Decoding Michael Hill: Quality, Prices, and Better Options

Dive into Michael Hill's world with our in-depth review because we unveil the hidden facets, from subpar diamonds to overpriced jewelry, guiding you to superior options like Blue Nile and James Allen.

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Michael Hill Review: We reviewed Michael Hill, a well-known jewelry retailer with over 40 years of experience. Our secret shopping experience at Michael Hill revealed a disappointing in-store experience.

We also examined the quality of their diamonds and compared them to industry standards.

Evaluating their pricing and online experience, we’ll provide alternative options like James Allen and Blue Nile.

Join BrighterGuide as we offer insights and recommendations to help you make an informed jewelry purchase.

Key Takeaways

  • Michael Hill has been criticized for disappointing in-store experiences, subpar diamond quality, and overpriced jewelry, prompting consumers to consider alternative options.
  • Limited creativity and attention to detail in their jewelry designs raise concerns for those seeking uniqueness and quality, as these factors are essential for a satisfying purchase.
  • Customers may find better quality, value, and a superior online shopping experience with competitors like Blue Nile and James Allen.
Michael Hill Review

About Michael Hill

Michael Hill Jewellers started more than 40 years ago in New Zealand, founded by Michael Hill. Now, they have grown to over 286 diamond jewelry stores across Australia, Canada, and the United States. With its expansion into multiple countries, Michael Hill Jewellers has established a strong presence in the jewelry industry.

Under the leadership of CEO Daniel Bracken, it continues to redefine diamond jewelry retail. At Michael Hill, you’ll find a selection of diamond jewelry that exudes an enduring elegance, taking timelessness to another level. Michael Hill ensures your diamonds stay as sparkly as the day you got them.

Decked out in pure silver and exclusive diamond jewelry, their shops showcase must-have pieces ranging from dainty charm diamonds to jaw-dropping baguette diamonds. Every diamond piece, including bracelets, gets a lot of thought about the carat weight to make sure it’s top quality and super shiny. In the realm of diamonds, Michael Hill is a real pro, answering every question about buying those sparkly gems with absolute mastery.

Michael Hill International’s commitment extends to diamond replacement, ensuring customer satisfaction. They really know their stuff when it comes to the diamond business, considering they started out just selling to other retailers before expanding.

Focusing on the buyer’s journey, they tackle customer issues promptly and effectively to keep strong bonds with their clientele. Their Annual Hill Report is a testament to their commitment, revealing an eye-catching 4.1% surge in same-store sales – with Canada setting the pace. Michael Hill’s Aussie sales also show a positive trend, attributed to the brand’s global success.

To better understand the nuances of diamond quality and purchasing, you can refer to this comprehensive Diamond Buying Guide, which provides valuable insights into what makes a diamond truly special.

This background helps us better understand the company’s standing in the diamond industry and its diamond trade track record. 

Michael Hill Products

When it comes to Michael Hill’s jewelry offerings, there are several points to consider.

Firstly, the examination of their diamonds revealed poor quality and cut, falling short compared to GIA-certified diamonds.

Additionally, customer reviews indicate that Michael Hill’s pricing is overpriced, with significantly lower prices and superior diamonds available from competitors like Blue Nile and James Allen.

Despite marketing beautiful pieces and her must-have diamond pieces, the quality, especially in terms of diamond carat weight, is debated. Pros in the biz stress that asking savvy questions about your diamond buy is key. While the company showcases a range of diamond jewelry, the Hill annual report and Hill company history indicate a focus on same-store sales over product quality. Their focus on sales rather than quality could throw off customers, evident in their dissatisfaction with customer service and less-than-stellar management of client relationships.

These points suggest that there may be better options available for those seeking high-quality jewelry, such as diamond engagement rings, at more affordable prices.


We have examined the quality and pricing of Michael Hill’s pieces of jewelry. After a thorough evaluation, here are the key points.

1. Limited creativity and uniqueness: The setting styles offered by Michael Hill are run-of-the-mill and executed to an average standard. There’s a lack of creativity and uniqueness in their setting collections, which may not appeal to those seeking more distinctive designs.

2. Illusion style settings: Michael Hill offers illusion style settings, which use small, poor-quality diamonds to create the impression of a larger diamond. This suggests that the company may be looking for cheap ways to attract customers, potentially compromising on the overall quality and value of their products.

Michael Hill Review

3. Lack of attention to detail: Our examination revealed that Michael Hill products had subpar diamonds and a lack of attention to detail. The overall quality didn’t meet our expectations, and there were issues with the grading, diamond shape, and inconsistency of the diamond proportion.

These findings highlight the need for careful consideration when purchasing Michael Hill jewelries, especially for those who value uniqueness, quality, and attention to detail.


