ProWritingAid Vs Grammarly: Pros & Cons

Grammarly and ProwritingAid are a contest of two heavy proofreading tools. Both tools assist you to write better, but in many ways, they are different. Each one has its pros and cons. Check this Grammarly review for a detailed review for Grammarly.

In this post, we’ll compare both of them to see which one is best for your individual needs. For starters, grammarly is cheaper, but not by much. Also, the licensing costs are very low with limited licenses available. ProwritingAid also offers lifetime plan which I prefer over the one year term of Grammarly.

Both systems have excellent customer support options and a free trial. ProwritingAid also offers a lifetime plan while Grammarly doesn’t. So what sets ProwritingAid apart? Let’s take a look at their integrations.

Pro WritingAid integrates with Google Docs. This allows you to create PDFs from any Word document or Excel spreadsheet using a one-click integration and a premium price. This lifetime plan provides unlimited integrations across all of Google’s programs including Google Docs, Doc Writer, and PowerPoint. The customer support doesn’t match Grammarly at all and only reaches basic assistance when using Google’s apps.

Pro WritingAid offers a very limited list of integrations across the major programs and doesn’t even allow adding a Gmail account. They only allow integration with their chrome extension. Grammarly on the other hand, allows you to edit documents from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and all of the other major word processors. You can import your files from your Word file or your Excel into any other document. You can even import files from your Google Docs file and share a document from there. When editing the text inside the text boxes, you can customize the appearance to make the formatting look just like that of the word processing software.

Another feature available only with ProwritingAid is the plagiarism checker. The plagiarism checker located in the bottom right corner of the web editor helps you spot plagiarized passages. The feature is very useful when reviewing books, essays, articles, dissertations, etc. This is also a good feature for writers since it will save you the time needed to reread an essay or paper for attribution errors. Grammarly does allow you to mark passages that are hard to classify as plagiarized.

ProwritingAid vs Grammarly do have much more customizable options than the free version does. The personal data manager allows you to import your entire Excel or Word file so you can make simple changes or additions. The customer support option is also available so you can have help in the event that you run into problems. In addition, ProwritingAid provides regular updates so you can always be sure you are getting the most recent features and improvements.

As you can see, ProwritingAid provides more customizable and in-depth customer support options over its competitor. While it does lack the spell checker and plagiarism checker, it does offer a wide range of valuable features including unlimited add-on and extended features. To learn more about these important tools, as well as to discover what other pros and con list Prowriting Aid have, to check out the official website for more information now.

The only real cons of ProwritingAid Pro appear to be limited word selection options and its slightly expensive premium plan compared to Grammarly’s free plan. While the premium plan does cost more, it also offers great value for the money spent. It is also important to note that ProwritingAid’s premium plan includes access to an integrations database. This gives you access to more than just spell checkers and plagiarism checkers – you can also integrate Word Lens and Xbench, among many other helpful programs.

Grammarly on the other hand, is designed specifically for writers who don’t have experience with word processing or writing in general. Its basic free version only allows limited searches and suggests spellings based on its own vocabulary. This may not be ideal if you need to write a large amount of text. For this reason, many choose to use Grammarly’s premium support options instead. These options give the user access to more than just a spelling checker and grammar checker – they give you access to an integrations database and customer support options.

One thing users like about Grammarly is that it is a very intuitive product to use. This is especially true considering the relatively low price of its premium option – around thirty dollars. It works by searching for any word containing any of the specified words, then giving suggestions for how to word your essay or paper to make it as precise as possible. Because it is primarily an online product, most people find that it works quite well offline as well – even in less than perfect English. Some people also comment that they are able to save a great deal of time using this product compared to a more complicated word processor such as Quicken or Microsoft Word.

So which one do you think is better? The answer really comes down to the needs of the student. Whether the student is looking for a spellchecker, grammar checker, or both, the pros & cons of ProWritingAid Vs Grammarly should be considered when making this decision.

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