Most Affordable Diamond Shapes Guide

Explore this guide because it demystifies the art of choosing the most affordable diamond shapes, ensuring you get the best value and style for your investment.

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on affordable diamond shapes! As you dive into the world of diamonds, you’ll encounter terms like Rough Diamond, Carat Weight, and Diamond Cutters. This article is designed to enlighten you on the best choices without draining your wallet.

This guide on the most affordable diamond shapes specifically covers three economical diamond shapes: Cushion Cut Diamonds, Princess Cuts, and Marquise. Each of these shapes, with its unique Diamond Shapes and features, offers a blend of value and style.

Whether you’re drawn to vintage-inspired Cushion shapes with their Rounded Corners reminiscent of the 18th Century, or you prefer modern, sharp Princess shapes, this writeup from BrighterGuide will highlight the most affordable diamond shapes to bring your dream ring to life.

Key Takeaways

  • The Cushion, Princess, and Marquise diamonds are highlighted as the most affordable diamond shapes, combining both style and value.
  • Research indicates that Cushion and Princess’s cuts are front-runners in affordability, with industry data supporting their cost-effectiveness.
  • The Marquise Diamond, while being 10-25% cheaper than round diamonds, stands out for its visual impact, cost savings, and versatile style.
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Chart of the cheapest diamond cuts as of January 2023

Based on our deep dive into the diamond industry and examining data from sources like James Allen and Blue Nile, we’ve prepared a chart for January 2023 highlighting the most economical diamond cuts. Unsurprisingly, several diamond cuts, including Oval Diamonds and Radiant Cut Diamonds, have emerged as popular budget-friendly choices.

Leading the pack are Cushion Cut Diamonds, exuding a vintage charm that’s easy on the pocket. In close pursuit are the geometrically alluring Princess cuts and the uniquely Elongated Marquise diamonds. The latter, with its ability to seem larger than Round Cut Diamonds of equivalent Carat Weight, offers significant Cost Savings.

However, factors like Clarity Grade, Color Grades, and overall Quality Diamond can sway these numbers. So, what makes these diamond shapes the most affordable? Let’s delve deeper.

What Are The Most Affordable Diamond Shapes

When it comes to value for money, the Cushion, Princess, and Marquise Diamonds are clear front-runners. The Cushions, with their Rounded Edges, evoke a timeless aura, while the Princess shapes with their Sharp Corners encapsulate a more contemporary vibe. However, the Marquise Diamond stands out, not just for its Fancy Shapes but also for its ability to offer up to 25% savings compared to round diamonds.

Top 3 Most Affordable Diamond Shapes

Diving into the specifics:

Cushion-cut Diamonds: A nod to the past, these are square-shaped gems with Rounded Corners. Their vintage allure makes them an Excellent Choice for those seeking a hint of nostalgia.

Princess-cut Diamonds: Modern and edgy, these are a favorite amongst many. Their geometric elegance coupled with affordability makes them a Popular Choice.

Marquise-cut Diamonds: These diamonds, with their elongated body and sharp ends, not only look larger but also have a distinctive appeal. Their history traces back to King Louis XV, further adding to their allure.

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The Prices for Each Diamond Shape

With a myriad of options in the market, how does one determine the best buy? While premium Diamond Shapes like the round brilliant cut come with a higher price tag, other shapes provide affordability without compromising on elegance.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Cushion: Often considered the most affordable diamond shape, its softened square appearance exudes a classic feel.

Princess: Riding high on popularity charts, this geometric diamond offers value without skimping on style.

Marquise: Its elongated body gives it an edge, making it seem larger. Consequently, it’s a more economical alternative to round diamonds of the same weight.

So what diamond cuts are the most affordable

Let’s break down the numbers. When selecting a diamond, it’s not just about the Diamond Price, but also factors like Market Demand, Light Performance, and the Cutting Process.

Diamond ShapeAverage PriceMarket Demand

Our research, backed by industry leaders like James Allen and Blue Nile, reveals Cushion and Princess cuts as frontrunners in affordability. Both exude their unique charm, with Cushion Diamonds echoing a bygone era and Princess Diamonds capturing a modern essence. The Marquise and Radiant cuts, although affordable, trail in popularity.

When setting out to purchase Loose Diamonds, consider factors like the Cutting Process, Market Demand, and your personal Engagement Ring Styles. May your diamond shopping be as brilliant as the stone you choose!

