Adblock Plus vs uBlock Origin: Which Is A Better Adblocker


Reading this post will help you to choose between uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus. Know which is the best adblocker. According to a survey, companies spend more than 500 billion dollars worldwide on advertisements per year.

Better Adblocker

Online giants like Google, Facebook, Yahoo generate most of their revenue from advertisements. This industry is a gigantic industry with billions of worth. However, after the introduction of Adblockers, we have observed a drop in page views and ad impressions ratio.

Use of Ad-blockers has always been a part of the debate among tech experts. On one side there are websites which provide quality content and don’t use many advertisements. It is absolutely fine to support them by not using adblockers. But then there are some not-so-good quality websites which send forced ads and popups which become hell lot of annoying for users.

Any advanced user would install ad-blocker immediately after installing a good browser like chrome or firefox on his computer. But choosing a perfect adblocker again a confusing thing. Out of many adblockers available, these are two most popular – Adblock Plus and Ublock Origin. Both of these are available as an extension in two of the most used browsers – Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

Google and Amazon pay Adblock Plus to let their ad go through Adblock Plus’s shield. It is, however, acceptable because neither Google nor Amazon shows annoying advertisements to users. To help you make the right decision we have completed the two below and shared some useful info which you should know before choosing which adblocker you should go with. Keep reading 🙂

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Popularity & Availability

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is the most popular ad-block add-on available on any platform. It was actually developed to be a competitor of already popular Adblock, soon it surpassed it by a great margin. The best thing I like about Adblock Plus is, it doesn’t block non-annoying ads but blocks only irritating ads like Popups. This is the reason why Adblock Plus is supported by bloggers and webmasters too.

Adblock Plus smokes most of the other ad-blockers in terms of multi-platform supportability. It supports all of the popular web browsers like – Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera etc. Furthermore, Adblock Plus recently introduced a plugin for Firefox Android.

Ublock Origin

Ublock Origin is an open source ad-block plugin developed and maintained in Github. It was introduced claiming that it does everything wich Adblock Plus does – that too with fewer resources. It offers additional filters which other ad-blockers allow plus different too. Unlike Adblock Plus, Ublock Origin is only available for Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox browsers.

User Interface

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus has a very simple and clean design and comes with a enable/disable switch. Apart from that, it also lists stats about blocked URLs in real time as well as from the past with an option to share them on social networks. In an addition Adblock Plus allows you to report web pages on which you are facing issues with.

Ublock Origin

Ublock Origin has almost similar design with a Start/Stop switch and additional stats about blocked pages, connected URLs, etc. There are further options like listing request logs, inspecting page elements.

Options & Settings

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus options revolve around a simple predefined set of filters, whitelists and whether you want its main button to appear on every site. Adblock Plus uses a predefined main filter which can be altered by a user. You can add or remove whitelists from websites on your own will.

In addition to these, Adblock Plus provides the one really interesting feature called “allow non-intrusive ads”, which is enabled by default. As I already mentioned earlier in this post, companies like Google and Amazon pay Adblock plus to let their advertisements pass through its shield. Allowing non-intrusive ads” means you allow Adblock Plus to let some websites show non-annoying and non-intrusive advertisements.

Ublock Origin

Ublock Origin, on the other hand, provides better customization by not allowing advertisements which can be seen while using Adblock Plus. This extension is independent enough to not let any of the paid advertisements sneakily pass through its shield.

Furthermore, Ublock Origin provides a larger set of third-party filters and rules (filter subscriptions by ABP). Most of these filters are allowed by default and typically you don’t need to edit any of these filters.

System Resources

It is already proved by many independent tests that Ublock Origin usages lesser system resources as compared to Adblock Plus. So if you are using a system with low specifications then you might want to choose Ublock Origin over Adblock Plus. However, systems with medium or high configurations don’t show noticeable difference in terms of system performance.


While using applications and extensions – privacy becomes the user’s first priority. Adblock Plus seems to be really serious about the supreme privacy of their users (stated on their website). However, Ublock didn’t care to mention anything about privacy on their official Github page.


We may conclude that Ublock has an edge over Adblock Plus by offering more customizations without using much system resources. However, Adblock Plus has its own loyal user base as it is still perfect for doing what it does.

Finally, it’s your call whether you want the good user interface, multi-platforms support or fewer system resources usages. It is not really necessary to switch if you are using either of them. We love to hear from our visitor, speak up your thoughts regarding Ad-blockers in the comments section.

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