Orange Diamonds: What You Need to Know

Explore the enchanting realm of orange diamonds because our article reveals their fascinating history, unique traits, and helps you find the ideal piece, whether you're a seasoned collector or a first-time buyer.

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Orange Diamonds buying Guide: Imagine the captivating beauty of a sunset, now forever encapsulated in the rare and luxurious orange diamond. Orange diamonds captivate with their rare, fiery beauty—nature’s artworks from the earth’s depths. Orange diamonds are rare natural treasures that stand out with their fiery glow.

Beyond their unique color, orange diamonds symbolize boldness, creativity, and a deep appreciation for the extraordinary. These gems aren’t just bling; they’re badges of class and icebreakers that make those who wear them stand out.

BrighterGuide invites you on a journey to explore the mysterious origins of orange diamonds, their significance in the realm of luxury jewelry, and why they’ve become the prized possession of those seeking distinctiveness in their adornments.

Key Takeaways

  • The rarest colored diamonds are orange diamonds, also referred to as “pumpkin diamonds,” and collectors and jewelry enthusiasts highly prize them. Nitrogen atoms that sneak in while these diamonds form absorb both blue and yellow light, making them pop with a striking orange glow. Natural orange diamonds come in various intensity levels, with “fancy intense” and “fancy vivid” being the most valuable due to their deep, rich orange color. Orange diamonds are considered the fourth or fifth rarest colored diamonds, making them unique and desirable. Colors that are secondary or modified have an impact on their value.
  • These rare and valuable diamonds can sell for thousands to millions of dollars, with factors like size, color intensity, and clarity grade influencing their prices. Orange diamonds in James Allen are prized for their unique beauty and rarity in the world of colored diamonds.
Orange Diamond Ring

How Orange Diamond Got Color

Knowing where orange diamonds get their color helps you appreciate their beauty and rarity. The presence of nitrogen atoms during formation gives orange diamonds, also called pumpkin diamonds, their bright orange color.

The arrangement of nitrogen atoms sucks in blue and yellow light, which then pops out as a striking orange hue. Among colorless diamonds, a vivid orange diamond results.

Let’s take a closer look at how vivid orange diamonds shine.

Orange Diamond Ring

Intensity of Orange Diamond

The intensity of orange diamonds indicates their depth and richness. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) rates them from faint orange to fancy deep orange. Many want and pay a lot for fancy, intense, and vivid orange.

Faint orange, with a hint of orange, is low-intensity. The brighter orange color of fancy light orange is next. With fancy orange, the intensity increases, making the orange color bolder.

Its deep orange color makes a fancy, intense orange color that stands out at the top. With a deep, bold orange tone, the diamond captivates and stands out remarkably. Some might also show hints of brown or yellow in their color.

The ones that have no other colors are rare and valuable. From light orange diamonds to bright ones, all are beautiful. Your taste and desired effect will determine which orange diamond you choose.

Rareness and Price of Orange Diamonds

Let’s explore the rareness and price of this fancy-colored stone:


Rare and in demand, orange diamonds sell for high prices. Size, color intensity, and clarity grade affect prices. Orange diamonds can be brownish orange or yellowish orange in color combinations. Secondary hues or overtones are also rare and can affect diamond prices.

Pure orange diamonds are rare, when compared to yellow diamonds it is more common to find orange diamonds with secondary colors. Orange diamonds are the fourth or fifth rarest colored diamonds, so collectors want them.


Orange diamonds can sell for thousands to millions of dollars, depending on size, color intensity, and quality. The most expensive orange diamonds are larger and brighter. The 4.19-carat fancy vivid orange diamond (below) sold for a record price of .95 million in October 2011.

To buy a rare colored diamond or find the perfect engagement ring with an orange diamond, you must know how rare and expensive they are. These gems stand out from other colored diamonds with their unique beauty.

Orange Diamond Ring

Orange Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Orange diamond engagement rings, available in side stone, pavé crossover, and prong-set styles, showcase the magnificence of these rare gems. These sets not only brighten the diamond but also add a touch of class. Let’s explore these orange diamond engagement ring settings.

