6-Carat Diamond Ring Buyers’ Guide

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Looking for a 6-carat diamond ring? Stop looking! We offer the greatest buying advise. As diamond experts, we know where to buy, the size and carat matter, how clean a diamond should be, and more. Here is our Guide to Buying 6 Carat Diamond Ring.

We’ll discuss how form, cut, color, and clarity affect diamond value. With our advice, you may choose confidently. Join us at BrighterGuide on this lovely excursion!

Key Takeaways

  • A 6-carat diamond ring’s value is influenced by factors such as cut, color, clarity, and market demand.
  • Several reputable companies offer 6-carat diamond rings, each with unique offerings and specialties
  • Lab-grown diamonds have become increasingly popular, offering similar quality to natural diamonds but at a potentially lower cost and with ethical advantages.
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The 6-Carat Diamond Ring 

Diamond rings are often discussed in terms of “carat”. One of the most essential elements in diamond size and value is carat weight. A carat weighs 200 mg, or 0.2 g.

Remember that diamond size is not directly related to carat weight. Even if bigger diamonds have more carats, their cut and shape affect their appearance. A poorly cut diamond with a higher carat weight may appear smaller than its carat weight.

 When buying a carat diamond ring, consult a diamond expert. They can assist you choose a diamond that meets your size and carat weight needs and budget. The ultimate goal is to select a carat diamond ring that looks excellent, has the weight you want, and satisfies all your other demands.

How Much Is a 6-Carat Diamond Ring?

A 6-carat diamond ring costs $15,000–$80,000 per carat. The quality, carat weight, and market demand of such diamond determine its price. Consider these factors when calculating the cost of this diamond ring:

  • Diamond Quality: Cut, color, and clarity affect a diamond’s price. Diamonds with better cut grades, less color, and fewer flaws cost more per carat.
  • Carat Weight: Diamond prices rise with carat weight. Larger diamonds cost more since they are rarer and more valuable.
  • Price per Carat: Diamond prices rise with carat weight. A 6-carat diamond costs more per carat than a smaller one.

The market’s demand for these diamond rings might also affect their price. If demand exceeds supply, prices may rise.

Buying it requires balancing price and quality.

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Find the Best 6 Carat Diamond Ring Deals

Many reliable companies offer 6-carat diamond rings at the best prices. Abe Mor Diamonds sells uncommon, high-quality 6-carat diamonds, whereas James Allen and Blue Nile provide many GIA-certified diamonds.

 Though they may not have as many 6-carat diamonds, Brian Gavin Diamonds and Leibish & Co. are reliable sources.

Abe Mor 

Check out Abe Mor Diamonds for the best 6-carat diamond ring offers. They specialize in rare, high-quality diamonds and provide many attractive options. Here are three advantages to acquire your diamond ring from Abe Mor:

Abe Mor Diamonds offers colorless diamonds and other center stones. Their extensive selection lets you pick the best color grade for your likes and budget. Abe Mor Diamonds knows how to find huge diamonds, making them a trusted supplier for 6-carat diamond rings. They provide many options, so you can pick the correct carat weight for your ring. 

Abe Mor Diamonds’ diamond butlers provide individualized attention. They’ll assist you in picking a stone, answering questions, and making the buying process easy. Abe Mor Diamonds has a magnificent 6-carat diamond ring for your needs and budget.

James Allen 

After Abe Mor Diamonds, let’s talk about James Allen, another great source to get 6-carat diamond rings. James Allen, a popular internet business, sells high-quality diamonds, including 6 carats. They provide detailed web photos so you may examine the diamonds and make a decision. James Allen has a variety of shapes, from round brilliants to ornate ones.

They have many settings for 6-carat white diamonds, including the “halo” setting. James Allen is a trusted diamond engagement ring retailer due to their reasonable costs and a huge assortment of free diamonds. 

Blue Nile

As we continue our search for safe 6-carat diamond rings, let’s visit Blue Nile for the greatest bargains. Online retailer Blue Nile is known for its large assortment of high-quality gems and great customer service. Blue Nile is a good site to buy a 6-carat diamond engagement ring for several reasons:

  • Best Value: Blue Nile has affordable prices and many options for all budgets. You can afford a 6-carat diamond that suits your tastes.
  • Wide Range: Blue Nile offers 6-carat diamonds in various sizes, cuts, hues, and clarity grades. Rocks that meet all your needs are easy to find.

