Argyle Diamond Guide

Discover the magic of Argyle diamonds because their one-of-a-kind colors, rare nature, and investment potential, especially in sought-after pink diamonds, make them a fantastic choice for beauty and value seekers.

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Welcome to our detailed Argyle Diamond Guide! Sourced from the prestigious Argyle mine in Kimberley, Australia. These diamonds stand out not just for their clarity and size but for a vibrant spectrum of colors, ranging from soft pinks to lively reds.

Discovered in 1868, Argyle diamonds have earned their place as the world’s most sought-after natural diamonds, captivating both connoisseurs and collectors. Beyond their visual appeal, these gems unveil a unique growth pattern, adding an exclusive touch to their charm.

Embark on a journey with BrighterGuide as we explore the exceptional traits, grading methods, and the promising investment potential of these extraordinary Argyle diamonds!

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Key Takeaways

  • Argyle diamonds, originating from Western Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mine, are sought-after gems known for their unique colors, especially the rare pink diamonds.
  • These diamonds not only possess unmatched beauty but also hold significant investment value, with prices set to increase as the mine’s supply diminishes. For a timeless investment, explore the brilliance of Argyle diamonds at Blue Nile, where exquisite beauty meets enduring value.
  • When purchasing Argyle diamonds, it’s crucial to buy from trusted suppliers and platforms to ensure authenticity and genuine Australian origin.
argyle diamonds on pink satin

What Are Argyle Diamonds

Read on to uncover the extraordinary story behind Argyle diamonds:

  • Origin: Argyle diamonds are predominantly sourced from the Rio Tinto Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, renowned for its stunning stones with a unique range of colors.
  • Pink Diamond Rarity: Pink diamonds, especially those from the Argyle mine, are exceptionally rare in natural diamonds, contributing to their desirability among jewelry professionals and enthusiasts.
  • Diamond Craft Process: Experts are involved at every stage, from extracting diamonds in commercial mines to grading them based on carat weight, color grade, and clarity level.
  • Formation Factors: Argyle diamonds derive their special colors from formations in places like the continental crust and edges of continents, influencing the grading process to consider crystal lattices and structure.
  • Research by Curtin University: The university has delved into the crystal structures and lattices that contribute to the unique colors of Argyle diamonds.
  • Diversity of Diamonds: Argyle diamonds come in various colors, including bright pink, fancy pink, and beautiful brown, with each diamond seen as a work of art.
  • 801-carat Argyle Pink Jubilee Diamond: An exemplary instance of the high quality of Argyle diamonds, emphasizing their uniqueness.
  • Investment Promise: The cost of mining diamonds, combined with the increasing rarity and higher prices of Argyle diamonds, makes them promising for long-term investors.
  • Decreasing Supply: The diminishing number of diamonds, particularly pink diamonds, from the Argyle Diamond Mine enhances the allure of these rare gems.
  • Jewelry Pieces: Argyle diamonds are incorporated into various jewelry pieces, such as diamond star pendants, diamond halo cocktail rings, and diamond pave halo earrings.
  • Reputable Brands: Tiffany & Co. and Leibish & Co. are recognized sources for quality Argyle diamonds, including other colored diamonds like blue and violet diamonds.
  • Distinctive Properties: What sets Argyle diamonds apart is not just the saturation of color but also the intensity of color, making these properties highly sought after.
  • Largest Source of Colored Diamonds: The concentration of diamonds and deposits in the Argyle Diamond Mine positions it as a significant global source of colored diamonds.
  • Marketing Strategy: A decade-long marketing campaign emphasizing the rarity of Argyle diamonds has solidified their legendary status in the market.
  • Engineering Influence: Murray Rayner, an engineer at Rio Tinto, played a significant role in shaping how Argyle diamonds were extracted and sorted.
  • Investment Considerations: Whether for investment purposes or personal adornment, considering properties such as common inclusions, inadvertent inclusions, and the level of temperature during formation is crucial.
  • Technological Aspects: For the tech-savvy, the use of sample fluence, laser beams, and excimer lasers in treating diamonds is explored, although not common with Argyle diamonds, which are celebrated for their natural beauty.
  • Growing Demand: The demand for Argyle diamonds is rising, making them a sensible and luxurious investment suitable for any occasion.
  • Dwindling Diamond Production: The mystique of Argyle diamonds grows with the decreasing annual production, adding to their allure in the market.
argyle diamonds as dazzling tennis bracelet

Where Are Argyle Diamonds Found

Unearth the mysteries hidden beneath the land where Argyle diamonds are mined, a terrain boasting unique characteristics that birth extraordinary gems: 

  • Geographical Marvel: The Argyle mine, nestled in the heart of Western Australia’s East Kimberley region, stands as an iconic testament to Australia’s countries of origin for high-quality diamonds.
  • Unique Kimberlite Pipe Characteristics: The marvel of the Argyle mine lies in its unique kimberlite pipe geological characteristics, contributing to the production of brilliantly colored diamonds.
  • Pink Diamond Dominance: The Argyle mine holds the distinction of supplying nearly 90% of the world’s pink diamonds, marking an unparalleled concentration in the diamond production landscape.
  • Intensity Levels of Argyle Diamonds: Delving into the diamonds’ intensity levels reveals a crucial facet of their uniqueness, with the Argyle mine consistently producing stunning colored diamonds.
  • Diverse Color Range: Each Argyle diamond boasts a unique shade, ranging from light pink to purplish pink and vivid pink, showcasing the mine’s ability to yield a diverse and vibrant color palette.
  • Rio Tinto Pink Diamond Tender: An annual production event hosted by Rio Tinto, the Pink Diamond Tender highlights the best of Argyle diamonds, offering a mesmerizing display of their vivid color spectrum.

