How to Bypass Online Surveys for FREE {100% Working}

Are you trying to download a file for a long time, but due to surveys your download never starts? Follow this guide for learning some workarounds which will help you to bypass surveys from sites like Fileice, Cleanfiles,,, Dollar upload, etc. for free. So that you can download your desired file without completing any survey.

Bypass Online Surveys for Free

Some file-sharing websites force you to fill surveys, before downloading your desired file. They’re a great time waster and annoy almost every internet user on earth. But in some ways, you can bypass them without doing much, and download your file.

The main purpose of surveys was to get feedback, but some websites have started to earn money by filling surveys. There are many methods on the internet for bypassing online surveys, but I will focus only on those which are easy and working.

Methods for Bypass Online Surveys

Bypass Online Surveys using Websites

website to bypass surveys

There are many websites that let you bypass surveys, by simply entering the URL. After entering the URL, you just have to click on the GO button. The website which I am going to recommend is Survey Bypass. This site will help you to easily bypass most of the popular file-sharing site surveys, without any further delay.

The website works with most file-sharing platforms. I will try to find some other useful sites which will be more helpful, till that check other methods below and also you can bookmark the page for the future.

Browser Extensions for Bypassing Online Surveys

Some extensions are available online for avoiding filling surveys, with the help of them, you can easily bypass surveys. They work by blocking pop-ups by survey websites and completing making them out of the way. The extensions work for most of the websites, and reliable. Below you can check different extensions for different browsers.

You can use Bypass Surveys for Google Chrome. The extension is famous for working on almost every survey website, Chrome users can simply download it, and use it. (Mozilla Firefox users are recommended to use Google Chrome)

Softwares which will Bypass Online Surveys for you

Many software is available on the internet for this kind of work, but, only a fraction of them are working. Some of them are malware, contain viruses, and doesn’t solve the purpose.

A survey removal tool is a great software for bypassing surveys without any problems and bugs. The interface is easy, the software works on most of the websites, and hardly makes any trouble.

Another software is Survey cash killer, it works perfectly fine, without giving any a headache, and removes the survey with just a few clicks.

Note: You can disable JavaScript on your browser. This will surely make surveys unable to run on your computer, as they require it.

These methods are tested and work on most of the websites, if any survey doesn’t bypass, you can try some other way, but above listed once are the easiest and most practical ways to do so. If you come across any website, survey tool, or extension that I didn’t mention, please don’t use it (unless you are 100% sure about the software), as it may contain a virus, malware and other malicious software’s.


I hope you found this tutorial useful and you will follow the above-mentioned ways. Moreover, I would be very thankful if you kindly share the post on Facebook, Google plus and everywhere else. Have a good day!

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  1. You just saved my lot of time, I am finding the solution on the web from long hours and now i have the solution for bypassing online surveys. Thanks again.

  2. Hi sir this is me mahendra padariya can you please tell me the actual technique how to by pass online surway
    i am suffring a lot i am in 10th class and i complete c, c++, java ,html,microsoft office even i am not able to by pass

  3. hi sir, I am trying to download a file from this link, I did try using but when I click download, nothing happens.. Please help.. Thanks

  4. It is not bypassing the survey. site is
    please help how can i bypass this survey.

    Help Help Urgent

    • Don’t waste your time trying do download any password or do something related to hacking related stuff on these type of sites.

      These sites are only build to make money from users filling surveys. These sites don’t do any job, for your case the site you mentioned won’t hack any whatsapp account, it’s probably a fake site. Don’t waste time on these sites.

  5. Sir I want this rom to upgrade My device
    But when I put the URL, error pops up says ‘forbidden’.
    Please help me!

  6. Hey Bro..
    I needed your help…
    I needed to download this file..
    Can you please help me put?? It’s a little urgent.

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  7. hello sagar.
    I’m my little kid wants to watch this movie called Kubo and the two strings. I tried your method but I’m unable to bypass the survey. Any solution?

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  10. hey man ,whenever i paste the url and click GO,it says error 404 ,,,can u please download it emai it plss

    THE LINK::

    • Most of the times these hacking sites don’t work and they just make money by you doing the survey for downloading the file. Don’t waste your time on this.

  11. I tried many times to download These three rom files……..but survey disturb me.. .plz sir download these files plz.. …the website is.. …

  12. Hello. Sir I want to withdraw my
    Earning from .sir I download so many apps not one time but so many times but I still didn’t download my desired files sagar sir during processing
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    Ur hard work pl help me sir I don’t have an idea but I m also a hard worker pl give step by step guide in my email plzzzz sir

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    but i can not complete the verification.
    how i can get rid off it?

  14. If only we could build the same tools for our email clients, where it all comes together on one server and with the same level of configuration, for free.

  15. I have downloaded days gone pc game but the password i couldn’t found . I tried so many times but it couldn’t . Please help me ….


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