Buyer’s Guide to Antwerp Diamond Quarter

Venture into Antwerp's radiant diamond legacy with us because this comprehensive guide unveils the historical significance, unmatched quality, and the ins and outs of navigating the world's diamond capital.

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This gives Antwerp Diamond Quarter shoppers all the info they need. Did you know this famed diamond location trades 84% of the world’s raw diamonds? This area is noted for its diamond neighborhood. Diamonds have a brilliant history since their 15th-century invention. Antwerp Diamond Quarter still plays a major role in the global diamond trade. Hop on and learn more about this diamond haven through this BrighterGuide article.

In lively Antwerp is the Diamond Quarter. This happened long ago. It boasts a large gem business with magnificent diamonds. Because of its proximity to Antwerp Centraal Station (Central Station), this jewel neighborhood is in the city’s business district. This Antwerp Diamond buyers’ guide discusses the gem trade’s historical significance. You’ll also study diamond-buying methods.

A diamond-shaped one-square-mile Quarter. Near Antwerp Central Station, the Hoveniersstraat, Rijfstraat, Schupstraat, and Vestingstraat surround it. Over 1,500 diamond enterprises and shops handle 84% of the world’s rough diamond trade. Then, 50% of its finished diamond trade is in this active diamond market.

Key Takeaways

  • The Antwerp Diamond Quarter in Belgium is a global hub for diamond trade, handling 84% of the world’s raw diamond transactions.
  • This district offers not just shopping, but an immersive educational experience, with tours of diamond workshops and insights into diamond quality metrics.
  • The Antwerp Diamond Quarter has a long-standing history and legacy, with over 1,500 diamond-related businesses and a reputation for high-quality, ethically-sourced diamonds.
Antwerp Diamond Quarter in Belgium

Why is Antwerp Diamond Quarter important?

The Antwerp Diamond Quarter has been the diamond trade’s hub since the 15th century. Antwerp is the “Diamond Capital of the World,” boasting the largest gem market, which has boosted diamond sales.

The Diamond Quarter has many raw diamonds and diamond jewelry, making it a fantastic area to acquire diamonds. Watch professionals polish and cut diamonds. They may witness rough stones become lovely. Visitors to diamond workshops and companies can take tours. Finally, they may acquire diamonds from verified sellers. Go to the Diamond Quarter to sell lots of diamonds. It also has diamond vendors who sell directly to the public because they have access to various diamond sales sites.

This district doesn’t merely stand as a testament to the beauty of diamonds but represents a thriving diamond business ecosystem. From miners to merchants, from brokers to craftsmen, the Quarter sees the entire lifecycle of a diamond. The shimmering stones you see in elite boutiques have often traveled a journey from rough extractions in distant lands to the polished gems of Antwerp.

Today, the Diamond Quarter stands as not just a shopping destination but an educational journey. It is equal, if not greater, in significance compared to other diamond districts, such as those in Singapore or in Melbourne. One can traverse the bylanes and delve deep into the world of diamonds. The allure of rough diamonds being sculpted into polished diamonds draws aficionados and novices alike.

The Quarter’s significance is amplified by the presence of Russian diamonds, known for their pristine quality, playing a pivotal role in the diamond business. For many, the Antwerp Diamond Quarter isn’t just a market but a living museum narrating the timeless tale of diamonds.

The Origins of the Historic Diamond District

Antwerp has been cutting diamonds since Lodewyk van Berken invented a tool in the 15th century. In the 1800s, Dutch and Jewish gem traders moved to Antwerp. The city became the world’s largest diamond center as a result.

When one thinks of diamonds, Antwerp’s Diamond Quarter undoubtedly emerges as a beacon of brilliance. Here, rough diamonds are sourced from across the globe. Such sources include the cold depths of Russian diamonds, which undergo a metamorphosis. Trained craftsmen and businesses within the quarter intricately transform these raw gems into sparkling polished diamonds.

Since Lodewyk van Berken devised a diamond-cutting instrument in the 15th century, Antwerp has been involved in the diamond industry. Dutch and Jewish diamond traders moved to Antwerp in the 19th century. This migration boosted the city’s diamond industry, making it the world’s largest.

Notably, the Diamond Quarter also serves as a gateway to understanding the rich Diamond District history. Since the 15th Century, with innovations from Lodewyk Van Berken, Antwerp has been at the forefront of the diamond trade. Its evolution was further propelled in the 19th Century with the arrival of Dutch and Jewish gem traders, amplifying its position as the largest diamond district.

