Peridot and Sardonyx: The Ultimate August Birthstone Guide

Explore the world of August's birthstones, Peridot and Sardonyx. Learn about their bright colors and strong qualities that make them special and interesting.

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Peridot and Sardonyx Guide: Step into the enchanting realm of August’s birthstones: the vibrant Peridot and the intriguing Sardonyx. Imagine the vivid, olive-green shimmer of Peridot, capturing the essence of a sun-drenched meadow, contrasted with the layered, earthy elegance of Sardonyx, each layer telling a unique story. These gems are not just stones but symbols of history and beauty.

This Peridot and Sardonyx Guide will lead you through the fascinating journey of these two distinct gemstones. You’ll uncover the ancient lore, healing properties, and cultural significance that make Peridot and Sardonyx more than mere adornments. Dive into the depths of their allure and discover how these gems have captivated hearts and minds through the ages.

Let this Brightguide article be your companion in exploring the wonders of Peridot and Sardonyx. Whether you’re a gem enthusiast or seeking a special piece that resonates with your birth month, embark on this journey to uncover the perfect gemstone that speaks to you.

Key Takeaways

  • August has two birthstones, with Peridot being the modern birthstone and Sardonyx as the traditional birthstone. Explore these captivating gems at Blue Nile, where a vast selection of both Peridot and Sardonyx offers a perfect blend of modern elegance and timeless tradition.
  • Peridot, with its rich history, garnered high regard in ancient times. The mineral olivine forms this gemstone, primarily found in Sri Lanka, though it also appears in China, Myanmar, Africa, and Pakistan.
  • The most sought-after shade of peridot is a clear grass green, which is dependent on the amount of iron it contains. While it’s not as durable as diamonds or rubies, it still ranks between 6.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale, making it suitable for jewelry, especially rings.
  • Sardonyx is a unique gemstone with distinct white bands and various colors, including yellow, brown, white, purple, gray, black, pink, and green. It’s commonly cut into oval, pear, or round shapes, with the eye shape being prevalent.
  • When selecting Peridot jewelry, factors to consider include the color, cut, clarity, carat weight, setting metal, ring design, budget, certification, and optional customization.

The August Birthstones

Two Peridot Sardonyx

The modern birthstone for August is peridot, a soothing green volcanic gemstone, and the traditional August birthstone is sardonyx. Sardonyx was the original birthstone for August, but peridot was later added, making it the main stone for the month.

Peridot’s History

One of the August birthstones is peridot, and its history can help us understand how it got from being deep in the ground to becoming a sign of strength and color. Peridot has captivated humans since ancient times, with its history richly interwoven with tales of power and vibrancy.

Peridot forms from the mineral olivine and often emerges from volcanic eruptions, making volcanic islands a common source of peridot. Originally, the primary gemstone for August was sardonyx, but with time, peridot emerged as a popular gemstone, especially among ancient cultures. The Jewelers of America later endorsed it as one of the official birthstones for the month.

Peridot is mostly from Sri Lanka, an island. It has been mined for centuries. They inhabit China, Myanmar, Africa, and Pakistan. Pakistan had some of the most exquisite Kashmir peridots. They can weigh over 100 carats.

What Does the Peridot Mean?

Peridot Sardonyx Ring

The name ‘peridot’ comes from the Arabic word ‘fadat,’ meaning gem, and has Greek origins, where it means ‘to give plenty. The peridot birthstone comes from volcanic eruptions. Peridot birthstone is a beautiful green gemstone that can run from light lime to darker olive tones. It is also called the “evening emerald.”

With significance dating back to medieval times and ancient Egypt, it holds a special place in history. People think that this traditional birthstone has the power of nature and can bring peace and calm to the person who wears it.

The background of this beautiful green gemstone is extensive, and it holds significant meaning.

In ancient times, people believed that peridots had healing properties and often wore them as talismans against evil spirits. Many say this bright green gemstone wards off malevolent night entities.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that this jewel, born from the explosive force of a volcano, is believed to possess protective properties.

Peridot: A Gemstone for the Discerning Eye

When it comes to peridot, the most desired shade is a brilliant, clear grass green. Its color comes from the amount of iron in the gemstone. The Mohs scale rates its durability at 6.5–8. Although less durable than other popular stones, it still holds up well. This makes it a favorite gemstone among both jewelry designers and consumers alike.

So, when considering peridot jewelry, keep an eye on the color, clarity, and carat weight. Each element contributes to the stone’s overall beauty and value. Given that peridot is generally less expensive than other gemstones like diamonds, it offers an opportunity for extravagant designs without breaking the bank.

Peridot’s Color and Durability

The amount of iron in a peridot determines its color. The most sought-after color is a clear grass green that is deeply saturated. Peridots are less durable than diamonds and rubies, but they still rank between 6.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale, which means they are a durable gemstone for rings.

Because it is clear, it looks even more beautiful, making it a real peridot stone that stands out in birthstone jewelry. The background of this beautiful green gemstone is extensive, and it holds significant meaning.

Its bright green color, which can range from light lime green to darker olive green, stands for life, growth, and renewal. Based on how much iron is in the stone, peridot has different colors. The most popular color is a deeply saturated, clear grass green.

