Melbourne Diamond Buying Guide and Review

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The Melbourne diamond market is a dazzling fusion of tradition and innovation. This Australian city boasts a thriving gemstone scene, with a multitude of reputable jewelers offering a diverse range of diamonds. From elegant boutiques to bustling markets, Melbourne’s diamond offerings cater to a spectrum of tastes and budgets, making it a gem lover’s paradise.

Welcome to our Melbourne Diamond Buying Guide! Venturing into the world of diamond shopping can be dazzling. With BrighterGuide, we’ll unveil the beauty of Melbourne’s diamond scene and guide you through the intricate maze of making the right choice.

Key Takeaways

  • Melbourne offers a wide range of diamond options, from well-cut diamonds to various shapes and sizes, catering to diverse tastes and budgets.
  • Diamond buyers in Melbourne should consider factors like clarity, cut, color, and carat weight to make informed choices.
  • Collins Street and Little Collins Street are prominent locations in Melbourne for diamond shopping, featuring reputable jewelers like Cerrone, Canturi, and Larsen Jewellery.

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An Introduction to Melbourne Diamond Buying Guide

When thinking about diamond buying in Melbourne, imagine a bustling district glittering with choices. From the sparkle of a well-cut diamond to the allure of various diamond shapes, Melbourne’s Collins Street and the nearby Little Collins are your go-to places.

Take a leisurely walk, and you’ll stumble upon Cerrone Jewellers, a store where every piece of jewelry tells a diamond story. They’re famed for unique settings and high-quality diamonds. Nearby, Canturi stands tall, boasting a diverse diamond selection. However, a glance at their price range might raise an eyebrow or two. And while Hardy Brothers have had mixed reviews here, they shine brightly in Sydney.

So, when you’re wandering around, weighing your options between a flawless diamond or one with a tad more character, remember to consult diamond experts. They’ll offer clarity on aspects like diamond certification, quality, and that mesmerizing diamond sparkle.

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Melbourne Diamond Buying Guide and Review cut against the skylines.

The Quality of Diamonds in Melbourne

In the grand spectrum of diamonds, Melbourne has its share of gems and pebbles. Clarity grade is a term you’ll hear often; it paints a picture of the diamond’s internal and external characteristics. A higher clarity grading signifies a diamond close to perfection.

A diamond’s cut can make or break its brilliance. A high-quality cut ensures maximum light performance, giving that sought-after sparkle. And when it comes to the diamond’s hue, colourless diamonds are the crown jewels, graded from D to Z.

Now, ever wondered about the weight of these gems? That’s where carat weight steps in. Often, larger diamonds with heftier carat weights carry a heftier value.

Setting a Budget a Budget for Buying Melbourne Diamond

Dreaming of sliding that diamond engagement ring onto your loved one’s finger? Here are some checkpoints to ensure it’s the perfect stone:

  1. Diamond Gurus: Align with diamond specialists. Their deep dive into diamond clarity, cut, colour, and carat weight will be invaluable.
  2. Authentic Glitter: Always opt for quality diamonds accompanied by a diamond certificate.
  3. Designs to Die for: From popular shapes to fancy shapes, let your partner’s personality guide the ring’s design.
  4. Personal Touch: Jewelers offering personalized customer service can make your diamond shopping experience truly memorable. Some even throw in lifetime jewellery polishing services.

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Places in Melbourne to Buy Diamonds

Collins Street is like the yellow brick road for diamond enthusiasts. Establishments like Larsen Jewellery and Australian Diamond Company have made a mark for their diamond quality and commitment to ethical sourcing. For those valuing intimate experiences, Monroe Yorke Diamonds and Kush Diamonds beckon with open arms.

Step a bit further to Little Collins Street, and Diamonds Crown awaits, an epitome of exceptional craftsmanship.

But remember, armed with your diamond education information and the 4 Cs – clarity, cut, colour, and carat weight, you’re set to make an informed choice.

Beyond the iconic Collins Street and Little Collins Street lies an expansive world of diamonds. Melbourne is not just about the storefronts; it’s about the history, the craft, and the intricate details that go into selecting that perfect diamond.

The Allure of the Perfect Diamond

Imagine finding that one perfect diamond – a gem that speaks to you, clear, with the right colour grade, catching the light from every angle. With reputable jewellers across Melbourne, the dream isn’t far from reality. However, it’s not merely about the visual appeal; it’s about the peace of mind knowing that what you have is genuine and of the highest standard.

Natural vs. Synthetic Diamonds

While Melbourne is renowned for its vast collection of natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds have also carved a niche in the diamond industry. These man-made gems are nearly indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. However, discerning customers still have a penchant for natural diamonds, given their history and timeless value.

Certification and Assurance

Venturing into diamond shopping fundamentals, it’s crucial to understand the importance of grading certificates from reputable laboratories, be it Australian laboratories or independent entities. These certifications, much more than just validation purposes, provide an in-depth analysis, from the colour scale to clarity gradings.

Trends and Choices

While traditional white diamonds remain a classic pick, coloured diamonds and coloured stones, like sapphires and rubies, have been catching the eyes of many. Whether you’re considering a heavy diamond for a pendant or looking for a larger stone for an engagement ring purchase, Melbourne’s jewellers offer an endless array.

Melbourne Diamond Buying Guide and Review tram.


How deep are you willing to dig into your pockets for that perfect piece of jewellery? Keep these pointers in mind:

  1. Set Boundaries: Determine your price range early on.
  2. Tailor-made: Contemplate a custom engagement ring for a truly personal touch.
  3. Variety is Spice: Jewelers boasting a wide range of diamond selections can often offer something unique.
  4. Guided Journey: Rely on a team of diamond experts to help steer your decision, especially when considering factors like light performance or strong fluorescence.

Is Buying Diamonds in Melbourne Worth It?

Pondering if Melbourne’s diamonds are worth their weight in gold? Well, when approached with research and a dash of patience, Melbourne is a treasure trove. It offers everything from a colourless diamond, the crème de la crème, to diamonds with a tinge of colour.

For those embarking on this sparkling journey, always prioritize a well-cut diamond. As seasoned guides in this realm, we always have an eye out for diamonds ranging from D (colorless) to Z (coloured yellow).


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