Argyle Diamond Guide

Welcome to our detailed Argyle Diamond Guide! Sourced from the prestigious Argyle mine in Kimberley, Australia. These diamonds stand out not just for their clarity and size but for a vibrant spectrum of colors, ranging from soft pinks to lively reds. Discovered in 1868, Argyle diamonds have earned their place as the world’s most sought-after … Read more

Emerald Jewelry Guide

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EGL Diamond Certification Review

As diamond enthusiasts, we’ve always sought the most reliable certifications. EGL, the largest independent network of gemological laboratories, claims to provide just that. In this article, we’re talking about EGL Diamond Certification Review, a group that grades diamonds. People have been worried about how reliable their reports are. BrighterGuide will compare EGL with other well-known … Read more

E Color Diamonds Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive E Color Diamonds Guide! We’re here to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed diamond-purchasing decision when it comes to these exquisite gems. Did you know that E color diamonds are second from the top in the alphabet of diamond colors? With their white appearance, often … Read more

The Importance of Diamond Ring Appraisals

The sparkle of a diamond ring, often representing precious metals and precious stones, is a sight to behold. We invest in these valuable objects, many times from reputable diamond buyers like James Allen or Harry Winston, but do we truly understand their value in the current market?  This is where diamond ring appraisals, often conducted … Read more

D Color Diamonds Guide

Welcome to our ultimate D-color Diamonds Guide! We’re here to guide you through the fascinating realm of these exceptional gems. From their unparalleled rarity to the impact of their color grade on price, we’ll uncover every nuance. D color diamonds, as colorless diamonds, stand as a testament to nature’s beauty and brilliance. We’ll also contrast … Read more

Diamond Color Scale Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive Diamond Color Scale Guide! We’re here to take you on a journey through the fascinating world of diamond color. Choosing a piece of jewelry is no longer just about diamond shapes or gold settings because color diamonds, and not simply color stones, are in trend. As diamond experts, we understand the … Read more

Christmas Gift Buying Jewelry Guide

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Canary Yellow Diamond Guide

Welcome to our complete Canary Yellow Diamonds Guide. We’ll discuss these gorgeous jewels’ qualities, provenance, cost, and buying advice in this post. BrighterGuide, we’ll explore these incredible gemstones’ names, origins, and rarity, from their stunning range of bright hues to the nitrogen residues that give them their brilliant yellow tint. We explore the appeal of … Read more

Matching Wedding Bands Guide

A detailed guide to matching wedding bands awaits. You and your partner can seamlessly choose a wedding ring, a beautiful piece of jewelry that can express your bond. The merits and cons of matching bands, popular choices, and varied styles will be discussed. Whether you’re looking for classic metals or modern designs, we’ll explore them … Read more