What Is so Special About Argyle Diamonds

Argyle diamonds, especially those sourced from alluvial diamond deposits in Australian origin, stand out as the jewels of the colored diamonds world. Originating from the Argyle Diamond Mine, these diamonds, be it the highly sought-after pink diamonds or the understated brown diamonds and violet diamonds, carry an allure that’s hard to match.

A Unique Australian Provenance

Their limited availability, stemming from the late 1990s, coupled with their unique Australian provenance, makes them even more sought-after. Each year, enthusiasts and investors keenly await the Argyle Diamond Tender for a chance to witness or procure some of the best stones the mine has to offer, including the coveted Argyle pink diamonds and the rare Argyle Pink™ diamonds.

Beyond their captivating beauty, these diamonds are more than just eye candy. Their diamond craft journey from extraction to the finished product is a tale of perfection. While their clarity grades and carat intense weights can vary, each diamond, or individual stone, stands as a testament to nature’s wonder. And it’s not just about their natural allure; their value as investments is undeniable. The premium price they command in the market, boosted by a decade-long marketing campaign by industry giants like Tiffany & Co. and Blue Nile, cements their status as sound investment pieces.

argyle diamonds ring with white diamond accents

Yet, the world of diamonds is vast and varied. Those who are keen on sustainability without compromising on the dazzle have alternatives in lab-grown diamonds. And for those who lean towards other hues, the blue diamond or even the fancy color diamonds offer equally captivating choices.

Shaping the Diamond World

From corner jewelers’ bustling shops to Israeli jewelers’ intricate designs, Argyle diamonds have a major impact on the diamond market. They influence everything from diamond sorting facilities to bespoke collection showcases, highlighting their importance in the diamond world. 

Next time you find jewelry or a loose stone that captures the essence of rare colors like purplish pink or intense pink, it may be an Argyle treasure.

Rarity and Prices

Argyle diamond prices depend on rarity and quality. Here are the three factors that affect the price of these magnificent gemstones:

  1. Argyle Pink Diamonds™ Are Known for Their Rarity: The world’s largest diamond mine, the Argyle mine in Western Australia, produces few pink diamonds. This scarcity makes Argyle pink diamonds expensive and desirable to collectors and investors.
  2. Diamond Concentration: The Argyle mine generates many natural diamonds, including pink diamonds. The mine has very few pink diamonds, making them increasingly rarer and more costly. This limited supply raises Argyle pink diamond prices.
  3. Complex and Expensive Operations: Mining and producing Argyle pink diamonds is costly. From diamond extraction to sorting and grading, each stage takes accuracy and skill. These costs affect Argyle diamond pricing.

Argyle diamonds, especially pink ones, are rare and expensive because of their precise manufacture. These rare jewels are valuable to collectors and investors, making them a good investment.

Best Places to Buy Argyle Diamonds

We propose buying Argyle Diamonds from trusted jewelry stores and online platforms with a large selection. Tiffany & Co., a luxury jewelry brand, sells Argyle diamonds in many colors and shapes. Their historic collaboration with Rio Tinto, which owns the Argyle mine, guarantees their diamonds’ authenticity and Australian origin.

Argyle diamonds are typically available at trustworthy colored diamond jewelry stores. These stores have professionals who can help you choose a brilliant yellow, purplish pink, or uncommon blue diamond.

Blue Nile and James Allen provide a wide range of argyle diamonds online, so you can shop around from home. These platforms show color, clarity, and carat weight information for each diamond, making it easy to choose.

argyle diamonds guide shop

How To Choose an Argyle Diamond

Here’s a guide to choosing the perfect Argyle gem for your desires:

  • Color Intensity as a Decisive Factor: The selection of Argyle diamonds hinges on their captivating color intensity, offering a wide variety for unusual and intriguing jewelry.
  • Consider Saturation and Depth: When choosing an Argyle diamond, pay attention to color saturation and depth, crucial factors determining the richness and brilliance of the diamond’s color.
  • Clarity Ratings for Desirability: Delve into the clarity ratings, indicating internal or external defects, adding to the overall desirability of Argyle diamonds.
  • Geological Diversity: Thanks to the mine’s unique geology, Argyle diamonds come in a spectrum of colors, making it a major producer of vividly colored gems.
  • Vivid Color Range: The mine’s geological composition contributes to the diverse colors of Argyle diamonds, offering a vivid range for your selection.
  • Holistic Diamond Qualities: Beyond color, evaluate clarity grades and other diamond qualities to ensure your chosen Argyle diamond meets all your needs.
argyle diamonds floral ring floating on black and pink space

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Argyle diamonds stand as exquisite gems, uniquely embodying the allure of Western Australia’s isolated diamond mines. With their captivating colors formed over millions of years, they hold a special place in luxury gems. As the argyle mine supply diminishes, their value appreciates, making them an ideal diversification investment. For authenticity, trust a reputable supplier, and explore the brilliance of Argyle diamonds at Blue Nile – your gateway to timeless elegance.


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