Best Times to Buy a Diamond Ring Guide

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Find the best times to buy, from the summer “off-season” to the holidays. With the help of this Best Time to Buy a Diamond Ring Guide, set by your team at BrighterGuide, you can make a big purchase that does not break your budget without giving up quality.

Key Takeaways

  • Optimal times to buy diamond rings include the summer off-season, Black Friday, and before Valentine’s Day.
  • While peak seasons like holidays offer numerous deals, they can also lead to higher prices and limited selections due to demand.
  • Understanding diamond quality, from the 4Cs to natural versus lab-grown, aids in making an informed purchase within budget.
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When is the Best Time to Buy Diamonds

The quest for the perfect piece of diamond jewelry can be both thrilling and challenging. The diamond industry, with its complex web of market conditions and a vast selection of diamonds, beckons shoppers to find that ideal time for their diamond purchase. But when is that? Let us get started.

When people go on romantic vacations in the summer, diamond engagement rings sell less, slowing the jewelry business. Similarly, during November and December, the festive season’s spirit brings about seasonal sales and peak proposal season, making these months magical times for an engagement ring purchase.

It is important to understand the 4Cs of diamond quality—carat weight, cut, color, and clarity—because they have a big effect on how much a diamond costs. These things help you determine your price range, whether you are shopping online at James Allen or Blue Nile or in a store. Online retailers have transformed the jewelry industry by offering a wide selection of high-quality diamonds at competitive prices.

Venturing into the world of diamonds means encountering both natural diamonds and their lab-grown counterparts. Formed over millions of years, natural diamonds have a certain allure. Their rarity often translates to a higher price range. In contrast, lab-grown diamonds, or lab-created diamonds, come with a more affordable price tag, making them an appealing option for those with a limited budget.


When Are Engagement Rings Cheapest

Jewelry sales seasons, such as the busy holiday season around Christmas, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, present prime times to scout for affordable diamond engagement rings. Additionally, the time leading up to Valentine’s Day or the slower times in summer also offer excellent price comparisons and deals.

December Holiday Season

In December, the jewelry industry dresses up in the spirit of the season, offering massive sale events. With promotional sales aplenty, both online jewelry retailers and traditional jewelry stores vie for customers, presenting an excellent time to buy engagement rings. Notably, quality diamonds remain unaffected by these sales, and the discounts stem primarily from market studies that indicate a surge in competition and the need to offer attractive packages.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

According to many diamond experts, these special times in November, especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are perhaps the best times to invest in an engagement ring. Here’s why:

  • Diamond companies, both big and small, jump on the Black Friday bandwagon, offering generous discounts on diamond engagement rings.
  • Reputable jewelers, including household names and high-quality vendors like Brian Gavin Diamonds, are not ones to miss out. They too, offer impressive deals.
  • For those who prefer digital shopping, online jewelers like James Allen Blue Nile partake in Cyber Monday sales, presenting an array of discounts on diamonds.
  • If unique-colored diamonds like black diamonds catch your eye, these sales events might just present the perfect opportunity to grab them at an excellent price.
  • From classic solitaires to fancy-shaped rings, the array of styles on sale ensures that everyone finds their perfect match.
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Before Valentine’s Day

As February 14th nears, engagement ring sales pick up the pace. Celebrating love, many opt for diamond rings as tokens of their affection. This shopping time sees online retailers like James Allen and Blue Nile offering deals that make high-quality diamonds accessible at more affordable prices. Whether you’re inclined towards a classic white gold band or a design centered around a stunning center stone, starting your engagement ring shopping early ensures both the availability of diamonds and pocket-friendly prices.

Fall Season

September and October, part of the fall season, see jewelers offering discounts to attract customers. With a plethora of diamonds, including unique colored diamonds

and classic white or colorless diamonds, the selection is vast. For those planning a holiday proposal, investing in an engagement ring during the fall provides ample buffer time. Plus, the slower pace compared to December ensures a more relaxed shopping experience.

