Unlocking Peridot Gemstone’s Allure: A Buyer’s Guide

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Peridot Gemstone Guide: Peridot stands out with its green sparkle, touched by gold, unlike any other gemstone.

This gem’s rarity is profound, with origins from the depths of Earth to the far reaches of space.

Our BrighterGuide offers in-depth insights, delving into Peridot’s history and guiding you to your perfect gem.

Join the ranks of knowledgeable collectors – dive into our Peridot Gemstone Guide and let Peridot’s charm elevate your gem expertise.

Key Takeaways

  • Peridot is a vibrant green gemstone known for its beauty and affordability, often used in jewelry.
  • To verify peridot authenticity, consider Blue Nile factors like color analysis, inclusions, transparency, refractive index, and hardness.
  • Peridot is an affordable gemstone, with prices ranging from $50 to $450 per carat, making it accessible to a wide range of buyers.

What Is Peridot?

Peridot Birthstone necklace

Peridot is a popular gemstone due to its vibrant green color, sometimes with a hint of gold, and affordable peridot price. It is also known as Olivine stone and is a mineral olivine. It is a beautiful stone that enhances any piece of jewelry, especially peridot rings, and is said to have healing properties. The birthstone of August, peridot, is a popular choice for gemstone jewelry and party favors. Its beautiful effervescent shades of green symbolize vitality and good energy, and it’s known as the stone of compassion.

When determining peridot authenticity, there are several key factors, like those at Blue Nile. Follow these steps,

Color Analysis 

Color analysis is essential when identifying a genuine peridot. Authentic peridot gemstones span from medium to darker shades of bright green. An ideal peridot boasts an intense color thanks to its iron content. You should be wary of brown or yellowish peridots as these could be counterfeits. While natural peridots might slightly differ in hue due to their single color spectrum, a consistently colored manufactured peridot is likely not genuine. For more on understanding gem colors, check this diamond color scale guide.


Inclusions can be your ally when identifying genuine peridot. Look out for needle-like inclusions, an intrinsic part of its crystal makeup. These can actually help ascertain the gem’s authenticity. A peridot’s inclusions, deeply intertwined with its optical attributes, can hint at its origin, be it a Burmese, Changbai, or parasitic peridot. Common features in peridots include tiny mineral crystals, liquid-filled cavities, and more. These inclusions, along with how they impact the gem’s overall allure and value, are vital when determining the gem’s authenticity. Riddles Jewelry has a wide range of peridots showcasing these natural inclusions.


Transparency and lustrous flashes are pivotal for confirming a peridot’s genuineness. Ideally, a peridot crystal should be devoid of any unsightly black spots or inclusions that could hamper its radiant shine. Despite their budget-friendly price, certain types, like the Burmese peridot, may showcase some “sleepy” platelet inclusions but will generally maintain good clarity. For a bright and clear showcase of its lush grass-green hue, consider purchasing from reputable vendors like Reeds Jewelers.

Refraction Index 

Verifying the refractive index (RI) of a peridot is fundamental. As light traverses through diamonds, it refracts based on their refractive index. Keep these points in mind:

  • Peridot’s RI stands between 1.654 and 1.690. As such, light refracts both when entering and exiting its crystalline structure. Gemologists can discern counterfeit peridots by gauging their refractive index.
  • To measure a peridot’s refractive index, gemologists employ a refractometer. This instrument assesses the angle of light refraction and juxtaposes it against established readings for peridots.
  • If the gem’s RI aligns with the standard range for peridots, it’s genuine. Nonetheless, seeking the expertise of a seasoned gemologist or jeweler is advisable. For deeper insights into diamonds and their properties, Prince Diamonds offers a comprehensive review.


A peridot’s hardness is vital for its identification. Renowned for its sturdiness, peridot has a hardness rating of 6.5–7 on the Mohs scale. This means it can withstand scratches and routine wear. If a particular object scratches a peridot, it’s probably authentic. There are specialized instruments available to determine a stone’s hardness, affirming it as a premium-grade peridot. Curious about other robust gemstones? Dive into the world of black diamonds for a comparison.

Number of Gravities 

If you want to buy a peridot, consider its specific gravity and do a quick test to verify its authenticity. Real peridot, often found in igneous rocks due to volcanic activity, has a specific gravity of 3.34, making it heavier than water. The same digital scale can weigh a peridot gemstone in the air and fully buried in warm, soapy water. Its specific gravity will be apparent. The specific gravity can be calculated by dividing air weight by water weight.

Comparing Peridot with Diamonds

Peridot and Diamond Halo Ring

When venturing into the gemstone market, buyers often compare peridots with the timeless diamond. This juxtaposition allows them to make informed decisions. Here’s what to consider:

  • Cut Brilliance: The way a gemstone is cut can determine its brilliance and allure. While diamonds have various cuts to maximize their shine, such as those detailed in this diamond cuts guide, peridots have unique cuts that accentuate their natural green hue.
  • Clarity Differences: Diamonds are often graded based on their clarity, with the absence of inclusions and blemishes increasing their value, as explored in this diamond clarity guide. Peridots, on the other hand, can have characteristic inclusions that identify their origin and authenticity.
  • Cost Analysis: While diamonds, especially those as grand as an 8-carat diamond ring, can be quite costly, peridots generally offer a more affordable alternative without compromising on beauty.

