How to Delete Paytm Wallet Transaction History From Account Statement

Do you want to clear your Paytm wallet statement? Do you want to delete your Paytm transaction history? If you do, then read this post to learn more about it.

Delete Paytm Wallet Transaction History

Paytm Wallet is a mobile wallet where you can transfer money via internet banking, credit card, debit card, etc. you can also transfer money from Paytm wallet to bank account. You can use it for buying things from Paytm and many other e-commerce and services websites in India. You can also pay offline using Paytm cash.

However, whenever you use your Paytm wallet like paying for something or receiving money, the transaction is stored on your Paytm wallet statement. You can easily check it by opening the Paytm app and clicking on “Passbook.”

Paytm Wallet Statement

Now some of you guys have this question in your mind, “can I delete my Paytm transaction history?”. This question was asked by one of our readers a few days back. Not only one person may people were commenting on this post- “How to Delete Paytm Account,” regarding the same issue. If you are also someone who wants to know the answer to this question, then let me tell you the short answer to this.

No, You Can Not Delete Paytm Transaction History.

Why You Can’t Just Delete Your Paytm Transaction History

Some of you guys may have this question in your minds. So here I am trying to tell you guys the reason behind it. You all have bank accounts right? Bank accounts have passbooks where all transaction details are saved. Do bank accounts let you delete your transaction history? No, they don’t. If they do let this happen, then the bank accounts can be used for illegal activities like money laundering and bad people can easily misuse any account.

Well, you can think of your Paytm wallet as a bank account where it’s a necessity to store all your transactions history. Just like a bank account transaction statement, you can not delete transaction statement from your Paytm account too.

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14 thoughts on “How to Delete Paytm Wallet Transaction History From Account Statement”

  1. But I want to delete the my paytm history plz tell me how to delete it from mobile or auther wise how to hide that history . Sume number on which I hade make the payments so I don’t want to show it on may paytm ac or passbook….

  2. At the time of installation paytm MB about 24, but now showing about 200+MB, so I want to delete old history as always showing paytm has stopped to working. Please find solutions to overcome this problem.

  3. I remember this from when I first used it — it seemed like a way to protect myself from abusive people who took me to the internet. JCIt’s interesting how they seem to have managed to get rid of this after they found out about it on the web.


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