Fink’s Jewelers Review Prices and Service

Discover why Fink’s Jewelers, with over 90 years of legacy, is the ultimate destination for quality diamonds and exceptional service in our in-depth review. Uncover the secrets to a perfect jewelry experience with Fink’s!

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We are happy to welcome you to this full review of Fink’s Jewelers, where we talk about their prices and how good their service is. When it comes to diamond prices, Fink’s Jewelers are known for their unbeatable prices.

This American jeweler has been around for more than 90 years and has a good name in the jewelry business world. In this Fink’s Jewelers review, we’ll talk about how long they’ve been around, their commitment to the finest quality jewelry, and the problems online shoppers face when dealing with online vendors.

We will also compare well-known online shops like Whiteflash in an apples-to-apples manner so you can make an informed selection process.

By reading this BrighterGuide review, you’ll know the best way to engage in the diamond-buying process and buy gold at Fink’s Jewelers. For those interested in custom jewelry design, they offer an extensive collection.

Key Takeaways

  • Fink’s Jewelers is a longstanding American jeweler with over 90 years in the business, known for their quality diamonds and exceptional customer service across their 11 locations in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.
  • While Fink’s offers a curated, in-person shopping experience with expert jewelers, online vendors like James Allen and Blue Nile provide a broader selection and potentially lower prices.
  • Fink’s Jewelers focuses on quality assurance by only selling diamonds certified by reputable agencies like GIA and AGS, and they also offer jewelry repair services, making them a trusted choice for many.
fancy diamond ring upclose

About Fink’s Jewelers

One place that comes to mind is Fink’s Jewelry, often touted as a trusted jeweler.

Fink’s Jewelers is a well-known gold store that has locations in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia. We’ll talk about the choices it offers, such as its largest selection of designer jewelry items and how well-known it is as a destination jeweler.

They’ve built a good image over the years because they take good care of their customers, providing unsurpassed customer service and excellent customer service. They sell diamonds for less than most traditional jewelry stores. Fink’s Jewelers has been in the jewelry business for more than 90 years, and its name is well known in North Carolina and the Jewelry Capital Boulevard.

The great service at Fink’s Jewelers – North Hills is well-known in North Carolina. The experienced jewelers who work at Fink’s are not only friendly and knowledgeable but also always ready to offer jewelry repair services and help customers choose the perfect jewelry or the right piece of precious gemstone jewelry. There are a lot of luxury watches, Swiss timepieces, and engagement rings for sale

One of the most interesting things about this business is the big price gap between Fink’s Jewelers and other Mortar Jewelers or Raleigh Diamond Fine Jewelry stores. Customers who want to get the most value for their money should think about shopping with them for quality.

Fink’s has also earned its reputation because it sells gems and diamond engagement rings at fair prices. But you should know that there are websites and online vendors that sell rings that look just like the ones at Fink’s for less money. Those on a budget may even opt for jewelry on credit. We’ll talk more about this topic in the next part, focusing on the engagement ring experience and the finest quality engagement rings.

A look at Fink’s Diamond up close

When you look at Fink’s Diamond choices more closely, it’s clear that diamond prices and quality diamonds are the two most important things to consider in the diamond-buying process.

The Diamonds

The first diamond is a 2.01-carat cushion-cut diamond that is F in color and SI1 in clarity. This piece from their Extensive Collection fits the category of finest quality jewelry. It looks great and fits into perfect jewelry, but it costs more at $27,850, showcasing a noticeable price gap.

The second diamond is a 2.01-carat round diamond engagement with the color J, clarity VS2, and an excellent cut. Although it may not be part of their finest quality engagement rings, at $18,850 it’s a great deal.

Fink’s Jewelers, a respected name in the Jewelry Business in North Carolina, only sells the most beautiful stones and sets. Their Collection of Designer Jewelry is curated carefully, aiming for the largest selection possible. You can tell they want to sell the best things possible, taking care not to incur customer complaints. 

They only sell diamonds that have been checked for quality by the GIA and the AGS, ensuring an apples-to-apples comparison with other diamond jewelry stores. Each one is looked at by a team of custom jewelers and a gemologist before it is sold, offering the advantage of jewelry repair services if needed. Because they pay so much attention to every detail, the precious gemstone jewelry they sell to customers is of the best quality.

