September Sapphire Guide: Discover the Beauty of Your Birthstone

Explore the fascinating world of September's sapphire birthstone. Learn about their history, what they symbolize, and enjoy their lasting beauty.

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September Sapphire Guide: Are you born in September? Embrace the captivating charm of your birthstone, the sapphire. This ancient gemstone, steeped in history and allure, beckons with its deep, mesmerizing hues.

Learn about the origins, significance, and unique characteristics that make sapphires the crown jewels of September.

Whether you’re seeking to invest in this timeless gem or wish to add a piece of its elegance to your collection, this Brightguide article illuminates the path to finding the perfect sapphire that resonates with your soul.

Dive into this September Sapphire Guide and discover the beauty of your birthstone. Let the magic of these gems transform your understanding and appreciation of this exquisite stone

Key Takeaways

  • Sapphires hold a rich history and were believed to have healing powers and spiritual significance in ancient times. They were worn to worship the gods in ancient Greece, and people worldwide think they have spiritual powers.
  • In addition to the most common sapphire color, blue, sapphires are also available in pink, yellow, and colorless. Sapphires are more attractive and useful in jewelry due to their various shades. To find the perfect sapphire for your style, Blue Nile has a huge selection of sapphire jewelry.
  • Sapphires are found in various locations worldwide, including Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia, India, the US, and Myanmar. Each region produces sapphires with unique characteristics and qualities.
  • The value of a sapphire depends on factors such as color, clarity, size, and origin. Deep blue sapphires with high brilliance are the most valuable. Star sapphires, which display a star-shaped pattern, are also highly prized.
  • Proper care is essential to maintaining the beauty of sapphire jewelry. Cleaning should be done gently with mild cleansers, and sapphire jewelry should be stored separately to prevent scratches.

History and Meaning of September Birthstone

Blue Sapphire Necklace

Sapphire, the birthstone for September, is the stone that comes to mind first when thinking of blue gemstones. Sapphires’ beauty has captivated humans since ancient times. It is the most popular gemstone and is known for its lovely blue color, but it also comes in a range of colors, including pink, yellow, and colorless.

Sapphires were valuable in ancient times. Birthstone jewelry was supposed to offer healing powers and luck. The ancient Greeks valued sapphires and wore them as jewelry to worship Apollo and implore him to heal them. Sapphires were believed to ward off evil and dangerous snakes. They were nicknamed the “Celestial Stone” in Ancient Persia for their mystical strength.

Sapphires are long-used signs. They symbolize intelligence, loyalty, and status. A blue sapphire symbolizes great culture and honesty. Its long history of popularity makes it a popular choice for engagement rings and other jewelry. Due to its history and symbolism, this diamond remains popular.

Where to Find September Sapphire?

Necklace with Blue Sapphire Stone

These are the locations where you can find sapphire stones:

  • Sri Lanka: This country produces the most valuable sapphires. It boasts rich, shimmering blue stones. Sri Lankan sapphires are among the most expensive. They are used to manufacture pricey pink and blue sapphire engagement rings and pendant chains.
  • Madagascar: This is another sapphire-rich region. Located in Africa. Gem aficionados admire Madagascar sapphires for their brilliant blue color.
  • Australia: Australian sapphires are known for their exceptional quality and bright blue color. Collectors and jewelry designers buy huge, high-quality sapphires from the country because of its reputation.
  • Myanmar: World-class jewels are in Myanmar. Formerly Burma. Burmese sapphires are valuable for their clarity and deep blue color. Famous sapphires, like those from ancient Persia, have employed them throughout history.

These areas have a wide range of sapphires, each of which is gorgeous. September sapphires are gorgeous and classic, whether you choose the deep blue color or a different color.

Assessing the Value of September Sapphire

Blue Sapphire Stone

The September birthstone’s value varies depending on its color, clarity, size, origin, and more. Sapphires, composed of the mineral corundum, have a stunning blue color. They can also be pink. The most precious sapphires are those with a deep blue color and high brilliance. Star sapphires, with six star-shaped rays, are also expensive.

Size impacts sapphire gemstone value. Bigger stones are worth more because they’re rarer. A sapphire’s location can also affect its value. Sri Lankan sapphires are expensive. Their deep blue tones shimmer. Collectors and jewelry lovers value sapphires as precious gemstones. For everyday wear, they last a long time.

Gemstones’ gorgeous colors and timeless design appeal to gem lovers. Sapphires are prized and loved, whether they’re deep blue or pink. Sapphire, the September birthstone, is lovely because of its deep blue color, distinctive patterns, and classic style.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your September Birthstone

How should we clean and maintain September birthstone jewelry? Take care of your sapphire jewelry to keep it attractive and last. These tips will help you maintain your precious gemstone:

  • Be Gentle: Being gentle is vital since sapphires are tough but scratchable. Wear sapphire jewelry carefully to avoid breaking.
  • Methods of cleaning: Gems can be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners, steam, soap, and water. Use gentle cleansers and avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the diamond.
  • Storage: Keep sapphire jewelry in a soft pouch or container to avoid scratches and breakage. Don’t store diamond jewelry near other jewelry to avoid scratches.
  • Clean and check: Clean and examine your sapphire jewelry regularly with a professional. This fixes loose stones and fixes problems immediately.

These cleaning and maintenance measures will let you enjoy your sapphire jewelry for years.

Let’s examine some intriguing September gem facts.

September Sapphire Facts

Blue Sapphire Stone

Sapphire, the September birthstone, has some intriguing facts.

