How to Use PayPal Karma Koin – Online Games Virtual Money

The PayPal karma Koin is one of PayPal’s gift cards that are intended for purchasing access to games, entertainment, and gears. If you are one of those individuals that are into game streaming, this is one of the virtual currencies that you can use.

paypal karma koin

If you want to know more about PayPal Karma Koin, this is the article that we have prepared to give you a simplified overview of this product. We will teach you how to avail yourself and use this type of gift card on your online activities.

What is PayPal Karma Koin?

The PayPal Karma Koin is a gift card that online gamers and avid gameplay enthusiasts.  The credits that these gift cards contain convert into in-game currency. The game currency is the virtual money that a game supports to avail of some of the game’s upgrades, armors, and weapons.

What sets the Karma Koin apart from other gift cards sold online is that part of their sale is being distributed to charity projects that the company is involved in. So this means that while you are buying game credits, you are also helping out other people somewhere in the world.

The PayPal Karma Koin is available in different denominations from $10, $25, $50, or $100. You may buy Karma Koin on the PayPal Digital Gifts store or get it from the Karma Koin official website.

Since it is virtual money, you do not need a physical card to get one. All you need is the code and the PIN, and you may enter it on a game’s e-store. It should automatically convert into local in-game currency instantly. Every online game has a different procedure to use or credit virtual currencies, so see your game’s respective avenue to avail virtual money inside their platform.

How to use Karma Koin

Availing Karma Koin is easy. You only need to do some registration and enough funds to purchase your chosen denomination. Here’s a brief generalized procedure on how it works.

  1. On your laptop or computer, open a web browser and go to the PayPal Digital Gifts official page.

  2. If you want to buy a Karma Koin for your personal use, click on the “Buy For Me” button.

  3. If you want to gift a Karma Koin to another person, click on the “Gift” button.
    PayPal Karma Koin

  4. In case you choose the “Buy For Me” button, you will first be required to log in to your PayPal account.

  5. Follow the on-screen prompt and provide details, then confirm the purchase.

  6. For sending Karma Koin as a gift, click on the “Gift” button, and a pop-up menu will appear.
    Send a Gift

  7. Please choose whether you want to purchase and send the gift card today or whether you want it scheduled on a specific date.

  8. Below that, you will need to provide the recipient’s email address, name, a short message, and then click “Review.”

  9. Once you confirm that the details are all correct, confirm the purchase.

  10. That’s it. You should receive the email confirmation when the transaction is through.

Final Verdict

The PayPal Karma Koin is a gift card that is used by online gamers and avid gamers. The credits on these gift cards can be used to purchase in-game currency. The game currency is the virtual money that can be used to purchase upgrades, armors, and weapons in a game.

Personally, I would recommend Karma Koin over the majority of game cards available on the internet. This is because they are involved in various charity movements. And they contribute parts of their earnings to these activities. That makes me feel like enjoying my favorite online games and getting access to games while helping other less fortunate people in the process. It is not much, but at least it is there!

How about you? What do you think about PayPal Karma Koin? Do you think these game cards will work for your online games? Tell us in the comment section below what you think. We want to know your thoughts on these matters.

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