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When Microsoft launched Windows 10, they allowed both Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade to the new version for free. They didn’t keep that door wide open for so long. You have so much to explore in Brighter Guide! Take some time to visit and read our useful articles.

windows 10 iso direct download

You might have missed the golden opportunity that you want to download the files of Windows 10 so that you can install it on your computer now. Guess what? You can still do it by following the steps you are going to see here.

Note: By following this process you will be able to download Windows 10 ISO file for free legally. However, you will still get This Copy of Windows is not Genuine Error on your PC. So after you download Windows 10, read How to Fix This Copy of Windows is not Genuine Error.

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How to Legally Download Windows 10 for Free

I am going to divide this article into different parts, providing a certain method on each part. You can go through each and follow the one you want.

Upgrade Your Computer

To get Windows 10 for free, you may want to upgrade your computer. If you do, you should follow the steps given below.

Step 1: First, you need to visit the Windows 10 Media Tool downloading page. Hit the Download tool now button to start the download process.

Step 2: Once the downloading finishes, you can open it up. The media tool is an executable file with only a size of under 20 MB.

Step 3: As it opens up, you will see a license agreement on which you should choose the Accept button. The Decline option will end the procedure right away.

download windows 10 for free-1

Step 4: Now that you want to upgrade the computer you are using, you can choose to go with the first option at this step, which says Upgrade this PC Now. You can now go through only a few simple steps to finally finish the process.

Download Windows 10 ISO File

In case you don’t want to upgrade the computer directly, you can store the operating system as an ISO file. For that, you have to follow the first three steps given above.

Step 4: Here, you need to choose to Create installation media for another PC. Even though you want to use the ISO file for the same PC, you should select this option to get it. After selecting the right option, hit Next.

legally download windows 10 32 bit-2

Step 5: At this step, you have to select the language, edition, and architecture. You don’t want to go through all these? Then, the best thing is ticking the checkbox that says Use the recommended options for this PC. If you do it, the tool itself will select the matching configurations according to the computer on which it runs.

windows 10 64 bit free download-3

Step 6: As the next step, you need to make a selection between USB and ISO. If you want to store all the files on a USB drive, you can choose the first option. Make sure the thumb drive has at least 3 GB of space. I hope you are rather interested in the saving the ISO file.

how to download windows 10 for free legally-4

Step 7: Now it will ask you to select a location to save the file. You should give the file a name and hit Save.

windows 10 for free-5

There you go! The tool will start downloading the files and embed them into the ISO. The process might take some time given the speed of your internet connection.

Step 8: Once the downloading finishes, you can Open DVD Burner to create a disc. If you don’t want to do that right now, go with Finish button.

windows 10 free legal download-6

Wrapping Up

I hope you know how to download Windows 10 for free legally now. Follow all the steps you just read above to get all the files of the operating system at your fingertips.

In any case, you encounter doubts, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you with a possible solution soon.

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