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The general overview of What is Epoch Times? It is a famous and popularly shared worldwide, and The Epoch Media Group is undoubtedly the world’s biggest Chinese and Multilingual Online Newspaper and a large media house rivaling the C.N.N and Bloomberg giants. It boasts of several branches in over 35 countries worldwide. Aside from, find more useful articles here in Brighterguide.

It is an independent, award-winning voice in print and online, Integrity and truthfulness in reporting. Currently, it operates and distributes in over five continents.

Several other countries including, Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, and Indonesian newspapers, in eight different languages. And the websites are available in twenty-one languages. Nowadays, it’s crucial to learn how to share google calendar. That’s why we also have it in our site.

The Taiwanese government regime promotes and shares the Chinese traditional culture. Which emphasizes the need for taking care of the fundamental human rights and freedom of belief to assembly, expression—paying keen interest to attend to human rights and democracy and knowledge.

The faithfulness to the truth that is free, fair, and independent and reports global news in all spheres. If you are an online sports enthusiast, you can also read online 3d sport games.

The government began to support the policy stating that Taiwan is an ocean-state actively. In response to the stated policy, Taiwan’s Research, Development and Evaluation Commission published the white paper regarding the ocean in March 2001.

Between 2001 and 2007, the Chen Administration continued to push for the development of Taiwan as an ocean-state. In May 2004, President Chen addressed the issue of Taiwan as an ocean -state during his inauguration.

The newspaper was banned from Malaysia because of the pressure by the chinese communist party. The Epoch times is a nemesis of the chinese communist party because of that. The Editorial Review of The Epoch Times took place on August 27, 2020 as the result of seeing the data from the Aug. 2020 blind bias survey. An editorial review is when the AllSides team including an equal number of people from the Left, Center and Right of the political spectrum or epoch media group, reviews the works of a source and comes to a general consensus on its bias.

Key Functions of 

1. Instant real-time news delivery.

The updated version of epoch helps deliver the most current and latest. So, you can always keep abreast of critical and relevant news updates anytime and anywhere.

2. Real-time transmission of the leading news content

This gives the advantage of additional instant messaging push service that alerts you at all times no matter the time and place. The delivery of the main message from epoch to you in the most timely way, enabling you to be knowledgeable of relevant. Including up to date current affairs and events happening the world over. 

3. Classified and Exclusive news / Main problems 

For different categories of news, readers can first prioritize their preferred news category by selecting and clicking on the button. After clicking on the category, the epoch APP will display the articles based on the current news and the old. Also, according to the importance of the article. Popular topics and subjects on the homepage give the readers a better and faster understanding of the news topics.  If your concern is about updating Bios, we also have it for you.

4. Popular and Preferred news 

Show the news or integrate articles with a high number of clicks and viewership. And organize the articles from the most popular to the least popular according to the level of clicks, visits, and viewership at different time intervals on Epoch. Therefore, it will help the readers make an informed decision when choosing what news to read. The most popular, the better. If you want know How to Save Webpage as PDF on Chrome (without Extension), you can browse our site for the topic.

Epoch Times Conspiracy Theory

The publication has been one of the most prominent promoters of “Spygate,” a baseless conspiracy theory involving claims that Obama administration officials illegally spied on Trump.

Pro Trump conspiracy theory and disinformation on The Epoch Times has made President Donald Trump’s Spygate conspiracy theory in its news coverage and advertising, and the Epoch Media Group’s Edge of Wonder videos on youtube have spread the far-right, pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory .The Edge of Wonder hosts, according to The Daily Dot , “embrace QAnon completely” even though “almost nothing QAnon has foretold has actually taken place.” An NBC News report found that two of Edge of Wonder’s hosts have been a creative director and chief photo editor at The Epoch Times respectively.

Publications and shows linked to The Epoch Times have promoted the QAnon conspiracy theory and spread distorted claims about voter fraud and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Popular is the

The fact that the App is available worldwide and in different languages makes it convenient for its readers. Its availability on the device also makes it handy and reliable as you can access the information whenever and wherever 

How Accessible is the

The App is accessible in over five continents, and it does not matter your location at a particular time since the chances are that the Continent you are in at that time is well covered since it has a global reach. 


The epoch times is an App that is famous for the latest and current news. It keeps you abreast of the happenings of the world as they are they have the reach in five Continents. Thereby making their information authentic and reliable. Please give us your reviews and recommendations on the comment box down below

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