5 Carat Diamond Ring Review: An Ultimate Buying Guide

Delve into the magic of 5 carat diamond rings, because impeccable carat weight, color, and cut ensure your radiance.

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We’re glad you found our 5 carat diamond ring guide. We will provide all the information you need to choose the right ring. We’ll explain diamond size, carat weight, and the Four Cs of diamond quality. The best clarity and color grades and price factors will also be discussed. Whether you’re a diamond enthusiast or a first-time buyer, we’ll help you make an informed decision. Let’s explore these gorgeous jewelry pieces.

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Key Takeaways

  • Carat weight alone doesn’t determine a diamond’s size; its shape and cut play a significant role.
  • For 5-carat diamonds, prioritize clarity (VS2 to VVS2) to ensure a flawless appearance.
  • Opt for a G-I color grade for a balance of sparkle and value.
  • A well-cut 5-carat diamond maximizes its sparkle and beauty.
  • Lab-grown diamonds offer cost savings, sustainability, and quality for 5-carat options.

5 Carat Diamond Overview

From our knowledge of diamonds, carat weight indicates diamond weight. Carat weight is important, but it’s not always a good indicator of diamond size. Diamond size is measured by diameter. Shape and cut proportions affect diamond size. The size of a diamond affects its apparent size compared to its actual weight.

An elongated shape like an oval or marquise appears larger than a round of the same carat weight. Look at a diamond’s shape and cut to determine its size. A 5-carat diamond is 0.4 inches across and weighs 1 gram. Visees can help you visualize a 5-carat diamond ring on your finger. These tools can show you how the diamond will look in different settings.

Diamond size and carat diamond weights are important. Knowing how these two things are related can help you find the perfect diamond.

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How to Choose a 5-Carat Diamond Ring

Buying a 5-carat diamond involves several factors. Grade, color, cut, and carat weight determine diamond quality and value. 


We prioritize clarity when choosing a 5-carat diamond. The clarity grade of a diamond indicates its overall beauty based on flaws and inclusions. Diamonds with VS2 to VVS2 clarity are best for 5-carat rings. The naked eye cannot see most flaws. Lower clarity grades can offset carat weight because larger diamonds have more flaws.

Your 5-carat diamond will look perfect with VS2 clarity. Look at the diamond’s clarity with high-resolution photos and 360-degree videos to decide.


The color is what we look for most in a 5-carat diamond, and it’s important to pick the right color grade. When it comes to color, remember these four important things:

  • Choose a colorless range of diamonds that sparkle without spending too much.
  • Aim for a G-I color grade because, at this grade, not many people can see any color in a diamond.
  • For warm metals like rose and yellow gold, think about a J color grade.
  • Make sure the diamonds in the ring around the central stone are within two grades of each other.

You can make sure that your 5 carat diamond has the color and look you want by paying attention to these things.


Picking a 5-carat diamond should be based on its cut quality, as it has a big effect on its overall beauty and brilliance. How well a diamond has been shaped and faceted is referred to as its cut. The way a diamond reflects and bends light increases its sparkle and brilliance.

A great cut is even more important for a 5-carat diamond because it can bring out the stone’s brilliance and strength. Investing in a high-quality cut will ensure that your 5-carat diamond stands out and shines, whether you prefer the classic round shape or the elegance of an oval diamond or cushion-cut diamond ring.


Carat weight is a key factor in diamond value. Choose a 5 carat diamond based on more than just carat weight. Cut, color, and clarity matter. These are the key considerations when it comes to carat:

  • A 5-carat diamond is a lot bigger and heavier than the typical diamond found in engagement rings.
  • Cut quality should be given top priority because a larger carat weight may have an impact on the diamond’s appearance and brilliance.
  • Think about what shape you want the diamond to be because different shapes can make the diamond look bigger or smaller.
  • It’s important to set a budget and give the 4Cs the priority they deserve because the price of a 5-carat diamond can vary greatly depending on its quality.

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What Makes a 5-carat Diamond Ring Cost More or Less

If you want to buy a diamond ring, a 5-carat diamond ring is the best way to show off your wealth and style. It’s clear that these gems are very pretty, but how much do they cost? A 5-carat diamond ring’s price changes based on many factors, so it’s important to know how much this lovely piece of jewelry will cost.

Carat Weight

The carat weight of a diamond is a big part of how much it costs. The price goes up as the carat weight goes up. A 5-carat diamond is big, and the fact that it is so rare makes it very expensive.

