Spence Diamonds Review: The Buyers Guide

Dive into this comprehensive guide on Spence Diamonds because it uncovers the real quality and value behind one of Canada's largest diamond retailers, ensuring your investment shines as brightly as you hope.

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Welcome to our complete Spence Diamonds buying guide! Brightguide is here to uncover the ins and outs of this renowned Canadian diamond store. Whether you’re considering a purchase or simply curious, join us as we navigate the world of Spence Diamonds to help you make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

  • Spence Diamonds, founded in 1978 in Vancouver, grew to nine stores by 2009 but faced challenges when expanding to the US. Lion Capital acquired the company in 2015, aiming for further expansion. The company’s reputation fluctuated over the years.
  • Spence Diamonds, under owner Eric Lindberg, is known for its dedication to crafting beautiful jewelry, featuring both lab-grown and natural diamonds. However, experiences with diamond quality vary, with improvements seen in recent years.
  • Spence Diamonds offers a wide range of settings, including the ability to try them on in-store. Concerns exist about the durability of these settings, and the quality of diamonds with inclusions is a factor to consider.

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The History

Learning how Spence Diamonds became one of Canada’s largest diamond retailers is exciting. The diamond industry’s strong reputation has earned its customers’ trust and loyalty. Since 1978, the Vancouver-based business has grown to nine stores by 2009. It went to the US in 2011, but it failed and closed. Lion Capital acquired Spence in 2015. They planned to expand the sites to 40. Since they have eight Canadian sites, that appears to be on hold.

While Spence has fantastic marketing, their reputation hasn’t always been great. Some years ago, CBC News broadcast a tough report about business practices. Spence seemed unlikely to win approval and would rely on their reputation.

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The Diamonds

Known all over the United States as Eric Lindberg, the owner of Spence Diamonds, is dedicated to making beautiful jewelry. Some people know them for being a reliable source of brilliance. They said that their brilliant diamonds—both lab-grown and natural—captivated their hearts. One piece that stands out is the 1.25-carat diamond engagement ring with 7 oval-shaped diamonds. 

But not all people have the same experience. When you walk into their store, the GIA-certified diamonds will be shown to you and take you to the diamond room. Another thing that has changed in the last few years is that Spence used to choose diamonds based on their own appraisals, which were not very accurate. It’s great that they changed how they do things, but most of the diamonds they saw were average to poor quality.

The Settings

Spence Diamonds have many settings, and the idea that you can try on any style in a model ring is good. After being criticized for not covering damage, people wondered how long the settings would last. If you wear your ring daily, it may get damaged. People are appalled after spending so much, but some places are unsuitable for active living. Diamonds break, too.

A high-quality diamond and settings are best for avoiding this. Diamonds with inclusions may crack and last less. Make sure the pave or eternity setting prongs are the right size for the diamond and not shared. It’s interesting to see if Spence Diamonds’ settings and warranty need to be improved. Even though the change was good, a permanent setting is better.

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Spence Diamond Price

Spence Diamonds are overpriced for their quality. They usually cost 40% more than Whiteflash, Blue Nile, and James Allen online stores. We all know that stores with high overhead costs charge more for goods, but I don’t see where this huge price difference is going other than good marketing.

If the store had all the bells and whistles of a high-end store and the salespeople had advanced training, this might explain a small part of the difference. Unfortunately, this wasn’t true. I think Spence Diamonds overprices average to low-quality diamonds.

Customer Service

Spence Diamonds provides education on diamonds and guides customers to smart diamond jewelry purchases with expert advice. They also make diamond buying easy and enjoyable. Spence Diamonds strives to provide excellent customer service. Some of their customer service highlights are:

  • Personalization: They know that buying an engagement ring is a big deal, so their friendly staff gives each customer individual attention.
  • Education and Guidance: They believe customers should learn as much as possible about diamonds to make smart purchases. Customers receive expert advice and guidance.

Online Experience

Shopping at Spence Diamonds is simple due to its user-friendly website. Their sophisticated, stylish website draws people in to see what they have to offer. Spence Diamonds does not sell online, but their website lists all their diamond rings and designs. Beautiful editorial photos of their marketing campaign and thousands of rings are available to customers.

The website makes it easy for shoppers to research and get ideas before buying, even though the company wants customers to visit their stores. Spence Diamonds is committed to offering a hassle-free online experience when compared to other diamond retailers.

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People have various opinions on diamonds. Spence Diamonds’ brightness and beauty have pleased some buyers, but others have received low-quality diamonds. The switch to GIA clearance is nice, but things might be better. Spence Diamonds lets consumers try on alternative settings and see how they look in genuine rings. However, these settings may not last long, especially for busy persons.

Spence Diamonds must maintain high standards for settings and guarantees to succeed. Due to their higher prices than Whiteflash, Blue Nile, and James Allen, people dislike Spence Diamonds.


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