  • Sapphires come in a variety of hues. Orange, green, blue, purple, or yellow stone.
  • Bracelets and earrings feature fancy sapphires. Any jewelry made of sapphires will stand out thanks to them.
  • These fancy sapphires add a unique touch to every piece of sapphire jewelry, such as sapphire bracelets or sapphire earrings.
  • Black sapphires, which are increasingly used in jewelry designs, are also available. These black sapphires appear rich and elegant.

Different Colors of Sapphire

Sapphires are not just blue; they come in many colors. Below are the several colors of sapphire:


The traditional blue variety is the most popular. Its deep, vivid blue color says royalty and class. Blue sapphire pendants and engagement rings with high-quality blue stones are classic and stunning. Sapphire earrings and engagement rings with exquisite blue stones are timeless and elegant.

They have a timeless charm as a sign of affection and style. These royal and magnificent pieces, like a blue diamond pendant or an amazing engagement ring, captivate people.


These sapphires are a popular choice for everyday wear. Their delicate, girly beauty makes them ideal for adding sophistication to any outfit. Pink sapphire necklaces and rings make excellent gifts. Another reason pink sapphire rings are popular is their traditional charm. These rings are suitable for a casual day at the office and a spectacular evening out. Pink sapphires are ideal for those who appreciate their delicate beauty. Class and elegance are shown through their gracefulness.


Yellow diamonds are popular for their cheerful tone. They look bright and joyful; therefore, people use them instead of blue sapphires. Gold jewelry with yellow sapphires is stunning. Because of their color, yellow diamonds are known to bring happiness and joy. This makes them a great choice for people who want to show they are happy.

Padparadscha sapphires 

These are little yet stunning pink-orange sapphires. Their unique color evokes tropical sunsets, and fans and art lovers admire them. Padparadscha diamond rings and pendants are truly unique. The flower’s delicate and lovely appearance evokes a lotus blossom in a tropical sunset, hence its name, “Padparadscha” in Sinhalese. Padparadscha sapphires make jewelry rare and appealing by adding an exotic touch.


The green gem is green sapphires. Green sapphires capture the lush beauty of nature with colors ranging from mild mint to vivid emerald green. Due to their natural beauty and wide range of colors, green sapphires are a popular choice for a variety of jewelry designs, from stunning engagement rings to beautiful necklaces.

Green sapphires are an excellent choice for people who appreciate the captivating allure of green gemstones, whether minty or emerald.

September Birthstone Jewelry Gifts

Several September birthstone jewelry gifts stand out.

Necklace by Marina

August birthstone jewelry like the Marina Necklace can be discussed as its meaning. A small chain holds a sapphire pendant in the Marina Necklace, highlighting the stone’s natural color and charm. This design brilliantly captures sapphires’ lush beauty and emotional healing properties.

The Marina Necklace, precisely crafted, shows the talent and ability that go into great jewelry designs. Good sapphires are scarce, making them hard to find as sapphire pendants become increasingly fashionable. On the other hand, the Marina Necklace is an enchanting blend of a beautiful birthstone with a classic, elegant design.

After discussing September birthstone jewelry items, let’s examine the Monaco Sapphire Ring.

Monaco Sapphire Ring

The Monaco Sapphire Ring’s elegant form captivates us as we learn more. Sapphires are recognized for their vivid colors and brightness, and this artwork showcases them. The Monaco Sapphire Ring’s primary stone is a rare and stunning star sapphire with an asterism effect. This ring’s giant sapphire symbolizes wealth and majesty.

Kashmir produces some of the world’s best sapphires, including the Monaco Sapphire Rings. Classy and refined, its cornflower blue color is sapphires’ “signature shade”. The pattern shines better with white sapphires in the ring.

The Monaco Sapphire Ring is perfect for September babies and sapphire lovers who seek attractive, meaningful jewelry.

The pink sapphire tennis bracelet

Pink sapphire is a gorgeous sapphire gemstone variation. Any jewelry gets a feminine, classy look. The Pink Sapphire Tennis Bracelet showcases pink sapphires in a classic design. A row of exquisite sapphires decorates its delicate chain, making it elegant. Pink sapphires come in a wide range of colors, from subtle blush pink tones to vivid, bold colors.

Each color offers the bracelet a unique look, so choose one that matches your style and attitude. Not all pink gems have pink tones. Additionally, they exhibit heavenly blues and even a purple color. This makes them a colorful gemstone that anyone searching for something distinctive and eye-catching can enjoy.

Pink Sapphire Tennis Bracelets are September birthstone jewelry gifts that combine pink sapphires and tennis bracelets. Its range of colors and exquisite sapphires make it a lively and eye-catching addition to any jewelry collection.

Final Thoughts

Sapphire, the September birthstone, is stunning, making it a perfect pick for those seeking both beauty and historical significance. Learning about the sapphires’ history, meanings, origins, and care reveals a gemstone with a fascinating story. Sapphires have been treasured since ancient times for their beauty and grace, and their deep blue color and superb sparkle continue to astound us.

In medieval times, there was a belief that adulterers who wore blue sapphires would see them change color, enhancing their allure. A famous modern example of sapphire’s enduring appeal is the renowned 12-carat sapphire ring Prince William chose to propose to Kate Middleton in 2010, illustrating how sapphires are often the centerpiece of significant jewelry pieces, including engagement rings.

For those interested in owning a piece of this timeless beauty, Blue Nile offers a stunning collection of sapphire jewelry. With Blue Nile, you can explore a wide range of high-quality sapphires, each carefully selected for its exceptional color and brilliance.

To maintain the appearance of your September sapphire, gentle cleaning with a soft brush, soap, and water is recommended.


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