Smyth Jewelers Review

Read our comprehensive take on Smyth Jewelers because understanding their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and a rich heritage ensures you make an informed decision on your next jewelry investment.

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As one of the most reputable and established jewelers in the country, Smyth Jewelers’ history will be explored in detail in this review. In addition to warranties, this brand co-owned by Tom Smyth and Bob Smyth, has a long history of providing outstanding customer service and a variety of services, including appraisals.

While contrasting their engagement rings with those from different sellers, this Smyth Jewelers review examines their outstanding diamond collections. If you’re looking for exquisite, premium, and stunning jewelry, we at BrighterGuide, will also offer guidance on diamond purchases.

Key Takeaways

  • Smyth Jewelers, a well-established family-run jewelry store with over a century of history, offers a wide range of high-quality diamonds, exceptional customer service, and a lifetime warranty on their products.
  • Their pricing is competitive, particularly for their GIA-certified diamonds, although some online retailers may offer slightly better quality or value for money.
  • The in-store shopping experience at Smyth Jewelers is welcoming and informative, but the ambiance might be improved, while their website provides a user-friendly interface with a vast selection of estate jewelry and comprehensive product details.
Smyth Jewelers Review

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About Smyth Jewelers

Having been in business for almost a century, Smyth Jewelers is a family-run jewelry store with locations in Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland.

A lifetime warranty and a customer satisfaction guarantee are included with every purchase, and they are well-known on the East Coast for their magnificent and vast diamond collections.

A variety of services, such as appraisals, insurance, payment plans, stone upgrades, shipping, and warranties, are offered by this esteemed seller, which is one of the Preferred Jewelers International accredits.

The Company

With over a century of experience, Smyth Jewelers has offered a vast selection of jewelry along with outstanding customer service.

They’ve become one of the biggest jewelry shops on the East Coast because of their outstanding collections of diamonds. Smyth Jewelers guarantees its clients will be satisfied with their services with a lifetime warranty on all items and a customer satisfaction guarantee. This jeweler also carries everything, whether you’re searching for designer accessories, an antique piece, or bespoke engagement rings.

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The History

Smyth Jewelers has a rich legacy that spans more than a century, as we learned when we dug into its past. More than a century ago, the brilliant businessman Albert Smyth established what was a small gem store, and the first store was opened on York Rd.

Ever since that time, Smyth Jewelers has developed into one of the greater Baltimore area’s most reputable and well-known family-run jewelry stores. In the business, they are a reputable name because of Albert Smyth’s family’s continued dedication to providing outstanding customer service and premium merchandise.

A wide range of services, such as appraisals, insurance, payment plans, stone upgrades, and warranties, are provided, in addition to their excellent choice of diamonds. They have demonstrated their dedication to excellence through their commitment to customer satisfaction and their recognition by gemstone organizations.

Smyth Jewelers Products

There is a large selection of jewelry selections available when it comes to Smyth Jewelers’ products. They pride themselves on having something for everyone, including personalized accessories and engagement rings.

Their outstanding assortment of diamonds, which includes GIA-certified stones with exceptional color, clarity, and cut, is one notable feature.

Further services that Smyth Jewelers offers to guarantee a happy purchasing experience include appraisals, insurance, payment plans, and warranties.

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Smyth Jewelers Pieces

The broad variety of jewelry that Smyth Jewelers presented, such as wedding bands, engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, really pleased us. They have an exquisite assortment of jewelry. Here are five explanations for this:

  • Beautiful Engagement Rings: From traditional solitaires to elaborate halo designs, expect a large selection of exquisite engagement rings. Due diligence in every ring’s construction highlights the central diamond’s brilliance.
  • Timeless Wedding Bands: Smyth Jewelers offers the ideal wedding ring to represent your love and dedication, whether you want an elegant and simple style or a more elaborate design. Their collection includes platinum, rose gold, and white gold, among other metals.
  • Eye-Catching Bracelets: The brand has a variety of bracelets to choose from. They have something for every taste and occasion, from delicate diamond tennis bracelets to striking statement cuffs.
  • Chic Necklaces: They offer chic necklaces that will elevate any ensemble. Elegant layered necklaces, shimmering pearls, and traditional diamond pendants are all part of their selection.
  • Elegant Earrings: Expect exquisite earrings that will round off your ensemble. To add a bit of glitter and refinement to any look, choose between diamond studs, dangle earrings, or hoops earrings.