Our evaluation of their pricing reveals that their prices are significantly higher compared to other retailers offering superior quality diamonds. When comparing their prices to competitors like Blue Nile, it becomes evident that Michael Hill’s prices are overpriced.

For example, Blue Nile’s 0.70ct Princess cut ring was 57% cheaper than Michael Hill’s, and their 0.50ct Round diamond was half the price. Despite the poor quality and in-store experience, Michael Hill’s prices remained high. This indicates that customers are paying a premium for a subpar-carat diamond product.

Looking at their financial data, it’s clear that trends are seen in both domestic and international sales. For instance, their sterling silver and diamond collections, touted as beautiful and timeless pieces, carry a hefty price tag. Despite customer complaints and poor in-store experiences, prices stay elevated. It really begs the question, is what they’re selling worth the price tag, particularly when you look at options like Blue Nile?

Understanding diamond clarity is crucial in evaluating these price disparities. By being informed, customers can make better decisions regarding the true value of the diamonds they are purchasing.

It’s recommended to explore alternatives like Blue Nile and take advantage of their lower prices for better quality diamonds. By doing so, customers can ensure that they’re getting the most value for their money.

Customer Experience

Regarding the customer experience at Michael Hill, several aspects are involved in their diamond buying process.

First, the shopping experience in physical stores has been described as disappointing, with crowded and chaotic environments and a lack of customer service.

Michael Hill Review

Additionally, the website lacks versatility in ring customization and offers limited options compared to other online retailers.

Lastly, the FAQs section on the website isn’t comprehensive and doesn’t provide enough information for potential customers.

Shopping Experience

1. Many customers had a negative shopping experience at Michael Hill. They found the stores to be crowded and chaotic, with poor customer service and difficulty in seeing the most affordable diamonds shapes. The overall window-shopping experience was frustrating.

2. However, there were also positive experiences reported by customers. Some found the physical stores to offer good prices and friendly staff. They appreciated the assistance and involvement of the salespeople and were satisfied with the quality of the jewelry.

3. Notably, customers have not filed any return or warranty claims, suggesting they are satisfied with their purchases.

Overall, the shopping experience at Michael Hill seems to be a mixed bag, with some customers having a negative experience while others are satisfied with their purchases. However, the lack of return or warranty claims suggests that customers are generally happy with their jewelry.

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Transitioning into the subsequent section about the website, let’s explore how the online experience compares.

The Website

Browsing through the website, we found options for building your own ring to be limited compared to other online retailers. The website lacks versatility in tips for buying an engagement ring, offering mainly pre-set rings with low-quality diamonds.

In comparison, other online retailers like Blue Nile provide a wider range of options for building your own ring. The overall usability of the Michael Hill website was lacking, especially when compared to competitors. Price comparisons also showed that Blue Nile offers better quality diamonds at lower prices.

Michael Hill Review

While the website does provide convenient and easy shopping, it falls short in terms of customization and variety. For a more satisfying online experience, we recommend exploring alternative options like James Allen and Blue Nile, which offer a wider selection and competitive diamond prices.


We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the customer experience at Michael Hill.

1. Are customers happy with their purchases and the overall customer experience at Michael Hill?

2. Have there been any return or warranty claims from customers?

3. Are there any specific store locations that customers highly recommend?

Based on our research, positive customer experiences have been reported at Michael Hill. Customers find the jewelry to be of high quality and perfect for gifting. They appreciate the friendly staff and great prices offered in the physical stores.

No return or warranty claims have been made by customers, indicating their satisfaction with their purchases. Furthermore, specific store locations have been recommended by customers due to the helpful and attentive service received.


Overall, our assessment of Michael Hill’s performance leads us to conclude that their bottom line is lacking in terms of product quality, pricing, and customer experience.

Michael Hill Review

When it comes to product quality, our examination of two diamonds from Michael Hill’s showcase revealed poor quality and cut. The depth percentage of the round diamond exceeded the recommended range, and the princess cut diamond had a high depth percentage and improper shape. In comparison to GIA diamonds, Michael Hill’s diamonds fell short.

In terms of pricing, we found that Michael Hill’s prices are overpriced. When compared to Blue Nile, we discovered significantly lower prices for superior diamonds. For example, Blue Nile’s 0.70ct Princess cut ring was 57% cheaper than Michael Hill’s, and their 0.50ct Round diamond was half the price. Despite the poor quality and in-store experience, Michael Hill’s prices remained high.

Lastly, the customer experience at Michael Hill was lacking. Our secret shopping experience at 22 shops in four cities revealed poor store experiences, crowded and chaotic environments, and non-existent customer service. In contrast, other online retailers, such as Blue Nile, offered better diamonds at lower prices, with a wider selection of inventory and a convenient and easy shopping experience.


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