Mining and Peridot Price

The most exquisite peridot stones often come with a heftier price tag. But, generally speaking, peridot is a reasonably priced gem. Well-faceted gems weighing between 1 and 2 carats typically retail for $50–$80 apiece. Larger, more vibrant gems can set you back $400–$450 for each carat.

However, peridots’ pricing can vary based on their size, cut, and overall quality. This affordability ensures that a wide array of buyers can acquire it. For a broader overview of gemstones and their respective prices, visit this comprehensive gemstone guide.

What to Know Before Buying

Before buying peridot, consider these factors.

Consider the cut quality

A well-cut peridot gemstone has good measurements, symmetry, and cutting. These factors make the stone more beautiful and bright, increasing its value and appeal.

Three things to consider when assessing peridot earring cut quality:

  • Facet arrangement: A well-cut peridot has perfectly matched facets that maximize light reflection and refraction, giving it a beautiful sparkle.
  • Proportions: The right proportions let light enter and leave the peridot, bringing out its bright green color and reducing color zoning and dark spots.
  • Symmetry: Symmetrical cuts highlight the stone’s natural beauty and symmetry.

Additionally, peridot rings with pavé and crown diamonds can add elegance and sparkle. Peridot and diamonds enhance the ring’s beauty. 

Consider eye-clean clarity

Check for cleanliness before buying a peridot gemstone to ensure quality. Eye-clean clarity means peridot shouldn’t have flaws or inclusions that detract from its beauty and brightness.

Although Burmese peridots have small platelet specks that make them look sleepy, you should still check for other flaws. Larger peridot stones can appear sleepy due to their strong birefringence. Since peridot is usually clear, you should carefully inspect the stone to ensure it meets your standards.

Look for a clear green color

A pure green color is what we look for when purchasing a peridot gemstone. Ferrous iron gives peridot its grass-green color. Three peridot qualities to look for to get the best:

Bright grass-green is the best peridot color. Avoid brown or yellow stones—they’re inferior.

Moderate to Dark Green: Look for medium- to dark green peridots. This gives the desired rich, intense color.

A real green peridot shouldn’t have brown or yellow undertones. These can lower stone value and beauty.

Avoid white metals and choose yellow gold

We recommend yellow gold over white gold for peridot gemstones. Peridot is naturally beautiful, but yellow gold enhances its bright green color and gives it a luxurious look. Mixing peridot with white metals like silver or white gold can dull its green color.

However, yellow gold enhances the green tones and highlights the peridot. A yellow-gold piece of jewelry is timeless and elegant.

Where to Buy Authentic Gemstones

Peridot Cushion Cocktail Ring

With so many jewelers in the market, finding a trusted source for your peridot or any other gemstone purchase is crucial.

  • Reputed Retailers: Stores like Peoples Jewellers have been serving customers for years, ensuring quality and authenticity in every piece. Reviews and recommendations can be a valuable resource when choosing where to buy.
  • Engagement Gems: If you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring, this guide on the best places to buy engagement rings may offer some insights. Whether it’s a diamond or a peridot engagement ring, knowing where to shop can make all the difference.

Exploring Other Gemstone Options

Peridot is a stunning gem, but it’s always worth exploring other gemstones to diversify your collection or find the perfect piece for an occasion.

  • Emerald Elegance: Another green gemstone, emeralds have been cherished for centuries. If you’re interested in comparing peridots with emeralds or just want to learn more about them, check out this guide to emerald jewelry.
  • Dapper Accessories: For those wanting to accessorize beyond rings and necklaces, cufflinks can be a stylish addition to one’s wardrobe. They might not always feature peridots, but they add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Maintaining and Cleaning Peridot Gemstones

With its bright green color, peridot is a beautiful gemstone that needs proper care. Peridot jewelry and loose stones need proper cleaning and care. How to care for peridot stones:

1. Use warm water and a soft brush: Clean peridot stones with warm water and a soft brush. Warm water removes dirt and dust, and a soft brush like a toothbrush can remove it without damaging the gem.

2. Avoid sudden temperature changes: Peridot is sensitive to temperature changes. Avoid cleaning your Peridot in hot or cold water. The gem is safer with slow temperature changes.

3. Avoid harsh chemicals: Iron content is what gives Peridot its green color. Its beautiful color should be kept away from strong acids and chemicals that could damage it and change its iron content.

4. Avoid wearing it during strenuous activity: Scratches can occur on peridot, a durable gemstone. Avoid activities that could expose your Peridot jewelry to rough surfaces.


Unveil the magnetic charm of Peridot. The gemstone is celebrated for its lively green essence and economic value. Our in-depth Peridot Gemstone Buying Guide unravels all you need: from pinpointing genuine peridots using color cues, inclusions, and refractive measures to mastering the art of its upkeep. Whether it’s the healing attributes that intrigue you or the desire for a savvy investment, this guide is tailored just for you. Take the next step: Dive in and transform your understanding of this gleaming gem.

Peridot’s deep historical roots and unique presence in both space and earth showcase nature’s marvels. This guide invites you into a community of gem enthusiasts who cherish the fusion of beauty and science. Remember, Peridot isn’t just a stone—it’s a captivating tale waiting to be unraveled.


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