The Antwerp Diamond Quarter is not just a marketplace; it’s a living testament to centuries of diamond craftsmanship and trade. Whether you’re seeking the perfect diamond, curious about the diamond buying process, or simply want to immerse yourself in a world of glittering gems, Antwerp stands tall as the world’s diamond capital.

Antwerp Diamond Quarter road

Points to Remember:

  • Diamonds have been sold at the Antwerp Diamond Quarter since 1500.
  • It has the largest gem market and is a global diamond player.
  • Many gorgeous gems and pricey stones are available.
  • Here, diamond cutters, diamond polishers, and diamond firms meet.

Just Shopping: An Immersive Experience

The Diamond Quarter has expanded beyond selling family heirlooms and diamond jewelry. Tours of diamond workshops and factories teach how diamonds are cut and cleaned. Customers can also learn about the 4Cs of diamond quality (carat, cut, color, and clarity) and buy confirmed diamonds from specialists.

The Diamond Quarter, in its quest to provide a holistic experience to visitors, has evolved tremendously over time. It’s not just a place where transactions occur; it’s a space of learning, appreciation, and understanding. From watching skilled artisans meticulously crafting each gem to understanding the value and gradation of diamonds, every facet of the journey educates the customer. The transparency offered by these tours emphasizes the commitment to quality and authenticity.

Antwerp Diamond Quarter Jeweler

Diamond Markets and Diamond Prices

As you learn about diamonds, you’ll visit Antwerp’s Diamond Quarter, the local and worldwide diamond trading hub. In the Diamond District, stores like the Bay Area Diamond Company sell cheap and pricey diamonds. People who want to acquire war-free gems have several options. Considering that stores adhere to the ethical standards set by Kimberly Process for those looking for conflict-free diamonds.

Make sure a free or rough diamond you acquire has the necessary documents. This guarantees a high-quality diamond and prevents stones from violent sources.

The diamond market demonstrates that more customers seek custom-made diamond jewelry. Diamond professionals are increasingly being asked to create unique items.

Furthermore, the Diamond Quarter stands out in its commitment to exceptional customer service shopping experiences. Each customer is guided through the vast world of diamonds, ensuring they make informed decisions. Whether one is looking for natural diamonds or loose diamonds, the vast collection ensures diverse choices.

Additionally, for those who cherish precious stones, the Quarter offers an exquisite range, each stone telling a unique story. All these elements combined make the Diamond Quarter not just a shopping destination but an educational and enriching experience for every diamond enthusiast.

Look Out for These Things Before Purchasing

When shopping in the Antwerp Diamond Quarter, keep an eye out for a few crucial things:

  • Pre-Treated Diamonds

Despite being real, these diamonds have been enhanced. They may be cheaper, but they may depreciate faster than unaltered jewels. 

Within the diamond sector, enhanced diamonds have carved out their niche, often appealing to buyers seeking budget-friendly options. Yet, aficionados and longtime buyers in the famed diamond district often advocate for the intrinsic value and appeal of natural, untouched gems.

  • Costing too much

The Diamond Quarter works directly with diamond suppliers, but you should still compare rates to obtain the best offer.While The Diamond Quarter is deeply integrated into the diamond trade, sourcing from trusted suppliers, fluctuations in diamond prices can still be observed across sellers. Hence, apart from ensuring the best diamond quality, always take a moment to compare rates for the most advantageous deal.

  • Lack of Proper Paperwork

In Antwerp, the lack of proper paperwork when buying diamonds can raise concerns about the sourcing of potential conflict diamonds. Reputable diamond dealers always provide the necessary documentation to guarantee that you’re getting a genuine, perfect diamond. Always ensure you request and receive the correct paperwork when purchasing from any diamond shop in the region.

Are Diamonds in Antwerp’s Diamond Quarter Worth Buying?

Gems are traded in the Diamond Quarter. It has about 1,500 gem-related firms and handles 84% of rough diamond commerce. This is a fantastic place to get a diamond because it has numerous possibilities, from standard to perfect.

According to the book, the Antwerp Diamond Quarter contains everything a customer may want while buying diamonds. This bustling gem sector has something for everyone, from diamond buyers to sellers.

exquisite set diamond ring


The Antwerp Diamond District is the heart of the Belgian city’s glittering legacy, known for its stunning diamonds that draw enthusiasts and buyers from all over the world. Within its bustling streets, thousands of diamond traders converge, showcasing gems that range from raw stones to finely crafted masterpieces.

These traders, backed by centuries of tradition, have established Antwerp as a pivotal hub in the global diamond industry. Numerous jewelry shops dot the district, each offering a myriad of exquisite pieces of jewelry that captivate both tourists and seasoned collectors alike. The district stands as a testament to Antwerp’s enduring love affair with diamonds.


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