Side stone setting

Side stones are often used to add smaller, colorless diamonds to orange diamond engagement rings. This style pairs the bright orange diamond and sparkling side stones beautifully.

Important side stone setting details:

  • The smaller, colorless diamonds serve as a background to highlight the orange diamond’s color and brilliance.
  • Side stones add extra sparkle to the ring.
  • You can use a halo or three-stone setting to make the side stones look different.
  • The side stone setting works with various diamond shapes and engagement ring styles.

Do you want an orange diamond engagement ring with side stones? For the best quality and craftsmanship, shop at trusted diamond jewelry stores or consult experienced diamond cutters.

Pavé Crossover Environment

We can look at cross-over pavé engagement ring settings. These settings enhance the orange diamond’s beauty and elegance.

This setting’s crossover design splits and reunites the band, creating a beautiful visual effect. Small diamonds set close together in the pavé setting add shine and make the diamond surface appear endless.

The orange diamond contrasts with the pavé diamonds, creating a luxurious look. The cross-over pavé setting is perfect for a unique, classy engagement ring.

It highlights the diamond’s orange color and adds glitz and charm.

Prong-set Style 3

A prong setting highlights an orange diamond’s brilliance, creating a stunning engagement ring. Take into account the diamond’s powerful sparkle and vivid orange color. Here are things you need to know about those settings:

  • Prong settings hold the diamond with metal claws to maximize light and shine.
  • A unique look can be achieved by matching or contrasting the prongs with the diamond’s color.
  • Four or six prongs can be used to create prong settings for different tastes and styles.
  • Raised diamonds in prong settings are easy to clean and maintain, so they always look their best.

For diamond enthusiasts who value the exceptional color grade, a prong setting is the best way to display the stone’s exceptional beauty.

Diamong ring

Common Jewelry Settings for Orange Diamonds

Let’s examine some common orange diamond jewelry settings. These are some of the best ways to highlight an orange diamond. These beautiful stones can be used in pendants, earrings, and bracelets.

Orange Marquise Diamond Halo Pendant

The Orange Marquise Diamond Halo Pendant from Leibish & Co. shows how one orange diamond can shine. This pendant looks lovely with a halo of tiny diamonds casting light and color. It is a great piece of jewelry to add to your collection because it reflects your sophistication and uniqueness.

Fancy Brown Orange Cushion Diamond Drop Earrings

The fancy brown orange cushion diamond drop earrings from Leibish & Co. are a unique way to showcase orange diamonds. Cushion-cut stones on thin drops make these earrings stand out. They are ideal for those who respect quality and individuality.

All-Natural GIA-Certified Multicolored Diamond Bracelet

The All-Natural GIA-Certified Multicolored Diamond Bracelet from James Allen has many orange diamonds and other fancy-colored diamonds, making it a beautiful and bright piece of jewelry. Orange diamonds are beautiful and useful, as shown in this bracelet.

These popular jewelry settings showcase orange diamonds and the jewelry designers’ skills. A bright orange diamond pendant, earrings, or bracelet makes a statement. Explore orange diamonds and find the perfect setting to match your style.


In the end, orange diamonds, also known as “pumpkin diamonds,” are rare and intriguing. These stunning gems, among the most sought-after colored diamonds, stand out in the world of fancy diamonds. Their beauty and value hinge on factors such as where they originated, the strength of their colors, and their rarity among the spectrum of colorless diamonds.

Their uniqueness is further emphasized by the nitrogen atom formation and GIA grading, which distinguish them as quality diamonds in the market for loose diamonds. The natural diamonds, displaying some of the rarest colors, hold a special place in the realm of fine jewelry.

For those looking to acquire orange diamonds, a recommended destination is James Allen, where you can explore a vast collection showcasing the timeless beauty of these rare diamonds. Discover the perfect piece of jewelry to complement your style and preferences.

Whether adorning statement pendants, earrings, or bands, orange diamonds bring a unique and vibrant allure to any jewelry collection.


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