House of Hung Review

Dive into the brilliance of House of Hung! Uncover why this family-operated Singaporean jeweler is more than just diamonds. Read now because your journey deserves an extraordinary narrative.

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We’ve delved into the world of House of Hung to bring you an in-depth review. Navigating through Singapore’s glittering jewelry scene, House of Hung emerges with a compelling story of dedication, design, and a wide selection of diamonds. From the warmth of their in-store experience to the intricacy of their diamond settings, we took a deep dive to understand what makes this establishment tick.

Initiated in 1973, House of Hung ascended to be one of Singapore’s paramount diamond wholesalers and manufacturers. With a team marked by their deep knowledge, absence of hard-sell tactics, and their commitment to offering reasonable prices, this House of Hung review will get you an experience that feels both personal and luxurious for jewelry aficionados.

Let’s venture into the facets that make House of Hung sparkle in the detailed review presented to you by your BrighterGuide family.

Key Takeaways

  • House of Hung is a renowned family-operated jewelry house in Singapore, known for its expansive selection of high-quality diamonds and gemstones, as well as its commitment to customer service.
  • While their pricing is higher compared to online retailers like Blue Nile, the premium is justified by their craftsmanship, GIA or AGS certification, and personalized in-store experience.
  • The company excels in customer service, offering deep expertise in diamonds and customization options, making each customer’s journey personal and informed.
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About the House of Hung

Nestled in the heart of the Far East Shopping Centre on Orchard Road, the House of Hung has been a beacon for jewelry lovers since 1973. With a tapestry rich in heritage and commitment to excellence, it began its journey as a family business venture dealing in electronic items and ornate jewelry.

But, with the winds of time, it transformed into one of Singapore’s renowned and largest diamond wholesalers and manufacturers, curating an expansive palette of jewelry for its discerning clientele.

The Company

Rooted in family business values since 1973, their company’s current operating status focuses on fine jewelry, eventually becoming a powerhouse in Singapore’s diamond wholesale and manufacturing sectors. They gained an enviable reputation in the diamond industry.

Positioned at 545 Orchard Road, #01-23, Far East Shopping Centre, the House of Hung showcases a magnificent collection of diamonds and gemstones. This includes timeless diamond earrings, captivating diamond rings, and other pieces that catch the eye of a diamond specialist.

Their stature in the diamond industry is buttressed by the solid bonds they’ve fostered within the diamond trade. This network enables them to present their clientele with a myriad selection of diamonds at prices that are both competitive and justifiable.

Beyond this, their customization services allow patrons to bring their jewelry visions to life. Their skilled craftsmen create pieces that are distinctively theirs. House of Hung’s outstanding diamonds are ones that truly catch the attention of a world-class diamond specialist. Their unyielding dedication to quality and their clientele’s satisfaction has solidified their position as a beacon of trust in the industry.

But, to truly understand their essence, let’s journey into the annals of the House of Hung’s history.

The History

Their story is a testament to growth, vision, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Founded by the visionary Paul Hung in 1973, House of Hung made its debut with a blend of electronic commodities and jewelry artifacts.

Fast forward to 1975, their focus sharpened on fine jewelry, and the brand “Hung – Diamonds” was born. With a strategic relocation to Far East Shopping Centre, they soon spread their wings to be the most expensive jewelry store in Singapore with an extensive range of jewelry to choose from.

Today, House of Hung stands tall as an esteemed family-operated jewelry house, celebrated for its unmatched service and deep commitment to its clientele. Their in-house team, a blend of skilled artisans and diamond connoisseurs, ensures each client’s journey, especially during the design phase of their wedding adornment, is intimate and insightful.

Their reservoir of diamond educational articles further empowers their patrons, enabling them to make choices that resonate with their desires and knowledge. This helps them provide an exceptional diamond ring experience to their customers as well.

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House of Hung Products

House of Hung’s oeuvre spans a wide spectrum of jewelry, with a pronounced focus on outstanding diamonds. While they have an array of mesmerizing diamond settings, they might carry a hefty price tag compared to online contemporaries like Blue Nile.

However, their commitment to quality is unwavering, offering diamonds with the assurance of GIA or AGS certification and pricing that stands as a testament to the diamond quality, especially when juxtaposed with other retailers in Singapore.

A wide selection of quality stuff

House of Hung’s brilliance lies not just in its expansive offering but in the sheer artistry of its diamond settings and gemstones. Each piece is a narrative, from the diverse diamond shapes to the meticulous cuts and the symphony of colors. Their engagement rings and wedding bands are not mere ornaments but tales of love, commitment, and beauty. Their brilliant cushion diamond, a harmonious blend of the classic cushion silhouette with the radiance of a round diamond, is a testament to their craftsmanship. For the uninitiated, their erudite team of diamond experts provides insights, ensuring that the lore of diamond cuts and forms is demystified.

All in all, for those in pursuit of diamond artistry and who are looking for answers about diamonds, the House of Hung emerges as the destination.

