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Diamond industry insiders know sells high-quality diamonds and provides exceptional customer service. Therefore, diamond specialists and common people trust it. Their diamond engagement rings are popular. This boosts their fame. succeeded via hard work and diamond industry relationships. They work closely with jewelry makers, diamond producers, and sellers. Their innovative diamond-finding app is another highlight. This tool lets potential buyers find actual diamonds by weight, shape, and quality. It answers numerous diamond-buying questions. The carat is the most used diamond measurement and grading unit. Read through this BrighterGuide review.

Key Takeaways

  • is a trusted online jeweler known for high-quality diamonds, customizable offerings, and advanced tools like a diamond-finding app.
  • Some customers have voiced concerns about’s inventory accuracy, shipping delays, and overall website functionality.
  • Despite its offerings, buyers should consider all aspects of their experience, including possible alternatives like Blue Nile and James Allen, to ensure satisfaction.
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Brilliance: Nature of Business stands as a distinguished online jeweler renowned for its extensive collection of high-quality diamonds and bespoke jewelry. Harnessing decades of expertise, is committed to sourcing ethically produced diamonds, ensuring each gemstone aligns with the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Their user-friendly platform provides an intuitive shopping experience, complete with detailed imagery and comprehensive diamond education.

What truly sets apart is its dedication to transparency and customer empowerment. Shoppers can customize jewelry to their preferences, from selecting the diamond’s cut, clarity, and carat to the design of the setting. With state-of-the-art technology, they even offer 3D previews of custom engagement rings, allowing customers to visualize their designs before purchase. Their team of seasoned gemologists and jewelry experts is readily available to assist, ensuring that each purchase is informed and tailored to the customer’s desires.

As an emblem of trust, luxury, and craftsmanship, has solidified its reputation in the jewelry world, providing timeless pieces that encapsulate moments and memories.

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Prices as Compared to Other Stores

Diamond sellers and purchasers compare prices. Free and lab diamonds are priced similarly at, a trusted diamond seller. sells fair-priced and socially sourced diamonds for engagement rings, unlike most online diamond merchants. Their jewelry includes diamond bands and engagement rings. Only sells high-quality unset diamonds, which speeds up the diamond order procedure. Because’s diamond searching app makes tracking diamond prices and buying online easy.

Some of our observations offers the best jewels at reasonable prices and for free with their outstanding service. Because’s customer service makes buying magnificent diamonds easy. A straightforward return mechanism lets customers cancel online memberships at any time and save money. Online, carat diamonds and free stones are cheaper. This is true even for clients who worry about their diamond shape but are struggling financially. sells little lab-grown diamond jewelry due to its moral focus, which may upset fans and detractors. Natural, untreated, and unenhanced lab-grown gem garments may appeal to customers. These won’t sell to lab-made diamond grading stone buyers. This might reduce manufacturing, making lab-grown diamonds harder to locate. It may become tougher to find stones soon. Diamond buyers around the holidays may have a different experience, making it harder to explore new things.

Examine Your Entire Shopping Experience, Including Delivery has a tiny assortment of lab-grown diamond jewelry, but the diamonds are high-quality and affordable. They offer many diamond shapes. has the best diamond prices, yet this is still true. The customer may change their shopping habits, changing their shopping experience.

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Think Twice Before Adding to Cart

Before placing a diamond item in your “virtual shopping basket” on, a trusted diamond store, consider its quality. You can always add diamonds or engagement rings to your shopping. Free deals on ethical diamonds improve the purchase procedure on the website. 

  • Don’t utilize “virtual shopping baskets” since these valuable and carat diamonds are available at diamond jewelry stores. sells lab-grown, real, and spectacular diamonds with exceptional service.
  • Before buying a diamond, consult stores and specialists. Learn what makes a diamond distinctive and how to identify diamond professionals using grading labs. You must know how to acquire a diamond before proceeding. Avoid rushing the return process. 
  • Sellers of lab-grown diamonds to diamond merchants may have more options. Buy loose or lab diamonds from a different source if you want genuine diamonds without enhancements. Several diamond shops sell it.
  • Look at items before adding them to your shopping basket. Put a good diamond or diamond engagement ring in your cart and utilize an app to find other stones. How to evaluate diamonds? Add it to your basket instantly for easy access. You should read a book on thousands of gems, listen to the radio, or read business literature to understand all aspects of the diamond business. 
  • Diamond quality, jewelry shops, and Brilliance’s refusal to supply high-quality gems to Europe are issues. No matter why you want a diamond, consider its appearance and price. Before buying a lab-grown gem or a book, ask this question.