Jewelry from Smyth Jewelers is quite amazing and will definitely make you shine and smile.

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Smyth Jewelers Pricing

Smyth Jewelers’ prices are competitive when compared to other stores, according to our evaluation of the store. 

In addition to custom pieces, loose diamonds, designer accessories, and engagement rings, they offer a large selection of jewelry. A range of colors, clarities, and shapes are displayed in their collection of GIA-certified diamonds

Smyth Jewelers’ pricing was determined to be competitive when we compared them to those of other merchants, including James Allen, Blue Nile, and Brian Gavin Diamonds. Not to be overlooked, though, are the somewhat nicer diamonds that some other dealers sold for the same or less money. 

They also charge fair prices, but it’s still a good idea to look around to make sure you get the best deal on the ideal piece.

Customer Experience

There are a few important things to think about when it comes to Smyth Jewelers’ client experience. Primarily, there was room for improvement in terms of the atmosphere created by in-store shopping. The FAQs part of the website, which covers a variety of services and offerings, also offers useful information.

Shopping Experience

Smyth Jewelers has a nice, informed staff, but the store might have done more with its ambiance. Shopping at one of their stores was enjoyable overall, despite the dull atmosphere.

Highlights from our experience include the following:

  • Upon entering the business, the personnel gave us a warm greeting and helped us feel at ease.
  • All of our inquiries were carefully addressed, and they offered valuable advice on selecting the appropriate diamond jewelry.
  • The employees’ explanation of the 4Cs and guidance in differentiating between options showed their extensive knowledge of diamonds.
  • Before making any recommendations, they took the time to learn about our interests and financial situation.
  • Our purchase was made with confidence thanks to the staff’s professionalism and experience, which also made us feel appreciated as clients.

The Website

The user-friendly interface and extensive product selection of their website really pleased us as we browsed around. It’s simple to navigate and locate what you’re looking for on this well-organized website. 

With the effective search feature, you may narrow down your options by category, budget, and even diamond characteristics.

The website features a substantial assortment of estate jewelry, which really caught our attention. Remarkably large and impressive diamond selections may be found at Smyth Jewelers’ Timonium location; it’s wonderful to find that the same caliber and diversity of selection are available on their internet store.

Furthermore, the website’s comprehensive product details, which include specs, costs, and even user reviews, are really helpful. Customers can purchase with ease and enjoyment on our website overall.

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The FAQs

Asking about Smyth Jewelers’ return policy is one of the most common queries we get. Consumers who are unhappy with their purchase frequently want to know if they may exchange or return it. A simple and accommodating return policy is in place. These are a few important points:

  • At Smyth Jewelers, you have 30 days to return anything you bought.
  • The item and the original receipt need to be in original condition.
  • Refunds may not be accepted for engraved or customized goods.
  • They accept returns at all of its locations, including its Ellicott City store.
  • Honest service and guaranteeing client pleasure are their’ top priorities.

Smyth Jewelers hopes to provide their clients with a stress-free and enjoyable shopping experience by offering this accommodating return policy.

Let’s now address the conclusion and provide a synopsis of our research.


Overall, we think Smyth Jewelers provides great customer service in addition to a large range of high-quality diamonds. With Bob Smyth carrying on his father Tom Smyth’s tradition, the family-established brand has been a reputable name in the industry as a family-owned enterprise for more than a century. 

Smyth Jewelers offers an array of jewelry selections to cater to all tastes and budgets, and has three sites around Maryland, including their flagship store in Timonium.

There is also an amazing selection of GIA-certified diamonds, making them stand out in the market. The brand guarantees that the diamonds it offers are vetted and that their color, clarity, and cut all satisfy the desired requirements. 

We had the chance to examine two diamonds during our assessment, both of which were very fine. The 1.20ct I color, SI2 clarity diamond in the first was a nice pick despite some small flaws. With eye-clean clarity and exceptional brilliance, the second diamond was a 1.01ct I color SI1 diamond.

Smyth Jewelers charges reasonable prices for their diamonds when compared to other resellers. It’s crucial to remember, though, that internet merchants like Brian Gavin Diamonds, Blue Nile, and James Allen can have somewhat superior choices available for the same or less money. When deciding on a purchase, it is usually advisable to examine costs and quality.


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