How to Link PayPal Account to Twitch – Step-by-Step Easy Guide

Starting your Twitch streaming career begins not only with your streams on your channel but also with the financial help or donations you and other non-profit organizations can get from it. PayPal is one of the money transfer platforms that are very trusted by many streamers on Twitch. There is a way to link your PayPal account to Twitch, and it involves a couple of steps!

how to link paypal to twitch

If you’re among the many Twitch streamers, you may start receiving donations from your viewers via Twitch panels. However, your PayPal should be in a business account to start linking and receive donations. You may easily upgrade your PayPal personal account into a business account, but you may also set up a separate business account.

How to link PayPal to Twitch for donations

Streamers can accept donations by linking PayPal Donation to their account. This is easy and so is adding the donation button on Twitch. Here are the steps to get it done:

  1. Go to All tools in your PayPal Account.

    Ensure that you’re using a business account because some features you’ll be using to gather donations are not available in a personal account. On your business account home page, click the All Tools tab.

  2. Select PayPal buttons

    Look for the Paypal buttons, then select it to add payment buttons on your website and accept PayPal and major credit cards. After that, you will find the donate option; just click on it.

  3. Click on ‘Create new buttons.’

    PayPal has pre-set buttons. Select the Create new button link on the right side of the page. This will lead you to the Donations Page.

  4. Fill in your donation button preferences.

    On the Donations page, you’ll need to enter your organization name. You may notice that there’s a link to customize buttons. But apparently, Twitch doesn’t allow you to add HTML changes. So you may opt to click that and proceed with your preferred currency settings.

    Keep in mind the most common currency your viewers have. After this, you will have an option if you want a fixed amount of donations or any random amount from your viewers.
    After that, you will enter your merchant name, then proceed with step 2 and tick the checkbox to save the PayPal button. Step 3 is about your customer’s shipping address and their capability to send you messages when making donations.

  5. Create the donation link

    Then the next one would be setting the landing page when your viewers see options to cancel or finish donating money. Finally, click the create button. Now your button is ready but be mindful that you cannot use the HTML with Twitch, and you will only use the link version.

  6. Create your Donation panel on Twitch

    Since you cannot add HTML stuff on Twitch, you will need to create a button image. There are many apps where you can create customized buttons, such as Canva, RelayThat, or Nerdordie.

  7. Add your link in the button

    As soon as you have your button image with you, you may start adding the donation panel. You may do so by toggling the edit panel button then click the + sign.

  8. Add Twitch Donation button

    Then select Add text/Image panel. Next would be the title panel. Then upload the image you made. Then on the image links to the section, you may add the PayPal link you had a while ago. Then add some description.


Twitch is a live-streaming network for gamers and other lifestyle casters that encourages the creation of communities centred on a common and streamable interest. Twitch broadcasters “broadcast” their games or activity by sharing their screen with followers and subscribers who can hear and see what they’re doing in real time.

Start receiving donations on your channel or your favorite streamers. Set up the donate button code with the steps above. You can create a donation email link through the seller preferences on summary page or the ‘My Selling Tools’ on the profile page if you have a business account. May you have more viewers and donations as well.

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