Chicago Diamond District Review

Discover why you should read this Chicago Diamond District review because it unveils the hidden gems of the Windy City's glittering enclave, guiding you to find the perfect stone in the heart of downtown Chicago.

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Step into Chicago’s Diamond District, and you’re immediately enveloped in a world where sparkle isn’t just encouraged—it’s a way of life. Nestled in the heart of downtown, this glittering enclave is a treasure trove for anyone seeking the perfect gemstone, whether it’s a flawless diamond engagement ring or a unique piece of heirloom jewelry.

In this comprehensive Chicago diamond district review, we’ll take you through the highs and lows of shopping in Chicago’s most dazzling district, dissecting everything from quality and certification to the expertise of local jewelers. If you’ve ever pondered buying a precious stone in the Windy City, this is your indispensable guide.

Here at BrighterGuide, we’ll show you the best diamond shops and provide you with advice on shopping for a carat diamond. So, if your engagement day is approaching soon and you are not a fan of diamond online shopping, you should keep reading! Get ready for a diamond shopping trip in the middle of Chicago that you’ll never forget.

Key Takeaways

  • Chicago’s Diamond District offers a wide variety of options for shoppers, including nearly 200 stores in the Jewelers Center, making it a one-stop destination for quality gemstones and jewelry.
  • Many established and family-owned businesses like Windy City Diamonds and Ethan Lord Jewelers provide unique, custom-made engagement rings, offering a personalized shopping experience.
  • Planning is essential when visiting the district; paying attention to factors like diamond certification, eye cleanliness, and color can maximize the value and satisfaction of your purchase.

Why the District of Chicago?

The Chicago Diamond District in East Monroe Street is ideal for a successful diamond shopping trip. This area, which is also known as “Jewelers Row,” is in the downtown Loop. The Jewelers Center, with almost 200 jewelry stores, is there. Beautiful old buildings, Millennium Park, world-class shopping, and museums can all be found in this area in the middle of the city. These features have allowed Chicago to hold its own against other diamond districts, such as those in Atlanta or in Brisbane, Australia.

This area has beautiful Art Deco, Renaissance, and Romanesque architecture. On July 9, 2003, the district was officially named a Chicago landmark. The commercial center of the area is the Jewelers Center. There are a lot of loose diamonds and other precious stones to choose from because there are countless jewelry stores there.

Top Diamond Retailers on Chicago’s Jewelers Row

Let’s talk about the best brick-and-mortar stores in Jewelers Row. Here, amidst the iconic facades of commercial buildings, you’ll find establishments such as LUO M JEWELERS, each offering a bespoke shopping journey tailored to your unique desires.

While considering parking fees may fleetingly cross your mind, the district itself unfolds as a veritable trove of historical landmarks and unparalleled bargains. It sells trendy and classic jewelry like engagement rings.

These are the well-known stores:

Windy City Diamonds

Mallers Building, 1 South Wabash Ave. Windy City Diamonds is a popular family-owned jeweler in the diamond industry. They stock a diverse range of GIA-certified diamonds in all of the most popular shapes, from round brilliants to countless others.

Windy City Diamonds in Chicago isn’t just another jewelry store; it’s a family-owned institution deeply rooted in the city’s illustrious Diamond District. Specializing in GIA-certified diamonds, this acclaimed retailer offers an expansive selection of diamond shapes to suit various preferences.

Whether you’re searching for the classic round brilliant or a unique cut, their inventory seems almost endless. But what truly sets them apart is their commitment to customer service. The knowledgeable staff takes the time to understand your needs and budget, ensuring that you don’t just walk away with a piece of jewelry but with an investment that symbolizes enduring love and commitment.

Ethan Lord Jewelers

Ethan Lord Jewellers is known in the diamond industry for making unique wedding rings and only using diamonds not from war zones. So if you want to buy a piece of jewelry for your honey, this is the place to go. Ethan Lord Jewelers makes custom engagement rings. They are in the middle of Chicago’s Diamond District and are a well-known and liked business.

Ethan Lord Jewelers is the place to go for one-of-a-kind engagement rings and wedding bands. They’ve earned a superb reputation because of the precision and attention to detail in their work. Diamonds are cut expertly, and there is a wide selection of diamond jewelry to pick from.

The uniqueness and skill with which they are created give them value despite their low price. Trust Ethan Lord Jewelers to make an engagement ring or wedding band that truly shows how much you love and care for each other.

Donna Jewelry

Donna Jewellery is a family-run business in the Chicago Diamond District that can work with any budget and makes service unique for each customer. We were amazed at how customized the service at Donna Jewellery was.

We were able to choose the right ring since the staff spent time getting to know us and our budget. Donna Jewellery has a lovely selection of engagement rings for you to pick from. Friendly staff walked us through the steps and gave us important information for our next actions. Donna Jewelry is in the Chicago Diamond District, but we didn’t think the diamond prices were too high. They stuck to our budget and didn’t cut the quality of their work.


