Brilliant Earth Review

Dive into our in-depth analysis of Brilliant Earth because it's more than just jewelry; it's a commitment to a brighter, more ethical future in the gem world.

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Brilliant Earth has emerged as a trailblazer in the world of ethically sourced and sustainable jewelry. In this Brilliant Earth review, we’ll delve into the offerings, reputation, and unique selling points of this renowned jeweler, shedding light on whether its sparkle matches its promise.

We know what you’re thinking: another jewelry company that says it cares about animals and the environment. Brilliant Earth isn’t like other jewelry shops, though, we promise. With their promise to only use conflict-free diamonds and recycled materials, they are making a difference in a business that isn’t known for being ethical.

Your BrighterGuide team has explored this diamond curator, designer, and provider. We share with you how they care for the earth and any customer worries thrown their way. Get ready to find a great jewelry store.

Key Takeaways

  • Brilliant Earth champions ethically sourced jewelry, emphasizing both environmental and human rights concerns.
  • Originating in San Francisco, they are deeply rooted in fair trade principles and are known for their commitment to conflict-free diamonds.
  • Beyond diamonds, Brilliant Earth offers a diverse jewelry catalog, reflecting their broader commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Brilliant Earth’s Story

Brilliant Earth is a jewelry store known in San Francisco for caring about fair trade and the earth in the diamond business. Wedding bands and engagement rings are just a few of the nice things they sell.

When they make jewelry, they use cleaned, recycled diamonds and check them very carefully. This makes them stand out. This keeps the environment from getting worse and also cuts down on the need to dig for natural diamonds. They sell both conflict diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. There are no moral issues with these diamonds because they are made in a lab, not like there are with diamond mines.

People from all over the world can enjoy Brilliant Earth’s eco-friendly and fairly sourced jewelry because they ship it all over the world. You can find their items from the Antwerp Diamond Quarter to the streets of Hong Kong. Also, you have 30 days to return things for free as part of their shipping policies, so make sure you’re happy with what you bought.

Brilliant Earth is different in the gem business because they care about being honest and taking care of the earth. They are open about where their recycled diamonds come from and use salvaged and lab-grown diamonds. They also care about making sure their customers are happy. People who want to buy engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine gold can trust them because of this.

The Business of Brilliant Earth

People love Brilliant Earth’s goods because they are carefully made and come from good places. Here is a review of their product that takes into account customer reviews and important things like ethics, recycled materials, Canadian diamonds, and customer service:

  • Ethical Choice: People like that Brilliant Earth only offer gems found in an honest way. They like how hard the company works to make sure their diamonds don’t hurt people or the Earth too much. They are different from other jewelry shops because they make the right choice.
  • Recycled Materials: Brilliant Earth jewelry made from recycled jewelry. This makes it a durable and environmentally friendly choice. Customers like the fact that the company wants to protect the earth and lower its carbon footprint.
  • Canadian Diamonds: Canadian diamonds from them were found in an honest way. But you should know that Brilliant Earth does not sell CanadaMark gems. That is why they trust the sellers to be honest and know how to mark gems as Canadian.

Because Brilliant Earth’s goods consist of Canadian diamonds and come from good places, people are happy with them. Some people have said different things about the customer service of the business, though. Some customers have said nice things about how they fix and replace things, while others have said they’re mad that they don’t talk to them or respond fast enough. Even with these issues, Brilliant Earth San Francisco is still a business that people trust and value in its field.

Jewelry made by Brilliant Earth

Their engagement rings, necklaces, and bracelets are all made from stones and certified diamonds that are collected in a way that doesn’t hurt the earth. They have a lot of jewelry that fits our wants for both style and caring about the environment.

Brilliant Earth has a wide range of natural diamonds in various carat sizes and shapes, so everyone can find something they like. They are different because their only goal is to offer lab-created diamonds as an alternative to real diamonds. You can get these Brilliant Earth lab-grown diamonds for less money, and you don’t have to worry about ethics like you might with real diamonds.

You can buy more than just gems at their store. Among other things, they sell earrings, wristbands, engagement rings, and wedding bands that are surely best for special occasions. The use of different metals gives each piece a unique look. Each one shows that it was made with care and skill. From a simple engagement ring to a chain that stands out, Brilliant Earth has something for everyone.

The price of Brilliant Earth

A lot of Brilliant Earth’s prices depend on the kind of jewelry you buy and how you customize it. But their commitment to ethical and sustainable sources makes their goods more valuable.

The things that they make are of good quality, such as using precious metals for their products, so their prices are fair. People who buy recycled diamonds can feel good about it because they know they are supporting fair business methods in the diamond industry. This is because the company works on using eco-friendly methods and getting diamonds in an honest way.

Brilliant Earth’s jewelry comes in a range of prices so that people with different budgets can buy and enjoy their responsibly made jewelry.

Their prices are worth more than just the items they sell. Having a gem that doesn’t come from war or abuse of human rights gives you peace of mind. They make sure that their jewelry doesn’t hurt the earth too much because they care about the environment.

As you can see from their prices, Brilliant Earth wants to give their customers beautiful jewelry that is found in an honest way at a fair price.

