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Labnol Blog is super popular, run by Mr. Amit Agarwal. This is one of the best tech blogs that I know of. You can browse Brighter Guide to discover more template.

labnol blogger template

Amit’s site runs on WordPress CMS with the Elemin theme. But you can still get the same look for your own blogspot blog with the Labnol like blogger template shared here. The download link (with demo) is shared in the middle of this page.

labnol like blogger template demo

Get The Template: Download Now Live Preview

Feel free to download and share the template anywhere you can. A mention of this page will be very nice of you :).

Why Use This Blogger Template

Today there are thousands of blogger templates available online, however, only a few of those are worth using. Here I have listed some of the best free blogger templates which you can download now. Anyhow, if you want some solid reasons why you should use Labnol template then just take look at the following points.

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  1. SEO Friendly: The template is SEO Friendly, if you know anything about Google then you know the importance of SEO for our blogs.
  2. Inbuilt Widgets: There are some cool widgets already available pre-built-in this template. See the demo page, this used to be my old blog.
  3. Search Box: This template comes with a predesigned cool search box. I am sure that your blog readers will appreciate your designing decision after they see it. Little did they know that you have used a template.
  4. Auto Jump Break or Read more: Auto jump Break is a great feature it reduces the size of the post in the home page so you blogs look more professional and awesome with this template. This is basically the read more link you see on homepage’s list of latest blog posts.
  5. Hover Effect Type Label: Yes you don’t need to work on creating a cool Label design. The template has its own styles of label design, and they look pretty good.
  6. Navigation: The template comes with very awesome looking rounded 1, 2, 3 like navigation. Which makes navigating through all the articles on your blog an enjoyable experience.

There many more things waiting for you with this template and one of the most plus points of this template is this “it’s free to use”. I don’t know about you, but anything free(of this quality) is worth at least trying at least once. P.S. Let me know if I’m wrong or right in the comments ;).

In Conclusion

One of the most import things about running your blog is you need to use a good theme (template for blogger). So, after doing a lot of research on the web, I found out this awesome template called labnol like blogger template.

I used this same template on my own blog and I thought it would be really nice to share it with you guys so I wrote this post. My first intention was just to share the download link with my blog readers, but eventually, I saw I have already written 500+ words on this topic!.

Anyhow I will wrap it now. Finally, I would like to say that – if you get any error while downloading or installing the template on your blogger blog, just comment below with your details. I will try to help you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading have a great day :).

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  1. Bro no doubt I really like this template, however just wanted to know if it is legal to use this template free of cost considering the wordpress one comes for price? let me know so that I can use it accordingly 🙂

  2. I am using download one here i am getting some problem, when i open my blog it can’t display my article full page after 2(two) lines it can’t expand it come like that
    kindly help me

  3. sagar i want help from u aboutmy blog etc can u plz give your whatsapp numbr ya can u plz whatsapp me 919867234537

  4. I can’t Download Labnol Like Blogger Template For Free kindly send this template in my inbox, Thanks

    • Hey Biswajit,

      I have send you the file.. Though the link is working fine. Let me know what problem you are facing when you tried to download.




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