How to Open an Anonymous PayPal Account (Step by Step Guide)

This might be a surprise to many persons, but you can actually have an anonymous PayPal account for your payments and other transactions. You can still send funds to the proper recipient, so there’s no need to worry. I have also done it, and it worked. So if you are looking to send and receive money anonymously on PayPal, you better stick around, and we will tell you everything. Before we go on, make sure to read more of our guides on Brighter Guide.

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PayPal is one of the most widely used online wallets for personal and business purposes and acknowledged by many online stores like eBay and many banks. It can be used to send and receive money, pay bills and shopping items, and also as a payroll. It is just pretty much everything you can do to your credit or debit card but with further security.

But some people do not want to be identified when doing financial transactions. Some are receiving online attacks so they choose to remain anonymous There are a lot of reasons for this activity. And most of it is for personal and privacy reasons.

Whatever your reasons might be, it is yours and yours alone. Still, we will teach you or tell you how you can use an anonymous PayPal account the easy way.

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Anonymous PayPal Account

Here’s the thing. Sometimes you just want to do transactions anonymously. It can be that you want to donate and help out people without having them find out who you are. Sometimes you just want to get a job done without the risk of getting identified. And then, there are times when you want to purchase something, and you do not want the seller to find out who you are.

It could be those reasons or something else. But whatever your reason is, it is out of our hands. We are just here to give you tips on how to create and use an anonymous PayPal account!

How to Create an Anonymous PayPal Account


So this is where it all starts. But before we do, let me tell you some important things first.

The method that we will provide and teach you is limited. And by limited, we mean that it has some significant limitations. So if you are looking to use PayPal for money laundering, this is not the article for you.

This tutorial is just for those small transactions. Those that do not really involve a considerable amount of money. Now, if you understand what we are trying to tell you, you can decide now whether you want to leave or stay.

Requirements for Anonymous PayPal Account

Apart from a working email address, which is a basic PayPal requirement, there are some requirements before you create an Anonymous Paypal account. Please read on to learn about them.

  • An existing PayPal verified account (conditional but would be very useful)
  • A burner PayPal account (the anonymous PayPal account)
  • A fake ID (self-explanatory)
  • Funds

Verified PayPal Account

If you have those four requirements ready, let’s continue. A verified PayPal account is needed because you will need a source of funds. This is conditional because if you already have a set source of funds, then you can disregard this part.

A Fake ID

If you do not want to use your real name, this fake ID will be your anonymous PayPal account holder. Since the initial identification requirement of PayPal is just basic information, then this should do the trick temporarily.

Unverified PayPal Account

You see, new and unverified PayPal account has limits especially on the withdrawal capability. That means you can place as many funds as you want on the anonymous PayPal account, but it is limited to the withdrawal part.

PayPal Monthly Limit for Unverified Accounts

Typically, an unverified account has a $10,000 withdrawal limit. That means you can only spend or take money from your account with that limitation. If that is alright with you, then this tip is for you.

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In Conclusion

We hope you found this post useful in your hunt for an anonymous PayPal account. This isn’t much, but it gets the job done. As far as we’re concerned, as of the time of writing, this still works. And we’ve been using the anonymous PayPal account for donations and other purposes for almost three years. If you must, purchase a domain name and utilise a dedicated email account for PayPal. You can visit the Resolution Center or contact Customer Service if you need assistance opening a dispute or claim. Use a dedicated email address or a real email address for PayPal, or you can also buy a domain name if you have to card you would want a real account to record all your incoming money.

That’s it. You now have an anonymous PayPal account that you can use in the meantime. As we have mentioned above, you can only send or withdraw money up to $10,000 per month. You can do the same again next month.

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