The Service

Fink’s Jewelers is also happy with how well they take care of their clients. They strive for unsurpassed customer service and excellent customer service by letting customers look around at their own Selection Process pace and helping them when they need it, just like a trusted jeweler should.

Basically, it’s not just a destination jeweler but a reliable provider that has the best deals and offers unbeatable prices for the best gold to sell. Their real line of products, which includes luxury watches and Swiss timepieces, is made to look and taste good for a wide range of people. 

This is a great place to buy high-quality gold because they care about the engagement ring experience, the service they give to customers, and the prices they charge in comparison with traditional jewelry stores.

diamond facets up close

How much it costs

We all want to get the most for our money when it comes to price. Especially if we’re considering Jewelry On Credit. When it’s time to buy diamond engagement rings, we want to be sure to get a beautiful piece of Stunning Jewelry at a good price. Fink’s Jewelers – North Hills has a large Selection Of Designer Jewelry, including engagement rings and other types of Diamond Jewelry. 

There, you can even get a loan to buy things on Jewelry Capital Boulevard.

Let’s compare the prices of these two diamond engagement rings from Fink’s Jewelers so you can make the right choice and aim for that Perfect Engagement.

Work out how much a rock is worth. A diamond’s weight, color, quality, cut, and setting can all be used to describe it.

The diamond-buying process can be intricate. The total price of the 1st diamond, a 2.01ct F SI1 Excellent Platinum Solitaire, part of Fink’s Jewelers’ Extensive Collection, is $27,850. This piece of Diamond Jewelry showcases the finest quality jewelry that Fink’s is known for in North Carolina.

The second diamond, also a product of Fink’s Jewelers – North Hills, is a platinum solitaire that weighs 2.01 carats and is rated J VS2 good. The total cost reflects a price gap of $18,850. This one might not be part of Raleigh Diamond Fine Jewelry, but it’s still a good pick.

Finks Jewelers Store

What is good and bad about Fink’s Jewelry?

Fink’s Jewelers has carved out a reputation for quality and customer service that spans over nine decades. This American jeweler is lauded for its curated selection of high-quality diamonds and gemstones, all certified by reputable agencies like the GIA and AGS. Their in-store experience is another strong suit; knowledgeable and friendly staff are always on hand to offer personalized service, including jewelry repair, making it a go-to destination for those who prefer a tactile shopping experience.

However, Fink’s is not without its drawbacks. One of the most notable is the price point; their focus on high-quality, certified diamonds often comes with a heftier price tag compared to online vendors like James Allen and Blue Nile. Additionally, their selection, while carefully curated, may not be as extensive as what you could find online, potentially limiting options for those looking for something very specific. Lastly, while they do offer jewelry on credit, budget-conscious shoppers might find better deals elsewhere.

How much it costs

When it comes to the selection process and excellent customer service, Fink’s Jewelers has got it covered. Whether you’re a casual buyer or a seasoned jeweler, you’ll find that their diamond prices are competitive, enhancing your overall diamond shopping experience.

In the end, it comes down to what the buyer wants. Find out how you can get to Fink’s Jewelers in North Carolina. Known for their unsurpassed customer service and diamond engagement rings, they offer a different experience compared to online vendors.

When looking for Fink’s Jewelers, you usually have two options: buy from an online seller or go to a store. You can opt to explore online vendors like James Allen and Blue Nile, which come with comparisons to Fink’s Jewelers in terms of quality diamonds and largest selection. 

However, it’s not the same engagement ring experience you’d get at Fink’s.

Online shops like James Allen and Blue Nile have many more engagement rings to choose from at much lower prices than Fink’s Jewelers.

The selection and service at Fink’s

Online, you can enjoy the selection process of an extensive collection of designer items. Fink’s Jewelers, on the other hand, offers a more curated collection of designer jewelry. While online platforms may have reasonable diamond prices, Fink’s offers an extensive collection in their diamond jewelry stores.

On the other hand, Fink’s Jewelers shops have people who can help you in person. Also, they keep the area clean and quiet. Customer service is where Fink’s Jewelers really shine, offering excellent customer service that’s hard to find elsewhere. 