If your engagement day is approaching, look for reputable diamond sellers. If you are on the hunt for a beautiful engagement diamond with colorful designs, SCAASI is the best place to check out. From 10 karat to 24 karat they’ll got you covered. They offer natural diamonds and antique engagement rings on Jewellers’ Row in Chicago. We had a wonderful day there due to the wide variety of items and helpful staff.

Dimend SCAASI is a famous jewelry store on Jewelers Row that sells a lot of lovely diamond jewelry. Their jewelry store is in the busy Diamond District block, which has a lot of other well-known jewelry stores. You will surely find awesome deals in this store.

Razny Jewelers

If you are searching for a jewelry store in Chicago’s diamond district, Razny Jewellers is the way to go. Established for over 60 years, it has become a household name in the diamond trade, like the Danhov of the local scene. A family runs this Jewelers’ Row store and has a lot of beautiful diamond jewelry. They are a well-known store in Chicago because of its excellent customer service and fine diamonds.

Razny Jewelers sells high-quality diamond rings, earrings, and more. Their skilled and knowledgeable staff can help you find the ideal diamond for your tastes and budget. Razny Jewelers has all the styles you could want, from classics to one-of-a-kind items. Let’s go to Chicago’s Jewelers’ Row to see how classy and lovely Razny Jewelers’ diamond stack is.

Chicago Jewelers: Where to Find Them

How do we get to Historic Jewelers Row Chicago, which is in the middle of the diamond business in Chicago? These tips will help us find a good jeweler in the historical building of Jewelers.

  1. Take the bus or train. From Metro stations like Adams/Wabash and Randolph/Wabash, it’s easy to get to Jewelers Row.
  2. You can park nearby at places like InterPark at 17 E. Adams and 20 E. Randolph and SP Plus @ 55 Monroe.
  3. Use apps to park. One app that can help us find the best places to park in the area is BestParking.
  4. Look for the Mallers Building. This ancient structure houses over 200 jewelers at the Jewelers Center.

Make the Most Out of Your Chicago Diamond District Visit

Plan ahead for the best use of your time in the Chicago Diamond District. This is the proper approach.

Check the cut

The cut of a diamond is very important to look at because it directly affects how sparkling and bright it is. Four crucial elements to consider while assessing the cut:

  • Carat weight: This indicates the diamond’s size; however, a well-cut diamond might appear larger.
  • Diamond shape: Deciding on the best diamond shape for your style and taste is important. Some popular diamond shapes are round brilliant, princess cut, and marquise cut.
  • Diamond collection: Look at a lot of different diamonds until you find the one that will make you fall in love with its cut.

Check for diamond certification

A vast variety of diamond shapes and carat weights are available in the Chicago Diamond District. We need to make sure that the diamond’s certificate comes from a reputable lab, such as GIA or AGS. These markers verify the diamond’s authenticity and quality.

Now let’s talk about how clean your eyes are instead of how clear they are.

Try to get eye cleanliness instead of perfect clarity.

Our goal when we visit the Chicago Diamond District should be to find eye-clean carat diamonds, not ones that are completely clear. Since these things are true:

  • Diamonds that look perfect to the naked eye might have small flaws that you can’t see. This allows us to find a lovely diamond without lowering its value.
  • Buying clean diamonds can save us a lot of money. Diamonds with small flaws are often less expensive than those with perfect clarity.
  • We can use our money better when we shop for diamonds by keeping eye cleanliness in mind. This could allow us to buy larger or more desirable gems.

Finding an eye-catching diamond is the ultimate goal. Finding one that is clean to look at rather than having perfect clarity is an essential step in this direction.

Go to the next part to learn more about the importance of checking the diamond’s color.

Look at the diamond’s color

If you are buying a wedding ring set, check out the diamond color. Have a color scale that goes from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown). A diamond is worth more if it is colorless. When you go diamond shopping, consider the color grade and pick a stone that fits your style and budget.

How a diamond is cut also changes how sparkling and bright it is. When you shine a light on a well-cut diamond, it sparkles and fires beautifully. Enjoy your time while you look at the different diamond rings in the Chicago Diamond District. Pay close attention to how each diamond is cut and what color it is.

The Bottom Line

This district symbolizes Chicago’s diamond obsession. You’ll encounter an eclectic array of choices within the precincts of its many jewelry boutiques. Whether you harbor a penchant for diamonds weighed by their carats or seek the guidance of an engagement ring maestro, the Chicago Diamond District is synonymous with limitless prospects.

Look through the many engagement ring settings. Each one is a work of art, expertly crafted to fit a variety of tastes. Here, you start an adventure through a huge number of jewelry stores, each one full of magic. As you go on this magical journey, let the magic of the Diamond District create lasting memories for you. The diamonds you buy will always be a sign of your love.


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