Before buying from, check out these top jewels and rising brightness items. Be cautious when shopping. One of these diamond quality or price issues may arise shortly. Buying a diamond engagement ring or other diamond jewelry requires careful consideration. This is another moral consideration when buying diamond earrings.

Inaccuracies on Diamond Information

Some historical diamond information may be inaccurate, upsetting diamond specialists. Customer experiences with gem merchants worldwide are hurt. If they have to adjust their diamond-buying habits, they may be worried.

Diamond specialists say honest and transparent customer service affects the price of a high-quality diamond. These features are present in both natural and lab-made diamonds. Diamond buying needs more than expertise to brighten it.

Diamond and jewelry experts have advised you on how to remedy this issue. This information should help, especially about diamond costs and shapes.

  1. You should only buy diamonds from reliable merchants who sell actual stones and provide accurate diamond business information. Honest lab-grown diamond sellers exist. Find out how long the company has sold broken or carat diamonds. 
  1. Call Diamond Expert Jewelers today for exceptional service. Check with gemologists or diamond professionals to ensure the stone fulfills your diamond requirements. This guarantees gem profits. Diamond labs test carat weight, shape, and quality.
  1. Diamond grading labs provide the most reliable diamond information. Both the GIA and IGTI may state a diamond is “approved.” since they follow the diamond industry grade standard. The lab must verify that high-quality lab-grown diamonds are natural, untreated, and unmodified.
  1. Choose your own Diamond Purchase Question to improve your purchase. Ask about weight, shape, color, and clarity to determine if the diamonds are loose lab diamonds or exceptional cut diamonds. Asking about diamond carat weight or shape is wise. It’s fine to do this, so don’t feel awful. 

You’ll get information to assist you in choosing the correct diamond and make sure it fulfills your demands, no matter how fine or expensive. Tools assist you in finding diamonds. Find a diamond that suits all your needs with our consumer-experienced advice. Reduced risk of buying the wrong thing and smooth delivery saves money.

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Bad Reviews/ Customer Complaints

“Negative feedback” is negative corporate reviews. People outside the diamond industry and respected diamond merchants like criticize both online.’s poor customer service, diamond quality, and diamond buying should be considered before buying loose diamonds for engagement rings online. This number represents the company’s diamond performance, customer service, and worker and diamond expert safety. It can never be flawless because it provides poor service. Diamond buyers dislike how the company operates, treats consumers, and is run. People have many diamond payment inquiries and issues. 

Return/ Refunds

Refunds and returns and a shortage of ethical diamonds are among these. The company’s gem experts have heard price concerns from customers. Under the company’s return policy, the original customer could buy back thousands of diamonds from auction jewelry. People who bought these magnificent stones and diamond rings before complained too. This revealed the diamond business issue to the company.

Issues with Payment Process

There have been some problems with the way handles payments, such as stories of problems with transactions and delays in getting order confirmations. Customers have had a bad time because of this.

It’s important to deal with these problems because they can affect how happy you are with the whole process of buying a diamond. Other diamond sellers, like Blue Nile and James Allen, may have easier ways to pay and make it easier to buy.

Diamond Rings Quality

Diamond quality, especially carat diamonds and engagement rings, has also been criticized. Shipping, refunding loose lab diamonds, and getting decent customer service from diamond experts are other issues. Clients worry about high-end lab-grown diamonds or pure, genuine diamonds without enhancements.

Website Issues

Customers have told us that has a lot of problems when they try to make purchases. These problems include slow loading times and problems adding things to their cart.

These might be bothersome and ruin the buying experience. For customers to purchase diamonds online smoothly, must fix these issues immediately.

Final Word

Finally, we should consider customers’ concerns about’s selling and shipping issues. Customers who had delivery issues or desired sold-out diamonds raised these issues. has many diamonds and jewelry sets, but there are some things to consider before buying.

Our latest thoughts:

1. Inventory issues: After paying, consumers have complained about gems not being in stock. This makes me doubt the site’s list is true and current.

2. Shipping issues: Some consumers have had packages take too long or never arrive. Customers who relied on their orders at certain times may be upset.

3. Consider alternatives: Although has fantastic bargains, Blue Nile and James Allen have more alternatives and better delivery practices. These choices may make shopping more enjoyable and productive.

4. Quality and Service: Customers value quality and service as much as price when choosing a gem shop. Dependability, dependability, and customer service are most vital while buying.


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