July and Summer Time

Summer months like July often see a dip in engagement ring shopping. With many prioritizing vacations, diamond retailers sometimes offer discounts to counter the decreased demand. This drop in market activity often means excellent deals for the discerning shopper. Custom engagement pieces, timeless three-stone rings, and other exquisite designs become more accessible, especially from renowned jewelers like Brilliant Earth and Kay Jewelers.

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Drawbacks of Buying Engagement Rings During the Season Peak

Engagement bands cost more during peak season. Holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day are the most popular times to propose. This boosts engagement ring prices due to high demand.

Consider these cons:

  • During peak season, jewelry stores and online vendors may have fewer diamonds to sell. This limits your diamond size, cut, color, and quality options.
  • Many couples are looking for engagement rings at this time, so there is more competition for the greatest diamonds and deals. Competition for the same ring could raise the price.
  • Diamond discounts: During the busiest season of the year, diamond discounts may be smaller. Diamond dealers and companies may not need to provide as many discounts to attract clients because they are in high demand.
  • During the most popular period to propose, people may feel pressure to buy an engagement ring quickly. This can make you feel pressured and make you buy something without thoroughly considering your options.
  • Jewelry shops can be extremely congested during peak season. Shopping may become complicated and impersonal.

These negatives should be weighed against the benefits of shopping at the height of the season to determine what you and your partner value most.


Three best pieces of fine jewelry to buy right now

If you want gorgeous fine jewelry, visit your favorite store now to see what’s new. To obtain the best diamond earrings, bracelet, or other high-quality piece, consider these factors.

Start with the diamond’s carat weight. The diamond’s size can greatly impact the piece’s appearance. Quality is also significant because it displays faults and other issues in the diamond. For the most brilliant and bright diamonds, choose high clarity.

The appropriate diamond cut is crucial. This depends on how beautifully the diamond was cut and made to glitter. Ideal-cut diamonds provide stunning jewelry.

Budget is always important. Don’t worry about a tiny budget. You still have several options. Jewelry sales and holiday sales provide stunning jewels at reduced costs.

Lastly, consider diamond color grade. Even though clear diamonds are the most popular, gorgeous diamonds in all colors can be used to build distinctive and eye-catching jewelry.

Tips Before You Buy an Engagement Ring

Before buying an engagement ring, research and consider all your possibilities. Be sure to choose wisely for this large purchase. Keep these in mind:

  • Discover diamond forms. Choose between a round or princess cut. Discover the shapes and choose one that matches your partner’s personality.
  • Consider the holiday rush. In November and December, engagement ring shopping is popular. Due to increased demand, prices may rise even with additional options. Shop when it’s less crowded for better deals.
  • Consider colorless or diamond-like diamonds. White diamonds, or colorless diamonds, are attractive because they sparkle. They can be expensive. For those on a budget, moissanite or lab-made diamonds appear like diamonds but are cheaper.
  • Allow extra time. Planning a proposal takes time and thought. Give yourself time to buy an engagement ring, especially if you have a proposal date. This lets you alter the size or other settings.
  • Offer discounts at good times. Discounts may not be best around the holidays, but there are other seasons. Fall, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Valentine’s Day discounts are worth watching. Great savings on engagement bands are available during these seasons.


After considering the ideal times to buy a diamond ring and reviewing promotions and discounts, we can state that timing is crucial to finding the right engagement ring at a good price.

Shop at physical and online jewelry stores during holidays and specials to save big. To attract customers, retailers offer discounts and specials at certain times.

Engagement bands are cheaper in summer, when most people propose because fewer people buy them. Now is an excellent time to shop and compare prices. This ensures you get the best value without sacrificing quality.

When buying a diamond ring, consider the color scale and stone quality. You can choose a diamond ring that fits your taste and budget by researching and comparing pricing.


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