Top 9 UC Browser Tips and Tricks + Useful How-To Guides

UC Browser has many secrets up on its sleeve. It has some unique and interesting features which some web browsers don’t offer. After using it for quite some time, I thought it would be great to write about some UC Browser tips and tricks that I found while using it.

UC Browser Tips and Tricks

You probably only knew about UC Browser and its basic features. And that is common. Most people just think web browsers are the same. As long as they can load up pages immediately, there’s nothing more to talk about.

So if you are one of those people, you really should read this UC Browser tips and tricks. You will find that you can be more productive with this web browser alone if you want to.

UC Browser Tips and Tricks (Best Features)

Seamless Import-Export-Sync with UC Browser

Seamless data synchronization through the cloud is what UC Browser is all about. This means that you can sync your data from one device to another with just a simple sign in to UC Browser.

The same goes when you import and export bookmarks from a different web browser. While Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome can do similar tasks, the UC Browser can do it with lesser memory requirements and low demand on your device resources.

It is like using the lite version of Google Chrome with almost identical features and capability. That is why UC Browser is also best for low-end devices. And if you have a powerful computer, the UC Browser gets to perform even better.

UC Browser Ad Blocker

Ads on websites or any webpages are okay. It is what puts butter on the plate of our dear publishers. But ads should be generated properly.

Those ads that cover most of the screen are just relentless and annoying. And if the information that you need is only available on that certain website where ads are notorious, the UC Browser is your shield.

In this UC Browser tips and tricks, we will highlight a built-in feature that blocks all the ads on any website. You can activate this by going to the Settings menu of the web browser.

While blocking ads on web browsers is not good for publishers and website owners, they should have considered fixing it to be less annoying. But it is there and it is rampant on many sites. So adblockers are now a thing.

Well, here’s UC Browser tips and tricks for you. Did you know that you can improve webpage loading by 60% for those websites when you block ads?

Also, if you are on limited data, you will save a lot on your allocation. That is because the UC browser will only have to download and load up the basic webpage with text and native images. And that means almost instant page load.

Find in Page with UC Browser

If you are looking for specific information within a webpage, you will appreciate the Find in Page feature of UC Browser.

If you prefer finding the keyword and paragraph that mentions the word that you are after, just go to the Menu. Click on the Find in Page and type in the word that you want. That’s it.

Take Screenshot of Web pages

While most web browsers can only take a screenshot of a portion of the page that appears on the screen, the UC browser can do better. It can actually take a screenshot of the entire page no matter how long it is.

This way, you can use the image as a reference for later when you do not have internet access. No more merging multiple images just to read the entire page continuously.

Find this feature by opening the Menu. And in the second tile of the menu, you will see a screenshot option.

Recently, they have included a feature called UC Doodles with the screenshots. So now you can add drawings and other details to your web screenshots using UC Browser.

Enable Night Mode

Google Chrome dark mode was just recently embracing the night mode on its platform. In UC Browser, this has been a long-used feature.

Night mode is a useful feature that UC Browser is boasting. You can enable night mode from the menu to take care of your eyes at night.

While another web browser is now appreciating the health benefits of night mode, UC Browser has been making great use of this tool. Night mode reduces the blue light that enters the eyes. As a result, you can sleep better with less stress on your sleep cycle.

Use Themes to Customize UC Browser

UC Browser supports customization more than some popular web browsers. In fact, you can use your personal images as the background of the web browser.

Here is how you can do it now. Go to Settings> Themes and select any theme available there. Or you can use any image of your phone as a background image of UC Browser.

Now if that is not extra thoughtful, I don’t know what else is. How’s that for a useful UC Browser tips and tricks?

Desktop Mode on UC Browser

Desktop Mode is also present inside the UC Browser. We understand that not all websites are adaptive to the mobile view. Sometimes, websites show different webpage from when you view them on a desktop or when on mobile phones.

So this UC Browser tips and tricks should make you smile. The UC Browser Desktop mode can show you the real desktop view of any site with just a click. It would be like UC Browser on Windows.

To activate the Desktop Mode, just go to the Menu. Select Zoom mode to view websites as a desktop device.

Speed Dial

Bookmark on web browsers is one thing. Speed Dial, on the other hand, is the one that gives you one-tap access to your favorite websites.

The Speed Dial feature of UC Browser makes web browsing faster. And what’s even faster is adding Websites or URL on it. All you need is to long-press one of the dials and you get to enter the URL of your choice. That’s it.

Share Web pages to Social Networks from UC Browser

Everything now is connected using social media. And the UC Browser has foreseen this trend way before other web browsers do. And so sharing any content from any website that you visit is easy with just a couple of taps.

Yes, all major social media platform is welcome. And you can easily connect them from this web browser. It is easy as 1-2-3.

In Conclusion

This UC Browser tips and tricks should make an avid fan out of you. As you have found, these are just the top ten popular and useful features of this magnificent web browser.

If you have time, fiddle with this gorgeous web browsing tool and you might just find a new feature that we have not seen yet. It is possible. Developers of UC Browser are tireless and always want to deliver the best internet browsing experience possible to date.

If you have some particular questions, please use the comment section below. Also, feel free to give suggestions or even additions to what we have already discussed in this article. We love useful and helpful input when it is available and given freely.

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