Note that this jeweler only sells GIA-certified diamonds, so you know you’re getting a good stone.

It has economical and high-quality 6-carat diamond rings, making it a terrific location to shop.

Brian Gavin Diamonds

One famous company, Brian Gavin Diamonds, had the greatest 6-carat diamond ring costs. Brian Gavin Diamonds offers premium products and services.

They have many 6-carat diamond engagement rings to suit your special occasion. The diamond tool on their website calculates price depending on carat weight, cut, color, and clarity.

Their custom variant options let you create a unique ring that matches your style. Most Brian Gavin Diamonds reviews are “outstanding,” and consumers praise their attention to detail and diamond-buying skills.

Find the greatest 6-carat diamond ring deals at Brian Gavin Diamonds. 

Leibish & Co.

Find out where Leibish & Co. has the best 6-carat diamond ring discounts. Leibish & Co has stunning diamond rings. Their assortment of exquisite carat diamond engagement rings comes in many shapes and patterns, so you may find one that suits you.

If you want a marquise diamond or other fancy-colored diamond, Leibish & Co is the place to go. Leibish & Co. offers optimum cut diamonds for the brightest, most stunning diamonds. Their diamonds are color-tested, so your 6-carat diamond ring will include a high-quality diamond.

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What to consider while buying a 6-carat diamond ring.

Let’s start with carat and size. Remember that “carat” implies “weight,” not “size.” The diamond’s clarity number indicates its imperfections and other characteristics.


When calculating the size of a 6-carat diamond ring, remember that “carat” means diamond weight, not size. But how a 6-carat diamond is cut and fashioned can affect its size. Consider these while choosing a 6-carat diamond ring size: 

Oval diamond: Its lengthy curvature makes an oval diamond appear larger.

Carat cushion: Cushion-cut diamonds appear larger due to their rounded sides and larger facets.

Solitaire diamond ring: A solitaire setting makes a 6-carat diamond appear larger.

Lab-grown diamond: A 6-carat lab-grown diamond can be cheaper than a natural diamond.You can choose a high-quality 6-carat diamond by knowing its typical size and form.


The clarity grade is crucial to valuing a 6-carat diamond ring. Clarity measures diamond imperfections and other features. Flaws can reduce a diamond’s brightness and luster.

Fleckless or Internally Flawless diamonds are more expensive because they have fewer inclusions. However, diamonds with quality ratings above VVS2 cost more without being more beautiful.

Consult a specialist to determine a diamond’s clarity grade and receive the greatest value on a 6-carat diamond ring.


Choosing the proper shape for a 6-carat diamond ring affects its appearance. There are various popular diamond forms.

For your future ring, consider these three gorgeous diamond forms:

  • Round Brilliant is a classic with lots of fire and glitter. Its timeless beauty makes it the most popular engagement ring.
  • Cushion Cut: This romantic design has rounded corners and larger facets for an antique, exquisite appeal. Wisdom and inventiveness blend beautifully.
  • Pear-shaped: This teardrop diamond is delicate and feminine. It lengthens and styles the finger. It’s popular with those who prefer a unique diamond form.

Choose a shape that suits your style and the wearer.

Diamond Ring Colors

When choosing a 6-carat diamond ring, color is crucial, but so is the grading system and how it influences the diamond’s beauty and value.

Diamond color is categorized from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown). Consider a G-I color rating for a 6-carat diamond ring. This range looks clear without the exorbitant cost of higher color grades.

Remember that diamond hue affects brightness and sparkle. The proper color, cut, and clarity combination is needed to find the perfect center diamond for the diamond engagement ring.

When buying a gorgeous 6-carat round diamond ring, consider the color grade of the diamond, whether natural or lab-made.

How to Maximize Funds

Cut, color, and clarity ratings help us get the best deal on a diamond ring – a 6-carat. By considering these three factors, we may spend our money wisely. These tips will help us choose a diamond ring:

  • Cut: Diamond brightness and sparkle rely on cutting. Excellent or perfect-cut diamonds are most beautiful and valuable. 
  • Color: Colorless diamonds are priced higher but popular. If you want a clean, gorgeous diamond at a low price, choose near-colorless diamonds (G to I).
  • Clarity: A diamond’s clarity grade depends on its imperfections and inclusions. A diamond with VS1 or VS2 clarity won’t show blemishes to the naked eye.

If we rank these factors and find the correct blend, we may get the most for our money when buying this diamond ring.

