Selling Your Ring Setting: Your Ultimate Guide

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Are you thinking of selling your ring setting? You’re covered! How to value your setting, what affects its value, and how to price and sell it are covered in this Brightguide article. Taking the right steps can ensure the deal goes well and makes you money. Reusing and selling to reputable sellers will also be discussed. Prepare to sell your ring setting in style for the most money.

Key Takeaways

  • The value of a ring setting is primarily determined by its gold content, often selling at scrap gold prices. Custom-made settings may not retain their original purchase value due to personalization preferences.
  • Custom-made settings may have higher emotional and monetary value, but they may not fetch much when sold. Non-customized settings, while less valuable initially, may yield a higher percentage of their original price when sold.
  • Different types of stores, such as pawn shops, jewelry stores, and online retailers, offer varying prices for ring settings. Research and choose a reputable buyer that suits your needs to ensure a fair sale.
  • Selling a ring with emotional significance can be challenging. Options include repurposing the ring, replacing the diamond, or selling the setting online to preserve its sentimental value.
  • The color of gold (yellow, white, or rose) typically doesn’t impact pricing for diamond settings. Pricing is primarily based on gold’s weight, ensuring a fair and transparent market for buyers and sellers.

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How much is a Setting Worth?

Since gold is a good, the market sets its price. Gold jewelry is often sold at “scrap gold” prices. The setting of a custom-made ring is only worth scrap gold. Planning and building sets take time and skill, raising costs. Even if you pay $2,430 for a unique James Allen setting, it will be scrap gold. Why does that happen? Most people desire personalized styles. Customers will rather design their own ring than utilize yours.

You’ll lose less money if your ring isn’t custom-made. You may get $200 for scrap gold, far more than for handmade jewelry. The original price and markup are lower because there is no special effort or elaborate design. However, a $315 non-customized ring setting may sell for $100. Since the design is simple and more are created, the loss percentage is lower.

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What stores typically pay for settings?

Learn how much stores charge for settings to set diamond prices. Selling your ring requires knowing potential buyers and their prices. Here is a table of average prices for different types of stores to give you an idea:

What Kind of StoreAverage Price
Pawn Shops (and similar)50% of the value
Jewelry Stores50% of the value
Online Jewelry RetailersVaries by the store

Remember that these prices are averages, and deals may vary. Do some research and choose a reputable buyer who fits your selling needs to ensure a successful sale and a fair price. In the next section, we’ll discuss how to handle emotional attachment to the ring during the selling process.

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What to Do When Your Ring Holds Emotional Significance

Having an emotional attachment to the ring makes valuing the setting difficult. An engagement ring or other piece of diamond jewelry can be an emotional process to sell. There are ways to handle this gracefully:

  • The ring could be repurposed with a new stone or given to a family member. The ring can still mean something to someone else.
  • Keep the ring’s look by replacing the diamond with cubic zirconium. Selling the diamond alone lets you keep its sentimental value.
  • On an online marketplace, you could sell the setting. You’ll be paid fairly, and someone else will enjoy the custom design and precious metal setting.

These options can help us sell the ring despite our emotional attachment.

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Does the Gold Type Matter in Diamond Settings for Selling?

Yellow, white, and rose gold share equal pricing based on weight, as gold remains a valuable precious metal in the engagement ring market. Economic trends and investor demand influence gold prices, making both platinum and yellow gold engagement rings cost the same. In this market, the color of gold doesn’t impact pricing, ensuring a fair and transparent environment for both buyers and sellers.

The value of gold engagement and wedding rings is primarily determined by their gold content, with rose and yellow gold settings having identical prices per gram or ounce. Understanding these factors empowers you to sell gold jewelry and make informed pricing decisions confidently.

Where to Sell Your Ring Setting for the Best Value

When selling our ring setting, we should consider where to get the most money. You must find the right buyer to get a fair price and a smooth selling process. Consider these options:

Professional Diamond Buyers

These sites buy diamond rings and loose diamonds. They can offer convenience and low prices because they have a large network of potential buyers. You can find an online diamond buyer like Abe Mor. They accept stones of at least .5 carats and offer free shipping and insurance. 

Neighborhood Jewelry Stores

Established jewelry stores often buy used diamond rings and offer fair prices based on carat weight, diamond shape, and clarity grade. Find trustworthy local stores by doing research. A local jeweler is very unlikely to cheat you but will try to offer you 60% or less of the original retail price.

Gold Buying Companies

Some companies specialize in buying gold jewelry, offering competitive rates. These companies provide a convenient and straightforward process, often providing free shipping and insurance. It’s important to research and choose a reputable gold-buying company to ensure a fair price and a secure transaction.

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When Is the Best Time to Resell Your Diamond Ring Setting?

We can sell our diamond ring setting again and get the most money when we’re ready to sell. A diamond ring setting sale is an emotional process, so choose the right time. If you’re thinking about selling your ring setting, it’s best to consult a diamond specialist or professional buyer who can guide you through the entire process.

A professional buyer will appraise your diamond and advise you on its value. They know how much your ring setting is worth, real or fake diamond included. Many settings are made of gold, so they can tell you its value.

Gold prices fluctuate, so it’s important to maximize your ring’s setting. Gold prices fluctuate, so sell when they’re highest. Thus, your ring setting will fetch the most money.

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If you don’t want to sell your ring setting but don’t want to find a buyer, consider consignment. Use a consignment service to sell your diamond wedding or engagement ring settings without selling them yourself. You can trust a consignment service to sell your ring setting to a reputable buyer. They often have customer protection policies to ensure you pay a fair price for your ring setting.

One advantage of consignment services is that they can connect you with potential buyers from around the world. This makes your classic diamond solitaire or other unique ring setting more likely to sell for more.

Additionally, consignment shops have trained staff who can assess your ring setting’s value and provide a lab report. You will also have a client account manager to guide you through the selling process and keep you informed.

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It can be difficult to sell a diamond ring setting. It’s important to choose the right time to sell so that you get the most money. Getting advice from a diamond expert or professional buyer can be very helpful during the whole process. They can help you figure out how much your diamond is worth, no matter if it is real or fake. In addition, keep an eye on gold prices so that you can sell your ring setting when the price of gold is highest.


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