An Amazing Journey on Brilliant Earth

There were a lot of different kinds of Brilliant Earth engagement rings that we liked. We also liked that they were set in recycled materials. Every custom-made ring we looked at was well-made and had been put together with care. The recycled diamonds were very good, and you could pick from a lot of different types and sizes. Brilliant Earth has a wide range of diamond shapes, from the easy-to-understand round cut to the unique pear shape.

We liked that you could make a one-of-a-kind diamond ring. With this one-of-a-kind touch, you can make a piece that is truly yourself and shows off your style. Brilliant Earth’s jewelry is also more appealing because it is made from precious metals that have been used before.

Brilliant Earth was great to deal with when we bought something from them. The customer service team and jewelry specialist walked us through the process and helped us with any issues or questions we had. They were nice and knew a lot. They looked out for us and made sure our needs were met.

When it comes to the next part, “the marketing,” Brilliant Earth’s commitment to ethical and sustainable sources is clearly shown in their ads. Customers who care about the jewelry business being responsible will like them because they make their values and goals clear.

The Company

By looking at Brilliant Earth’s marketing, it’s clear that their focus on sustainable and ethical sources speaks to us as jewelry buyers who want to do business in a good way. Brilliant Earth knows how important it is, to be honest, so it gives us many choices that are good for us. These three things make us like how they sell their goods:

  • Lab-Grown Diamonds: We agree with Brilliant Earth that lab-grown diamonds are the morally superior choice. The price of these diamonds is fair, and they’re becoming more popular because they’re better for the earth and morals than real diamonds. If we buy lab-grown diamonds instead of diamonds from diamond mines, we can help stop problems like abuse of workers and damage to the environment.
  • Blockchain-tracked diamonds: Brilliant, we feel safe knowing that Earth uses blockchain technology to track where their gems come from. We don’t have to worry about the gems we buy because they were found in a good way. With this much information out there, we can make smart choices, and we support the jewelry industry’s move to be more responsible.
  • Several Types of Diamonds: The ads for Brilliant Earth show many different types of diamonds, such as colored diamonds, African diamonds, Russian diamonds, and Canadian diamonds. They have a wide range of diamonds in different sizes and qualities, so we can find one that fits our style and tastes perfectly.

We like and trust Brilliant Earth because they care about fair trade, the earth, and giving people a lot of options. They really understand that we want the jewelry business to be responsible because of how they sell their products.

The Look Back

Many customers have written reviews about how pleased they were with Brilliant Earth’s products and customer service. Customers’ stories and thoughts have helped us understand different parts of the business better.

There are both good and bad situations shown in these reviews. Some customers like the high-quality jewelry and the fact that the business is environmentally friendly, but others are unhappy with the service and the whole thing. These reviews come from real people, so they might not reflect what most people think. They do, however, give people who might buy something important information to think about when they decide to buy.

Brilliant Earth says they will do everything they can to make their customers happy. To be fair, though, understand that everyone’s life may be different. If you need help or have any problems, you can call Brilliant Earth’s customer service team.

What You Should Know

A lot of people have questions about the things Brilliant Earth sells and does. That’s what the FAQs are for. Think about these things:

Types of Diamonds: Brilliant Earth has a lot of different kinds of diamonds, like wild diamonds and diamonds that were made in a lab. People have become more interested in lab-grown diamonds over the past few years because they are cheap and come from good sources. Also, natural diamonds are better than diamonds from other shops, but they cost more. The customer can choose the type of diamond that fits their budget and tastes.

Carat of Diamond: A diamond’s weight, or “carat,” tells you how big it is and how it looks in general. People can find a carat diamond at Brilliant Earth that fits their budget and style because they come in different carat sizes. Brilliant Earth has stones for everyone, from those who like small and delicate to those who like big and strong. Diamond selection is usually best for those who are looking for wedding bands and engagement rings.

Customer Service

Brilliant Earth has more than just engagement rings, including stacked bands and antique jewelry. There are also many stacked bands and old ornaments to choose from. When you stack bands, you can make your own unique look by putting several rings on top of each other. Old jewelry, on the other hand, looks classic and out of date. Customers can show who they are and make a piece of jewelry that is both beautiful and meaningful with these options.

Brilliant Earth knows that choosing the right gem and jewelry can be a very personal and emotional process. That’s why our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are here: to answer the most popular ones and give you the information you need to pick the right option. We work hard to provide excellent customer service, and we keep improving our goods and services based on what our customers say.

Before you enjoy the brilliance of Earth

Brilliant Earth’s main point is still that the diamond business needs to be eco-friendly and use honest sources, even though we’ve talked about different parts of their goods and services. When we go shopping, we can pick out items that are in line with our values and help companies that do the right thing. This is where Brilliant Earth really shines, with its large selection of high-quality jewelry that is made to last and comes from socially responsible sources.

Because Brilliant Earth wants to use ethical sources, they make sure that the mines where their diamonds come from use safe, environmentally-friendly ways of mining that don’t hurt people. They also sell used metals, which help the earth and cut down on the need for new digging.

It is good for the earth that Brilliant Earth does a lot to cut down on its carbon emissions. Because they guard rainforests in Brazil to make up for the carbon they release, they are known to be carbon-free. Community growth in mining areas was also very important to them. To do this, they helped build schools and taught miners how to use environmentally friendly methods.

Brilliant Earth stands out in the diamond business because it cares about safe sources and protecting the earth. When we buy jewelry from Brilliant Earth, we know it was made and found in an honest way, so we can enjoy big events with peace of mind.


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