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Celebrities With 6-Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

We love celebrities wearing 6 carat diamond engagement rings. Famous celebrities with magnificent jewels are usually fascinating. Rich and stylish, these rings make a statement. Celebrities can afford a 6-carat diamond ring. Its 11.70mm diameter makes it a massive and conspicuous engagement ring diamond.

  • Beyonce’s Emerald Cut  
  • Jennifer Lopez’s Cushion Cut  
  • Kim Kardashian Cut Oval  
  • Angelina Jolie’s Emerald Cut.  
  • Blake Lively’s oval cut.  

These celebs chose diamonds of various shapes, each with its unique appeal. There are several styles, from the chic emerald cut to the romantic oval shape. Next, we’ll discuss the most common diamond shapes for a 6-carat engagement ring.

Most Popular Diamond Shapes for a 6 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

There are several typical diamond forms for a 6-carat diamond engagement ring. 

Round brilliant cuts are classic and make diamonds sparkle the best. Emerald cuts exude elegance with their precise lines and step-cut facets. People favor oval and pear-shaped diamonds because they look longer and more intriguing.

Round Brilliant Cut

One of the most popular diamond engagement rings is the round brilliant cut. Round brilliant cuts maximize diamond fire and shine. Round brilliant cut diamonds look lovely in diamond rings. Due to its simplicity, it’s always in style.

The round brilliant cut can be set in white gold or other metals to highlight the diamond’s innate beauty. For a 6-carat diamond engagement ring, a round brilliant cut guarantees a gorgeous, affordable diamond. 

Let’s discuss the stunning emerald cut.

Cut Emerald

We adore diamonds, thus, we love the emerald cut for a 6-carat diamond engagement ring. Emerald-cut diamonds are elegant due to their long, rectangular shape and step-cut facets. This design showcases the diamond’s clarity and color, making it ideal for clean, modern jewelry. 

The size and prominence of this emerald-cut diamond engagement ring will turn heads. Either a real 6-carat diamond or a lab-grown one, the emerald cut will make it stand out.

Our next section will discuss the oval cut, another popular engagement ring design.

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Round Cut

Elegant and bright, the oval shape is perfect for a 6-carat diamond engagement ring. The oval cut’s length makes it look bigger than a diamond. This makes it appealing with folks who desire something unique.

Three amazing reasons to choose a 6-carat oval diamond ring:

Oval cuts have been classics for decades, and their lengthy shapes make them sophisticated. 

From solitaires to halo designs, the oval cut works well. Additionally, it works well with white gold, platinum, and rose gold, so you can customize the ring. Oval-cut diamonds sparkle the most due to their distinct facets. The lengthy form and multiple faces reflect light, creating a stunning spectacle.

Oval cuts are one of numerous diamond shapes for 6-carat rings. The pear-shaped diamond is another popular choice, which we’ll discuss next.

The Pear Shape

 Because of its uniqueness and beauty, we favor pear-shaped diamonds for 6-carat diamond engagement rings. The teardrop, or pear, is a cross between the round and marquise shapes. This is a stunning diamond. 

Long and narrow pear diamond curves make fingers look longer and slimmer. This style is ideal for those who want a statement diamond. Your engagement ring will be magnificent and timeless whether you choose a single setting or one with smaller stones surrounding the pear diamond.

Bottom Line 

After considering all the aspects and completing thorough research, we’re convinced you’ll find the ideal 6-carat diamond ring for your needs and tastes.

Finally, consider these factors when choosing a diamond ring:

  • Emotional meaning: A diamond ring symbolizes love, promise, and celebration. A 6 carat diamond’s size and brightness will make a statement and leave a lasting impression.
  • Your budget: A diamond ring is beautiful, but money is key. Determine your diamond engagement ring budget. For example, lab-grown diamonds are cheaper yet still beautiful. These diamonds are dazzling and good, like discovered diamonds, yet cheaper. 

Finding the proper 6 carat diamond ring might be difficult, but with the correct information and guidance, you can do it. Set a reasonable budget, consider lab-grown options, and consider your emotional attachment. Knowing these things, you can start looking for your next diamond ring.


BrighterGuide is dedicated to providing accurate and relevant information as you explore the wonderful world of diamonds and jewelry. To this end, our writers refer to primary information sources in building each article that appears on this website. These include, but are not limited to, published news articles, government portals, research papers, and more.

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