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The Most Affordable Diamond Shapes For An Engagement Ring

The journey of finding the perfect engagement ring starts with the diamond. One of the most sought-after and affordable options is the Princess cut diamond. Renowned for its square shape with pointy corners, the Princess cut offers a blend of traditional allure with a hint of modernity. Here are the three primary reasons why the Princess cut diamond should be on your radar:

  • Affordability: Above all, the Princess cut stands out for its cost-effectiveness. Its unique cutting process maximizes the use of the Rough Diamond and reduces waste. This means you’re getting a premium-looking diamond that originates from a larger Rough Stone without the hefty price tag.
  • Versatile Engagement Ring Style: This diamond shape isn’t just about cost savings. Whether set in White Gold or Yellow Gold, the Princess cut is versatile. It complements various Engagement Ring Styles, from the understated solitaire to the dazzling halo settings with Accent Diamonds, echoing both Romantic Diamond Shapes and contemporary vibes.
  • Stellar Light Performance: No one wants a dull diamond. The Step Cuts and faceting pattern of the Princess cut diamond optimizes its Light Performance. With its Sharp Corners blending with Rounded Edges, it beautifully captures and reflects light, giving you that desired sparkle.

When you’re on the hunt for an engagement ring that’s both affordable and timeless, the Princess cut diamond emerges as an Excellent Choice.

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How Diamond Shapes Affect Price

While the Round Cut Diamonds continue to be the traditional favorite, they often come with a steeper price. Credited to its universal appeal and intricate Cutting Process, a standard one-carat round diamond, graded at (G, VS2 Clarity), can set you back by $7,291.

In contrast, the Princess cut diamond, with its Square Shape and efficient design that retains about 80% of the Original Stone, offers a more budget-friendly alternative. For instance, a one-carat Princess cut diamond (G, VS2) can be procured for about $4,800, translating to a substantial 20-30% savings.

Where Should I Buy a Fancy-Cut Diamond

Navigating the world of fancy-cut diamonds can be overwhelming. From understanding Carat Sizes to recognizing Quality Diamonds, there’s a lot to consider. Here’s a structured approach:

Research Different Sellers: Begin by listing down prominent jewelers, both brick-and-mortar stores and online platforms. Trusted names like James Allen and Blue Nile offer a vast collection of Fancy Diamond Shapes.

Price Comparison: Now, dive into the numbers. From the Elongated Marquise Diamond to the classic Emerald Cut Diamonds, prices can fluctuate based on Carat Weight, cut, Color Grades, and Clarity Grade. By comparing, you ensure you’re getting a Fair Deal.

Check Customer Reviews: The experience of past customers can offer invaluable insights. Look for reviews that touch upon product quality, customer service, and the overall buying experience. A retailer with consistently positive reviews is a safe bet.

Find a diamond that meets your expectations and budget

Diamonds, often seen as investments, aren’t just about sparkling allure. The shape you choose can significantly influence its price. Let’s break down some of the popular diamond cuts and their average prices:

Diamond ShapeAverage Cost

The Round Shaped Diamonds, with their brilliant sparkle, unsurprisingly have the highest average cost at $7,291 for a one-carat stone. In contrast, shapes like Asscher and Emerald are more pocket-friendly, averaging around the $4,100 mark. The Princess cut, a blend of vintage and modern, sits comfortably at $4,800 for a one-carat stone. Lastly, the Marquise Diamond, renowned for its Elongated Shape and historical ties to King Louis XV, offers flexibility in pricing.

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To sum up, the Marquise Diamond is 10–25% less expensive than the round diamonds, but it is just as beautiful and useful. This is why:

Visual Impact: Thanks to its Elongated Shape, the Marquise cut diamond tends to appear larger than its actual carat weight, offering you a Larger Face Up Area.

Cost Savings: Priced 10-25% less than round diamonds, the Marquise cut allows you to allocate your budget to other attributes like better Color Diamond grades or even a Protective Setting for the diamond.

Versatility in Style: Whether you lean towards Art Deco Style Diamonds or something more contemporary, the Marquise cut is flexible. It flatters various finger types and has maintained its charm through the ages.

Choosing the right diamond for your engagement ring is all about finding a good balance between cost, style, and what you like. No matter what shape you choose, make sure it fits your style and represents the love story you’re enjoying.


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