How to Sell on eBay Without Paypal – All About Seller’s Account

If you are among the sellers on eBay wondering if there is any payment option other than PayPal, this page could help you. Though PayPal is the most preferred payment option for eBay, there are many other options and best alternatives around the corner for sellers to use.

sell on ebay without paypal

Merchant account or Wire transfer are a few of the other options that sellers like you can use. This is typical if you are wondering how to sell on eBay without PayPal.

Let us find out the best possible options for sellers and opt for them when selling your next product. If you do not want to accept different payment forms through PayPal, you must mention them with your ad on the site. Before we discuss any further, make sure to check out our other guides on Brighter Guide.

Seller’s options for receiving payments

There are various options for sellers to receive payments from customers. So don’t worry if you do not have a PayPal account.

Merchant credit card accounts

The first option right after PayPal that comes on the list of buyers’ and sellers’ preferences is the Merchant Account. One can accept card payments in this account!

credit card

You can set up a merchant account that is actually a bank account directly through eBay checkout. Using this, you can accept payments from buyers via credit or debit cards. Once the buyer clicks on ‘Pay Now,’ they will be redirected to the payment gateway of yours via eBay checkout. Then they can make the payment for the purchases.

There is a certain fee involved if payment is made using a credit card; you need to consider that. eBay charges no other fees on payment processing.

Need more information about credit cards and banking? Check out our guides for ChaseHSBCWells Fargo, and Bank of America.

Wire transfers

This is regarded as one of the easiest ways for payment on eBay. The buyer will deposit the money online or in person into your bank account directly. This is also regarded as one of the safest payment methods or options by eBay.

COD or cash on delivery

If the seller and the buyer are in the same country, they can opt for the Cash on Delivery payment option. Once the product reaches the customer’s doorstep, the delivery agent will pick up the payment. Payment can be made via cash, money order, cheques, credit card payment, and others.

It is always better to specify what kind of payment option you prefer. This will help the buyer to decide accordingly.

Other options

In case of advance payment, the seller can also accept payment via money orders, cheques, and a personal and cashier booth. One can easily trace this payment, and there are no extra charges on these payment options.


PayPal is no doubt the default payment option on eBay. However, if you do not want to use PayPal and want to know how to sell on eBay without PayPal, you can use the payment modes mentioned above. For international transactions, the options are restricted to Paypal and merchant account only. got questions about Managed payments, payment on pickup, product category, Seller Fees, Private Sellers, Shipping costs, Party Payment provider, Automatic Payment method, Payment Processing Service, Payment from buyers, Product Listings, Popular Products, Selling Fees, Card processing Fees, Credit Card Details, Party Processing Fees, Managing payments, processing payments, electronic payment service or anything from the article? Let us know in the comment section below.

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