What to expect from the pricing

House of Hung, while priced above online portals like Blue Nile, brings forth an intrinsic value that transcends mere numbers. Here’s a perspective:

  • A Justifiable Premium: House of Hung’s diamond prices, while a notch above online counterparts, stand reasonable when compared to brick-and-mortar establishments in Singapore. The artistry and craftsmanship justify the price tags.
  • Service Excellence: Their unwavering commitment to excellent service, paired with their team’s deep expertise, ensures a seamless experience for their patrons.
  • Transparent yet Tactical: While brick-and-mortar and diamond dealers establishments like House of Hung may have overheads that drive prices, their commitment to provide diamond knowledge to their clientele offers a fresh perspective on diamond value.
  • Reputation Matters: Being Singapore’s most expensive jewelry retailer, House of Hung’s reputation in curating a diverse array of diamond settings, backed by GIA or AGS certification, offers peace of mind to its patrons.

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Customer Experience

House of Hung’s essence is encapsulated in three domains: its digital footprint, its in-store ambiance, and its unwavering commitment to excellent service.

Though their website could benefit from modern touches, their vibrant presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook paints a vivid picture of their offerings and ethos.

Navigating their store is an experience in itself, with a vast expanse of gemstones and a team that’s both insightful and approachable.

But, what truly sets them apart is their service ethos. The attention to detail, the deep knowledge reservoir, and the commitment to ensuring each patron feels valued, makes House of Hung’s service experience unparalleled.

The Website

While their website might yearn for contemporary touches, House of Hung’s vibrant presence on Instagram and Facebook offers a tapestry of designs, stories, and insights. Their social media pages can compete really well with some of the informative diamond sites these days. Four facets stand out:

  • Visual Splendor: Their Instagram mosaic, replete with resplendent gemstones, engagement ring designs, and jewelry sketches, offers a glimpse into their design philosophy.
  • Client Narratives: Their Facebook portal not only facilitates communication but also showcases client testimonials, offering a transparent view into their service ethos.
  • A Personal Connection: Even in the absence of a traditional website, their social platforms foster a connection, painting a portrait of their design narratives and intentions. As mentioned, their platforms provide exceptional customer service just like some of the traditional informative diamond sites.
  • A Repository of Knowledge: Their digital footprint, while not encapsulated in a website, still offers patrons insights into their diamond collection, ensuring choices are made with clarity and confidence.

Shopping Experience

House of Hung’s store is a tapestry of narratives, designs, and stories. Their sprawling showroom, paired with their erudite team, crafts an experience that’s both intimate and enlightening. As a family enterprise with an illustrious reputation, its service ethos is rooted in deep knowledge and a commitment to ensure each patron’s desires are translated into tangible designs.

Though their pricing might be a notch above digital players like Blue Nile or James Allen, the tactile experience of seeing, touching, and trying the jewelry in person adds layers of value, making the investment worth its weight in gold.

Customer Service

House of Hung’s commitment to excellent service is legendary. In the intricate world of diamonds, patrons often seek clarity, insights, and guidance. At House of Hung, each patron’s journey is personal, informed, and insightful. Here’s a snapshot of their service canvas:

  • Deep Dive into Diamonds: Their team demystifies the world of diamonds, offering insights into everything from the foundational 4Cs to patented diamond cuts.
  • A Spectrum of Choices: From diamond necklaces to engagement rings, the choices are expansive, ensuring each patron finds their own narrative in the world of diamonds.
  • Craftsmanship and Care: Their attention to minutiae ensures each patron’s vision is translated with precision and passion.
  • Value Beyond Price: While their pricing might seem premium compared to digital portals, the intrinsic value of their offerings, paired with their service commitment, justifies the investment.

Their unwavering focus on service is what defines them. It’s not just about a transaction; it’s about a journey, a story, and a commitment to ensuring each diamond narrative is as unique as the person it adorns.

The bottomline

Navigating the many layers of House of Hung, one thing becomes clear: their commitment to value, their expansive palette of gemstones, and their legendary service ethos position them as a compelling choice for those seeking a unique and intimate jewelry narrative.

House of Hung curates a vast array of gemstones, including the timeless diamond, in myriad hues, carats, and silhouettes. The assurance of GIA or AGS certification further solidifies their commitment to quality. Patrons can either choose from their curated collections or let their imagination run wild with custom designs. Their in-house artisans breathe life into these visions with finesse and passion.

In the realm of pricing, while House of Hung might seem premium when juxtaposed with digital giants like Blue Nile, their pricing stands reasonable when seen in the context of other physical retailers. It’s not just about price; it’s about artistry, experience, and commitment.

The service tapestry at House of Hung is woven with care, knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to ensuring each patron feels valued, informed, and elated. In essence, House of Hung is not just one of the common diamond jewelry stores; it’s a journey, a narrative, and a commitment to excellence in every facet.


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