Day tableau of which state?
A: Uttarakhand

Q. MINUSMA is a peacekeeping mission by the UN in which country?

Q. What is ‘Rakshita’ developed by DRDO for CRPF?
A. Bike Ambulance

Q. What do you call a group of this animal?
A. Ambush

Q. What is celebrated the day after this festival?
A. Boxing Day

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 3, 2021

Q. Agnes Keleti, who recently celebrated her 100th birthday, is considered the world’s oldest surviving what?
A: Olympic champion

Q. Which country was the country of focus at the 51st International Film Festival of India, Goa?
A. Bangladesh

Q. The 2021 Republic Day tableau of which state/UT featured the Indian Astronomical Observatory located in Hanle?
A. Ladakh

Q. In which category did this famous musician win the Nobel Prize in 2016?
A. Literature

Q. Which of the following is a feature of this website?
A. Repinning

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 2, 2021

Q. Which of these events, addressed by PM Narendra Modi, is celebrated every year from January 12 to 16?
A. National Youth Parliament Festival

Q. Vishwa Hindi Divas is celebrated on January 10 to commemorate the anniversary of the first World Hindi Conference held in which city?
A. Nagpur

Q. The 2021 Republic Day tableau from which of these departments depicted the process of COVID-19 Vaccine development?
A: Department of Biotechnology

Q. This fruit is native to which country?
A: China

Q. What kind of doctors specialise in the study of this vital organ?
A: Cardiologist

amazon quiz answers

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – March 1, 2021

Q. Sri Rakab Ganj Sahib, which featured on the Punjab tableau at the 2021 Republic Day parade, was the site of the cremation for which Guru?
A: Guru Tegh Bahadur

Q. Which country got badly affected by the storm Filomena, which unleashed the heaviest snowfall on the Iberian peninsula in 50 years?
A: Spain

Q. Recently released book ‘Gazing Eastwards’ is a lively and arresting account of which historian’s first visit to China in 1957?
A: Romila Thapar

Q. Prior to changing in 1894, what type of ball was used to play this sport?
A: A soccer ball

Q. Louis and Lola were what kind of animals owned by this famous American singer?
A: Llama

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – 28th February 2021

Q. Joyshree Das Verma has recently been appointed as the Honorary Consul in North-East India by which foreign country?
A: Israel

Q. Which architectural marvel featured on the Gujarat tableau at the 2021 Republic Day parade?
A: Sun Temple at Modhera

Q. What was the name given to the Startup India International Summit organised in January 2021?
A: Prarambh

Q. Which vitamin will you not find in this food item?
A: Vitamin C

Q. By which of the following names can you refer to this symbol?
A: Octothorpe

Amazon Quiz Answers & Win Prizes – 27th February 2021

Q. Which Union Territory presented its tableau for the first time ever at the 2021 Republic Day parade?
A: Ladakh

Q. What type of vessel is Sagar Anveshika, that was recently launched by Union Minister for Earth Sciences Harsh Vardhan?
A: Coastal Research Vessel

Q. Satya Paul, who recently passed away, was a well-known entrepreneur in which field?
A: Fashion

Q. Satya Paul, who recently passed away, was a well-known entrepreneur in which field?
A: A Turkey

Q. What is the term given for three consecutive strikes in this target sport?
A: A Turkey

Q. Apart from this artist, which other artist has also won three Grammys for the album of the year?
A: Stevie Wonder

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