Well- Cut

Its brilliance and overall look are affected by how it is cut. A 5-carat diamond that is well cut will sell for more than one that is not.

The Color Grade

There is a color scale for diamonds that goes from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown). It is most valuable to have a diamond that is colorless, so a 5-carat D-color diamond will cost more than one with a lower color grade.

The word “clarity”

Clarity describes the presence of flaws on the inside and outside, which are called inclusions and blemishes, respectively. Diamonds are more valuable when they don’t have many flaws. Flawless or internally flawless 5-carat diamonds are very hard to find and therefore very expensive.


The price of a diamond can also change based on its shape. Most of the time, round diamonds cost more than princess, emerald, or oval diamonds.


Most of the time, diamonds that have been certified by a reputable gemological lab, like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), cost more. These certifications prove that the diamond is of good quality and has the right qualities.

Price Range

How much will a 5-carat diamond ring cost? A 5-carat diamond ring can cost anywhere from tens of thousands to several million dollars. As mentioned, the diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and certification determine its price.

To illustrate, a 5-carat round diamond with excellent cut, D color, and flawless clarity costs at least $1 million. If you sacrifice one or more of these, you can find a 5-carat diamond ring for less.

5 Carat Diamond Ring Size vs. 1, 2, 3 Carat

Let us compare a 5 carat diamond engagement ring to other carat weights. 

1 vs.5

A 5 carat diamond engagement ring is often compared to a 1 carat. Diamond size goes beyond carat weight. Comparing a 5 carat diamond to a 1 carat diamond:

  • Diamonds are measured in millimeters and vary in shape and cut.
  • Rounds of the same carat weight look smaller than elongated shapes like oval and marquise.
  • A 1 carat diamond weighs 0.2 grams, whereas a 5 carat diamond weighs 1 gram.
  • 5 carat diamonds stand out on the finger compared to 1 carat diamonds.

5 vs 2 carat

A popular choice is a 2 carat diamond engagement ring, but how big is a 5 carat diamond engagement ring? 2 carat diamonds are much smaller than 5 carat diamonds. Diamond carat weight is its weight, not size. Average 5 carat diamond weighs 1 gram and is 0.4 inches.

The shape and cut proportions of a diamond determine its size. Elongated shapes like oval and marquise appear larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight due to shape and cut quality.

5 Carat vs 3 carat D

Learn how big a 5 carat diamond engagement ring is in our comparison to a 3 carat D. A 5 carat diamond is larger than the typical diamond used in engagement rings. Diamonds are measured in millimeters, and shape and cut affect face-up size.

A marquise or oval elongated shape can appear larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight. The average 5 carat diamond weighs 1 gram and is 0.4 inches wide.

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Top 5 Carat Diamond Shapes

Let us the top 5 carat diamond shapes that have captured the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts and why they stand out in the realm of precious gemstones.

Carat Oval Shaped

In our knowledge of carat oval shaped diamonds, the top 5 carat diamond shapes are included. Diamonds shaped oval have an elongated shape. Four popular carat oval diamond shapes:

  • Traditional Oval: This traditional oval shape is well-balanced and symmetrical, making it a timeless choice for engagement rings.
  • Pear-Shaped Oval: This brilliant diamond is oval and pear-shaped.
  • Modified Oval: The modified oval diamond’s brilliance and sparkle grows with more facets and proportions.

5 Carat Diamonds in Cushion Cut

Including the carat cushion cut, the top five carat diamond shapes make stunning and unique diamond rings. The cushion cut is a popular choice for a vintage-inspired look with a modern twist. Cushion cut diamonds have exceptional brilliance and sparkle thanks to their round corners and large facets.

Celebrities and fashionistas love its romantic style. For a 5 carat diamond ring, the cushion cut is ideal because it highlights the stone’s size and weight. A carat cushion cut diamond, alone or with smaller diamonds, is striking and memorable.

5 Carat Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are one of the top five carat diamond shapes for elegant diamond rings. Princess cut diamonds are brilliant cut diamonds with exceptional sparkle and brilliance.

5 Carat Emerald Cut Diamonds

Because of their elegance and sophistication, Emerald cut diamonds are a popular choice among diamond shapes. These diamonds look unique due to their rectangular shape and step-cut facets.

For an elegant diamond, the emerald cut is ideal. Its elongated shape makes it appear larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight, such as the oval cut diamond or the carat pear.

The emerald cut highlights diamond clarity, making it ideal for internal characteristics specialists. The sleek lines and classic appeal of a five-carat emerald cut diamond will captivate.

