How to Resume Broken/Expired Downloads in IDM

Internet Download Manager aka IDM is the most popular download manager software in the world. It has many awesome features that make it the best download manager software. However, you can face some problems with IDM extension or on its main software. For instance, you may have noticed that not all files we download from internet support resuming on IDM.

Resume Broken Expire files IDM

Actually, it’s not the fault of IDM, some websites have time limitations for downloading any file. This situation especially occurs when you try to download big files from the internet. In such cases, if your internet connection is not that good, it’s really a waste of time for you to try downloading a big file that doesn’t support your resume.

Because that means – even if a file downloading stops after 99.99% is done, it’s useless as you can’t download the rest. But, don’t worry, here are some little tricks which will help you to resume broken file downloads on IDM, which don’t support Resume. I’m sure you guys will find this trick very useful, check the trick below.

Resuming a Broken or Expired file Download in IDM, How to Continue Corrupted IDM Downloads

Now for getting a better idea about this, let’s presume that you were downloading a YouTube video from website and your download has broken or stopped after some time, and here I will show you how to resume that file download. You can check the entire step by step guide below. Also at the end of the post I have described what we are doing here, you should also check that.

  1. Copy the video URL and paste it into the URL box of
  2. Click on Download Link and your file will start downloading.
  3. As the time for downloading files from is limited (it’s 12 hours). After 12 Hours the file downloading will stop and your download will become broken or expired.
  4. Now for resuming the download, we will again go to and Do the Step 1.
  5. this time we will copy the download link by right-clicking on the download link and copy the link. Then go to IDM and right-click on that file which you were downloading and select Properties.
  6. Select the Entire Old File Address and Paste the new File Address there.
  7. Click on OK, and Start the download and your downloading should resume now normally.

Now, as you can see what we are doing here is changing the old download link with the new one so that’s all you need to do. Just change the old download link with the new link to resume any file download in IDM. For more info, you can check what we are doing here below.

What We Are Doing Here – Explained

We download files from an Address, the address is the location of that file on any web server (where everything is stored). We enter the address in the download URL box so the computer can download data from that specific location of the internet. So, in this Trick what we do is – charge the old File Address with the new one to start the download again.

So that was all about how you can resume any file download on IDM, Thanks for reading the post. Please do comment below and moreover, share the post on social media if you think this can help people.

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