The Sardonyx

August Peridot Sardonyx Ring

Sardonyx is a gorgeous stone with white bands and a yellowish-red to reddish-brown tint. This reddish zebra-striped gemstone has been revered for its supposed ability to instill courage and strength. Sardonyx stones are often shaped into ovals, pears, and rounds, with the eye shape being quite prevalent.

A banded chalcedony is a unique gem variety. People often cut it into oval, pear, or round forms, with the eye shape being the most common. This semiprecious stone is made up of layers of quartz fibers that look like beautiful bands.

Due to its vibrant colors, sturdiness, and resemblance to rubies’ brilliance, spinel is another gemstone worth mentioning alongside sardonyx. Sardonyx and peridot both add a touch of class and beauty to any piece of jewelry. For those born in August who want to connect with their birthstone, they are the ideal option due to their vibrant colors and strong meanings.

Sardonyx is beautiful and peridot gives energy, making it a special gift. It is used to make chains, bracelets, earrings, and rings; thus, it fits many styles.

Spinel: Alternative Birthstone

When talking about birthstones for August, we should also think about spinel, which is a stone with strong and vibrant colors. Spinel comes in orange, pink, purple, blue, red, and black, among other lovely colors. Jewelry that can withstand everyday wear is a great choice, thanks to its durable gemstone.

Pinel is strong enough for everyday wear and comes in many colors. It comes in a range of colors and is strong enough for everyday wear.
These birthstones are all great for people born in August because they each have their own special traits.

Because spinel is so bright red, it is often mistaken for a ruby. For people born in August, this stone has a lot of value because it stands for energy, kindness, and creativity. When you buy spinel, you should think about things like the cut, color, and sharpness. Look for stones with good clarity and a cut that is the right size and shape. The colors should be bright and vibrant.

Like peridot and sardonyx, it’s a popular stone for those who value beauty and significance in their jewelry.

How to Pick the Perfect Peridot Wedding and Engagement Ring

August Peridot Sardonyx Bracelet

As we look for the right peridot engagement and wedding ring, we learn about the different kinds of birthstones for August and what makes each one special. When picking out the right ring, it’s important to think about these things:

There are several things to consider while choosing a peridot wedding or engagement ring. Tips for choosing the best peridot ring:


Green peridot ranges from bright lime to deep olive. Consider your favorite color and style. Make sure your color matches your aesthetic, whether it’s brilliant green or subdued olive.


The way the peridot is cut changes how bright it is and how it looks generally. Round, oval, and pear shapes are all popular cuts. Pick a cut that brings out the stone’s natural beauty and fits your personal style.


Peridots usually don’t have many inclusions, which helps them look clear and bright. A better clarity grade indicates fewer flaws, but even slightly included peridots can appear perfect to the naked eye.

Carat weight

Check the peridot’s carat weight and think about what size you want. You can choose a peridot stone that fits your price and style because they come in different carat weights. Remember that peridots that are bigger might have more vivid colors.

Setting Metal

Pick out the metal that will be used to set the ring. Platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold are all choices. The metal you choose can go with the color of the gemstone and make the whole thing look good.

The Budget

Figure out how much you can spend on a gemstone engagement or wedding ring. Peridot is usually less expensive than other jewels, which makes it an excellent choice for people who want something beautiful that won’t break the bank.

Certificate and Customization

If you want to buy a valuable peridot, you might want to get a gemological document to prove its quality and features. A lot of designers let you make changes to their products, so you can make a peridot ring that is just right for you.

You can choose the perfect peridot wedding or engagement ring that not only shows off your style but also shows your love and commitment by carefully thinking about these things.

Ideas for Gifts

Peridot Sardonyx Ring

Looking for the perfect gift with peridot and sardonyx? Here are some jewelry items that you may consider:

Yes, here are some jewelry gift ideas for Sardonyx and Peridot:

  1. Necklace with a peridot: A delicate necklace with a peridot gemstone that sparkles and stands for life and rebirth.
  2. Sardonyx Earrings: Beautiful earrings with sardonyx stones, which are thought to protect and give courage.
  3. Peridot Bracelet: This beautiful bracelet is made of peridot gemstones, which are thought to bring balance and peace to the person who wears it.
  4. Sardonyx Ring: A ring that makes a statement with a big sardonyx stone that stands for strength and resilience.
  5. Peridot Pendant: A classic pendant with a beautiful peridot gemstone, which is thought to bring happiness and wealth.

Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted to showcase Sardonyx and Peridot’s brilliance. The necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring, or pendant you choose will convey power and vibrancy to the recipient. Browse our collection now to find the perfect gift for a loved one.


We’ve looked at the captivating allure of peridot and sardonyx in our journey through the world of August birthstones. These beautiful gemstones have a long past and profound meanings, which makes them special birthstones for people born in August. The bright green color of peridot, which stands for power and vibrancy, also means growth and vitality.

Together with spinel, these August birthstones offer a wide range of colors and styles for people who want to connect with their stones. As important and one-of-a-kind gifts, these birthstones are peridot for its energizing energy and sardonyx for its beautiful look.

Are you looking for a meaningful gift or a timeless addition to your jewelry collection? Blue Nile offers a superior selection of peridot and sardonyx jewelry that will leave a lasting impression.


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