Their experienced jewelers at Fink’s Jewelers – North Hills provide finest quality engagement rings, alongside jewelry repair services. In the end, whether you buy from an online company or a real Fink’s Jewelers location will rest on how easy you want things to be and how much help you want.

One could say the Secret Shop Engagement Rings are either online or in one of Fink’s Mortar Jewelers locations. Both offer stunning jewelry but with a different approach to customer service.

Shops and Buying Online

Custom jewelry design options abound online, allowing for unique designer jewelry items. With online shops, you can avoid customer complaints through their attention to customer satisfaction. However, Fink’s in-store services on Jewelry Capital Boulevard offer a team of custom jewelers for that perfect engagement, which you’ll not find online.

Fink’s Jewelers has 11 shops in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee where they sell their beautiful jewelry. Fink’s Jewelers is a destination jeweler with trusted jeweler status in the Jewelry Business. They offer luxury watches and Swiss timepieces and are known for their unbeatable prices.

Fink’s Jewelers is a well-known name in the business of selling gold.

They provide precious gemstone jewelry and diamond jewelry that makes them a rags-to-riches jeweler in North Carolina. They also offer Jewelry on Credit, allowing you to make your dream purchase.

One of their most well-known shops is Fink’s Jewelers, which is on Jewelry Capital Boulevard.

Here you can find the finest quality jewelry in an atmosphere that is far removed from traditional jewelry stores. Their Ngozi Jewelry line is particularly eye-catching.

Fink’s Jewelers has everything you need, from expensive watches to engagement rings, when it comes to gold.

People value Fink’s Jewelers because they pay attention to the price gap between them and other vendors while offering excellent customer service and jewelry settings that make your diamond shine.

Finks Jewelers jewelry display

Why is it great to do business at Fink’s Jewelers?

Well, it’s simple. Their dedication to quality and service makes them a rags-to-riches jeweler you can trust for your most precious gemstone jewelry and diamond-buying process. And let’s not forget, their staff makes all the difference in ensuring a perfect jewelry experience.

Find out how you can get to Fink’s Jewelers.

When looking for Fink’s Jewelers, you usually have two options: buy from an online seller or go to a store.

Online shops like James Allen and Blue Nile have a lot more engagement rings to choose from at much lower prices than Fink’s Jewelers. On the other hand, Fink’s Jewelers shops have people who can help you in person. Also, they keep the area clean and quiet.

In the end, whether you buy from an online company or a real Fink’s Jewelers location will rest on how easy you want things to be and how much help you want.

Online, you can find a lot more gems and sets than at Fink’s Jewelers. There are more than a few reasons why you should buy your stylish jewelry from an online store. Here are the most important ones:

Reasons to Purchase Online 

Discover the perfect blend of quality and convenience when you shop diamonds online at Fink’s Jewelers. With a legacy of over 90 years in the jewelry business, Fink’s offers an extensive, curated selection of certified diamonds and gemstones. Enjoy the luxury of choice and expert customer service, all from the comfort of your home.

  • Custom Jewelry Design: Some online shops don’t charge extra if a customer wants to design their own jewelry. This lets them make things that can’t be made anywhere else.
  • Biggest Selection: Online shops have a huge selection of diamonds and sets, giving customers a lot of choices when they’re looking for the right piece. Online shops care a lot about their customers’ happiness and give them a lot of ways to get in touch with them and get great customer service. This makes it faster and more fun to go to the store.
  • Exceptional Quality Diamonds: People who sell diamonds online get them from respected places and give a lot of information about the quality and features of each gem. This way, nothing goes wrong and no one is puzzled.
  • Reasonable Prices: Because online shops have low overhead costs, they can usually sell their goods at fair prices. This is why customers can find better mountings and diamonds at lower prices than at places like Fink’s Jewelers.

Bottom Line 

Fink’s Jewelers has everything you need, from expensive watches to engagement rings, when it comes to gold. The people who work there are nice and smart, and they will help you buy something without giving you too much information about how things work. People value Fink’s Jewelers because they pay attention to the small details and treat their customers well.


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