Blue Nile Diamond Rings Review

Explore this comprehensive look at Blue Nile because we demystify what makes their diamond rings a harmonious blend of quality, value, and ethical sourcing.

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When it comes to life’s most significant moments—engagements, anniversaries, or just because—nothing speaks louder than a diamond. But not just any diamond will do; it has to be perfect. That’s where Blue Nile comes into the picture.

Renowned for its exquisite selection and top-notch customer service, Blue Nile has become a go-to for couples and jewelry enthusiasts alike. But how do their diamond rings really stack up against the competition? Are they worth the investment? In this comprehensive Blue Nile diamond rings review, we’ll delve into the sparkle, the service, and the overall experience of purchasing your own piece of treasure. Stay tuned!

In this review from BrighterGuide, we will be going over everything the Blue Nile has to offer.

Key Takeaways

  • Blue Nile offers an extensive and customizable selection of ethically sourced diamonds, catering to a wide range of tastes and budgets.
  • The company’s user-friendly online platform and knowledgeable customer service simplify the often daunting process of choosing the perfect diamond ring.
  • Investing in a Blue Nile diamond ring is not just about acquiring a piece of jewelry; it’s about making a long-term commitment to quality and ethical beauty.
a blue diamond ring from blue nile

The History of Blue Nile

Blue Nile has let people buy wedding rings online since 1999, revolutionizing the diamond industry. Many of us have different ideas about what happened there in the past. That’s why Mark Vadon started Blue Nile: to make it easy to find diamond rings… There are a lot of nice gems for cheap on Blue Nile, which is a big plus in their diamond inventory.

Blue Nile doesn’t keep diamonds in stock, so the ones they sell come from diamond manufacturers and dealers. Blue Nile has many cheap items for sale, offering competitive diamond prices. People from all over the world could easily buy gems at Blue Nile because it was the first store to do so.

A lot of people have bought diamond jewelry from Blue Nile for a long time. Blue Nile lets you work with famous artists and make deals with big diamond sellers like Amazon. For them, they sell GIA gems and pretty sets. They care a lot about diamond quality, and they have long movies that help people choose diamond wedding bands.

Blue Nile Diamonds

Blue Nile’s selection of diamonds is nothing short of dazzling, offering a veritable treasure trove for anyone in search of that perfect gem. One of the standout features of their collection is the sheer variety. Whether you’re a traditionalist pining for a classic round cut or a modernist eyeing a radiant cut, Blue Nile has you covered. They offer an extensive range of shapes, including oval, pear, and even heart-shaped diamonds, catering to all tastes and styles.

two different types of diamonds from blue nile

Lab-made diamonds from Blue Nile are a cheap and eco-friendly alternative to real diamonds.

Does Blue Nile sell gems that were made in a lab?

Blue Nile started selling lab-grown diamonds at prices that most people could buy at the start of 2023. Gems that are good for you and last a long time are becoming more popular. Lab-grown gems look just as good as found diamonds, which is why most people like them better. It’s better now that Blue Nile sells lab-grown diamonds. They still do great work and give the same good quality. Blue Nile is one of several online diamond retailers. Compare them to find out which diamonds are lab-made and which ones are found:

Online Diamond RetailersLab-Created Diamonds
Blue NileYes
James AllenYes
Diamonds DirectNo
Lab-Grown DiamondsYes

Blue Nile and James Allen are good places to buy lab-made diamonds if you want to save money and have more options. Right now, Diamonds Direct does not sell any lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are an interesting and moral choice if you want pretty jewelry that won’t break.

Diamond Shapes and Cuts

a pretty shaped blue diamond ring from blue nile.

It’s time to find the best engagement ring. Let’s look at the Blue Nile diamonds and their shapes and sizes.

They cut and shape diamond rings all the time, so they know how important it is to get them just right. Blue Nile sells many kinds of diamonds, such as princess, cushion, emerald, round, and more. Because they are all different and look good, you can pick the shape that goes with your style.

The cut of Blue Nile diamonds is perfect, and they are well-made. What type of gem do you have? What shape is it: round brilliant, marquise, or pear? It’ll be shiny and clean.

Blue Nile has a lot of cheap things for sale. There are many diamond rings at Blue Nile to choose from, and the prices are great. You can pick from a lot of different diamond cuts, sizes, and sets. GIA and AGSL have checked a lot of nice diamonds at Blue Niles to make sure they are real.

Blue Nile has a table that tells you how much different diamond rings cost.

Diamond RingPrice Range
Solitaire$1,000 – $10,000
Halo$2,000 – $20,000
Three-Stone$3,000 – $30,000

People know they are getting the best deal when Blue Nile says it will beat any gem price. Blue Nile will match the price of any diamond you find somewhere else, offering a diamond price-match guarantee. A lot of people like Blue Nile diamond jewelry because it’s always cheap.

Blue Nile or James Allen? Which is Better?

Blue Nile and James Allen have both had things for sale. This will help us figure out which gold store online has the best customer service.

When people review Blue Nile diamond jewelry, they have to talk about how easy it is to check out. Blue Nile has been around for a long time and has a good name, so it’s easy to buy. You can learn how to clean gems on their website, which has lessons and an AI model. Blue Nile also has trained customer service reps both online and in real life, which is something you can’t find anywhere else. Blue Nile is a cool place to shop.

Also, buying from James Allen is simple. You can see one of the diamonds from every angle on that site’s 360-degree video. With the video try-on, people can see how the James Allen ring looks on their hands. The staff is quick and helpful, which makes shopping there fun.

How to Save Money at Blue Nile

a small banded blue diamond ring from blue nile.

We can save money at Blue Nile because they will match any price. Blue Nile will match any lower price you find for the same gem. This is the best way to sell your Blue Nile diamond ring for the most money.

You can save money and be sure that Blue Nile’s prices won’t be beat. You could get a gem and a setting for free. Don’t buy a ring with the gem already set in it if you want to save money. Instead, separate the gem from the setting.

Look for diamonds with lower color and diamond quality grades if you want to save money. There are different grades of gems, and some of the cheaper grades can still look nice and cost less. How the diamond is cut is the most important thing because it’s what makes it shine and sparkle.

You can get the diamond jewelry you’ve always wanted from Blue Nile, and they let you pay in a number of ways. It’s easy to pay if there are 6, 12, or 18 months with no interest with excellent customer service at Blue Nile.

Blue Nile’s customer service is always glad to help people who call. People know that our diamond ring store online has great customer service.

Blue Nile Customer Service

Return Policy: If you return something within 30 days, you’ll get all of your money back. It’s easy for people in the US to return or trade in something they bought from us.

The Blue Nile Credit Card lets you get cash to pay for things. There is no interest when you borrow diamond rings for 6, 12, or 18 months.

Wide Range: As a top internet store, we have diamond rings for all tastes and budgets. People can choose any kind of ring, cut, or setting when they come to us.

Customer Service That You Can Trust: Our gold and gem experts are here to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they’ll give you free advice. We’re asked about band sizes, how to make rings unique, and other things.

We know how important it is to have great customer service when you buy diamond rings online from Blue Nile. There are many ways to pay, a lot of items to choose from, and friendly customer service that makes shopping fun for everyone.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

In summary, Blue Nile stands out as a premier destination for diamond rings, offering an unparalleled selection of high-quality, ethically sourced gems. Their user-friendly platform and expert customer service make the buying process a breeze, even for first-timers. Whether you’re marking a milestone or simply celebrating love, a Blue Nile diamond ring is more than just a purchase—it’s an investment in everlasting beauty and enduring commitment.


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