5 Carat Marquise diamonds 

Marquise cut diamonds are a popular choice among the top five carat diamond shapes. Their elongated shape makes this diamond shape elegant and unique. Important carat marquise cut diamond facts:

  • An elongated shape describes the marquise cut diamond. With a bigger center diamond, this shape makes the diamond look bigger.
  • The marquise cut diamond stands out because of its shape. It’s a popular choice for people who want a unique diamond, which makes it the perfect choice for someone looking for a unique engagement ring.
  • The marquise cut diamond’s elongated shape lengthens in rings. For longer fingers, this is flattering.
  • The marquise cut diamond can be solitaire, halo, or three-stone. This adaptability allows for the creation of a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Now, let’s delve into the next section where we’ll explore the world of 5 carat lab-grown diamonds.

Looking at 5-carat Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than natural diamonds, so there are many options. Controlled lab-grown diamonds mimic natural diamond growth using cutting-edge technology.

Four things to consider when buying a 5-carat lab-grown diamond:

  • Cost: Lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds, so you can save money without sacrificing quality. A 5 carat lab-grown diamond is better for people who want a bigger stone but are on a budget.
  • Sustainable: Lab-grown diamonds are greener than mined. They’re made to avoid environmental damage, tree cutting, habitat destruction, and other diamond mining issues.
  • Quality: Lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically identical to natural diamonds. Their toughness, brilliance, and fire match. Technology has improved lab-grown diamond quality, allowing 5 carat options.
  • Versatile: Lab-grown diamonds can be set in a variety of rings, including the three-stone carat diamond ring. There are plenty of options to showcase a 5 carat lab-grown diamond, from classic solitaire to halo.

Get the Most for a 5-Carat Diamond Ring

To find the best 5 carat diamond ring deal, consider several factors.

Look for clean-looking diamonds.

As diamond buyers, we prioritize clean diamonds when searching for the best 5 carat diamond ring deal. Diamonds that are eye-clean have no visible flaws or inclusions to the naked eye. The flawless appearance and maximum brilliance and sparkle of these diamonds make them desirable.

Speaking to a diamond expert can help you find a clean 5 carat diamond. They will use high-resolution pictures and knowledge to help you choose the best diamond.

Buy under a carat.

We recommend buying 5 carat diamond rings just below whole carat weights for the best value. The reason:

  • Larger diamonds cost more per carat. You can save a lot of money and get the same dramatic look by buying a diamond just below the next carat weight.
  • Cheap diamonds are a good deal without sacrificing quality. If you choose the right cut, color, and clarity, you can find a beautiful diamond within your budget.
  • Choosing a diamond under a carat weight allows you to spend more on the setting or accent diamonds.
  • Many people can’t tell a 4.9 carat diamond from a 5 carat diamond, so buy one just below the whole carat weight.

Consider fluorescence.

A 5 carat diamond’s fluorescence can help us maximize our ring’s value. Diamond glows softly in ultraviolet light. This is fluorescence. Although some worry about how fluorescence will change a diamond’s appearance, it can increase its value.

Medium to strong fluorescence diamonds usually cost less than non-fluorescent diamonds. This means we could get a bigger or better diamond within our budget if we choose a fluorescence diamond.

Remember that fluorescence doesn’t change diamond color or clarity. To get the best deal on our 5 carat diamond ring, we can still look for a colorless diamond (G-H color) with fluorescence.

Custom Design

To maximize the value of our 5 carat diamond ring, we chose custom design. Choose custom design to create a unique piece that reflects our style and tastes.

To design a 5 carat diamond ring by hand, remember these tips:

  • Diamond Color: Our custom-made ring lets us choose the perfect diamond color. A sparkling white diamond in G-I color grade won’t cost much.
  • Professional Help: Working with a reputable custom jeweler will provide professional assistance throughout the process. They will help us choose the best diamond color and design to maximize our ring’s value.
  • Personalization: When we design our 5-carat diamond ring, we can add unique details. We can personalize a piece by engraving or setting it intricately.

This 5-carat diamond ring can be made to order, increasing its investment value. We can make a beautiful, long-lasting ring by carefully choosing the diamond color and design.


The article concludes with a complete explanation of carat diamond rings and how to choose one. This article covers the Four Cs (carat weight, color, clarity, and cut), diamond color, clarity, cut, and more about carat diamond rings. You’ll confidently choose the perfect diamond engagement ring knowing these things.


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